Monday, 17 December 2012

Helping images for the Chapter "Paw Prints"

Ok. don't laugh. These images were freshly drawn by me this morning. These are rough sketches of the Hostel where Khushi is staying. I found it hard to explain the hostel itself in the update, so for my own satisfaction, I have drawn these for those who can't visually see what I was trying to portray in the update. 

These are drawn on the basis when Arnav and Raja are outside the hostel. 

I'll explain them all one by one. 


Ok. This is a birds eye view of the Hostel. At the bottom of the image there are 2 dots ( one bigger than the other). these are to represent Arnav and Raja. 

Now the long rectangular area is the tunnel/corridor to enter the hostel. Beside Arnav and Raja is the 1st set of gates and going up the tunnel, you'll meet the second set of gates. On the other side of those gates is the security man (the yellow highlighted part). 

Now to the left of the entrance tunnel, is the 3 story building, where the girls stay. The pink area is supposed to represent where Khushi's room is sectioned. (remember she stays on the 1st floor, not the ground, 2nd or 3rd floor.) The entrance to the three story building, i hope, is self explanatory by the picture. 


Now this is the same place but another angled view from the kinda front( if you get what i mean, lol) I have written an arrow in the left top hand corner to explain I haven't drawn the 2nd or third floor as it isn't necessary, as Khushi stays on the 1st floor.

Again Arnav and raja are outside, beside the 1st set of gates, and down the long tunnel ( it's longer than it looks, lol), on the end if you see in faint black ink, is the 2nd set of gates, with a tiny bit of yellow to the right, representing the security man again, hehe. Damn the light shining on the side. Anyways. The black bit you obviously wouldn't see through the tunnel like this. The tunnel is concrete, but just for show sakes I have faintly put it in so you can see what it's like. 

Now coming to the 1st floor.  You can spot where Khushi's room door is under the pink highlighted bit. and there's two windows for her room. 


This is simply a close up of the 2nd image above. This is to clear the confusion of which window Khushi was talking to Arnav and Raja from. Hopefully you can see the windows marked in the picture as 1 and 2 . Khushi, Arnav and Raja were talking from window  1  . Window 2 Khushi used to watch Arnav and Raja leave at the end of the update. (P.S. To the left of window 1 is Khushi's door, however on the right is the stairway to the ground floor. )

Hope that all makes sense and I haven't confused you more :D . If you have any question about the picture ( other than it's bad lighting and pixel, i know i know) , please do ask on this thread. I'll answer them as helpfully as I can. 

Oh this was just for you all. ( me on the left hand side,lol )
A lil drawing of me in the corner, LOL


  1. I appreciate your effort so much.....You are a sweetheart!!!waiting for update......Mahua

  2. You are something you know... This is so sweet.



  4. This was really cute. Posting these drawings for our benefit. Thankyou o much.