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Chapter Thirty-Two: Sunset Before Dusk


Changed into a white shirt with grey waistcoat and trousers, Arnav walked down the stairs casually with his blackberry held against his ear. 
Arnav firmly: " You sure Di? If Jejaji can't come with you, I can send-"
Anjili rolled her eyes with a smile: " Chote...I'll be fine. Anyways. Nothing is for sure yet. Right?...See even your Jejaji is agreeing with me. "
Arnav sighed reaching the bottom of the stairs and stopping there: " Ok Di. Tell me when there's a day fixed for you to come back, ok?"
Anjili hmm-ed in agreement, but also sighed looking down at her tali. She looked up at Muskaan's photo in front of her with watery eyes. She sniffed back the tears as all the memories flooded back.
Anjili: " It's funny how years have passed, but it still seems like Maa died yesterday, Chote. I...I miss her."
Arnav tightened his jaw: "Di. Stop. What would Maa say? Please."
Anjili smiled and wiped her tears quickly: "Ok ok. I have. Khush? But Chote...Don't be alone on this day. Ok Chote? Be with someone...Cry with someone...Don't be like Dada. You know he still thinks-"
Arnav sadly: "I know Di. I know."
It was just then when Raja's rushed movement caught Arnav's eyes. He watched as Raja slipped into a room down the corridor, with a towel in his mouth. Arnav frowned.
Arnav gently: "Err Di? I'll talk to you later ok? You have to get your pooja started don't you."
Anjili smiled: "Yes. I will speak to you later Chote. Bye."
Arnav smiled softly: "Bye Di."
After ending the call, Arnav looked up towards the room where Raja had just entered.


Aman scratched Raja behind the ear, thanking him for bringing the towel. Raja then went over to hop up on the bed, where Khushi was resting her legs. Khushi sadly stroked Raja, while looking at Aman sorrily. Chinky smiled and shook her head.
Chinky: "You are really pagal Khushi! It's only water. It wasn't your fault."
Aman teasingly: "Khushi has a habit of knocking things and then having me clear up after her *chuckles*"
Khushi now angry with herself got off the bed, to try to walk over to Aman. She didn't like it when Aman said these things. She was determined to help. But as soon as she took a step forward her injured knee buckled, with a small sharp pain she lost her balance. Raja barked loudly.
Chinky gasped: "Khushi!!"

Luckily for her though, Aman stopped her from falling and held her up. 
Aman annoyed: "I was joking Khushi! You always take these jokes too seriously, Sanka Devi. Come sit!"
As Khushi held on to Aman for support, she noticed the stricken look on Chinky's face. It looked as if she had heard the worst insult ever. Why does Chinky seem annoyed? She was fine a minute ago. Khushi frowned as Aman helped her sit back on the bed with her legs up. She smiled a thank you to Aman, before sneakily taking another glance at Chinky, who was now throwing upset daggers at Aman and fidgeting with her dress looking annoyed. Is Chinky annoyed becuase Aman .... helped me? Why? She's acting as if...

As Raja laid his head in Khushi's lap, she looked at Aman shaking his head at her and smiling fondly. Khushi then glanced back at Chinky to see her eyes flicker away with her lips twitching bothered. Khushi's eyes widened realizing with a shocked expression. Chinky's jealous!

It was just then Arnav opened the door to find them four. He was confused at first why Khushi was on the bed with Chinky and Aman around her, until he saw the first aid box on the bed side table.
Arnav rushed up beside Chinky, looking at Khushi: " Khushi!? What happened!? Why's there a first aid box here? Why are you laid on the bed!?"
Khushi bit her lip and hugged Raja, slightly worried of Arnav's concern which was now shining rage. Aman, however, broke the ice.
Aman casually walked beside Arnav: "Well you see Bhaiya, What our little titaliya did today, was a little  Sanka tumble. Isn't that right Khushi?"
Arnav: "WHAT?!"
Khushi opened her mouth lightly offended and picked a small pillow beside her, throwing it at Aman. Aman caught it and laughed at Khushi, who had now crossed her arms for a little sulk. Arnav, however, was furious.

