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Chapter Thirty-Six: Talking to the Moon

For me this Chapter is one of the most emotional peaks of my story. ( I think so anyways, lol) 
Thats is why I'm attaching this song. When I found I was like "OMG this so fits!!!" :D
 It fits so much I have even labeled the titled this chapter with it.

Please do listen to the song after you have read the chapter. It's adorable, sweet and ahh so heartbreaking. :')


Madhu for just over a week had been noticing. Her outings were being watched. It's like that feeling you get when someone's watching you. You don't know how. You just know. But Madhu knew who exactly that person was. She shook her head annoyed, when entering the house. It was getting harder and harder to visit Khushi, without being followed.

It was one day when Madhu got off the Auto-Rickshaw and went round the corner to a building, when she turned sharply to see Arnav's car parked. She sighed shaking her head, before lowering her gaze to the floor.
Madhu: "Arnav Babwa, Come out. I know you are there. "
It only took a couple of seconds before Madhu felt Arnav's presence beside her. She could see from the corner of her eye, his dark blue suited attire, with sharp black shoes. She could also see the his frustrated hand clutched into a tight fist. Madhu calmly spoke, understanding his desperation.
Madhu: " For how long Arnav babwa? *sigh* How long are you going to keep searching for Khushi, following me?" 
Arnav roughly: " As long as it takes."
Madhu shook her head, with her eyes still away from Arnav's: " You need to let go-"
Arnav gritted: " I can't. I won't. Not til she's back where she belongs."
Madhu looked up to him then, seeing the possessiveness in his dark eyes: "With you?"
Arnav smirked tightly as a reply, making her shake her head: " Haire Nandkisore ..At least give me a lift home then Babwa."
Madhu walked ahead to his car, with Arnav stiffly following, feeling that day is close. I am going to find her Buaji. Whether you like it or not. 


Weeks felt like months for Arnav as he searched every possible place he could think of, to find Khushi. He would have told the police, but Khushi wasn't exactly lost. Arnav couldn't help but feel angry at himself, at Khushi, at everyone! He just wanted Khushi back. With the days passing by, Arnav could feel his connection to Khushi get colder and colder. He'd hate it. So time to time he'd take Raja to their Secret Garden, where Khushi would take special care for the plants. Where her payals would ring perfectly within the space of that secret lair. Arnav would roll up his sleeves and care the plants himself now. He wouldn't let the place of his parent's love and his love fade away. He always wonders if she has plants where she is. He wonders if she misses him too, when tending them.

He would do his office work quickly, with an over driven mind. All his mind was tinkering about was Khushi. Where she was. How her day was. A phone call from home sends his hand flying to his mobile, hoping that it's news about Khushi. Anything. Kushal was not one to miss this behavior either, however he kept his work to his own.

It was now nearly 3 weeks, since Khushi had left the house. The night was cold, but laced freshly with the little spins of wind in the air, which blew against Arnav time to time. He was out on the balcony again. This time in his black jumper and track-suit bottoms. Arnav had his lower arms and elbows lent against the smooth clay balcony rail, with his tilted face staring across, eyesight above the high trees. The solid reflected light from the moon touched the garden with serene mystical warmth. Arnav, however was focused on the moon itself. Focused on how beautifully round it was tonight. How looking very close, could let you see it's features and radiant color. Arnav smiled softly to himself, remembering when he and Khushi stayed sneakily out in the Secret Garden talking about their parents, sharing little whispers of nothingness.

Arnav huskily spoke while lightly brushing Khushi's arm with his fingertips: " Why? Why didn't you bring Raja?  *teasingly* For us to be alone? Hmmm?*winking at her*"
Khushi smiled lovingly at him before nodding briefly. She was lying on her back against the grass, in a dark indigo churidar with Arnav's black coat partially covering her, for warmth. Arnav was beside her, on his side, with his head held up by his hand. He was in a white shirt, with black waistcoat and trousers, with his hair slicked perfectly to the side. Khushi was unconsciously playing with the buttons on his waist coat. His eyes gazed upon her fanned out hair, before falling upon her plump pink lips. 
Arnav deeply: "Oh I see...We came here to..."
Arnav leaned down to Khushi's lips for a kiss, making her shyly grin and push him away. He fell on his back with an annoyed look and watched Khushi roll so she was on her side beside him. She shook her head gently.
Arnav frowned: "Then? "

