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Chapter Forty-Four: Timing of Breezes


As days passed, Khushi's health only got better and better, as the weakness slowly seeped away from her. Some of her bandages like on her forehead, was soon removed too, with only a tiny healed cut remained visible. She still had her wrist, upper arms and her upper thigh bandaged as those where the deeper bruises and wounds. With the amount of juice and fruit that Anjili, Devayani and Madhu had been feeding her, Khushi was certain that when they came in separately, they didn't know that she had already been fed someone else in the trio.

Arnav for the first couple of days was very distant mentally, which Khushi couldn't help notice, when he comes in to kiss her secretly and check on her. Khushi had seen his eyes lost in thought sometimes, making her curious, but he'd stop frowning as soon as he'd notice her staring and give her a cheeky wink to put her off track in thought. 

Since she discovered she can stand on her two feet again, when Arnav wasn't looking, she would try to escape from the room, like a jail bird, to go outside to the garden at least. However, it didn't even take 2 minutes before she'd feel Arnav swiftly lift her, be it in his arms or over his shoulder, as take her back into the room. She's sigh heavily each time and narrow her eyes at Raja following them. Raja being her bodyguard knew everywhere she went, even when Arnav wasn't there. She knew that the two cared for her so, but now it was just getting annoying. I want to go out!!!

In the room laying in bed bored, she'd try to read out loud a book she had found randomly in the bedside table drawer. Even though her voice box didn't allow her to utter a single syllable properly, she defiantly gave it a go. She felt angry sometimes when she felt no progress in her voice and so tried even harder. However, after a minute it would lead to dreadful pain in her head and throat. Arnav caught her once doing this and snatched the book from her angrily and chucked it across the room, making Khushi jump. Arnav didn't say a word. Khushi knew he was upset that she had tried to talk, even though the doctor had told her not to force herself. Arnav would immediately calm down and sit beside her, before kissing her forehead ever so gently. He would shake his head at her firmly, not wanting her to do something like this again. Khushi just felt bad that she had upset him when he had done so much for her. She would then smile softly and kiss him on the nose with a smile shining after. Arnav, of course, instantly forgave her. 


Arnav shocked: "You made Raja what!?!?"
Khushi grinned proudly and nodded with her arms crossed. Raja barked wagging his tail happily. Arnav couldn't believe the two. Khushi had sent Aman and Chinky to the closet which she knew could only be opened from the outside, and got Raja had to close the door on Aman and Chinky!!
Arnav: " Khushi! I said you could nudge the two in the right direction. Not bloody lock them in a closet together! *sighed and started to get off the bed* That's it I'm-"
But Khushi held on to his arm, pulling him back desperately: "Arnav!"
Arnav staring at Khushi: "What the-"
Khushi gave him the pleading eyes tapping the back of her wrist, asking for a little more time. Arnav shook his head at her and tried to go again, but Khushi pulled him again. She then waved a hand to calm him, before showing a hand gesture to ask Raja to go open the closet door instead. Raja barked before leaving through the slim opening of the door, making Khushi grin at Arnav, but he wasn't convinced. He went to stand again, but this time when Khushi pulled him back by pulling the front of his shirt, it tore, making buttons fly. Her eyes went wide as did Arnav's.

Khushi gasped and put a hand to her mouth, not knowing whether to laugh or to be totally sorry. Arnav lifted his eyes from his tore shirt revealing his chest, to a very still Khushi. He raised his eyebrows at her.
Arnav half annoyed but mostly teasing: " Ohhh I get it now...*smirked devilishly* You wanted us to-"
Khushi realizing the tables turning, shook her head innocently, making Arnav more eager. He started to unbutton the rest of his shirt with predatory eyes on Khushi. She started to shuffle back nervously. What have I got myself into now!?!? If anyone comes through the door what will they thin- Her thoughts were immediately put on hold, as Arnav's lips had already pounced on hers.


