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Chapter Forty-Two: Ocean Tears


Arnav walked into the ward in a light blue jumper, white shirt underneath and cream trousers. The click of the door shutting was sharp against the hmm-ing of the machines beside Khushi. Passing Madhu just standing up from Khushi's side, Arnav sat down on the stool. With the small cuts visible near his eyebrow and jaw, he gazed upon Khushi's motionless body. With 2 days passing Khushi was still unconscious with the oxygen mask on. Arnav thankfully was discharged the day before, but to his despair Khushi remained the same. Only Devayani, Kushal, Madhu and Arnav came to the hospital today as Devayani didn't want everyone to stress themselves. She assured the others at home they'd call if anything happens.

Arnav leaned lifted a hand to hold her soft one. He stared at her fingers that would brush the edge of his hair line and trail down his jaw. His jaw clenched remembering the image of crimson dashed upon Khushi's clothes. He was more than desperate for her to open her eyes. He waited for Madhu, standing at the foot of the bed, to leave in held tears before sighing heavily. He kept a controlled voice when speaking to her. 
Arnav huskily: "You know Khushi...Before I found out you were at the hostel, I'd always stand outside on the balcony....looking and talking to the moon. Do you remember when you told me that we had special connection that night in the garden under the stars?...That's why I talked to the moon because I knew you were looking at it too....You were looking at the moon those nights, weren't you Khushi....Tell me you were."
Arnav stared at her face that was sound asleep, but Arnav felt like she was listening. His eyes filled with tears remembering the doctors saying yesterday that if Khushi didn't wake up in the next 24 hours, she'd slip into a coma. He looked down quickly shaking his head and tears away in denial, before staring back at Khushi again. 

On the other side of the ward's window, looking in, was Devayani and Madhu. While they watched Arnav speak, they prayed from the bottom of their hearts hoping. They had watched him rush around with Kushal trying to make sure they were doing everything possible for her to wake up at the soonest. They hoped their efforts weren't to go in vain. 

Arnav swallowed down the lump in his throat and spoke out again in a firmer tone.
Arnav: " Khushi...If you don't wake up...How am I going to give you Maa's ring later on? Remember you said you'd accept it when I ask again. You need to wake up Khushi becuase no one else is going to wear Maa's ring except you. Only you."

Khushi remained silent making Arnav grip her hand that little bit tighter.

Arnav roughly: " Fine...Fine, not for me. Don't wake up for me...But Raja? What about him? He's dying to be with you. *Sniff* He knows you're not fine. He's *laughs lightly* He's outside the hospital refusing to move as the security guards won't let him in. *quietly* Are you going to keep him waiting Khushi? You know how stubborn your Raja is."

Still no response from Khushi, made Arnav grit his teeth in helplessness and anger. He had never felt so weak. His Khushi was laid right in front of him...and he could do nothing to wake her up. Hot tears fell from his eyes as he shuffled closer, holding her hand to his slightly stubbly cheek. He jaggedly exhaled staring at Khushi once more, before closing his eyes painfully.
Arnav gently: "Maa once told me that one reason God takes people who we love so much, is because they are too good for this world.... I wish you weren't so good Khushi.... Please Khushi...Please don't leave me...."

Arnav's body shuddered as he turned his head to lay his forehead against Khushi's hand. A warm silence was embedded into the room, before Arnav heard a small raspy voice.
Khushi quietly: ".....Arnav..." 
In utter shock Arnav shot his head up, with his eyes wide open. He couldn't believe that he was looking at Khushi weakly looking back at him with the softest of smiles playing on her lips, behind the oxygen mask. He simply stared at her in wonder, watching her every slow blink and movement of her eyes. A smile grew on his lips as he held her hand close to him.
Arnav: " Khushi?"
Khushi's eyes and smile turned watery, with a tear threatening to fall over from the corner of her eye.
Khushi: " ..Ar..Arna-"
Arnav got up to sit on the bed, leaning very close to her. He held her face delicately, removing the oxygen mask. His planted a kiss to her lips lightly hushing her.
Arnav: "Shshshhhh..."
He shook his head at her before delicately planting a kiss on her bandaged forehead. Pulling back, Arnav watched her lift a hand trace the outline of his face again, before her eyes saddened seeing the etched scratches. Arnav's smile then fell. Madhu entered the room heart overwhelmed with happiness that her niece had opened her eyes ...and spoke. Devayani had gone to retrieve the doctor. Khushi glanced at Madhu with a smile smile, while Arnav didn't acknowledge her entry. He was glaring at Khushi furiously. He turned Khushi's face back to him.
Arnav roughly: " Why did you have to put yourself in so much danger? Why did you come after me and put yourself in danger Khushi!? You didn't have to do anything!! You could have died DAMMIT!"
Madhu distressingly went by Khushi, while Khushi put a hand to Arnav's cheek trying to calm him.
Khushi: " Arnav-....."