Khushi smiled brightly like an angel, before pointing up high into the sky towards the ivory moon, painted in the dark sky. It was lighting up the whole garden like a blessing. Arnav put his arm round Khushi's waist and tugged her to fall against him. Khushi gasped at the sudden movement, looking into Arnav's eyes. 
Arnav raised his eyebrows, huskily speaking: " So? It's only the moon."
Khushi eyes laughed silently, while her hand lifted against his cheek, holding it. She shook her head at Arnav. She then tapped at his heart twice, before invisibly pinching it and pulled an invisible string from his heart to hers. She then tapped her heart twice. Arnav lulled on this thought with understanding soft eyes, while Khushi then leaned up to kiss his lips with a feathering touch. Arnav closed his eyes and embraced her warmth.

Arnav looked up to the moon again, feeling Khushi was gazing upon the same moon. He spoke secretly in his mind to her about his day, about her well-being, about the family...about finding her soon. His silly brain laughed at him time to time as it felt ridiculous to think that Khushi was doing what he was doing too. But his heart simply closed it's eyes with a smile and felt...warmth.

After a while, he  turned away back to his room where Raja was, closing the balcony doors gently. Good night Khushi. Sleep well.


It was in the morning when Arnav looked for Raja, not finding him when he woke up. It wasn't as if Arnav always woke before Raja. It was just very unusual for Raja not to response in some shape or form, when Arnav called. After that night with Raja in the rain, Arnav kept subtle on how Raja was coping without Khushi.
Devayani frowned: " He's not here?"
Arnav: " I have looked for him everywhere but he's not here."
Chinky sat beside Devayani spoke reassuringly: "Maybe Raja's outside in the garden Bhaiya. I've seen him sometimes in other mornings roaming around."
Arnav looked out of the window, seeing no sign of him. Maybe he's gone to the Secret Garden.
Devayani sighed sadly: " Maybe, missing Khushi betiya, he wants to be left alone sometimes in the garden. Don't worry, Chote. He'll return."
Arnav hmm-ed unconvinced.

It was just then when a loud bark came from behind them, making their heads turn at once. Raja was near the door just coming in, what looked like from the kitchen. Devayani sighed with relief as Chinky grinned. Arnav rushed to him, crouching down to his level. He hugged him close scuffing up his fur.
Arnav concerned: " Raja? Where were you boy? Hmm?"
He pulled away frowning, to look upon Raja's paws and legs. They were filthy with dirt and bits of mud.
Arnav muttered perplexed: " What were you doing Raja?"
Chinky smiled: " See Bhaiya. He was in the garden."
Devayani noticed Raja's state too: " Chote, give Raja a bath. Hmm?"
Arnav nodded while picking Raja up, taking him upstairs. Raja rested his chin on Arnav's shoulder, panting with his tongue out, while his tail swished over and over, side to side.


A couple of days later, Arnav was walking along the corridor upstairs with the overview of downstairs, when he noticed Madhu talking on the phone in the hall. He frowned as she was looking round, trying to keep her conversation discrete. Arnav's heart pounded. Khushi.

He ran as fast as his legs could to his bedroom, carefully lifting the house phone at his bedside table. He listened carefully, with his breath held.... Hoping....

Madhu gently: " You're not upset though are you titaliya, that I won't be coming to visit you. Hmm?"
On the other side of the phone was two taps. Arnav could hear Madhu sigh gladly.
Madhu: "Ok Betiya. I will pakka visit you tomorrow though. Happy now Betiya?"
It was replied with a single tap back.

Arnav listened more intently impatient to talk to Khushi. Frustrated, he held his hand over the speaker of the telephone, so Madhu and Khushi wouldn't be able to hear his heart beating loudly. Instead of mere weeks, it felt like months not hearing from Khushi...And to know she was on the other side of this line, clenched his heart.

Madhu hopefully sighed. 
Madhu: "I know your wondering so I'll tell you. Everyone here is fine. And of course everyone misses you Khushi betiya. Ok? *smiles* Now I'll cut the phone now Titaliya. Be good ok?"
A single tap was heard through the phone again, making Madhu cut the line. 