Aman tried to push on the door again. But it was no use.
Aman sighed: " Nope, someone has to open it from the other side. HELLO!! ANYONE THERE!? OPEN THE DOOR!?"
With the store light slightly dim, Chinky sniffed as she sat on the piled boxes in the corner. 
Chinky: " What a way to die! In a closet, wearing a simple blue churidar. Uffff!"
Aman laughed out load and turned to look at her: " You're not going to die Chinky....And what do you mean just wearing that? Did you prefer dying another way?"
Chinky: " I thought if I die, I'd die really dramatically in a heavy dress or something. You know like the heroines. *sniff*"
Aman smiled fondly at Chinky, and shook his head at her adorable talks: " I don't know about everything else, but you are definitely a heroine Chinky."
Chinky looked at him with cute eyes and smile: "Really?..."
Aman chuckled lightly: " Of course! Remember that day at the mall? You're my heroine Chinky, no doubt. "
Chinky looking down, glad the light was slightly dim, so he couldn't see her red cheeks. Her legs started to involuntarily swing back and forth, but this caused the empty boxes to suddenly brake into itself, not able to support Chinky's weight. She screamed falling back, but felt strong arms go round her, hands supporting her back holding her against the wall, so she didn't fall any further. He hands instinctively grabbed what ever was in front of her too.

She opened her eyes to see Aman very close to her with concerned eyes. Her eyes widened and heart raced a marathon. She never knew that despite the light was dimmed, Aman looked so handsome up this close as well. Even more than afar. Aman gripped on to her tighter.
Aman: " Chinky?!! Chinky are you ok?! Are you hurt?!"
Chinky still staring at him in a lost daze, shook her head. To be honest if she was hurt, she could definitely not tell. 
Chinky smiled lightly: " You saved me Aman..."
Aman grinned widely still looking into her eyes: " Of course I did. *chuckles*"
However Aman started to frown a bit, realizing how pretty Chinky looked. Her playful smile and soft skin...and-
Aman: " You have very round eyes Chinky..."
Chinky blinked at that: " Is that good or bad? "
Aman raised his eyes brows confused at himself: " Good...I guess..."

Their lips were ever so close, when suddenly the was scratching at the door, making Aman put Chinky safely on the floor. Feeling awkward that moment, Aman diverted his attention to the door, realizing Raja was on the other side, opening it. He grinned as the door opened and Raja popped his head in with his tongue out happily. 
Aman came out and bent down to Raja stroking his mane: " Good boy Raja! I knew you'd come to save us."
Raja sat down enjoying the attention as Chinky also crouched down to stroke him too appreciatively. Aman and Chinky glanced at each other with a soft smile before looking back at Raja again, petting him. 
Chinky smiled shyly: " Good boy Raja..."


Anjili walked down the corridor, holding a tray with a bandage roll, scissors, a bowl of water, some cotton wool balls and ointment on it. Looking at the time she smiled seeing she was alright for time before tea. She knew that Devayani and Kushal had also called her to the study to discuss about the Charity Ball event being held by them at their Mansion. It was Raizada tradition to do it every year since Muskaan suggested it in her first year of marriage all those years ago and this time would be no different. 
Reaching Khushi's room, Anjili knocked on the door gently: " Khushi?"

Khushi's eyes flung open hearing Anjili's voice and snapped out of the pleasure a certain Arnav Singh Raizada was doing to her lips. With Arnav still in black trousers and pinning Khushi down on the bed, it was difficult for her to push him off. Slipping one of her hands free, she pushed Arnav up making him frown.
Khushi alarmed whispered: " Arnav!!"
He frowned seeing her eyes indicate the door, making him stand up beside the bed to attention. Khushi and Arnav looked at their situation. Arnav with only his trousers on and shirt ripped on the floor, and a fully clothed Khushi, with her lips slightly swollen and hair totally a mess....and Anjili just outside. 

Khushi knew that even if Arnav put the shirt back on, the rip won't repair itself and so, urgently pointed at Arnav and then under the bed, making Arnav understand her idea. Just as the door crept open, Arnav took his shirt and dived under the bed, while Khushi tried to smooth out her hair and the bed a bit. 
Anjili seeing Khushi smiled as she smiled back nervously: " Khushi, it's time to change your bandages."
Khushi nodded hoping Arnav was out of sight, and went to stand on the other side of the bed. Anjili frowned while putting the tray down on the side. 
Anjili: " Khushi, why did you get up yourself? I'm here aren't I?...Anyways we'll do your arms first hmm?"

