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Chapter Forty-Three: Crispy Leaf Pile

Happy New Year everyone and I hope it brings better joys and cheer than the last.


She woke up a few hours later, with someone stroking her hair. Stretching her eyes open, she blinked a couple of times before resting her eyes on Raja now awake, sat beside her. He had his tongue out happily, making Khushi curiously roll and shuffle round to see the biggest surprise she has had in a very long time. She couldn't believe that she was smiling back at her with a warm grin, looking down at her. Payal?
Payal softly: "How are you Khushi?"

Khushi sat up with quickly difficulty, making Payal help her: "Khushi!! Not so fast! You-"
Before Payal could talk any further, Khushi pulled her into a tight hug. Payal laughed knowing that the tears of happiness in her eyes were also in Khushi's. Khushi pulled away to look at her properly after all this time. She was in a dark green anarkili with her hair pinned back. Khushi silently laughed and held Payal's face in her hands.
Payal cupped Khushi's cheek in a hand: " It's been a long time hasn't it Khushi? "
Khushi nodded earnestly before pointing at her then down at the bed. Payal grinned, happy she understood.
Payal: " Forget about how I got here. There are other people wanting to see you too.*giggles*"
Khushi frowned before looking round the bed to see Aman, Chinky and Priya with the other friends from the hostel. The all were holding 'Get well soon' Balloons making Khushi grin widely. They all suddenly climbed onto the bed too, making it a tight squeeze on the bed, but all were careful to give Khushi enough room. Raja barked with everyone laughing.
Chinky: "Did you like your surprise Khushi!? *wagging her eyebrows* "
Khushi nodded as Priya hugged her tightly.
Aman: " We know you've been ordered to stay in here, so we thought to bring Tea here to make you feel better. Good thing Arnav Bhai brought Payal to come here too to meet you. More the merrier. "
Khushi shocked turned to Payal demanding answers. Arnav did this? But-
Payal nodded: " I came back to Chandigarh the other day.* sadly* Heard about your Amma and Babuji and was devastated. I tried looking for you and Buaji, but couldn't locate you anywhere... *frowned* But then randomly I got the call from Arnavji this morning saying that you and Buaji were living with them all these years. I don't know how he got my number but *sighs* I'm really glad he did Khushi. I missed you!"
The two friends hugged each other again, before Khushi pulled away and turned to bring Raja onto her lap. Payal grinned looking at Raja.
Payal: " I know!! I couldn't believe it! When I entered the room, he recognized me nearly instantly. *stroking his fur* How could I forget your Raja? *Giggles*!
Chinky: " How can anyone forget Raja? "
Aman sighed: "You see Raja with all these girls in the room, your grabbing most of the attention. No fair."
The girls laughed. Priya then held Khushi's hand touching the bandages gently.
Priya: " We saw the fire and Maaji told us all everything..."
The other girls nodded concerned for Khushi: " Yeahh."
Priya: "..You are ok though... aren't you Khushi?"
Khushi tilted her head sighing feeling the pains come back. She laughed thinking how seeing all her friends made her forget about the pain for a little while. She nodded making everyone on the bed very very glad.


After chatting and laughing for an hour, while having tea in the room, Priya and the others noticed the time and hugged Khushi to bid their farewells. Promising they'd come another day, Aman escorted them out, much to Chinky's annoyance. Khushi noticing, started to think up a plan to get Aman to realize Chinky's feelings for him. It was then when Payal patted her on the shoulder.
Payal: " Khushi? I'd be going now too. I'll come back tomorrow."
Khushi pouted and tapped her wrist. Payal giggled nodding.
Payal: " Yes yes, Early in the morning. *hugged her tightly* Now you take care. Raja, make sure she doesn't get into mischief?"
Raja barked making Khushi gawp her mouth open. Chinky and Payal laughed while exiting.

As they left, Khushi hugged Raja tightly overly happy about today. I need to write this down! She then frowned. But my diary? She looked at her bag she took to hostel, beside the drawers near the door. Removing the covers to get her bag, Khushi was stopped as Raja barked at her, pulling the covers back to where they were with his teeth. Khushi sighed annoyed with Raja and watched him jump down from the bed instead and go over to the bag. He sniffed the bag, before gripping the handles with his teeth. He started to drag the bag towards Khushi, leaving it on the side as he couldn't pick it up. Khushi grinned at Raja appreciatively and leaned over to pick up the bag. Raja jumped on the bed again to side cosily under Khushi's arm.

Unzipping her bag, Khushi dug her hand right to the bottom of the bag to whip out her diary with a triumphant smile. Plopping her bag down the side of the bed again, she opened up the diary to the next fresh page and removed her pen attached to it. She then started to write.

Dear Raja,

Today is looking like a very good day. I just can't believe Payal, Priya and the others gave us such a surprise by visiting. I still can't believe it. You remember when Payal used to play with you and me in the forest, before she moved? She hasn't changed one bit has she... I wonder how Arnav found her? I remember once he joked saying that when you have a big company like his and have many contacts, you can find out about a lot of things....Is that true Raja?... I think so too. I think I should thank him, don't you Raja. Yes I know he's been a Lard Govoner, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't thank him. It felt nice to have everyone visiting me.