Khushi frowned as her mouth and voice box halted, not uttering another syllable. She put a hand to her throat, making Arnav immediately forget his anger and put his hands on her shoulder. Khushi frowned as a huge headache and throat pain started to develop making her shake her head.
Arnav concerned: " Khushi!? Are you ok!?"
Madhu upset: " Why aren't you talking further Khushi!? After all these still want to stay silent? Speak Khushi!"
Khushi felt tears in her eyes blur her vision, looking up helplessly. Her heart punctured hearing seeing Madhu so disappointed. She then opened her mouth wanting to speak.
Khushi: " Arnav-...-..."
The headache and throat pain resumed making her shut her eyes tight. Arnav pressed a finger against her lips. Khushi looked at Arnav seeing him comfortingly shake his head.
Arnav gently: " Khushi stop. Please. It looks like your hurting yourself!! "
Doctor: "She is."

Devayani and the doctor where standing just inside the doors, watching in. The three looked at them curious before Arnav stood to move back, letting the doctor check over Khushi.
Doctor: "Miss Gupta? Are you ok? *checking her eyes and blood levels* "
Khushi nodded with a gently smile but closed her eyes from the sharp pain in her throat. The doctor nodded understanding. He put his hands just under her jaw and asked her to open wide. Khushi obeyed letting him inspect her throat. He nodded satisfied before sitting on the bed.
Madhu: " Why can't Khushi talk doctor?"
Doctor gently: "Miss Gupta? Can you ask Arnav to give you a glass of water for me?"
Khushi frowned finding it odd, but did what she was told: " Arnav -....."
Khushi's head and throat started to tighten again, making the doctor give her water to relax. Arnav angrily clenched his teeth.
Arnav: " Can everyone stop bloody asking her to talk!? Can you see it's hurting her!?"
The doctor smiled at Khushi before speaking: "I was just confirming my suspicions Mr. Raizada. Madhumatiji has explained to me about what happened to Khushi when she was 11 years of  age and I can deduct that Khushi has lost her voice through traumatic shock and also for her own psychological comfort. And the continuance of her not wanting to speak as led to the fact she can't speak. However, that night of the bomb attack has made her force herself to speak out loud. And this was only the name 'Arnav'. The human instinct for Khushi wanting to stop Arnav, not wanting what happened to her parents to happen to Arnav himself, probably is what caused the outburst."

Devayani: " So Khushi can only say Arnav's name?"
Doctor: " Because of the bomb impact, I suspect yes. The psychological side of voice loss can be a tricky factor to predict, especially when it has been embedded for nearly 9 years now. Anything other than the name 'Arnav' would prove difficult for Khushi to say. Not saying she won't be able to say more in future, however this may take years, even the rest of her life. However I am not worried that she cannot speak, as I have also heard from Mr. Raizada himself that Khushi has no real issues of communication without her voice. But I'm worried the way Miss Gupta is forcing herself to try to say more words."
Madhu frowned: " Isn't that good? If she tries won't it be better for her?"
The doctor shook his head: " In actuality, it would only make matters worse. As I have said Khushi's case is very delicate and so it could take forever for Khushi to even say a sentence, however that can only be when Khushi's mind is ready for it. But for Khushi to force and push herself, like she was doing just a few moments ago, can only cause pain for her. Miss Gupta would feel tightening headaches instantly and a sharp pain in her voice box. Evidently it could make her situation worse. I'll do 6 month check ups with Miss Gupta, so I can see if theirs any evidence of her mind being ready for her to talk, however as for now all she needs is plenty of rest. No stress, ok Miss Gupta? The inspector will be coming in soon to take your statement about that night. I explained your situation to the inspector and he said you can have your family here to assist you in giving the statement. Ok?"

Khushi smiled weakly, still upset that she couldn't speak properly like Madhu wanted her to... like the whole world would want her to. She then felt a hand on her shoulder, making her look up into Madhu's caring eyes.
Madhu: " Titaliya...Don't feel sad. It's ok. God's made and planned everyone differently so they can be special in their own way."
Devayani smiled: " She's right betiya. Don't feel you have disappointed anyone. You are perfect the way you are so don't you dare this anything lower about yourself. "
Khushi smiled feeling her heart warm up, but could see in the corner of her eye, Arnav was still upset with her for saving him.
Arnav sternly:" Doctor, I was wanting to know if there was any medicine or procedure that would need to be taken when we take Khushi home?"
Devayani frowned: "Home? Khushi has only just woken up."
Arnav protectively: "The sooner she is home with us, the sooner she can get better."
Khushi crimsoned slightly, making Devayani laugh. Turning to see Madhu, her smile faltered seeing how Madhu looked worried. Khushi smiled fondly glancing at Arnav's care, but looking round the room she noticed something else. Someone else.

Kushal was looking at her sorrily on the other side of the ward entrance, through the window. Khushi's heart instantly squeezed, not liking one bit that he was so far away from everyone gathered in the room. Why is he not coming in? While everyone else was busy listening to the doctor, Khushi tilted her head staring back woefully at Kushal through the window. Why is he sad? Does he want to tell me something? Khushi lifted her hand towards the door wanting Kushal to come in.
Khushi: " Arnav..."
Arnav frowned seeing Khushi call him name. He went to her side holding her lifted hand.
Arnav huskily: " What is it Khushi?"
Khushi looked up at him eagerly, but when looking at the door again her heart fell in disappointment as Kushal had gone. Khushi saddened, shook her head staring down at her hands, leaving Arnav confused.


