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Chapter Thirty-Nine: Red Roses


As Arnav had said, the day had come for Anjili to arrive. With Arnav just leaving to go to the airport, Devayani and Chinky sat down to make some ladoos; Anjili's favorite. It was then Devayani thought about Khushi again, remembering the time when she made them all sweets, gifting it to them first thing in the morning.  Her smile fell sadly remembering also that Khushi even made some for Kushal. 

She sighed rolling out her 5th ladoo and felt her heart weep about the conversation she had with Kushal a few weeks ago...When she had bundled the courage to demand the reason, why he sent Khushi away. 

Devayani frustrated: " Why are you doing this Kushal!? Why?!"
Kushal remained silent, flicking through his file angrily. Devayani walked up to him and took the file off his hands. Kushal kept his stern gaze down, away from her furious ones.
Devayani: "You have to answer me. I know that Khushi reminds you of Muskaan, you cannot deny that. However what has happened that you have ordered Khushi away!? What happened!?!?"
Kushal firmly: " Madhumati told you?"
Devayani: "Doesn't matter who told me! What matters is you have sent that innocent girl away, from her home, from her family, from Raja, from Chote!! "

Devayani's breath hitched back realizing what she just said. Kushal's jaw tightened in a very calm manner before looking up at the wall.
Kushal: " So you knew... all this time that these two were-"
Devayani frowned: " Why are you saying as if...*her eyes widened* You found out didn't you...That is why you sent Khushi away!?!?"
Kushal quickly added: " That is only part of the reason-"
Devayani furthered: "What?"
Kushal raised his voice slowly: " But Arnav and Khushi need to stay away from each other. They can't be together. Khushi can't... come into this house as a daughter-in-law *painfully choked* You won't understand."

Devayani put her hands to hold his suited shoulders gently. She turned him to her pleading with her eyes. 
Devayani: "Then help me understand why Kushal. Why are you so against Khushi betiya to truly be part of our family? Why do you keep her to the side, when you care for her so much? *angrily* And don't you dare say it's becuase of her lack of speech. I know you Kushal Singh Raizada. You're not a man to judge someone like that, despite all that fake talk you put up in front of Madhu betiya and the world. Your views would never go against Muskaan's views and you know she would have accepted Khushi with open arms. *shaking him lightly* Tell me Kushal. I'm your wife. "
Kushal's eyes heated as hot tears formed in the tips of his eyes, but he held it in. Not again. Never again.

He stepped back from his dear wife and turned to pick up the file, before speaking in a low broken voice.
Kushal: " You won't understand Devayani. Leave things alone you won't understand."
With that he stormed off and headed for their bedroom door, leaving Devayani more upset. 
Devayani: " Kushal you need to stop running away. Keeping Chote and Khushi apart isn't right!! You'll suffer more Kushal!"
Kushal walked out with a deaf ear. 
Devayani angrily: " Kushal!!!"

Chinky: " Dadiji? Dadiji?!"
Devayani looked at Chinky, snapping out of her thoughts: " Yes betiya? What is it?"
Chinky frowned concerned at her: " Are you ok Dadiji? You just-"
Devayani smiled: " No no I was thinking about something. "
Chinky nodded with a smile: " We have finished with making the ladoo's Dadiji."
She looked down at the bowl, glad to see it was full of ladoos. But her heart's happiness wasn't present for the occasion. 


As Anjili walked into her house wearing a chiffon dark blue sari, she immediately grinned feeling her childhood memories seep back. It had been a while since she had come back home and it was sweet of her in-laws to let her stay there for a couple of days, til her husband came back. She was first met by Devayani, who hugged her close after Anjili took her blessings. 
Anjili closed her eyes and squeezed tight: " I have missed you so much Dadi!"
Devayani pulled away with a pretend pout: " Liar. Why would you be missing your Dadi here, when you have Damandji over there to keep you company? Hmm?"
Anjili blushed with a shy smile: "Dadiiii! *looking around* Where's Dadaji?"
Devayani patted her cheek: "He's at work, he phoned saying he'll come as soon as possible to meet you betiya. But truly. It feels good to have you back. Come in. Where's Chote? "
Anjili's smile fell just a tiny bit, she turned to watch Arnav walk in with her bags. His eyes were avoiding hers making Anjili shake her head.