Arnav walking round swiftly to sit beside Khushi on the bed. He sternly stared at Khushi, while also scanning her body.
Arnav concerned: "How the hell did this happen? When?! Where are you hurt?! Show me."
Aman coughed a bit making Arnav stop to control himself for a moment. Khushi on the other hand, was crimson from Arnav's forward approach in front of the Chinky and Aman. 
Aman: " Urm...Chinky? Let's go to the kitchen and see what to cook for dinner. Hmm? "
Chinky still confused about what was going on between Arnav and Khushi, stood up and left with Aman indicating with his eyes that's he'd explain. Khushi watched the shut the door behind them, before immediately looking down at her lap where Raja was staring at her with comforting eyes. Good that your staring at me like this Raja, but I know Arnavji is probably glaring at me right now. Save me!

Arnav huskily: "Khushi? Show me where you got hurt. "
Khushi hesitated before pointing at her knee which was semi covered by her fresh pale blue salwar, that Buaji brought up for her to change in. Her legs were covered by her loose salwar bottoms, but Arnav could make out the bandage wrapped round thinly on her knee. He looked up at Khushi's eyes, which were looking down at Raja. He moved his hand to lift her face to look at him. Khushi was slightly worried to get a lecture from him. I have already had 2 lectures today! One from Buaji, then Aman and now... *sigh* But it's not my fault that I fall sometimes. It just happens. 

Arnav sighed staring at her innocent eyes: "Is it painful?"
Khushi indicated with her fingers that it only hurt a little, making Arnav half convinced. He noticed Khushi suddenly move her hand, to itch the side of her injured knee a bit.
Arnav sat closer to her legs, with his body facing her: "Does it itch?"
Khushi nodded, while Raja lifted his head to see what Arnav was doing. Just as Arnav was about to slide her trousers up her leg, Khushi tensed shaking her head and hands at him. Arnav sighed, slightly annoyed at Khushi's twitching.
Arnav calmly: "Khushi, It's itching probably because the bandage needs redoing. I need to-"
He halted in his words, noticing Khushi's eyes uncomfortably glancing at the door, while hugging Raja close to her chest. Arnav slowly got off the bed and walked to the door. Khushi was shocked to see Arnav boldly lock the door, before coming back to sit on the bed in front of her.
Arnav smirked at her boyishly before asking: "Is it ok now?"
Khushi opened her mouth to protest, however seeing Arnav's determined eyes she meekly nodded and bashfully looked down at Raja.

Arnav bringing the first aid box close, he slowly lifted Khushi's salwar trouser, so it bunched up from her mid thigh. Khushi felt Arnav's touch brush up the back of her leg up to the bandage, making her breath hitch and heart pound. Images flashed back of that night they spend together, creating a storm of Khushi's desires. Arnav smirked watching her bury herself deeper into Raja's main. He knew she was thinking of that night as he was. Pushing the thought on hold, however, he started to unravel the bandage, revealing the cut on her knee. It looked quite sore according to Arnav, as he got out the roll of bandage to start wrapping.

Khushi lifted her head feeling a whimper vibrate through Raja. She could see him staring upset at the cut, before turning to lick Khushi lightly under her jaw. Khushi shook her head at Raja and stroked his mane over and over, as Arnav gently wrapped patched up the wound before lowering her trouser leg.
Arnav deeply: "Does it itch now?"
Khushi smiled quickly at Arnav and shook her head thanking him. Arnav, however, watched as Khushi's eyes drift away in thought, with a small smile playing on her lips. He tilted his head at her curious.
Arnav: "What is it? "
He caught her eyes, making her smile wider and indicate with her hand for him to come closer. Arnav raised an eyebrow and shuffled so he was beside Khushi. He closed the gap between his face and hers, as if Khushi was going to whisper a secret to him. By the way Khushi was smiling, it seemed like that indeed.