Khushi smiled and let Anjili unwrap her arm bandages and wrist bandages, before cleaning the wounds and preparing them to be wrapped again. Her eyes flickered down time to time, hoping Arnav couldn't be seen by Anjili. Finishing her arms and wrists neatly, Khushi went to lift her salwar trouser for the thigh bandage. Anjili stopped her. 
Anjili: " Khushi, it would be better if you took them off instead so I can wrap it properly. You'll feel comfortable then. "
Khushi hesitantly smiled and did as Anjili asked as slid off her trousers. Arnav on the other hand was enjoying the sight of Khushi's creamy legs under the bed and tried to be sneaky peering closer to look up. But just then Anjili moved close to start removing the bandage, making him stagger back, hitting his head under the bed. He swore under his breath at the sharp pain. Anjili halted.
Anjili: " Did you hear that?"
Khushi's eyes widened and shook her head at her innocently. Anjili shook her head, brushing the thought off and continued.

5 mins later she was done, and after Khushi wore her trousers again, Anjili helped her tuck into bed. She stroked her head gently.
Anjili: " Now Buaji will be coming soon with your tea. Ok?"
Khushi smiled and nodded thankfully. Anjili headed towards the door, before stopping with a mischievous smile.
Anjili: "Khushi?"
Khushi looked up at her.
Anjili: " If you see Chote, tell him to come to the study soon as Dada and Dadi have called him. We need to talk about arrangements for the Charity event next week...OH and *giggles* tell him that if he needs his buttons sewing up to give the shirt to Chinky. She'd do it for him."
As Anjili smiled secretly and walked off, Khushi's body had tensed realizing that Anjili had known. She looked across to see the 3-4 white buttons of Arnav's shirt scattered on the bed. She closed her eyes and bit her lip annoyed with herself. 

Khushi: " Arnav!!"
Arnav crawled out from under the bed and looked at a very vexed Khushi: " Listen it's not my fault she figured it all out! Cleverness and cheek runs in the family."
As Arnav smirked as Khushi gawped at his shamelessness and lifted a pillow to chuck at him. Arnav however rushed out laughing making her sigh hit the pillow on her face instead, totally embarrassed. It wasn't long though before that pout turned into a shy smile instead. 


Kushal stormed out of the Study leaving Anjili shocked and Devayani understandably quiet. Anjili walked up to her Dadi concerned.
Anjili: " Dadi? What's wrong with Dada? He's been like this since Khushi has come back from hospital. What's happened?!"
Devayani sighed before looking at Anjili sadly: " There's no point of hiding it now Anjili betiya."
Anjili frowned: "Hiding what?"
Devayani: " Khushi left only because Kushal told her to. He...*tearily* he found out about Arnav and Khushi's relationship and wanted to put distance between them, so they wouldn't get any closer."
Anjili couldn't believe her Dada could do such a thing. She put a hand on Devayani's shoulder.
Anjili: " But...But why would Dada do that? Khushi-"
Devayani: "It's not because of the way Khushi betiya is. I know that for sure. Your Dada cares for Khushi very much...but no matter how much I want to say it's becuase Khushi is like your mother and he doesn't want to lose her again, I can't help feel it's not just because of that. There's something else. *sighs strictly* But he's too stubborn to tell me, let alone anyone. He just doesn't Khushi betiya to be our daughter-in-law...and I just don't know why."

Anjili hugged Devayani close at they were lost in invisible vines wrapped round with thorns sharp. Arnav however, felt hot tears fall from his eyes with his heart scorn by this fact. The man that he looked up to, idolized, respected...had been the reason his Khushi had the reason why his heart was restless and depressed for those days Khushi was gone. Staggering back against the wall, he closed his eyes feeling immediately conflicted. His mind remembered the time when Kushal spoke harsh words of detest about Khushi when Devayani spoke about the bluebells, but his heart was reminding him of that night where he saw Kushal beside Khushi caring for her. Was it genuine care? Or was it guilt? As his mind was heating in rage for Kushal sending Khushi away, his heart was shouting at him telling him there was more to this problem than met the eye.



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