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Chapter Thirty-Eight: Peace of a Tree


After having dinner with everyone, Khushi left the school hall at 8.30 pm, heading towards the entrance of the 3 story building. She smiled gently remembering Arnav's shocking visit the night before with Raja. She never did realize that it had been weeks since she had seen or heard Arnav...til that day when he phoned. It felt like a door creaking open with unexpected tears pouring through. The door was always there, but she never looked at it.

The weeks passed by for Khushi with her settling in. She was first met by a huge woman with a sharp eyes, however a subtle understanding gaze. She remembered when Madhu went to explain everything about her lack of speech, however the woman simple said, I know. Mr. Raizada has explain it all to me. I shall take good care of her. Don't you worry Madam. And with that the lady led Khushi upstairs to meet the others. It was like a eagle taking her under her wing. She whispered gently next to her, Everything will seem a little new here, but don't you worry Khushi. You'll fit right in dear. You can think of me as your Maaji. She then laughed gently making Khushi smile lightly. All the other girls do

When Maaji encouragingly introduced Khushi to the other 2 senior members, one smiled at her fondly, while the other raised an eyebrow. It was then Khushi found out Maaji beside her was called Kokila. 

Sheela snarled: "Ohh! So this is the Miss ZipLip we are suppose to pet. But Kokila Behen she doesn't seem that special."
Kokila lifted an eyebrow at Sheela tightly: " I'd hold my tongue if I was you Sheela. Mr. Raizada wants the best for this young lady."
Sheela bit her tongue hearing Mr. Raizada's name, which was definitely a person not to get into trouble with. Khushi watched with caution as the other woman, who was quite elderly, walked up, gazing at her. Khushi instinctively took her blessings, making her smile.
Kokila gently: " This is Bebo. But you can think of her as Naniji. She's the head and founder of this hostel. "
Bebo pushed her round glasses up slightly smiling at Khushi: " She will do just fine here. *holding Khushi's hand* Don't be scared dear. Everything will be fine."

With that she walked off. Kokila and Sheela then showed her the room she was staying in. It was very spacious, with bed, wardrobe and a little separate room with sink and shower. 

(Where the TV is, instead there's the main door)

Kokila sat her down on the single bed, before sitting beside her: "Is it ok dear?"
Khushi nodded, with a very appreciative smile. Kokila smiled: "Good. Now as this is a Private Hostel, we keep high standards here, which is why there are a few rules that I'll need explain to you. Ok?"
Sheela immediately jumped in in a strict tone: " Breakfast is at 8am, Lunch at noon, Tea at 3pm and Dinner at 8pm. You are not allowed to drink or smoke, and there's a strict curfew at Midnight to 7am in the morning. And NO guests allowed, without Kokila Behen or I knowing. Is that clear?!"
Khushi stared at Sheela as she was quiet threateningly close, making her swallow hard. 
Kokila strictly: " Sheela! Your scaring her! *Sheela backed off rolling her eye, while Kokila turned to Khushi* Don't worry dear. You're new so it'll take time to adjust. Plus making new friends here, will help you loads. And the Curfew is there for all our girls protection."
Sheela muttered: " And to catch any of those bratty sneak outs."
Kokila emphasized: " Which Khushi here, is not. Isn't that right dear?"
Khushi nodded her head. 

Kokila smiled, before standing up: " We'll go for you to look around the room. Don't hesitate if your in doubt ok? I, Sheela and Bebo will always be around. "
Kokila then left, with Sheela glaring at her before following. Khushi then noticed a young woman in her mid twenties pop her head in, staring at Khushi with a warm smile. Khushi tilted her head at her as she let herself in and walked up to her.

Priya was her name. From Delhi, she had been staying here for a good while studying at the private school at the hostel. It was her last year before heading off to do her internships back in Delhi. Khushi easily jelled with her as her patience with Khushi's lack of speech was very heart warming. She stayed next door to her which was presently convenient too.  She showed her round the hostel, school and also many of her friends, which was practically the majority. It was later on however, Khushi got to find out as well as nice people, there also had to be people that weren't so nice. Rupi and Gia. And they had to be the girls sharing the room next to hers too. One side Priya, other side these two.

