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Chapter Thirty-Five: Walls of Nettle

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In his cream trousers and shirt, with a dark green pullover, Arnav paced in his room heavily, thinking over everything Devayani had just explained to him.
Arnav angrily: "That Chinky!! I knew it! I knew it from bloody yesterday there was something fucking wrong! I knew it! And Raja??? "
Arnav pointed at him, still sitting outside on the balcony facing the garden.
Arnav gritted harshly: "That's why he was outside refusing to come in last night. I can't believe I didn't see it!!"
Devayani stood up to calm him: " It's not Chinky's fault Chote. She had promised Madhu not to tell us both. I only heard by chance and Aman explained...everything to me."
Arnav turned to Devayani with his body tense: " But why Dadi!!!!??? WHY!? Why did Buaji hide this from us!? From me!? ARGHH!*chucking a vase, smashing it against the wall*"
Devayani gasped horrified at Arnav's madness: "Chote...you-"
Arnav flared: "What happened yesterday that forced Khushi to leave?! Don't say Khushi left happily. I know her. She wouldn't leave Raja like this!...*quietening* or me like this. "
Devayani swallowed the rest of the truth down about Kushal, but said what she could.
Devayani: " There would be some important reason Chote. You mustn't think that Khushi left becuase she wanted to or...or that Madhu wanted Khushi to leave. Khushi is like her own daughter. She would never want to part from her. Please Chote you mustn't think-"
Arnav darkly: " I don't know what to think Dadi and I don't care what the bloody reason was right now. *looking at her determined* All I care about is getting her back."


Madhu returned back from visiting Khushi, and stepped into the Raizada Mansion. Seeing Khushi not upset when she saw her, seeing that Khushi was taking the situation calmly and happily, made her want to cry inside. What did Kushal say to her alone in the study? What is making her accept these terms when she should be upset? She remembered observing that sadness in her eyes, obviously becuase she was apart from everyone. However, she didn't seemed completely fazed by the new environment and the people around her. For that Madhu was grateful. 

Madhu walked down the corridors to head out to the garden. She reached was just about to step outside through the conservatory, when Arnav called out for her loudly from behind.
Arnav commanding: "Buaji!!"
Madhu's heart paused as the tone of his voice was strict and firm. It was then she knew, he knew. Arnav wolfed towards her, before going round to her side to face her. Her eyes were distantly lowered, while her hands were gripping her bag tightly. 
Madhu dismissively: "What is it Babwa?"
Arnav gulped unable to believe that she would still call him that, when her actions didn't support it at all.
Arnav darkly: " Where's Khushi, Buaji?"
Madhu breathing heavily replied: " At the orphan-"
Arnav slightly increasing his voice: " Buaji please. Don't say orphanage. I know she isn't there. Where is she?! "
She remained silent with her lips tightly sealed together. Devayani then came rushing towards them too, hoping Arnav hadn't in anger done or said something to Madhu he'd regret later. She tried to handle the situation, without Kushal's name being mentioned from Madhu.

Devayani went to Madhu's other side and put a hand on her shoulder, while Arnav continued to glare at Madhu's silence. 
Devayani: " We know betiya that Khushi has left us all yesterday. * Madhu looks at her sorrily* Tell us where she is betiya. Please. Khushi means a lot to everyone here betiya. *teary* Why couldn't you and Khushi wait yesterday til we came back? I would have-"
Madhu shook her head, wanting to leave things as they are. Devayani continued carefully.
Devayani: "...  We know there must be...an important reason why Khushi has left the Raizada premises."

Madhu frowned slightly and turned to face her. Devayani's eyes were pleading, making her move her eyes to Arnav, instantly realizing that Arnav hasn't being told the real reason. 
Arnav forcing his words in: " But what ever that reason was, it doesn't mean she should have left. Tell us where she is. *narrowing his eyes on her* You have just come back from there I assume."
Madhu lifted her head before speaking sternly: "Yes I have. But I won't say where she is. She is happy ther-"
Arnav frostily: " Lie! You're lying Buaji and you know it. You have taken Khushi away from m-...*sighs dangerously* Khushi away from Raja nearly made him sick last night. Can Khushi be happy away from the people who love her most? No!! And I don't care what happens today, but I'm not leaving this matter til I find out where Khushi is and get her back to this house, Where.She.Belongs. "
Madhu then in full force anger turned to Arnav, staring him dead in the eyes: "Look, Nandkisore, You will not find Khushi and you will definitely NOT bring her back to this house. She has suffered enough all these years staying here and I shall not stand her getting hurt any further!!!"

Madhu then was about to storm off outside, when Arnav blocked her way. Her eyes widened in shock at this rudeness. Arnav however, couldn't care less. 
Arnav sternly: " I'm not taking no for an answer Buaji. I need to know where Khushi is."
Madhu stared at the young man in front of her standing strong, with possessiveness madly playing in his eyes. She knew this would happen, however it would not change her decision. 
Madhu lowered her gaze only to reply: "Move out of my way babwa."
Arnav growled: "No"
Madhu aggravated : " Haire Nandkisore! I said move!"
Arnav stepped forward more threateningly : " And I said n-"
Devayani angrily: " Chote!!"

