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Chapter Forty-Six: Tip of the Thorn


The Charity ball was ending with all the guests giving in their last donations. They left with smiles on their faces as Kushal and Devayani bid them goodbye, one by one, at the front door. Arnav, however, took Aman out through to the back garden where the light chatter could still be heard, like a distant birdsong. There wasn't much of a wind swirling in the air tonight, as the garden was lit soundly by the solar lights along the paths. As Arnav and Aman walked calmly in silence along the gravel, past the Open area, they went deeper into the garden. 

After a while Aman couldn't keep his curious mind to rest.
Aman: " Bhai? Why have you brought me out here to tell me something important? Where are we going? Is there something the matter? "
Arnav didn't say anything. He just kept walking, now under the archway to the fountain, knowing Aman would follow. Arnav then stopped suddenly, turning to Aman, finding it hard to put it to words what to say to him. But he knew that he had to as Aman was just staring at him confused.
Arnav : " Maa used to always say to me when I was younger, that everything always happens for a reason. That when a door closes and another opens its a sign."
Aman smiled lightly at Arnav: " She was right. Your mother."
Arnav nodded before continuing: "Khushi told me about the talk you had, when you found out about Khushi and me..."
Aman looked down remembering that day of the engagement. He was genuinely glad that he had figured everything out, or else no one would have been happy.

Arnav eyed him seriously: " You don't you Aman?"
Aman shot his head up to look at him shaking his head and hands: " No! *laughing* Of course not Bhai. Back then I did, but since that day Khushi and I talked I realized that I much rather have Khushi as my close friend. No hard feelings at all Bhai. Believe me. *chuckles*"
Arnav smirked softly: "Good....But what I wanted to talk to you about was that 'Blue Rose', you told Khushi about. "
Aman grinned nodding: " Yeaahh, well Khushi's your blue rose after all. Hmm?"
Arnav smiled: " Yes, but I was just wondering about your blue rose."

Aman frowned confused at Arnav hearing this and watched as he continued walking up the path towards the Fountain. Aman rushed to catch up to him, only to stop behind Arnav as he faced the fountain. 
Aman: " My Blue rose Bhai? What do you mean?"
Arnav then slowly turned around to move to Aman's side, letting Aman have full view of the fountain. Aman's eyes widened a bit seeing Chinky through the smooth water falling from the peak of the fountain. Sitting by herself on the wooden planked bench, she looked like she was waiting for someone. He did mention earlier tonight how pretty she looked in her green dress. Aman smiled softly unknowingly. Arnav watched Aman for a while seeing his reaction before continuing.
Arnav: " You said that you should find a blue rose with your name on it...However, I believe sometimes the  Blue rose to come to find you instead. And...*patting his shoulder encouragingly*  it would be a great tragedy if you missed your blue rose if it in front of you the whole time...don't you think? "

Aman's smile faded into a thoughtful expression, still staring at Chinky, while absorbing Arnav's words. Yes it would be a great tragedy. Arnav smiled but patting his shoulder again.
Arnav: " Anyways I have to go back. Promised Khushi to escort her to her room. *chuckles* So, I'll see you tomorrow Aman."
With that Arnav left Aman's side back the way he came while Aman remained stood there gazing at Chinky. He stepped forward towards her.

Arnav didn't go far and turned to see Aman go up to Chinky. She stood up with a worried expression and stepped forward towards Aman apprehensively. They both were talking. Arnav just then felt a soft yet gripping hand slip into his. He didn't have to look down to know it was Khushi, or to know she was jumping excited on her toes watching what he was watching.
Arnav firmly: " You know I only said a nudge, but this was a push."
He felt her lean her head against his suited bicep , as she was hugging his arm tightly, before nodding.
Arnav raised an eyebrow: " I would never had done this if you hadn't forced me to and on top of that you took the easy part to just send Chinky in. I think it was a rubbish plan telling her that Aman wants to tell her something important and is waiting for her here. She could have-"
Khushi whacked a hand playfully against his hard chest, making him shut up.

They watched quietly as Aman held Chinky's hands and pulled them close to him. Khushi wanted to hear and smooched forward, only to be stopped by Arnav's voice.
Arnav: "Khushi Kumari Gupta. Don't you dare take one more step. You did this plan and now you want to have a listen to their private talk? Give them space Khushi."
Khushi pouted knowing Arnav was right. They were only standing there to make sure there was some sign to tell them that everything was a 'go' for the two in front of them. They suddenly saw a huge grin appear on Chinky's face and before they knew it she had dashed into Aman's arms squeezing him tight as if her life depended on it.