In the car, Anjili had noticed Arnav's eyes were lost in thought as she spoke to him. She knew something was up, so she questioned him. Loads. But Arnav, being Arnav, turned defensive. 
Arnav roughly: " Dadi I'm putting these bags in Di's old room upstairs."
Devayani nodded letting him go. Anjili then turned to her, as Arnav went out of ear-shot.
Anjili concerned: "Dadi, Has anything happened? Chote seemed really distracted in the car. He wasn't replying to anything I was asking. Is everything Ok?"
Devayani sighed heavily and nodded at her grand-daughter: " Come. Freshen up and eat. I'll tell you."


Devayani only told Anjili about Khushi and about how Arnav had fallen in love with her. She also explained that because Khushi's now staying elsewhere, Arnav's thoughts were always with her. Anjili felt sad for her younger brother and knew she had to talk to him. 

She went upstairs and knocked on Arnav's door, before entering.
Anjili poked her head in quietly calling: "Chote?"
Arnav was standing in front of the mirror, looking flustered seeing Anjili. He smiled at her softly.
Arnav: "Di? Come. Sit."
As they both sat on the end of Arnav's bed, Raja charged in happily from the balcony with a ball in his mouth. Arnav smiled as Raja put his front paws on his lap, putting the ball from his mouth into his hand. Arnav smirked while scratching his fur. Anjili stared in wonderment at this new face, but more than that Arnav's ease around him.
Arnav huskily: " Good boy. Your getting better at the finding games aren't you?"
Raja barked, enjoying the ruffling of his fur by Arnav. Raja noticing Anjili then, calmed down instantly, gazing at her curiously. Arnav noticed and looked at his Di, smiling softly at them both with slight amazement.
Arnav nodded: " Di, this is Raja. And Raja, this is my Di."

Raja sat on the floor beside Arnav's leg, taking in a new member. Anjili worried at Raja's expression, looked at Arnav.
Arnav chuckled: "Di, don't worry. He's usually like that towards anyone new. He's just checking how to behave with you. That's all. And no he doesn't bite."
Anjili smiled feeling more reassured and then noticed Raja slowly walk up to her, with his nose sniffing her knee area. Anjili giggled finding it funny, before gently stroking the top of his head. Raja was hesitant with the action at first, but then relaxed and sitting beside her legs with his eyes semi closed.
Anjili continuing to stroke his head: " I think he likes that....He's beautiful Chote."
Arnav nodded with a smile, before looking at Anjili asking gently: "Did you want something Di?"

Anjili smiled down at Raja warmly and then looked up at Arnav with caring eyes: "I know about Khushi, Chote. Dadi told me. "
Arnav taken aback slightly, looked away from her. He noticed Raja's ear's spike up too, hearing the mention of Khushi's name.
Anjili put a hand on his shoulder, smiling fondly at him: " You love her a lot, don't you?"
Arnav lowered his head to look at his clasped hands, before nodding curtly. Anjili grinned, happy for her Chote. She knew that he was with Lavanya, but the way Devayani explained what happened, it seems Khushi was the perfect choice all along. Sobering from the happiness inside her, she continued carefully.
Anjili: "Chote, in the car...that's why you were upset wasn't it...Your upset about Khushi leaving...and your desperate to find where she is, but-"
Arnav sighed heavily before replying to his dear Di: " I know where she is Di."