Now I think about it...Raja, when I woke up in hospital, I saw Dadaji through the window, but he didn't come in to see me. I wonder why... He looked so sad Raja. Like...I don't know...but I felt really lonely at that point. I hope he doesn't think that it's his fault. He tried to protect me. I know that. You know Raja...I think...It might sound silly...but I think there's something wrong. The way Dadaji looks at me and cares for me...but then stays feels like there's a battle going on in his eyes and he's holding something in. It's like a mixture of fear or sadness or something...I hope I'm wrong though. 

Love you loads Raja. 

Just as she shut her diary, there was a gentle knock on the door. She and Raja looked at the door, with eyes wide and curious. Madhu came in with a tray with what looked like medicine and bandages. She had a soft smile playing on her lips making Khushi thoughtful.
Madhu: " Titaliya, it's nearly time to change your bandages. But before that *putting the tray on the table* there's someone I'd like you to meet."
Khushi's forehead creased with a odd smile on her lips. More visitors? But who else could it be? She looked down at Raja, who was curiously looking at her too. They both looked at the door to see a  tall broad man in a smart grey suit poke his head in with a cheeky elderly smile. Khushi's eyes widened recognizing him, while Raja was still keeping his beady eye on him.
Madhu smiled: " Do you remember him Titaliya?"
A smile crept on her lips as Khushi nodded.

Sajjan Kuraana stepped into the room carefully and sat down on the chair beside the bed. Khushi couldn't help but stare at him. He had changed so much from just being the nice neighbor from next door.
Sajjan: " How are you Khushi betiya? "
He lifted a hand patting the top of her head softly making Khushi smile that much brighter. Sajjan laughed out load at Khushi's adorable shocked expression.
Sajjan looked down at himself before back at her: " Changed a lot haven't I?"
Madhu smiled: " Well you have become a much more respectable man now Sajjanji with your suit-"
Sajjan chuckled: " I was talking about my weight."
He patted his slightly bigger belly, making Madhu blush embarrassed , while Khushi put a hand to her mouth giggling. Sajjan grinned.
Sajjan: " Now, that's the little Khushi I remember*chuckles before looking at Raja* And my my my...look who we have here....Raja If I remember rightly?"
Khushi nodded stroking Raja's mane. Raja slightly cautious kept his head down to the bed, staring at Sajjan. He crawled to his side slowly and let Sajjan pet his head, remembering when he let him come inside that cold rainy night.
Sajjan sighed thinking back to old times: " He's grown so much. Very handsome indeed. Good thing I convinced you to keep him Madhumatiji. *chuckles* "

Madhu tilted her head fondly looking at the scene and was glad that he had come to visit today of all days. Sajjan's eyes meanwhile fell upon the rough book, making his eyebrows shoot to the sky.
Sajjan grinned: " I see you have been using the diary I gave you very well betiya. Hmmm?!"
Khushi looked beside her at the book and smiled nodding at him.
Madhu smiled: " Nandkisore, How long are you staying at Chandigarh for Sajjanji?"
Sajjan smiled: " Well I don't know, as long as Mr Raizada needs me I guess."
Madhu shocked: " Arnav babwa?-"
Sajjan shook his head: " Nono. Kushal Singh Raizada wanted to meet with me and my team for his next project. I guess that golden opportunity for that Architecture internship all those years ago paid off *chuckles*"
Madhu and Khushi nodded, amazed how once he was living just next door to them and now he's was doing something great for himself.
Sajjan frowned: " Talking about that, I do need to meet him today, so could I?"
Madhu stood up nodding: "Of course. I'll take you to his study and call him there for you. *turning to Khushi* I'll be right back Khushi."
As Madhu headed for the door, Sajjan stroked Khushi's head once more before telling her to take care and leaving. Khushi looked down at Raja with a glowing astonished smile. What a day!


It was later on when Arnav was just finishing his office works, he heard a bark at his bedroom door. Smiling knowing it's Raja, he went over to open the door to find him sitting obediently with a note in his mouth. Arnav raised an eyebrow and crouched down to his level.
Arnav muttered scratching behind his ear: "Hey boy...*taking the note* What's this for? From Khushi? *smirking* "
Raja licked Arnav's jaw, before walking off down the corridor. Arnav stood up with the note in his hands, watching Raja wolf downstairs. With a soft lop-side smile, Arnav opened the note and read the contents inside. 

You, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, are being a Lard Govoner with these mean rules and orders, 
But for somehow finding Payal for me...Thank you. The best surprise ever.
Love you 
Your Khushi

Arnav smirked with a light laugh at the back of his throat.

It was 10 pm Arnav finished his work, so he could be free for the next few days for Khushi. Looking at the note again, he grinned and shot off downstairs to see what Khushi was doing. With teasing thoughts on his mind to play with Khushi, he sped up a bit heading down the corridor to her room. However, he frowned seeing her room light off as the door was slightly creaked open. There was an acute light coming from inside, which Arnav figured was the bedside lamp. Poking his head in silently, Arnav was taken aback to see Khushi and Raja asleep, tucked into bed. But what made him surprised was Kushal was sat on the bed beside her.

Kushal's back was to the door, so he couldn't see Arnav, but Arnav watched as he stroked the top of Khushi's hair, with a careful hand and surprisingly humming rhythmically very quietly. Arnav frowned at the sight, as he had never seen his Dada like this before. What he also couldn't understand was the sad daze in Kushal's wet eyes, as he stared at Khushi sleep peacefully in her slumber.




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