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Chapter Thirty-Seven: Paw Prints

This was a very hard chapter to write. 
Shout out to Nichuss getting it right about Raja's disappearing. ;)


With nearly another week passing, Arnav's determination to find Khushi hasn't stopped. At night Arnav always called her twice. The first time he calls, Arnav knows Khushi doesn't pick up as she spends that time staring at the phone debating whether to pick up the call or not, knowing it's him on the other side. He smiles when calling again, knowing then she wouldn't be able to resist and rightly so, Khushi picks up. There wasn't much she'd reply on her side as Arnav would do all the talking. He'd tell her casually how his day was, what he did, how Raja is and everyone else. He'd then huskily talk about her and how much he ached for her, knowing she'd hold on to the phone tighter then. He'd always end the call with a heart-warming low tone.

Sweet dreams Khushi. I love you. 


Arnav took a sip from his orange juice before clearly speaking: " Di's coming next week."
At the dining table, Kushal and Devayani looked up from their breakfast. Devayani smiled happily, while Kushal smiled softly with a nod.
Devayani: " That's lovely news Chote. Did she tell you this today?"
Arnav nodded:  "Yeah, I'll pick her up from the airport."
Kushal inquired further: "Isn't Damandji coming with her?"
Arnav shook his head: " No, it's just Di. Jeejaji has still some work to do in Greece. Di's only staying here as long as Jeejaji's in Greece."
Kushal nodded understandingly.

It was just then Chinky and Aman came back from the garden. Arnav glanced at Chinky's hands seeing the little basket of small purple flowers. He smirked lightly seeing that she was gripping onto them tightly. He could tell from the 1000 watt grin from her face that Aman had given it to her. He also noticed Aman holding another basket of flowers too. But these were a bright yellow.
Devayani smiled: " Aman beta? Did you find the flowers ok?"
Aman smiled a bit: " Yes Dadiji. They weren't that hard to find. "
Kushal glanced at the flowers from behind his paper before asking with a light smile: " Devayani? Flowers? Any special occasion?"

There was an awkward pause among the Devayani, Aman and Chinky. However, Chinky didn't back down feeling spiteful at Kushal's question.
Chinky: " Dadiji likes having flowers everyday from the Garden, but these days without Khushi getting them for her, she felt sad-"
There wasn't more she could say as Aman nudged her gently to stop. Chinky looked at Kushal seeing his smile had turned into a tight line and his jaw become locked. He then got up, putting his paper down and halted beside Arnav.
Kushal: " Chote, there are some files we need to go over for the meeting this afternoon. Meet me in the Study when you are free."
And with that he left slowly.
Arnav confused: " Yes Dada. "

Devayani and Aman shared an understanding look, while Chinky twitched her lips, not giving a damn about how Kushal feels. She left swiftly to put the flowers in her room. Arnav shook off Kushal's odd behavior as normal, before turning to Aman.
Arnav: "Err...Aman, have you seen Raja this morning?"
Devayani: " He's gone to the garden again this morning too? "
Arnav hmm-ed in response. He was getting more and more puzzled with Raja's normal behavior in the day, but also his disappearing act in the mornings. He had a funny suspicion, it wasn't the Secret garden he was coming from.
Aman: " Oh we passed him coming in. He's in the kitchen bhaiya."

After Arnav quickly finished breakfast, he paced to the kitchen to find Raja swiftly sit down on his basket on the black tiled floor. Arnav eyed him every cautiously, as it seemed Raja sat down just as he noticed he was here. What's he hiding? Stepping closer slowly, Arnav's eyes roamed at him, taking in Raja's slightly out-of-breath display. He then noticed it.

Arnav crouched down in front of Raja with a sigh: " Raja. Stand up for me."
Raja however acted as if he didn't understand, making Arnav raise an eyebrow. Arnav then picked Raja up himself to find what Raja was hiding. His paws and legs were slightly muddy...again! Arnav turned to look at Raja, who was giving him the wide eyes look. Arnav chuckled. That look won't work on me boy. With that he stood up with Raja in his arms, to take him upstairs for a bath.