Anjili's eyes widened with shock as her mouth opened slightly taking it in: "What?!....*looking back to make sure the doors shut*...You...You..*shaking her head with a smile* You...You do!?!! Then that's great news!! *excited* Then what are you waiting for?! Go get her! "
Arnav smiled softly at his Di's encouragement, but shook his head: " I can't. How can I bring her when she doesn't what to come back yet. She staying away for a reason...and...*thoughtfully* and I don't know what it is. "
Anjili whacked his arm lightly, making Arnav startled: "Di!!"
Anjili frowned: " Your a duffo Chote. Convince her to come back! "
Arnav: " I've been trying since last week when I found her, but she keeps mum about it."
Anjili's face when all mushy: " Awww my little Chote is being Romeo. "
Arnav rolled his eyes: " Di, stop it. "

Anjili: "Ok baba fine. But what are you going to do then? Wait til what?"
Arnav: " Khushi said that she's coming back soon. "
Anjili thoughtfully hmm-ed: " Chote...Have you said to her you love her? Have you like *excitedly gasped* proposed to her yet? I'm asking because maybe that's why she's staying away. "
Arnav firmly: " She knows how I feel about her. Words and no words. She knows."
Anjili bit her lip cheekily not wanting to go into detail about how, but she pushed a bit: "Proposed?"
Arnav remained quiet looking sternly to the ground. Anjili asked gently: " You do want to spend the rest of you life with her, right? or is it like-"
Arnav without hesitating: " She's the one Di. "
Anjili whined: " Then why haven't you-"

It was then Arnav shot up and walked over to his wardrobe, pulled a small dark velvet box out and went back beside Anjili. Anjili's face was like a goldfish. Raja went over to Arnav's side to have a closer look at the box.
Anjili: " Is that what I think it is Chote?....*Arnav stared, focused on the box in his hand. Anjili smiled bewildered*...You've had it a long time haven't you?..."
Arnav stroked the edges of the box before speaking deeply: " I'm just waiting for the right time Di... I want to...  ask at the right time. Plus I'm...I'm a bit nervous about how to ask."
Anjili rolled her eyes: " Your Jeejaji was exactly the same!!! He was like I didn't want to ask too fast and I needed to rehearse it. *holding Arnav's arm* Chote. Please. Just ask her. Why wait? She might come back becuase of it. What if she's waiting for you to ask!?!"
Arnav looked at her: " Really?"
Anjili grinned: "You'll never know til you ask! *giggles*"

Arnav holds the box firmly in his hands, before turned to Raja who was staring at him and the box quietly. Arnav put the box to the side and brought Raja closer, so he was sat between his legs. He held his face gently.
Arnav seriously: " Raja...I know that Khushi's your queen. She always will be. I'd never ever part you and her. But I want her to be mine too. *Raja growled lightly making Arnav hold him tighter* I can share Khushi with you, but Khushi is yours first. Can you share...your Queen with me Raja?"
Arnav watched Raja stay still, whimpering slightly, before putting both of his paws to his chest. He then started to lick Arnav's hands making him smile happily with glassy eyes.
Arnav stroked Raja's fur: " Thanks boy."


It was just going half past 2 in the afternoon, when Khushi and Priya came out of the 3 story building. They went up to get their book for the dance class after tea. They were now heading over to the school hall for tea, when they noticed a huge commotion at the gates. There was a huge crowd of girls chatting enthusiastically, looking through the gates, while the security man was on the other side talking to someone. Khushi and Priya frowned.
Priya: " Whats this going on?! *She looked up at their building to see many girls were even looking over the balcony to have a look* Hey Kareena!! *Her friend looked* What's going on!?!"
Kareena grinning like an idiot: "OH god Priya!! ASR is here at our hostel!!! Can you believe it!?!"
Priya frowned: " Huh? No way! Arnav Singh Raizada?! Here!? *Khushi's eyes widened shocked* Why would he be here?!"
Kareena shrugged her shoulders still grinning:" Don't know yaar, but he's here with this reeallly gorgeous dog and a huge pot. It looks like roses I think. Damn ASR looks too fit!! Better have a look before he leaves!!"
Priya smiled excited, before turning to Khushi, who was like a statue. Why is he here?!!?