Arnav cut the phone immediately after and speedily clicked redial to listen and take down the number. He stood up looking at the number written and dialed it on his mobile. Arnav pressed the phone against his ear, his heart begging Khushi to pick up, to give his beating eardrums the relief they needed.
The ringing continued and continued, but no one picked up.
Just as Arnav was about to dial again, he heard the click of the phone being picked up on the other side.

His heart paused....His mouth opened, but no words came....It felt trapped in his throat overwhelmed by thought. So he only whispered the name he'd been thinking over and over, since she was gone.

Arnav: "..K..Khushi?"
There was silence from the other side. But Arnav closed his eyes, ears listening and lips sighing gently... because there wasn't silence at all.

That tiny gasp from her perfect lips...
That quickening of her velvet breath...
That soft hand flying to her lips in shock...
That step back she takes with the phone in her hand... Her back hitting the wall...
That spontaneity of heartbeats connecting...his...with hers...
He had heard it all, whisper his name back. Arnav.

Arnav felt his back hit the wall behind him, making him slide down slowly to sit on the floor, with his mobile still tight against his ear. His eyes began to water as he opened them, looking up to the ceiling. He knew she was crying silently too as he could hear the light sharp intakes of breath. She tried oh so hard to hide her sobs behind her hand, but Arnav smiled tightly. There was very little Khushi could hide from him...even over the phone. They sat there for a few minutes, taking in the comforting silence between them, knowing that they were present on the other side. Arnav felt his heart get caressed by Khushi, as her hand cradled the phone preciously close to her. Arnav knew then, no matter how long he kept Khushi on the line, he would never be able to explain in words how much he loved her.

Arnav controlling himself: " There's so much I want to ask you Khushi, but I know the more I talk, the more it'll sadden you, feeling away from me....and Raja...and everyone else who loves you so much..."
He could feel her crumbling behind the phone, making his heart grip with pure determination.
Arnav firmly: " But before you cut the line Khushi, I'll let you remember one thing....I can't live without you. And I won't. And so I'm coming to get you very soon. And I don't care about the reason you left. You hear me Khushi....Khushi!!"

There was a single tap on the phone before the line cut, making his eyes close with fresh tears and his hand slide down from his ear. He opened his now red eyes to stare at his phone sternly. I'm not letting go Khushi. Where ever you are, I'm coming.



First of all, I know many are screaming why Arnav didn't ask where Khushi is etcetc, but you have to remember Khushi can't reply in words. She can only answer in yes ( one tap) and No ( two taps ). Being apart for so long has dented hugely on both of them and the phone conversation strips them both bare to see raw emotion. Arnav, who is angry about Khushi leaving, but really wants her desperately back. And Khushi, who has put up the smile for the circumstance, hearing Arnav after so long has broken her into realization about the core fact that She and Arnav can't be separated. 

Hope you all liked it and please comment your thoughts.


  1. You said it was very emotional chapter for you to write....but as a reader also it was quite difficult for me....

    The bundle of emotions displayed through a single phone call... my heart goes out for Arnav and Khushi....

    I can just say to make this moment lighter that "Jab ladka ladki raazi, toh kya karega kaazi" :D

    I wonder where Raja had gone??
    I get the feeling that he knows now where khushi is... maybe he had followed Buaji... waiting for the confirmation... and the next chapter eagerly... continue soon

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    Well, I came across your story last night. I have finished reading all the chapters. I am completely hooked.

    I really liked the fact that you touched on the aspect of people being mute, and the treatment they face from society. It was another factor out of many others that made the story unique. The fact that Khushi is mute, really did take the story to another level. This didn't hinder her communication with Arnav in any way what so ever. In fact it made it in intriguing to read about the way they communicated, so effortlessly.

    Besides all the other characters, Raja has really grown on me. This is a surprise to me because personally I'm not a big fan of Dogs.

    Overall, I rally enjoyed reading your story. Keep it up.

    I look forward to your update.



    (I am on IF but I commented on the blog as I read the story here):).

    1. thank you so much. Please do pm me saying you read on the blog, so i can at least put you on my buddy list. :)

      Thanks so much for the long comment as a new reader. SOOO Sweet on you.


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