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Chapter Forty-One: Pit of the Pond

HUGE Shout out to Vani (GodnMe.Foreva) for being such a sweet sis and telling others about this lil story of mine. 
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The tears from Khushi's eyes were still slightly damp on her cheeks as she and Arnav arrived at the hospital. Laid on separate beds, Arnav and Khushi were hovered by nurses and doctors, as they were pushed along the corridor. Scars of blood screamed from Khushi's once white salwar, while Arnav's white shirt was also tainted. Dirt and rubble was evident from their clothes and dusty skin too. People peeped in horrified, as the doctors ordered the nurses to take the badly injured patients into ICU immediately. 

As they were taken into ICU, Kokila and Harun interrupted the doctor. 
Kokila worried: " Doctor will they be-"
Doctor in concentration: " Nothing can be said yet. Are you their-"
Kokila: " No. However I have called the Raizada's residence. They should be on their way. But-"
Doctor sighed understanding: " I understand your concern, however let us do our job. Pray for now. "
And with that the doctor entered the room swiftly, leaving the devastated two outside. Kokila slid down to sit on the near-by chair, with Harun beside her. 
Kokila teary: "They're so young. I promised Khushi's Buaji that I'd look after her. And all this?!"
Harun supportive: " They'll be fine. Just pray betiya. Have faith."
It was at that moment when the police inspector spoke up beside Harun.

Inspector: " Are you the person that called for the hostel emergency?"
Harun and Kokila stood up and turn to face them apprehensively: "I did sir. I'm Harun sir.*Harun introduced Kokila* This is a runner of the Hostel. "
Inspector nodded: " It was good that you called the time you did it at. The explosion was caused by a bomb set by Indu Thakur and his men."
Kokila frightfully: " But why would this man do this? "
The Inspector shook his head: " It wasn't an attack on the Hostel ma'am. It was an attempt to murder Mr Arnav Singh Raizada."

Harun and Kokila's eyes widened at this news. The Inspector continued.
Inspector: " We have been trying to catch Indu and his two remaining men for the last couple of months. Mr Raizada helped us to capture his other men, which is why Indu must have done this....I have contacted and informed Arnav's Grandfather about the capture of Indu and the others."
Harun asked: " You caught him?"
Inspector nodded: " Thankfully for the police station being so close to the site and your phone call, we literally had them surrounded. You have aided us in catching them Harun, for which I thank you sir."
Harun shook his head: " I just hope Arnav and Khushi betiya are fine." 
Inspector agreed: " We need to talk to Arnav and Khushi to collect their statements. Our prayers will be with them"
Kokila nodded thankfully.


Inspector: " Indu and his men have been watching your grandson for a while and the timed visits to the hostel lately must have been their way to set this plan."
Kushal gritted darkly: "I want them to have the worst punishment for this Inspector. I demand it."
The Inspector nodded understanding: " We are on that case Mr. Raizada. My men and I will be here to take the statement from the two injured."
Sat on the chairs was a tearful Anjili, trying to tame a nearly hysterical Devayani: "Why isn't the doctor not coming out and saying anything Kushal!?! What's happening to my children!?!? *wails*"
Madhu felt numb leaning against the wall, with Chinky and Aman trying to be her support. But she kept on looking at the small window, heart stabbing at how rushed the doctors and nurses looked inside.

The waiting game was being held, with emotions high and tear banks nearly dry. Kushal taking in Harun and Kokila's side of the story, curtly nodded and thanked them both. The two left praying the two locked hearts in the ICU room would come out victorious. It felt like hours before a doctor walked out. Devayani was the first to rush up, and everyone followed.
Devayani: " How are they doctor?"
Madhu desperately: " Is Khushi ok? And Arnav babwa?"
Kushal angrily: "Why don't you both say anything?!"
Doctor: "Becuase no one is giving us a chance to Mr Raizada. This is the hospital corridor. Please. I understand how you are feeling, however be patient."