Priya laughed: " You're amazed too right! Come on lets have a look."
Before Khushi could stop her, Priya held her hand tight and ran straight into the crowd. She squeezed them past everyone, til they got to the gates and looked through to have a better look. Khushi couldn't believe her eyes. He was really here. Arnav's white SUV was parked right outside the hostel and Arnav was stood in the middle of the lit tunnel, in his sharp dark grey suit, with a black shirt and silver tie. He was talking to Harun, the elderly security man. Behind them was two men carrying the pot, that held the most beautiful rose bush. It wasn't big, but it had the potential to be, Khushi thought. But why is Arnav here? What's this plant for?

Raja noticed Khushi behind the gates and started to bark happily, rushing over to her. Khushi grinned and bent down so she could pet him through the gates. Arnav turned his gaze to her, holding that handsome eye-lock with her, before turning back to talk to Harun. They both then turned to see Khushi, looking back at them half worried and have curious. Arnav smirked as Harun went over to the gate, opening it.
Harun: " Khushi betiya, this man tells me that this plant is for you. Come. "
All the girls quietened slightly looking at Khushi. Priya looked at her friend with wide eyes.
Priya: " Do you know ASR? Why is he giving you flowers?! "
Khushi simply embarrassed, smiled at Priya before going through the gate, stepping out into the tunnel. She first hugged Raja tightly, before going over to Arnav, with a "What are you doing?" expression on her face.

Arnav blinked back at her as if to say 'trust me'. Khushi could hear the girls whispering behind her, watching their every move. Rupi and Gia were most annoyed of the group.
Gia spitefully muttering: " I bet he's just sympathetic for Miss Ziplip, which is why he got the flowers for her. Why else would the ASR buy flowers for her?!"
Rupi sniggered: " Here comes Sheela! Shshshsh!"
Sheela and Kokila were furious to see such a group crowding round the gates.
Sheela: " What's going on here then!?!?!? Move!!!"
The girls immediately obeyed and made way for Kokila and Sheela to get to the gate, where Harun opened it for them. Bebo joined shortly. Kokila instantly recognized Arnav as Kushal's grandson. Kushal talked about his grandson greatly and she's always see him in papers.

Sheela immediately confronted Khushi, who was terrified: " Why have you brought up this inappropriate commotion hmm? I knew you were a troublesome-"
Arnav roughly: "Stop. It was my fault. Khushi didn't know I was coming. I just came *eyeing Khushi* to drop off this plant for her....I'm Arnav Singh-"
Kokila nodded calmly: " I know who you are beta. *looking at the roses questioningly* What are these for?"
Arnav looked at Khushi, who was already dying of anxiety. Arnav replied quickly.
Arnav: " Buaji sent them. *Khushi looked at him* Yes, Khushi's Buaji wanted me to ...drop these off to her."
Sheela criticizing: " Ohhh and are we supposed to believe-"
Kokila interrupted looking at the plants: " It must be true. *Sheela stumped* Khushi's Buaji was telling me the other day about how Khushi would miss tending her plants staying here. She must have sent these so Khushi would feel more comfortable. "
Bebo turning to the carriers: " Take it in please. Harun Bhai, can you show them to Khushi's room? "
Harun nodded and led the way.

Arnav casually: "Khushi? You're ok aren't you?"
Khushi confused about why he was asking, simply went along with it and nodded with a soft smile.
Arnav smiled and noticed the books in her hand: " What's that for?"
Khushi looked down at her book and smiled. She pointed at the school, before tapping her feet gently. Arnav raised his eyebrows impressed.
Arnav: "Dance class? nice."
Khushi grinned nodding, while hugging the book closer to her chest. Arnav could tell she enjoyed that class most. Kokila and Sheela were quite surprised watching their great flow on interaction.
Kokila smiled fondly: "You understand Khushi very well Beta."
Arnav smiled boyishly: " I know..."
Arnav's intense gaze made Khushi look immediately down, trying to hide her reddening cheeks.