Khushi found it confusing that they believed that just because she couldn't speak, she shouldn't have got the room they were pining for. Khushi felt bad. She didn't care what room she got. She wondered why Kushal had to demand the best room for her. She didn't mind really. Priya and the others stuck up for her though.
Priya bravely: "Don't listen to these cows Khushi. They're just jealous of you. They're always bitter to anyone who looks prettier than them, *laughing* Which is practically everyone in the whole hostel. "
As everyone laughed, the two girls gasped in a high pitch voice, before storming off in their clipping heels. Khushi didn't know what to say in this situation, but felt two familiar streaks in Priya which made her smile gently. She looked a lot like Payal from her memories, while her talk was like Chinky. Funny world.

From that day on, her days went on in a routine kind of manner. Walking up, doing her many activities with Priya, her favorite being the dancing classes, having a visit from Buaji most days, but also sometimes from Kushal. The first visit was very eerie with Kushal standing beside the window looking out from her room, while she would stand beside him...waiting for him to say something. He'd usually ask about her day and well being, which she'd carefully explain through her hand gestures, but then slowly express herself happily. Kushal would simply stare at her with fond eyes, nodding time to time, ears attentive. He'd then turn to her, patting her head gently and leave. Khushi didn't understand why he had to visit as Madhu already does that, but it felt nice to see he cared. 

Priya called out: " Hey Khushi!! Stop!"
Stepping out on to the 1st floor landing, Khushi paused coming out of her past thought and turned to see Priya catch up to her. She panted heavily, making Khushi smile at her, asking with her eyes.
Priya: " I wanted to ask quickly if you wanted to go out with me and others to the mall tomorrow? I got permission from Maaji."
Khushi loved the idea, however she knew Kushal wouldn't be happy. He had sent her here for her own protection and she definitely remembered what happened last time she went to the mall. And anyways Arnav was probably coming to see her at midnight like yesterday. She shook her head with a gentle smile.
Priya : "Oh come on Khushi! You have never gone out with me since you arrived. You act as if this place is a jail *laughs*"
Khushi upset, shook her head desperately at Priya. She never wanted her to think that she was unappreciative of the love and care the majority of people gave to her here. Khushi held her hand desperately, not wanting her to think that at all. Priya waved her off.
Priya laughed: " I was joking silly. What are you like!? * yawning* I'm heading off for an early night in. If you change your mind tellllll meeeee! Night Night!"
Khushi watched her leave before heading into her room for a shower.


After having a shower, Khushi realized that she hadn't picked up the bottoms of her yellow night Salwar. She wore what she had and came out of the bathroom in a towel wrapped head, her yellow salwar kameez top and panties on. However, just as she exited, she halted with a shocking frown. Why are the windows open!? I closed them before going for a shower. Hastily she ran to close her two windows. After closing the first, she went beside the bed to close the other, when an arm wrapped round her waist and a hand covered her mouth. 

Her eyes snapped wide squeaking as the arms immediately twisted her round and pushed her back against the still open window.
Arnav winked before speaking sexily: "Hello Khushi. I opened the windows for a bit of air. It's a bit hot in here, don't you think?"
Khushi's jaw dropped a little in total astonishment. She blinked a few times realizing he's really there in her room. Her first thought was, Panic! She pushed him back a bit before closing the windows behind her in such a hurry, a tiny crack was left open. She then ran to the door locking it too, before pacing to and fro from her shower door to her main door. She glanced at the time. Why is he here now?! It's quarter past nine!? What if someone knocks on the door before the curfew? What if Arnav gets caught!? Arnav had a smile playing on his lips watching Khushi pace up and down, and so casually took off his black suit jacket and waist coat, placing it on the chair. Left in his sea blue shirt, he rolled up his sleeves to his mid-bicep, revealing a tiny bit of a tight black t-shirt underneath. He crossed his arms, still watching Khushi pace for a while, taking in her craziness that he had miss so much.

