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Chapter Forty-Nine: Thawing Ice

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After that day at the park, Devayani and Madhu both arranged to a date to meet the panditji for a wedding day, bursting Arnav's plan about getting Khushi to stay a few days longer, but on the other hand he was glad that their wedding plans were under way.

The family, however, seemed to be dividing with Kushal not participating at all. Khushi however made it so everyone would gather together and talk endlessly about nothing. No one minded if Kushal talked or not, what mattered was that he was there as part of the family. The sound of her payal's rushing in from to the room would instantly brighten up everyone with silly antics. Kushal would listen to their conversations filling his ears soothingly, while watching Khushi make everyone smile. Khushi in the corner of her eyes would notice too making her heart warm.

Arnav however watching afar from upstairs could see what Khushi was up to. For the last few days he'd notice when he got back from work, Khushi would be going up with tea for Devayani and Kushal, but he'd know who she really was giving tea to. And when Kushal is looking for something Khushi and Devayani would send Raja in, making him know who was giving it to him. And now from each cheeky grin and each over-exaggerated hand gesture, he's notice her trying to get everyone feel together, with specifically Kushal. He's grip the banister tightly seeing his grandfather not move a single inch from his chair or even talk as everyone did. He hated watching Khushi try to do something which wasn't possible. He knew his grandfather well.

As Arnav slammed a fist to one of the pillars and storm off to his room, Khushi's would lift her eyes watching him leave. She knew she had to try a bit more harder to convince Arnav about Kushal. She needed his support.


Later that day, straight after having dinner, Khushi slipped quietly into Arnav's room creeping round in her teal green salwar. With eyes searching for Arnav, she soon found him standing on his balcony with his dark grey waist-coated back to her and hands in his pockets. Khushi smiled seeing his rolled up blue sleeves and strong figure. His handsome sense of style was always one of the things that made her heart flutter when seeing him.

Slowly with tip toe steps, Khushi went up behind Arnav before slipping her hands round his waist and sliding her hands up to his chest. She smiled warmly closing her eyes while rubbing her cheek against his back. Arnav's body had immediately tensed, before turning with a serious questioning expression to face her. Khushi smiled softly at him before pointing at his suit and then her wrist for time.

Arnav roughly: " I'm not in the mood to get changed for bed yet Khushi. Leave me for a while."
Khushi frowned looking down knowing why he was upset. She looked back up at him before stepping forward and touching his forehead lightly with her fingertips.
Arnav annoyed: " I'm not angry Khushi. Stop it. I just...*sighed calming down* I just don't like what you're doing..."
Khushi, determined, made him look up at her. She took his hand to put it against her heart and nodded asking him to believe what she told him the other day about Kushal's guilt and that he did care deeply for her.

Arnav angrily snatched his hand away: " Khushi no. Even if it's true that Dada feels guilty, it gives him no right to treat you like the elephant in the room. He doesn't care about you Khushi. Only about himself. And you're too naive to see the truth."
He stormed into his room, with Khushi following hot on his heels. She desperately held on to his arm trying to make him believe her. She knew anger and frustration was clouding his mind, but why couldn't he just believe her.
Khushi pleading: "Arnav.."
Arnav having enough: "STOP IT KHUSHI!! ENOUGH!"

Khushi taken aback with eyes wide, stepped back from this enraged man before her. Something changed in Arnav's eyes.
Arnav: "Don't you see what he's doing Khushi...he's making us argue to separate us! No wonder! He shows all his bitterness towards you when your not there, and pretends to care for you only in front of you. Dada's going to far...Khushi...too far.."
Khushi a seething Arnav rush out the room leaving her fearing what will happen next.

As Arnav looked upstairs for Kushal, slamming doors open, crying out for him, everyone started to come out gathering in the hall concerned and confused. Arnav shot down the staircase like bull.
Devayani: "Chote? Chote what's wrong?"
Arnav ignored her: " DADA! DADA!"
Anjili appalled: "Chote what's wrong with you!? Your shouting like a mad man. Just tell us what's wrong!"
Arnav just then spotted Kushal walk in calmly with a serious frown on his face. Arnav breathed out fire.

Arnav: " Why Di should I tell you what's wrong. You know! Everyone knows?! The only person who doesn't know is Dada!!"
Kushal stepped forward: " Chote-"
Arnav lifted a hand to stop him rudely, making Devayani and Madhu's eyes widen in shock.
Arnav: "No Dada. Not today. Today I'm going to talk and you are going to listen....Ever since I have come back home, I have always seen you talk bitterly about Khushi behind her back..And more than that without good reason. Even I thought of Khushi as meddlesome too, but it wasn't long til I realized how wrong I was...and how loving, caring and innocent Khushi really is. I fell in love with Khushi a long time ago Dada and when you found sent her away PURPOSELY to keep us separated. YOU did this Dada! And it's only after the damn bomb blast you realized sending Khushi away was wrong...why? Becuase I got hurt!! Not her!! "

Kushal stood still with the same stern numb face, staring back at Arnav. No change in expression, however his silence told all the hurt he was feeling. Devayani couldn't believe Arnav had been building these thoughts up, she rushed to stop him speaking any further, but there was no stopping him.
Arnav: "There's nothing you can do Dada to separate Khushi and Me Dada...Nothing! Your cheap games to get what you want won't work, because if you can be this stubborn...then I can be too and I want to marry her. Khushi says that you feel guilty about Maa dying..."
Kushal and Devayani stared at him in shock as did everyone else.
Arnav firmly: " And that's not true...we ALL know that Dada!! No one blames you, but I will blame you for hurting Khushi. I will blame you Dada for keeping her away from her, from the people who love her most! It's not fair that she suffers so you can looking out for yourself and your own pain-"
Khushi: "ARNAV!"

