Sunday, 10 February 2013

After note: Inspiration of Muskaan Singh Raizada...

When I was thinking about an OS for my coming "The Thief's Angel OS's" Series, I remembered a beautiful song played by piano in a anime show when I was very young. Looking for it on Youtube, I then came across the song and in it was the woman I thought about Muskaan for my VWT FF. I was shocked because I wondered why I didn't tell you all becuase I distinctly remember many asking me about what Muskaan looks like etcetc but I never said ...Now I remember why.

I was embarrassed I guess becuase I have taken inspiration from a cartoon character rather than from an Indian heroine or actress you'll all be familiar with. So if I mentioned it, I thought everyone would be like ' WTF!? How are we supposed to image Muskaan as a cartoon character!?'

But now coming across the video again, and now with my VWT FF being over, I think there's no harm in revealing to everyone who I thought of/about when creating the character of Muskaan in my story.

This clip is of Tory playing the piano tune that his mother used to play when she was alive. In the flashbacks you will see her playing the piano. That is the person I have always imagined whenever I wrote about Muskaan.

Thanks again for reading and enjoying my VWT story.
Hope to see you on my Hierarchy blog too. hehe. 



  1. sis you are nuts their nothing to be embrassed of i always wanted to know about muskaan but today i got to know

  2. Hiii dr...nice imagination..liked it...

  3. Zaraa,

    How could you even think that way?
    I watched the video and it was so soothing.
    And you got Muskaan Ma right, she is exactly the one. :)

    Well done :D


  4. Zara, this is the perfect image of Muskaan as the loving mother aur obedient and fun loving daughter-in-law. I don't know why you felt it would be embarrassing or hard for us as readers to visualize but I am glad to have this mystery solved too. It's nice to have an image to go with such a strong personality as Muskaan had :D :)

    God Bless.


  5. Zara, a writer will get inspiration from everywhere...and you just proved that by writing VWT which was inspired from this video! :)
    Why did you NOT tell us before? It wouldn't have been embarrassing at all! :D
    And Muskaan here, is perfect. She's definitely the one.

    -..SankiMedhz.. (IF)

  6. it fits perfect she really does look like muskaan that was a perfect inspiration

  7. sometyms u really bcome a mess....babes u dnt need to b embarresd even 1% bcoz let face it...dere more embarrsin things one does...u shud b proud dat u can find gud in every lil aspect of life...wats embarrsin if d gud u found is 4m dis anime....but nver mind...i'm happy u shard u're emotions wid us....nd ya even i have drawn inspiratn 4m so many embarrsin get cmfortd wid d fact dat u're nt alond in dis wrld.....
    Nd ya dnt 4get dat many cartoon charactrs inspire filmmakers to make dem into film...;)

    Love Regards
    Penny (penny25)

  8. Hey Zara, am glad you decided to share the inspiration to your character Muskan who has been the heart and soul of this story :) well many already told you to not to be embarrassed about getting inspired by a cartoon character and would say the same :)

    But I will also say that the moment I saw the video I literally jumped on my seat coz its from Cardcaptor Sakura !!! I used to be so crazy about it once upon a time, seriously :D You just made me so happy today, thank you :)

    IF User: ARSHI_FAN11

    1. OMG! Hello Sakura fan! *hugs* I still love this show so much! So sad it ended :( Love my childhood shows! *sigh*

  9. loved the story. sad that it had to end. now am waiting for hierarchy
    loved how muskaan played a roll between khushi and dada.
    are you going to be posting your os series only on if or anywhere else also ie your blogs?

    1. The OS series will be posted on IF initially, but I probably will put it up on blog soon. Will inform you all when I do. :)

  10. Wow this was muskan...

    Thanks for revealing her...

  11. cumon zara she does fit it muskaans character and image....
    so no getting embaressed ok??
    waiting for hierarchy and dark wolfs updates
    thanks for the pm

  12. she is perfect for muskaan's character.........

  13. loved it! exactly how I imagined her to be..thanks for sharing it with us..:)
    ~ nikita59 IF

  14. no this is same as my imagination while reading about her..

    -Shwetz- IF

  15. You know Zee, I would still say WTF!! :P not because you posted it now but because you posted it now, like this late!! :s :P I hope I make sense, all I'm trying to say is you know I could relate to Muskaan now so well that mother who guides her lost child! that's how our Arnav was n no wonder Kushal saw muskaan in khushi :)

    nice man and im missing this so much! ey hierarchy start pannu ma ( pls start in my lang) :D


  16. this is brilliant
    loved it
    thanx for this


  17. Fab post n video

  18. Nice - she is really beautiful and totally how I would imagine Muskaan to be! (Amanram from IF)

  19. ahh everytime fav show...and i loved this aint silly :)
    IF username: jahnvi.luvs.ASR

  20. thanks for the pm... nice to be inspired by such touching memories... she seems to reflect the love and support that muskaan gave arnav... so nothing crazy about it... all the Japanese anime characters are beautiful and she's no exception!

  21. wowwww.....
    she is damn beautiful....totally adored her...thnxxxx 4 sharing n 4 da pm...
    IF smartgirl9009

  22. i dont have youtube access to watch it but still i thank you for pm..M sure it would be as nice and sweet as i imagined muskaan in my thoughts :)

  23. Girl you really have been crazy.. Why were you embarrassed about your imagination. I have always said whatever you write has always been the best and i have loved it to the core. And, i guess before writing anything you might always imagine things. We as readers do imagine what ever you wrote. And, for me your imaginations have been too good.. Wild imagination... And different at the same time. So, do not ever be embarrassed , you are the best with everything,be it your cartoon imagination. I loved muskaan. I have always loved to watch cartoons and cartoon pictures... And this image of Muskaan was too good.. very elegant and beautiful.. Loved it...

    (IF Enchantress)

  24. brilliant characterization of muskaan
    tnx 4 d pm

  25. she is beautiful indeed..

  26. Omg!! I have watch that cartoon show Cardcaptors in CN :P
    Aww,U imagined Muskaan like her,She is very beautiful & no need to feel embarrased as we all here *atleast me* r more crazy then u ;) :D
    Glad atleast now u revealed the mystery..

    Love u <3

  27. U should be proud & not embarrassed bcoz ur selection fits the character of Muskaan perfectly. I loved it.

  28. Muskaan.. fits it yaar!
    And I could even go one step ahead and think of the small guy as Arnav! :)

    - hmtxyz

  29. I love reading only Arhi story...
    And when I found out ur ff VWT the first bit really clicked into my heart and I was addicted to it. But the character Muskan u created was so fab even she was not alive in the story, she was in every in every update and we really loved it.
    You don't have to embarrass the job u did is fab...
    arshiyana (IF)

  30. nice post... and there is nothing to be embarrassed by your imagination... a person especially the writer can be inspired by small things.. so it's nothing.

  31. No proooobs! It was actually hard sometimes to imagine Muskaan while reading as we didnt know how she looked like ;) But I'm glad you shared this with us. And yes, No embrassment pleeeejjj ;) Looking forward to read more of your amaaazing works :)
    - chocolover (Ayera) :)

  32. no prob...
    v can get inspired by anything n everything;)


  33. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

    -desisweetheart9 from IF.

  34. I really watched it t0day Zara, she echanting and biwitching, just like Muskan Singh raizada w0uld be, just like a m0ther