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Chapter Fifty: Beauty in Disguise

~Last Part~


Days passed since that ground shaking incident, settling down the waves of the Raizada household as it took grips of a new direction. Clapping and giggles echoed in the hall as Khushi's friends from the hostel danced to the light drums being played. Everyone was wearing churidars, lenga's and sari's of a mixture of greens, oranges and yellows, with Khushi sat in a dark green and red dress. With comfortable mats and pillows scattered on the floor, some of the women sat there enjoying the dance while others were having their hands decorated with the aroma paste of Mendhi. Devayani and Madhu was sat with friends and close guests beside them commenting fondly about the wedding to come.

Payal grinned ear to ear: " Khushi!! Your Mendhi is looking so beautiful!!"
Priya chuffed with her self: " Told you I'm good didn't I? Now Khushi tell me...*teasing* When I finish this last hand do you want the full name of your husband on it, the initials or just Arnav."
Khushi's smile was radiating as the blush tinted her cheeks hearing that comment.
Anjili smiling: " Payal I'll do your hands after I'm done. You can get a small experience for when it come to your turn."
Payal's mouth open wide embarrassed while everyone laughed and Khushi grinned. Payal shook her head with a smile, but then noticed something else bringing a grin to her lips.
Payal: " What's Raja is up to?"

Khushi and the others turned to see Raja sniffing curiously the decorative bowls of Mendhi paste. A smile grew on Khushi's lips as Raja lifted his head to stare at the other girls adoring his actions.
Madhu noticing Raja: " Raja? What did I say? You stay with Arnav upstairs. Why did you come down? Hmm? Girls allowed only."
Raja with his ears down, walked to Khushi's side and sat next to her giving the round eyes to Devayani and Madhu. The other girls pleaded playfully for Madhu to let him stay making Khushi shake her head. She knew her Raja and his puppy acts well.
Devayani laughed: " Betiya let him. I'm sure he'll behave."
Madhu: " Haire Nandkisore...Ohhhh Alright! But no mischief from you Raja. Still and stay there *smiles* Ok?"
Raja barked happily making the girls cheer.

It was then when Khushi's eye spotted Aman and Chinky walking to the hall shyly. Khushi grinned with wide eyes and indicated to Chinky to come over quickly. She was already dressed in a green churidar and smiled blushing while Aman walked away to let the girls have their function. As Chinky sat beside Khushi discretely, she watched as Khushi wagged her eyebrows at her asking.
Chinky quietly with a smile on her face: "Aman's Babuji likes me. He can't wait to meet my Papa!"
Khushi grinned and hugged Chinky with one arm, careful not to ruin her hand. Feeling Arnav's eyes on her, Khushi looked up to see Arnav watching from above, in a dark waist coat with an indigo shirt underneath. Seeing his concerned gaze, Khushi reassuringly smiled back hoping Arnav wasn't losing heart.

With the preparations for the wedding going on, Kushal hadn't once participated or wither interfered, which made Arnav feel bad each time. Khushi had seen Arnav trying to talk to Kushal to say sorry, but Kushal would walk away. Khushi knew Kushal was still deeply hurt by Arnav's words. But she would immediately go to Arnav to make sure he doesn't lose heart or feel more guilty. Arnav keeping faith in Khushi would smile at her hoping...just hoping.

It was after the Mendhi function when Arnav knocked on the door to the room all the girls were in. He knew Khushi was left inside and so entered to see her sat in the middle of the bed, surrounded by designer sari after sari, Lenga after Lenga. Underneath a sari drape, beside Khushi, was Raja laid down on his stomach. Arnav watched as Khushi smiled brightly seeing him. But Arnav could see through it.

Closing the door with a soft click, Arnav walked over to sit gently beside Khushi with his eyes fixed on her. Khushi feeling uncomfortable with his questioning stare, immediately tried to change the subject by showing him her crimson/black henna on her hands. Arnav stared at them before taking them in his hands. Staring at them for a minute he lifted them to his lips kissing his name on her hands. Khushi smiled fondly, but it didn't stay.
Arnav: " Khushi...You don't need to act in front of me...*smiles* All these days you've been my support...telling me everything will be alright...and today when you're cracking you're hiding from me?...Let me be your support today Khushi. "
Khushi felt her eyes water making Arnav sit closer in an instant.
Arnav whispering: " Shhh...No Khushi...I know...You're feeling bad that all this is going on without Dada, and It's all my fault-"
Khushi shook her head: "Arnav.."
Arnav holding her face: "...but Khushi you can't lose hope please....If you do...I won't be far behind. "
He looked down at Muskaan's ring on her finger and kissed it with confidence. Khushi nodded knowing that Arnav was right. Feeling touched by his sense of knowing her feeling so well overwhelmed her. She moved to hug him tightly with her arms round his neck. Arnav laid his hands on her bare back before smirking.
Arnav: " That's my girl...oh have I mentioned you look absolutely delicious in what your wearing?"
Khushi smiled through the tears and buried her face into his neck shyly. Arnav chuckled before noticing Raja nudging a particular red and cream net material Sari. Arnav raised an eyebrow impressed.