Arnav nodded: " Ok, that's enough. Lets go."
Khushi frowned as she wanted to see further, but he held her tightly by his side, walking them out from the area. Khushi bit her lip, before strained her neck behind her shoulder to just see Aman swoop down to kiss Chinky. Khushi grinned and blushed, before turning her head back forward. Mission accomplished!
Arnav smirked: " Happy?"
Khushi looked up at Arnav and leaned her head against his chest, nodding. Arnav hmm-ed liking the warmth she radiated.
Arnav: " Now how about that escort back to your room, Hmm?"
Khushi pinked slightly and nodded, making Arnav's chest vibrated from the gently chuckle inside him.


As the two arrived to Khushi's room, from the quietness from the Hall, they could tell that the guests have all left and everyone else had probably gone to sleep. As Khushi opened the door, she turned to see Arnav with a very mischievous smile playing upon his lips. Arnav went to enter the bedroom too, but Khushi shocked pushed him back.
Arnav huskily: " Come on Khushi...I did do your bidding for you today *winks*."
Khushi looked down with a grin shyly and shook her head at him. Raja barked behind Khushi from the bed, making Arnav raise an eyebrow.
Arnav leaned against the door side: " Ohh I see how it is, Raja's keeping you for himself tonight? *talking a bit loader for Raja* What did we talk about sharing!?"
Raja barked replying back, making the two smile happily at the door. Arnav teased her by trying one last time to enter, but Khushi pushed him back again softly, with a shy smile shaking her head. She went to shut the door, but he pulled her to him, making her gasp with wide eyes.
Arnav smiled handsomely at her, before sensually whispering to her: "I'm letting this go for now but remember that after we're married... you can't stop me then from entering our room. Understand?"
Khushi smiled shyly understanding fully making Arnav grin cheekily.

Kushal was passing by that corridor, heading towards the staircase, when he noticed the two. He paused watching as Arnav stroked Khushi's cheek before kissing her forehead. Kushal sadly watched as Arnav said good night to Khushi, letting her shut the door. Arnav watching her close the door, scratched the back of his head with a smile, before walking to head for the stairs. However, just as Arnav noticed Kushal, tension held time in it's clutches. 

Arnav realizing Kushal was watching, felt embarrassed, which was soon washed out remembering his grandfather's past deeds and thoughts about them. His jaw tightened and ignored his presence  simply walking back him swiftly heading up the stairs. Kushal watched him go wordlessly. He had figured out during the ball that Arnav knew he was the reason Khushi was sent away. He understood his young grandson's silent anger. He sighed however as that pain in his heart resurfaced again, making him squeeze his fists.
Devayani softly: "Kushal?"
Kushal taken aback looked over his shoulder seeing his wife watching him with woeful eyes. He knew what she wanted, but he couldn't. Wouldn't. Sharply, he turned away heading the way Arnav went, however into his own room.


As Kushal burst into the bedroom, he halted in the middle of the room looking high up into the sky, through the window. His heart was pumping fast thinking over about how Arnav cared so much about Khushi and how it was too late to stop them from getting close. He felt...fear.

Not hearing the door close gently and light footstep coming up to stop behind him, Kushal bit back a sob.
Devayani put a comforting hand on Kushal's shoulder: " You need to tell me Kushal. Your grandson has got engaged to Khushi betiya now. He's angry you can see it through his eyes. But all he wants is you to accept Khushi-"
Kushal walked away closer to the window, with a hand resting to the side. He spoke harshly.
Kushal: " I can't Devayani. I can't let Khushi come into our family as a Daughter-in-law. "
Devayani stepped forward: " But WHY?! Why is what I'm asking Kushal? You don't hate her. In fact you care very deeply about her like you did with Muskaan Betiya. Khushi's perfect for Chote-"
Kushal desperately: " You don't understand Devayani. I need to stay away from her..."
Devayani angrily: " Why?! What has she done to you that makes you so distant from her all the time and only when no one's around you let your walls down."
Kushal closed his eyes muttering: "It's not what she has done to me...It's what I may do to her..."
Devayani frowned: " What?! What do you mean!? Your actions are pulling this family apart!! You can't stay quiet anymore. You have to tell me why-"
Kushal turned sharply to Devayani with eyes red with tears: " I KILLED HER!...*desperately*... I killed Muskaan betiya..."
Devayani felt her heart stop hearing him say those words.
Kushal fell to the chair beside him sobbing: "...And ...I don't want to kill Khushi betiya too."


I know this part isn't long. But doesn't need to be.
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