Devayani moved to hold Arnav still, making Madhu move round him and leave. Arnav viciously watched her leave, before punching the wall hard.
Arnav yelled in frustration: "DAMMIT!!" 
Devayani shook her head and put a hand on his shoulder: " Forgetting how to speak to elders won't get you far Chote. You must remain calm. Forcing Madhu betiya like this, won't do her or the situation any good."
Arnav turned to his Dadi wildly: " Then what do you expect me to do Dadi!? Sit here and do nothing?!
Devayani had thought of asking Kushal herself, but she kept that thought to herself.
Devayani: " That's exactly what I want you to do Chote, let a few days pass-"
Arnav shook his head: " No way Dadi!"
Devayani: " What other choice do you have Chote!? Madhu betiya won't tell you anything and Chinky herself doesn't know anything more, so don't ask that poor child any more questions. I know you were thinking it, so don't. I have asked Chinky everything there is to ask."
Arnav silently stood taking in each breath with thought and bitterness.
Devayani gently: " Everything will turn out fine Chote. Khushi will come back. You must have faith. We'll do everything we can."
Arnav looked up at to see Madhu walking away in the far distance. He slammed his hand against the door one last time before storming off, leaving Devayani shaking her head. 


He came to the 1st floor and headed for his bedroom taking powerful strides. His jaw was tight and eyes grilling, while his thoughts played over and over about Khushi.
Arnav muttering to himself: "How could she? Doesn't Khushi bloody know how much everyone cares for her, Why couldn't she fight that much harder to stay. If Buaji dragged her out I swear I'll-"
Just as he reached his door, Chinky walked out with a bowl of food in hand. Arnav's initial reaction towards Chinky was very strict, not meeting eye with her. Chinky was first startled seeing Arnav suddenly, but then seeing his reaction to her, made her feel so guilty. 
Arnav curtly: "What were you doing in my room Chinky?"
Chinky felt upset that Arnav was talking to her like this. She stepped closer to him.
Chinky: " I'm sorry bhaiya about yesterday. *tearing up* I really am. I was about to tell you yesterday but I couldn't as Buaji stopped me."
Arnav looked away. 
Chinky looked down sadly: " I know how much you and Khushi care for each other. Aman told me the other day. And seeing Raja's behavior yesterday. *sniff* I'm really sorry bhaiya."

Arnav looked at Chinky seeing that she was genuinely sorry and remembered what Devayani said about her being bound to the promise. He knew Khushi would have been very upset with him, if she thought that he made Chinky cry. He sighed before nodding quickly, putting a hand on her shoulder reassuringly.
Arnav: " It's ok Chinky. "
Chinky looked up at him seeing him nod, making her feel that much better. She looked down at the bowl then, remembering.
Chinky wiping her tears: " Bhaiya, Raja hasn't eaten since Khushi left. I tried now to get him to eat, but he didn't have even a morsel. I have left the water bowl inside."
Arnav looked down at the bowl and frowned at it being untouched. He nodded taking the bowl from Chinky.
Arnav sighed: " You go . I'll get him to eat."
Chinky nodded thankfully and left him to enter his room.

Raja was sat in the middle of the room, with his head on the floor, simply staring outside into the blue skies. Arnav walked forward cautiously before crouching down beside him. He put the food bowl on the floor, beside the water bowl. Arnav then put a hand on Raja's head scratching him behind his ear.
Arnav huskily: " I heard from Chinky that you're taking a strike from yesterday. "
Raja silently lowered his eyes. Arnav nodded and sat on the floor close legged, hand still on Raja.
Arnav continued: " Khushi told me before about your food strikes and how you are as stubborn as a mule sometimes. Is that true?"
Raja's ears twitched slightly in Arnav's hands, before turning his head a bit to look at Arnav with sad eyes. Arnav knew he's react at least a bit, if Khushi was mentioned. Arnav softly smiled at him, nodding. He looked at the food bowl and pushed it closer to Raja. Arnav watched Raja turn away from it, making him instantly pick Raja so half of his body was against him. Raja grumbled at first, but silenced as Arnav stroked and rubbed his mane. 

Arnav then put a bit of food in his hand and held his hand close to Raja's snout. Arnav tilted his head to see Raja staring at it ideally. Arnav sighed.
Arnav deeply: "Please Raja. If not for yourself, at least for Khushi. Or for me? I know Khushi has gone, but I promise you that I'll bring her back Raja. Now please. Eat. "
It took a few moments of silence before Arnav felt Raja sniffing his hand and eating the pieces of food. Arnav smiled sitting Raja back in front of the food, watching him eat slowly. His heart sighed with relief. 

Arnav petted Raja's head thinking how he'd never be able to forgive himself if anything happened to Raja. With thoughtful eyes and a set jaw, Arnav decided that he would make sure that he'd fulfill his promise to Raja and get their Khushi back. He looked up out of the window, scanning up into the clear sky, where Raja was looking before. But first I need to find you Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta. And find you I will. 

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