With a crescent moon high in the pitch-black sky, Arnav and Raja were sound asleep in Arnav's room. Well that's what is seemed. 

It had just struck midnight, when Raja carefully opened his eyes to check everything was sound and still. Lifting his head, he looked at Arnav under the covers. He was laid on his back, with an arms rested behind his head, wearing a brown jumper. Staring at his a little longer, Raja then slowly came off the bed and went to the door. He jumping up to put pressure on the door handle, eventually opening it. Pushing open the door, he looked back again at Arnav to see if the sound woke him. Satisfied, Raja left the room. 

Raja getting out of the house from the back, slipped through the gates to get to the front of the Raizada House and out into the open streets. Lightly pacing himself, Raja wolfed down the dusty streets, making his footsteps light on the ears. Stopping at an empty crossroad, he sniffed on the floor to confirm, before walking ahead.

After nearly 20 minutes of turns and corners, Raja stopped in his tracks. His ears pricked and twitched in a robotic fashion. He turned immediately to see Arnav, in a black hoodie and tracks, a few meters behind him with a concerned look on his face and his arms crossed.
Arnav firmly: " Where do you think you're going Raja?. Hmm?"
Raja stared at him trapped and whimpered slightly feeling caught. Arnav walked up to him making Raja sit on the floor. He crouched down holding Raja's head in his hands.
Arnav: "Where do you go at nights Raja? Come on. Out with it."
Raja looked down before back at Arnav's eyes openly. He suddenly opened his mouth with his tongue out panting happily. Arnav frowned at first confused, but then a thought struck him.

Arnav muttered: " No way....No.Way. Why didn't I damn think of this before?!!?! Your a dog, which means you can sniff things out, I mean!! I mean even people. You!...* With an amazed smile* You know where Khushi is. Don't you Raja..."
Raja then swiftly left his hands and faced forward, before turning back to look at Arnav. He barked lightly at him, making Arnav stand and follow his paw prints.


Arriving at a wall, Raja stopped making Arnav stop too. He watched as Raja turned to him expectantly. Arnav realizing they were here, slowly looked on the other side of the wall to see a long gate. There was a sign across the top.

Chandigarh's Private Hostel for Girls

Arnav felt his heart pound as he looked at the 3 story building to the left of the huge heavy gates. With his thoughts on Khushi he stepped forwards to enter the gates, only then noticing the long empty corridor-type tunnel, where on the other end was gates, however this had an elderly security man sitting on the other side, sat on his chair at the side. He hadn't noticed Arnav yet. 

Arnav muttered to himself: " Damn. If I go I'll have no explanation to be here and this guy is definitely not going to let a stranger through. How the heck does Raja get past-"
Arnav looked down to see Raja wasn't there. Looking around frantically he didn't find Raja. What the- Just then loud barking was erupting on the other side of the building, making both Arnav look towards the back of the Hostel, as did the security man too. Arnav watched as the man got up from his seat and leave to check out the sound. 

Arnav whispered: "What the hell is Raja up to?"
Arnav nearly jumped as Raja nudged his leg, before slipping through the bars, that were wide enough for him to slip through. Arnav smirked at Raja's intelligence and put his hand in to unlock the lock at the top and bottom quickly. He got in before locking in again and rushed to along the lengthy tunnel-like corridor to the second set of gates and did the same. He then watched Raja head for the entrance of the left 3 story building, shooting ahead upstairs. Arnav followed.


Khushi's slumber was disturbed by a scratching and patting, making her sit up quickly in her sleep. Raja!? In her white salwar, she headed quickly over to the window, where the noise was coming from. A smile emerged seeing her best friend again like yesterday.

(obviously it's darker, lol)

She opened the windows widely and put her hands through the bar to stroke his paws and the top of his head. Raja whimpered lightly jumping up and down at the window trying to get as close to her as he can. Khushi shook her head sadly at Raja who didn't understand. She tried to explain to him that he shouldn't come to meet her like this, as he would get into tonnes of trouble if he got caught. Including herself.

She remembered when Raja first found her a couple of nights ago at the same window. She cried tonnes not able to hug him properly as the window was the only was of access. She'd do the best she could to pet him, stroke him, but her arms wouldn't fully reach. 