Everyone, except Kushal, looked up to see Khushi looking down on them from the first floor with eyes staring only at Arnav.  He looked at her shocked as he witnessed the ashamed look in her eyes...the pain that he has just caused her...the look of disgust. The tears from her eyes made his heart break and breath restrict, alerting to him that he had done wrong. Arnav looked back to his Dada to see him look down with a stern expression. Regretting how he expressed his anger, Arnav stepped forward to him, but Kushal turned to head for the staircase.

Khushi seeing how hurt Kushal was ran to the top of the staircase so she could stop him. She watched him starting to climb up towards her, but before she knew it her foot caught on the other. Everyone's eyes widened in horror.


It was a few minutes after Khushi fell, she opened her eye lids that were squeezed tight, from fearing the impact of the fall.  She could hear everyone calling her name and Raja barking too. She felt herself get rocked back and forth against a very warm chest. Dadaji? Everyone was crowded round on the stairs as Kushal held Khushi close. Madhu and Devayani were in tears, while Anjili was too shocked to even react. Aman and Chinky were trying their best to look to see if Khushi was fine or not. Arnav was speechless. He felt a cloud of guilt shadow him. 
Kushal in tears: " Khushi Betiya! Khushi Please not you too. I-"
He then felt a light push to his chest, making him loosen his hold. He looked down desperately to see Khushi was looking up at him smiling softly. 
Kushal: "Khushi betiya?"

He frowned checking over her body. She was fine. No blood. No cut. Only a tumble as he had rushed up to stop her from falling the whole staircase. 
Kushal: " You're...You're ok...*grinning* You're ok betiya?"
Khushi nodded with teary eyes and a smile. Kushal smiled brightly as did everyone else. 
Devayani thanking God: " saved her...if you didn't catch her in time then..."
Arnav looked at Devayani feeling worse. All the things he had said about Kushal only caring about himself...

Kushal's smile left him as he realized everyone was watching...and everyone including Arnav. Khushi could see the change and felt him lift her to sit her down on the steps properly, before standing up straight himself.
Kushal: " Stop talking nonsense Devayani. She's fine and that's all that matters. Care for her...I'm...I've got work to do."
He then went up the staircase leaving the others staring at his back. Khushi immediately got up and went to stop him, but she halted knowing he was greatly hurt. A mixture of emotions overcame her then. Tears. Anger. Hurt. Pain. Shock. Disappointment. And only because of one person. Arnav. 

Khushi sharply turned to the others watching her every move and looked a guilty Arnav straight in the eye. Glancing at her hands she rushed down and roughly lifted Arnav's hand. Arnav's heart was shot numb watching her put his Maa's ring into his hand, before rushing down the rest of the stairs heading to her room in tears. Raja shot after her to make sure she wasn't alone.
Devayani: " Betiya!"
Madhu shocked called out to her: " Khushi!"
Everyone went after her, leaving Arnav staring at the ring in his hand. What have I done?


Aman: " Khushi open the door. Please. Don't be upset. Come on. "
Chinky put a hand on his shoulder gently telling him it was no use. Khushi wasn't going to come out. Everyone was round Khushi's door wanting her to open the door. Both worried and concerned at Khushi's silence and lack of actions, they could only hear the quiet sobs on the other side of the door. 
Arnav roughly: " Everyone move. "
Arnav squeezed through to get to the door banging on it wildly: " KHUSHI! Khushi open the door now. Please Khushi!"

Khushi was inside on the bed, hugging Raja tightly. Lifting her wet face from Raja's mane, she looked at the door before feeling more upset. She shook her head angrily as she heard Raja whimpering too. No Raja. You weren't there. Arnav was so rude to Dadaji it was unbearable and now...Dadaji will be more far away from me and everyone will be apart from each other too. What point is there to a marriage where no one is happy? With fresh tears arising she put her face back into Raja's mane.

Arnav never felt so furious with himself his whole life. But he needed to fix this now. Right now. 
Arnav: " Khushi!! Please open this door. You can't just do this to me. I know I was wrong, but don't punish me like this. KHUSHI!"
Madhu: " Babwa...Maybe we should all leave her so she can calm down a little."
Arnav shook his head: " No Buaji. I don't want to leave her like this. I can't wait. I need to see her now. *banging on the door again* KHUSHI!"
Anjili: " Chote, Buaji's right. Calm down...maybe-"
Arnav wiped his tears stepping back: " Khushi if you don't open this door I'll bloody break it in. Damn it you know I will Khushi. " 
Anjili and Devayani turned to Arnav shocked: " Chote!?"
Arnav: " One..."
Madhu: " Haire Nandkisore!!"
Arnav louder: "Two..."

There was a few clicks, before the door gently swung open to reveal Khushi and Raja. Arnav sorrily looked at Khushi, whose eyes were all red and slightly puffy from crying. Not giving her even a chance to say his name, Arnav rushed into pull her into a tight hug. He closed his eyes feeling her hug him back just as tightly after a minute, realizing that she had needed him all this time and he didn't give his support. He felt his body shake as she cried making him repeat sorry over and over again. 

Arnav short-breathed: "Don't ever do that to me again Khushi. Ever...I'm sorry..You won't know how much...And I'll do everything you say to make this right again....Just please don't leave me. I love you."
Khushi nodded unable to stay mad.
Arnav pulled back to look into her eyes: " I believe you Khushi...Every word. Just tell me what to do to make it all right. "
Khushi braved a watery smile knowing now Arnav was be her side...and now everything would be alright.

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