Just as another bag of questions was about to be asked, they went silent seeing Arnav on his bed, be wheeled out from his ICU room.
Anjili's heart slashed seeing her brother unconscious on the bed, with an oxygen mask on. There were also small cuts on his face. 
Aman: " Where's Arnav Bhaiya going?"
Doctor: " Mr.Raizada only had a lack of oxygen in his lungs because of the fire. Also a few bruises and grazes. He's out of danger now and recovering slowly. He should be coming back to consciousness soon. Our nurses are taking him to a private ward as Mr Raizada requested *indicating Kushal*."
Kushal was about to say something when the doctor continued: "Yes another has been arranged a private ward for Miss Gupta too. It's opposite Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada's ward... but..."
Kushal narrowed sternly: "But what?"
Doctor sigh: " Miss Gupta can't leave this room yet. I'm sorry to say that her condition is still highly critical. She has lost so much blood in the incident and the injuries are quite deep. It's hard to say anything for now."

As Madhu felt the breath be vacuumed from her, Chinky held her side, as Devayani and Anjili shook their heads in lost shock. 
Kushal firmly: " Listen to me Doctor. I don't care what the cost is. I want Khushi's condition to be recovering-"
Doctor: " Try to under-"
Kushal gravely: "No. YOU.Are.Not.Understanding....Khushi needs to be fine. I don't care how. But whatever you have to do...Do it. Got it?"
Doctor sighed with a nod before going back inside the ICU. With Anjili already leaving for Arnav's room, Madhu followed wanting to know what happened from Arnav, with Aman and Chinky leading her away.

Kushal with his fists tight, he stepped forward to look through the small circular window into the ICU room. His throat started to close, seeing Khushi with wires, tubes and plastics all around. His eyes caught onto the bowl of cotton wool that were soaked in her blood. He immediately turned his head away, squeezing his eyes shut.
Devayani in a despairing trance: "It's all your fault Kushal. All of it."
Kushal stood stiffly, not responding. Devayani however knew he could hear her.
Devayani: " You sent Khushi away. Chote loves her Kushal, doesn't this prove it to you?! I'm not surprised at all that he had found her and kept visiting her. Just because of your...needs... you sent her away and look! Look at the consequence of your actions now." 
Kushal roughly, but quietly: " You won't understand...I sent protect-...I....I didn't know that this would happen."
Devayani: "I Don't Care Kushal! I don't care if you didn't know and I don't want to understand anymore! Becuase all I know is that my grandson has been blessed enough to live, while Khushi betiya is still in the grasps of death! And It's all because of you! You wanted to protect her Kushal...or is it to protect yourself?"
As he listened to her walk away from him to Arnav's room, Kushal opened his eyes weakly: "Protect her... Only her..."


Weakly as those eye lids opened, it opened and shut flickering time, with the molten eyes, taken aback from the harsh light. Slowly as his acute pupils adjusted to his surrounding, so did his hearing.
Doctor gently: "... Mr. Raizada?...Can--- hear ---?...Can you hear me Mr. Raizada?"
Arnav groaned lightly as a response: "mm...yes..."
Anjili smiled happy: " Chote? Your alright."
Arnav's eyes moved round the room to see everyone stood round his bed smiling at him. But his mind then flickered an image that shook his body awake. Khushi...
Arnav's eyes widened before his voice shot up a little louder: " Khushi?!"

Everyone gasped seeing Arnav try to sit up frantically.
Kushal: "Arnav!"
Madhu: " Babwa!?"
Devayani: " Chote! Stop!"
Doctor: " Mr Raizada-"
Arnav groaned in pain: " Khushi! Khushi's hurt! She's-"
Aman: "Bhaiya it's ok. She's here in the hospital."
Arnav frowned: " She is?...Then where? Is she alright!? Is she-*coughing fit*"
Chinky passes water helping him drink.
Doctor: "Mr Raizada please. Calm down. *gently easing Arnav back down* She's being treated. You both were victims of a bomb explosion. The police are outside to ask you a few questions too."
Arnav shocked: "Bomb?"
Doctor: "Yes you-"

The nurse came in calling him outside a minute. The doctor insisted only two people to stay with Arnav while he's out so Kushal, Anjili, Aman and Chinky left the room.
Madhu stroked Arnav's forehead: "How are you feeling beta?"
Arnav looked at Madhu with quick eyes: " I need to get to Khushi."
Devayani trying to calm him: " Chote. The doctors are doing everything to -"
Arnav frowned: " What do you mean?...*shocked* Is Khushi unconscious still?!"
The doctor entered: " Yes. But she's stabilizing."