Khushi smiled down at Raja, who had his tail wagging happily, when suddenly she gasped seeing a hand cover hers on Raja's head. She backed away immediately but the hand gripped on hers.
Arnav whispered: " Shhhhhshhhshshhh. Khushi, It's me."
Khushi instantly looked up through the barred window to see those dark molten eyes, that she had been missing for the last few days. A tear escaped from her eyes, while her breath hitched in disbelief. He's here.

Arnav watched a dazed Khushi come forward, so he could see her better in the semi-moonlight. His eyes watered seeing her after all these days apart from her. He came close to the window, kissing her hand over and over, making more tears fall from Khushi's eyes. Angrily, Arnav put his hands through the window and put his hand against her cheek, wiping away those tears. Khushi closed her eyes feeling at peace and held a hand against his. Arnav abruptly pulled Khushi closer to the window, making her eyes snap open. Arnav moved his hand from her cheek to slip inside her locks of hair possessively. 
Arnav heartbroken: " Why the hell did you leave Khushi? What was the reason you came here!? Away from me?! Away from Raja!? Huh?"
Khushi shook her head desperately wanting him to calm down. But Arnav was physically livid. Beside the window they were talking at Arnav frowned seeing the padlock on it. he then looked at the other rooms along the corridor which were the same, Padlocked.

Arnav turned to Khushi shocked: " Khushi, why is your rooms locked?"
He hated the thought and image flickering past his eyes of his Khushi locked up anywhere. He felt his blood boiling. Khushi shook her head and hands, instantly knowing what Arnav was thinking. She stretched her hands to Arnav, making him come closer to her without hesitation. His eyes watched Khushi carefully. She pointed at all the rooms, then to the dark sky. She then did a twisting motion with one hand against her other hand.

Arnav gripping on the bars of the window, sighed annoyed: "Curfew"
Khushi nodded glad he had calmed down.
Arnav looked at Khushi through the bars with a wisp of desire and hunger in his eyes: "When does the curfew start?"
Khushi showed 10 fingers and then showed a 2 after. Arnav nodded. Midnight. Sighing again, Arnav looked down at Raja by his side staring up at him. He picked him up and lent close to the window. Khushi grinned as Raja whimpered with his paws against the bars. Her eyes watered as she kissed Raja over and over, stroking his mane. Raja licked Khushi as he could just put his head through. Just as Arnav let Raja down, Khushi wiped her tears and gave him a brave smile.

Arnav lent his side against the window, staring at Khushi who was doing the same. Unconsciously they both lifted their hands to entwine between the bars. She smiled at him softly, while Arnav on the other hand gazed at her with soulful eyes.
Arnav sternly: "Tomorrow. I'm coming back to get you home."
Khushi's eyes changed as she shakes her head. She was about to take her hands away, but Arnav only grips tighter.
Arnav: "Because of Buaji?-"
Khushi hearing that, then held his hand tight in both her hands and shook her head desperately at him. She shook her head before putting a finger against his lips. Arnav exhaled.
Arnav: " Okok. I won't say anything. But we need to talk about this-"

There was a sudden noise from upstairs. Khushi's eyes widened. Her room was on the 1st floor, however the the runners of the hostel stayed upstairs. Khushi held Arnav's face in her hand. She desperately pointed at his chest and Raja and flapped them away. She needed them both to leave or else they'd get caught. They didn't know what Sheelah was like. She'd wake up the whole hostel and humiliating her.

Arnav nodded understanding, but looked at her straight in the eye, staying firm to his word.
Arnav: "I'm going ok? But I AM coming back tomorrow."
He pulled her hand from his cheek, kissing it firmly, before leaving with Raja. Khushi gripped onto the bars trying to watch them leave. She ran to her other window that faced the front of the hostel. She looked down on the other side of the gate, hoping that they got out alright. And of course they did. Arnav even gave Khushi a little wink when looking back. Khushi smiled fondly remembering his words.
 I AM coming back tomorrow.


This was a very tough part to write, so please do give your thoughts in a comment . 


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