With the haldi coming up tomorrow, decorations were being made and put up by workers with direction by Aman and Chinky. To pick up Arnav's tailored sherwani and choose the mangalsutar Anjili, Devayani and Madhu left by car near noon leaving Aman and Chinky in charge.

Kushal exited his room with a strict expression on his face and with a dark designer kurta on. He had been burying himself in work for the last few days since that day to avoid the celebration around him. He knew his own grandson's wedding was being prepared and he had even missed the Mendhi for it, however he couldn't shake off the comments Arnav had said that day. It shook him to his core that his own grandson had spoke to him this way...and he himself was the reason for it. He could always feel Khushi watching him when he was pre-occupied in the study or in the morning when taking his daily walk. But he felt it was best for all if he stayed out of everyone's way.

Heading for the study he started to go downstairs when his tracks stop suddenly. He blinked frowning as his gaze remained glued to the unbelievable sight in front of him. Is that...No... It can't be...But how...

As he stepped closer and closer his eyes widened and heart stopped. It was them... His favorite flowers that he hadn't seen since...since Muskaan had brought them into the house. There was a long stem in a vase on the hall table in the corner, with a basket beside it full of petals of the same. They were white. Muskaan's favorite color. Kushal couldn't blink seeing these flowers. It was too...surreal.

Lifting a hand carefully he edged his shaking fingers to the petals of the flowers seeing if they were really there...and they were. Feeling the softness of them nearly took the breath out of Kushal as tears formed in his eyes. He immediately looked around searching for the person who put them here.
Kushal loudly: "AMAN!"
Aman raced up to Kushal from the kitchen with a concerned gaze. Before he could even ask what the matter was Kushal rushed up to him desperately and gripped his arm. He then pointed at the flowers now determined he wasn't imagining things.
Kushal queried : " When did those flowers get here?! Are they from the garden!? Where?! Who put those flowers there Aman?! WHO?!"
Aman looked at the flowers semi shocked with the way Kushal was nearly pleadingly asking about them. Chinky rushed over too wondering what's wrong. Aman went to speak when his eye caught on to the person ahead of them. Kushal looked too to see Khushi stood there staring at them confused. He looked down to see in her hands was another basket of freshly picked petals of his favorite flowers.

Khushi watched as Kushal hesitatingly walked slowly up to her asking curiously.
Kushal: "Khushi Betiya...did you bring these flowers?"
Khushi looked down at the flower petals on the basket and looked back at Kushal nodding fearfully. Doesn't Dadaji like them? *gasp* Is he allergic?! I only brought them as they match with the yellow and white drapes!! Now what!?
Kushal cautiously: " Where did you get them from?"
Khushi pointed backwards behind her to indicate the garden making Kushal's heart skip a beat. The flowers he had been looking for all these years always wondering where Muskaan would get them from in the past...

Khushi watched Kushal's eyes get lost into fond memory as his lips twitch into a relieved smile. She smiled realizing that they must have something to do with Muskaan and stepped forward to Kushal. She put a hand on his snapping him out of his thoughts. Kushal watched Khushi smile softly at him with questioning eyes, nodding her head slightly. Kushal with hope asked the question he had many times asked Muskaan.
Kushal gently: "Where are they in our garden betiya? Show me? "
Khushi grinned with hope.


Kushal waiting by the pool watched as Khushi came out with a thin shawl. He handed it to him feeling the air become slightly chilly. Kushal stared at Khushi fondly before taking it with an appreciative nod. With Raja coming out from inside too, he and Khushi walked slightly ahead of Kushal leading the way to the place where those flowers grew. 

Kushal followed eagerly behind the two but also noticed how they passed everything, even Khushi's cottage, and went further back into the garden. It wasn't long till Kushal watched Khushi and Raja go up the steps enthusiastically making him halt at the bottom. I've never seen these stairs before? How long have they been here? He frowned looking down at the sturdy stairs and looked up as Raja barked at the top of the stairs. Khushi was grinning at the top indicating with her hands for him to follow them. Kushal smiled softly feeling a thrill of excitement discovering this place, new to his experienced eyes.

Kushal entered through the black swirl railed gate carefully, with his eyes amazed by the sight. He couldn't believe that even after all these years staying here, he had never known of a place like this. He couldn't believe that his Muskaan had been spending her time here. 

The grass was perfect in it's shade of green and the trees were tall and protective. He blinked over and over unable to take in sure a beautiful garden. A smile grew on his face as he entered further to see different types of flowers in blushes and patches. He now knew where Muskaan was bringing all those flowers from day after day. Kushal could only shake his head in sheer astonishment of this well maintain place. 

Raja suddenly appeared beside Kushal and barked to grab his attention. Kushal looked down to see Raja walk ahead to Khushi who was stood facing him waiting. As he walked up to Khushi taking in further his surroundings, he was utterly speechless on how to express the thoughts that were twirling in his mind. Expectantly he stood beside Khushi and watched her calmly point ahead. 