The three looked at the doctor come in, with the inspector behind him, to stand beside Devayani.
Doctor: " I have just explained to the others outside too. Miss Gupta's breathing and heart are stabilizing, so that's a good sign. It's safe enough for her to be moved to the her ward now. She's being moved now."
Arnav seeing Devayani and Madhu look across outside the window, made him instantly looked across to see Khushi 's bed in the other room, with everything being set up by the nurses. Anjili was coming beside her, while Kushal was talking to the other doctor. Arnav was speechless seeing her in this condition. Her head and parts of her arms were bandaged in white, with peaks of red seeping through. The oxygen mask was still on her. She looked so pale and weak, Arnav's heart felt more restless and worried. His mind however was numb.

Inspector calmly: "Now Mr. Raizada. As the doctor must have told you about the bomb. I must also say the bomb was set by Indu and his men, who have been caught.  But it's very important for you to tell us what happened."
Arnav continued to gaze at Khushi in dazing eyes.

..." ARNAV!!!!"...

...Arnav, shocked...
...his Khushi had called his name out loud... 
 ...horror on her face...
 ...she sprints up to him frantically...
..." Khushi?"...
...Khushi grabbing his arm trying to drag him away...
... too confused to move...
..." Khushi? What is it?"...
...She went behind him pushing his back critically...


Arnav huskily: " Then went off...She must have known...That's why she was pushing me..."
Inspector: "But how she knew is the question. For that we have to wait for Khushi to wake. "
Devayani wiped away her tears with a smile: " Khushi betiya tried to save you Chote"
Doctor: " And she did. If you had entered the car you would not be here today Mr. Raizada....and it explains a lot about Miss Gupta's major injuries and blood loss."
Madhu with a tear stricken face: " Doctor?"
Inspector: " I agree. You see Madhumatiji, the way Mr.Raizada has explained it, Miss Gupta was behind him pushing, when the bomb went off. That would put her directly facing the bomb's full impact."
Doctor: " Another reason why Mr.Raizada's didn't have as much injuries and blood loss as Miss Gupta did. She was intentionally or unintentionally blocking the bomb's impact, so it didn't hit Mr. Raizada as badly."
Arnav felt tears burn his eyes: " Khushi"
Inspector: "Hmm..Thank you Mr.Raizada for your co-operation. Doctor, please inform the station when Miss Gupta awakens. "
As the doctor nodded, the inspector and his men left.

Madhu: "But how is Khushi now? Will she be alright?"
Doctor: "Hmm...Well...M. Raizada, did you say she talked?"
Arnav painfully: " She cried out my name."
Madhu turning to the doctor: "Is she better? Can she talk when she wakes?!"
Doctor: " I'm not fully familiar with Miss. Gupta's history about how she lost her voice, so Madhumatiji I would need to ask you a few questions about that in my cabin. However about being able to talk again or be fine... I have said Miss Gupta's body has maintained level, however what impact the bomb has really had, be it for better or worse, will only be evident when Miss Gupta wakes I'm afraid. And that only God can say."

Arnav looked across helplessly at Khushi, wishing Khushi didn't save him. Wishing she could hear him mentally calling out to her. Wishing she'd just wake up.


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    Poor Khushi's always suffering isn't she, but at least Arnavs safe. It's heartbreaking how much grief they have to go through to be together.
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    valeyrie - IF

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    And then the family going insane seeing their two beloved fighting for life! How tough would it be! To be happy that Chottes fine n normal or for the fact be sad that Khushi is yet to come out of danger!!

    And yes ppl got to know she tried saving him n indeed she was successful!! I hope this makes Kushal understand the love they share!

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