His eyes rolled down from the top of her toweled hair, to the bareness legs. Knowing she was too worried to even think about that factor for now, his eyes gleamed . Without warning Arnav stopped Khushi at the door and holding her against it, before kissing the daylights out of her. Khushi was bewildered at first, but then quickly seeped into her hearts home. Arnav. Khushi hand passionately dug in Arnav's hair as he switched off the lights with a hand while the other tugged off the towel on her head. Digging a hand gently in her moist hair and he slowly led her back to lay her back again her single bed. 

Relaxing beside her Arnav moved away from the kiss, only for Khushi to grab his black tie and pull him towards her.
Arnav breathlessly smiled: " I can tell you missed me Khushi."
Khushi blushed realizing her actions and let go of him embarrassed making Arnav chuckle lightly. It was then Khushi's eyes flew open with alert flags about her surroundings...about the time and place. She blushed harder and pushed Arnav back trying to get him off the bed, but Arnav stayed firmly put, while pushing her back down to indicaing for her to relax. Khushi trusting him slowly nodded and stayed laid back. She stroked his cheek as he turned himself so he laid beside her on the bed.

The bed was small, however it was cosy for them both, as the two faced each other. Khushi's eyes were soft and questioning, while Arnav's were dazed yet warm.
Arnav with a lop-sided smile: " I told you I'd left your door open."
Khushi smiled finding his features adorable. But she looked away from his eyes, still worried about if someone comes before the-
Arnav sighed: " Don't worry. I'll leave before the curfew. Unless...*raising a teasing eyebrow* You want me to stay over for the night?"
Khushi opened her mouth at him, scandalized at the thought Maaji coming in the morning to find another person in her bed. She shook her head poking his hard chest, with a cute pout on her lips. 

Arnav shuffled closer so his face was closer to hers, and lifted a hand to tuck a wet strand of hair behind her ears.
Arnav seriously: " still haven't told me why you left...I know you would never leave for your own reason so don't lie to me. ....*looks into her eyes imploring* What's the reason?"
Khushi put her hands on his chest, with her eyes saddened about the day she left. But how can she explain that she left because Kushal wanted to protect her. I don't want Dadaji to be in trouble. But I don't want to keep Arnav in the dark. He should know too that I'm here to be protected from Indu
Arnav searched deeper into her eyes curiously: " Did someone say something Khushi?"
Khushi felt like crying then and closed her eyes tightly. She then swiftly wrapped her arms round Arnav's chest, gripping his back, while resting her head in the crook of his neck. Arnav instantly complied by hugging back. 

He desperately wanted to find out, but not at the expense on making his Khushi cry. He just wished that he was home that day, to know what happened.
Arnav: "Khushi...Do you want to stay here?"
Khushi knew she had to stay here til Indu gets caught. If I say no, he'll take me home for sure. That can't happen yet.  Khushi nodded her head timidly against his neck. Arnav felt his heart clench slightly, but he continued.
Arnav: " How....How lon-..*gulping*...Will you come back soon?"
Khushi lifted her head to look at him. She held his face in her hands and nodded earnestly. Arnav knew she was telling the truth and pulled her in for another desperate kiss. He compromised with his heart, vowing that he would visit her everyday til she would come back. 

It was 15 mins before midnight, when Khushi's doors opened with Arnav pushed out playfully. Arnav watched her lean against the doors fondly watching him as he buttoned his jacket casually.
Arnav whispered intensely: "See you tomorrow Khushi."
Khushi eyes shot to meet his as he breathing hitched again: Arnav stepped closer laying a hand on the wall outside.
Arnav: "You sure you don't want me to stay the night? *Winks*"
Khushi now burning bright red, shut the doors quickly wanting to avoid his bed eyes. 
Arnav chuckled lightly and waited a minute where he was. The doors flew open with a shy Khushi walking out, kissing his cheek lightly before heading back inside. The bashful smile she gave him, when shutting the door this time round, was enough to melt Arnav's heart to the floor. He grinned before walking downstairs, chucking his car keys in the air and catching them in the same hand. Same time tomorrow.




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