Kushal followed her finger alignment to see the lake ahead was catching the light perfectly to illuminate the garden to the right degree to set an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Squinting hard, Kushal went forward step by step heading closer to the lake, stepping over the gravel path. His eyes widened again to see the flowers of a huge variety of colors basking in the light from the opening of the trees above. 

Stepping closer Kushal mesmerizingly smiled with relief, finally feeling a sense of inner peace. The discovery of these flowers...this place made him feel so close to Muskaan that he felt the heavy weight on his shoulders lift. He also noticed the vines of the plant itself was decorated by thorns to protect the flowers it harbored. Kushal could imagine Muskaan picking these flowers delicately for him and now realized why she had kept this place such a secret. It was best kept this way. He sighed emotionally looking up high into the sky as tears flooded his eyes, closing them knowing Muskaan was in the garden too watching him. And he wouldn't be surprised if his son was right beside her too.

As Khushi watched Kushal from afar, with Raja beside her legs, she felt Arnav come to stand beside her silently. Khushi felt herself smile softly, happy that Kushal was. Kushal wiping his tears turned to Khushi to be taken aback seeing Arnav stood there too with an apologetic expression. It took a moment before Kushal  began to walk towards them stiffly, making Khushi worried and Arnav instinctively slip and hand into hers holding it protectively as his jaw was. Kushal noticing this continued to walk til he stopped right in front of them both and pulled them into a tight hug. Khushi and Arnav's felt their breath hitch shocked at Kushal's actions. Kushal on the other hand was crying...crying tears of joy.

Arnav gripping his grandfather tightly: " I'm sorry Dada. I really am-"
Kushal instantly pulled away and held Arnav's face in his hands: " No Chote. No. Don't be. You were right in your place. I have done things that have hurt the people who love me most-"
Arnav: "But you had reason Dada...I should have understood and talked to you much earlier. I'm sorry."
As Arnav hugged his Dada again, Khushi brightly smiled with her hands clasped together. She was overwhelmingly happy that Arnav and Kushal were finally on the same page and was more glad that this garden had in some way played a part in it.

When Kushal pulled away he sighed before turning to Khushi holding her face tenderly.
Kushal: " In all of this betiya I have hurt you the most haven't I...I have always kept you away from me so you'd be protected from me...but know I have realized that it only hurts everyone instead on making things better...I'm sorry betiya.*Khushi shocked shook her head*...You *smiles* have always been the perfect match for my grandson. *chuckles* Just like Arnav is like a reincarnation of my were like a reincarnation of Muskaan when I first met you. That same clumsiness, happiness, care and most of all understanding. You understood me more than anyone betiya...I don't know how...but I guess it was a constant sign to me that you were made for my Chote... and made to be a Raizada daughter-in-law. And I'm proud of you betiya...*putting a hand on Arnav's shoulder*...And I'm proud of your choice Chote. You both are just like Muskaan and Abhi. Perfect for each other in every way."

Arnav looked at Khushi who's eyes were teary feeling finally complete. With smiles brimming on their faces, they both bent down to take Kushal's blessings. As they stood up, Raja barked over and over and jumped round them with his tail wagging making them laugh. Arnav hug Kushal tightly again.
Arnav whispering: " Thank you Dada."
Kushal chuckled: "No Chote. Thank you for making the most important decision in your life...the right one. "
Letting go he quickly glanced back at the flowers behind him, seeing them shimmer in the sunlight and sway in the gentle tune of the wind. Turning back to Arnav and Khushi he smiled.
Kushal: " Come. Lets head back. We have a wedding to prepare for. Hmm?"
Khushi and Arnav nodded shyly and let Kushal and Raja lead the way. As they walked, Arnav slowly intertwined his fingers with Khushi's making her blush happily for the days to come. Left in the secret garden was left the smiling souls who's arms were linked into a eternal bond, with her head resting on his shoulder watching them leave.


Dear Raja, 

It's the night before my wedding and the butterflies in my stomach doesn't seem to stop fluttering. I can't explain what I'm exactly feeling as it's like a whole ball of different emotions. I feel scared of tripping in the sari you have picked for me, happy that I'm getting married, sad that I'll be leaving Buaji and this cottage, excited to become a Arnav's wife and a Raizada bahu and ..and oh so much more. 

But most of all I'm grateful for the way things are now. Dadaji. I mean Dada is so much more...happy now. Dadi said he's just like before now....I'm glad we took him to the Garden Raja. I asked if he wanted to go again, but he said once is enough. I think I should get some seeds from that plant Dada likes and plant them in the garden nearer the house so he could see them every day. Babuji, Amma, Papa and Maa in the sky are so proud of us Raja. I know it. And I hope their blessings always stay with us through life. 


P.S I will always love you Raja.


So that's it! Finished.....nah just joking :P Got the epilogue left to put up. Please do come and read Raja and Khushi's wedding...I mean Arnav and Khushi's. ;)

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