Bebo watching this with a very sweet smile, spoke up: "Come and have tea with us Beta."
Sheela twitched: " Don't you think it would be inappropriate to-"
Bebo: " It would be more inappropriate to let this young man leave, only meeting him at our door. He's our guest. It would be rude for us not to, and *looking at Arnav* it would also be rude if he refused. "
Arnav's eyes smirked knowing this would happen and innocently accepted with his eyes firmly on Khushi.
Arnav huskily: " I'd love to."

Letting Arnav into the hostel, the three ladies led Arnav to the hall, with the girls excitedly watching him. Harun came back to see and saw Khushi outside the gate stroking Raja: " Betiya you can bring him in. However he can't go inside the buildings I'm afraid."
Khushi smiled appreciatively and kissed Raja's crown, before entering the gates. She curiously watched Arnav ahead with his back to her. She knew he was up to something. But what? Priya and her other friends surrounded Khushi and Raja, snapping her out of her thoughts.
Priya teasingly: " Ok. I'm annoyed. You know ASR and you never said. The hottest guy on earth and your acting normal round him. Hmmmm?"
Khushi's heart did a little flip. Thank god they don't know that my heart doesn't act normal when he's around. Khushi simply smiled before shaking her head and leading Raja round the side of the building where she could feed him something. Priya and her friends knew there was something between the two making them smile and find it so sweet. However, saying Gia and Rupi were annoyed out their wits with the mere thought of Khushi with a hot shot guy like ASR.

It was 3.30 pm when Arnav headed to the gates, when he heard Raja bark happily behind him. He turned swiftly to see him rush up to his legs, with Khushi walking slowly behind. Arnav smirked as Khushi stopped a few steps away from him and looked around quickly, to make sure no one was watching. She then suspiciously pointed at him then to the floor, before shaking her hand in a bowl form, asking why he's here. Arnav with his hands in his pockets walked slowly up to Khushi, making her take little steps back. But Arnav was already close to her. Khushi hesitantly looked up into his mischievous eyes and gulped nervously.
Arnav in a low tone: " Why? Aren't I allowed here? You never minded me coming the last few evenings. "
Khushi opened her mouth at shock at his cheek through words. She lifted a finger at him annoyed, making Arnav in turn catch it with his own.
Arnav calmly whispered: " I just came to give you some flowers. Raja wanted to meet you and I didn't want to play hide and seek anymore. Did I do anything wrong?"
He watched her sighed in defeat and shook her head, but still didn't want anyone to find out about them. Especially with Gia, Rupi and Sheela waiting like snakes in the grass. He smiled at her innocent pout that made him want to kiss those lips, but he settled with a quick peck on the cheek. Khushi's nearly squeaked, putting a hand to her mouth in shock, while her eyes widened and body stiffened like a sculpture.
Arnav chuckled with a menacing grin: " I'll see you tomorrow. Come on Raja. "

Arnav turned to walk up to the gates with Raja, only to meet Harun's wise smile. Arnav secretly smiled in return and nodded at him, before going through the gates, while leaving Khushi,who was still stood in her spot, unable to move an inch.

The girls watched from high above over the balcony as Arnav left. None of them could hear what was said between them, but that kiss on the cheek was enough to make Gia and Rupi blow a fuse with jealousy. The other girls aww-ed, sighed wishing they were in Khushi's place and high-5-ed, pleased that she of all girls had secret, special someone.


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  1. Thank you really write well...Curious about Kushal..what are his reasons for rejecting khushi..apart from that she reminds him of Muskaan...maybe he is afraid that something might happen to both Arnav and her..just like he lost his son and Muskaan..and he feels he wont be able to bare it..

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    I loved how Arnav said bua gave the flowers yes bua gave! And he met her in day light aww! Her reactions were too good to watch! Esp cheek peck! Nish of him!!

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    Bebo helped the two love birds timely! I just hope those good for nothing Gia n Rupa don't bother Khushi too much now and she stays safe!!


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