Arnav huskily, getting distracted by her beautiful lashes and cheeky smile: "So? What is it?"
Khushi wagged her eyebrows, before counting two on her fingers and making a walking man impression on her lap. She then pointed at the door. Arnav smirked figuring out what Khushi was saying.
Arnav: "Two out the door...Aman and Chinky?"
Khushi grinned at Arnav and nodded earnestly. She then continued by using both her hands to indicate two people, then held them close to each other.
Arnav chuckled: " Khushi I know they are close."
Khushi rolled her eyes before about to explain further. But she stopped. Arnav watched her cheeks tint a light shade of pink. Khushi shyly then pointed at him then at herself, before pointing at the door.
Arnav felt something click: " Aman and Chinky...have feelings for each other? "

Khushi clapped her hands in success, but then gradually stopped with a sad pout. She stared at Arnav sadly before pointing at her heart to him, but when she pointed at his, she showed a seesaw action with her hands. Arnav raised his eyebrows realizing.
Arnav: "Ohhh...I see. Chinky has feelings for him, but Aman...doesn't know about it, right?"
Khushi nodded sadly before looking down at Raja, sitting calmly against her, with his eyes on her and his tail swishing gently side to side. She smiled softly at him leaning down to kiss his crown. Khushi then felt Arnav slide an arm round her to hold her close, making her look at his eyes questioningly.
Arnav seriously: "Are you sure we should help them get together? Don't ask me how I know that's going through your mind. I just do....I mean sometimes love naturally happens."
Khushi lowered her eyes from his sadly.
Arnav asked further: " Did Chinky know that you know?"
Khushi shook her head negatively. Arnav nodded staring at her downcast expression. Lowering his eyes he watched what Khushi's hands were doing. She was stroking Raja behind the ear, instinctively making Arnav lift his hand do the same to Raja's other ear.
Arnav gently: "I'm not saying don't gently nudge them in the right direction, *Khushi's eye's brightened up and turned to look at Arnav happily*..But! But, Khushi, only nudge. Ok? If love is meant to happen....*stared into Khushi's eyes deeply with a sexy smirk on his lips*...It'll just happen."
Khushi's eyes watered happily as she nodded agreeing with Arnav. She couldn't believe how lucky she was to have someone who understood her this well. That she could share her happiness and sadness with.

Arnav watched Khushi lift her hand from Raja to stroke his smooth shaven cheek. He closed his eye with a sigh briefly before opening them to see Khushi's tears weren't of happiness anymore. But of sorrow. The depth of understanding behind her glassy eyes, made him instantly know why she was sad. He tightened his jaw, thinking back to his earlier conversation with his Di.

"..Don't be alone on this day. Ok Chote? Be with someone...Cry with someone.."

A single second didn't pass after that thought, when Arnav hugged Khushi tightly letting his silent tears fall properly for this memorial day. Khushi stroked his hair and back understanding his need to this moment. This need to let it all out.


Kushal tightly: "What?!! What do you mean he's still-.................*tightening his jaw* When was this?!.............*growled* I don't care. Find that hoodlum and lock him up Inspector. "
As Kushal cut the line, he chucked the phone on his bed angrily. How could Chote-....HOW DARE HE LIE TO ME ABOUT THIS!? ...

His mind flew back to when Arnav lied to him saying that he was out all night for work at AR. Coming off the phone, he had now realized where his grandson really was that night. He couldn't believe that Arnav went out to fight and lure Indu and his men to him. Kushal heart pounded thinking how Arnav could have lost his life instantly that night. How foolish!! Kushal stormed out the room heading for Arnav's room. He knew he had to talk this out. Why did he lie to me?! Why did he go out by himself to sort the matter!? What was going through his mind to take such a step?! All these questions were swirling in his head as he stormed into Arnav's room. 

Kushal strictly "Arnav!!!"

He scanned the room furiously with his eyes's to find Arnav not there. He went out to his balcony to check there too, but in vain. Seeing the twilight sky seem slowly into darkness, he turned entering Arnav's room again to leave. However, just as he was passing Arnav's small table, Kushal accidently knocked over the small pile of files and papers that was on it. He halted closing his eyes, cursing himself, before turning to pick up the papers up hastily. Piling them in his hand, his eyes caught on to small folded pieces of paper neatly clipped together. He frowned picking them up and looked at them. 

His breath hitched. His throat tightened. His teeth grit. All this time. Arnav....and....Khushi. His eyes burned through the papers as he read the writings each ending with Khushi's name. The innocent ink of love.

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