It was the next day the doctor agreed for Khushi to be discharged. Devayani stopped Madhu entering Khushi's room and gently to her to the side.
Devayani: " Madhu Betiya. I have been noticing that you are very lost in thought ever since Arnav mentioned about bring Khushi home....I know what you are thinking betiya."
Madhu turned to Devayani worried: " But Maaji-"
Devayani firmly: " No buts. I insist Khushi comes home and you both stay at the house. Not the cottage for now. In Khushi's state right now, she needs everyone around her. And I have seen quite enough of Kushal and your game of thinking what is best for Khushi, when the obvious best thing for her is to be around the people she loves most. "
Madhu hesitatingly: " But-"
Devayani sternly: " And don't you worry about Kushal. I know he won't say anything about Khushi coming back home. *muttered* He wouldn't dare it. "

They turned to the door to see Arnav coming out of the ward, with Khushi in a wheel chair. She was all dressed in her light blue churidar while Arnav was in his dark suit. Madhu looked at them shocked while Devayani smiled fondly.
Madhu went up to them: " Why are you in a wheel chair betiya?"
Arnav answered: " The doctor said for her not to walk for the next day or 2. So he suggested for us to use the wheel chair, just to talk her home. *muttering to himself annoyed* I would have carried her but Miss-I-care-what-other-people-think doesn't want that."
Khushi bit her lip hearing Arnav perfectly behind her.
Madhu: "Did you say something babwa?"
Arnav tightly smiled: " No of course not."

As they left the hospital door, Khushi immediately heard barking. 2 second didn't pass as Raja ran up to Khushi lifting his front paws onto her lap. Khushi with tears in her eyes patted her lap for him to come and sit. As Raja jumped up to sit on her lap, Khushi kissed and hugged her Raja over and over while he licked her jaw happily. Arnav went to take Raja off her, but Khushi patted his hand away and Raja growled at him lightly.
Arnav sighed as the other two women laughed: " Khushi, Raja can't stay on your lap. You'll get hurt. You can sit with him in the car. Come on boy, at least you should understand."
Khushi was shocked to see Raja whimper a bit, before obeying by jumping off her lap. Raja walked ahead to the car, where Kushal was just heading after finishing the paper work for the hospital. Everyone entered the SUV, and Arnav lifted Khushi from the wheel chair to sit her down in the back seat of the car. And as Arnav had said, Raja in suit jumped up to enter the car, laying his head upon Khushi's lap where it belonged.  


As soon as they reached the Raizada house, Kushal left heading upstairs, while Anjili, Aman and Chinky rushed to meet Khushi. Anjili stroked Khushi's cheek glad that she was fine and smiling. Khushi recognizing her from the photos she's seen lifted  hand at her in awe. She does have Arnav's mother's smile. Devayani smiled.
Devayani nodded seeing Khushi recognizing: "That's right Betiya. This is Anjili. Chote's older sister."
Anjili giggled: " But you can call me Di, Khushi. "
Aman grinned: " Becuase she's nearly everyone's Di!"
Everyone laughed and smiled, while Arnav wasn't impressed: "Talking can be done later. Right now Khushi needs rest. Chinky? Did you get the guest room ready for Khushi?"
Chinky chirpy: "Yes Arnav bhaiya! I got both Buaji and Khushi's rooms ready for them. Come. "
As Arnav pushed the wheel chair along to her room, Khushi twitched her lips annoyed at Arnav. Why does he have to be such a spoilsport? Hmph!

Tucking Khushi in, not letting anyone else do it, Arnav strictly instructed Chinky and Aman about what Khushi should eat and her routine for the day. Khushi gawped her mouth open at how boring it sounded. She looked down at Raja sitting on top on the bed covers, near her legs and made a sad face at him, making him bark amused.
Arnav swiftly turning to Khushi: " Now you need to go to sleep. Lay down."
Khushi looked at him shocked before looking at the clock. It's 1 pm?!!? What does he mean sleep!? As if Arnav read her mind, he retorted back.
Arnav: " There's plenty of time before tea is served so you should sleep to rest your body. Everyone leave except Buaji and Raja please."
Everyone smiled secretly at Arnav's commander orders and waved bye at a sad Khushi. Chinky and Aman held back their laughter. Khushi was about to give Arnav a good beating by removing the covers, when Madhu reminded her she was still in the room by stroking her hair.
Madhu: " Ey Sankadevi!? Where do you think you're going? Do what Arnav babwa has said. Lay down and sleep. Come. "
Khushi faked a tight smile obeying her Buaji and faced the door where Arnav had his arms crossed at her. Khushi glared at him while stroking Raja's fur in a circular motion. Just you wait Arnav Singh Raizada. Putting all these rules on me. *yawn* I'll....I'll- And like that she was asleep.

She woke up a few hours later, with someone stroking her hair. Stretching her eyes open, she blinked a couple of times before resting her eyes on Raja now awake, sat beside her. He had his tongue out happily, making Khushi curiously roll and shuffle round to see the biggest surprise she has had in a very long time.

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