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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Foxglove


Khushi smoothly brushed through Chinky's hair one last time before starting to make a plait, positioned to the side to come over her shoulder. Chinky swung her legs under the chair, making the skirt of her yellow churidar flow. She had already smoothed out Khushi's hair and finish it off with a golden clip at the back. Khushi was wearing a aqua blue anarkili with a soft smile added, as her best jewelry to her features.
Chinky feeling her plait finishing: "I'm so excited Khushi!! *turning towards her* It has been aaages since you and me have gone out to shop at the malls hmm? "
Khushi nodded and watched Raja race in and jump on to the bed to sit beside her.
Chinky laughed: "Ohhh! I get it! As soon as I was about to take your Queen away from you, you come dashing in. Ufff!..But remember today is just my day with her. Your staying here with Buaji remember!"
Raja barked in response making Khushi smile and quickly brush his beautiful caramel mane too. As soon as it was done Chinky grabbed Khushi's wrist and tugged her towards the door, taking their brightly colored strap bags along the way. Raja followed barking all the way.

Just before leaving, the two young ladies received the concerned lecture from Madhu about staying safe.
Chinky smiled: "Ohhh Buaji we'll be fine! I won't leave Khushi's side. Pakka Promise."
Madhu poked the side of Chinky's head and hugged them both. Pulling away Khushi crouched down to meet Raja eye to eye. She smiled reassuringly and before scratching his head fondly. Raja lifted a paw up which Khushi took and kissed the top of. I'll be back soon Raja. Khushi then stood beside her friend and let her lead the way out the doors of the Raizada Mansion, which was curiously noticed by Arnav as he was came downstairs with a navy blue suit and black briefcase.


Chinky pointed : "There it is!!"
Khushi looked to see the long building and smiled as Chinky enthusiastically pulled her along towards it. However, just before entering they heard Aman call from behind. They both turned to see him rushing up to them with a grin, wearing a maroon shirt and blue denim jeans.
Aman slowing down to a stop in front of them: "Hey you two? Out and about?"
Khushi surprised poked Aman's chest indicating the same question back at him. She then nudged Chinky, who tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
Chinky: "Yeah...Khushi's right...What are you doing out?"
Aman smiled: "Nothing much, just was checking out if there's anything super fresh on the stalls today. You two here to do some shopping?"
Chinky chirped: "It has been a long time since we both went out and I thought we both could treat ourselves. What's say Khushi?"
Khushi nodded, but Aman started to walk away: "I'll leave you two to it then."
Chinky piped up: "You can come too!!"
The two turned their heads at Chinky, confused at her eagerness.
Chinky rectified: "If you want...that is..."
Aman scratched the back of head thinking, while Khushi agreed with Chinky and tugged Aman's arm.
Aman chuckled: "Fine fine! You two have twisted my arm."
The girls grinned and dragged Aman into the store, unknown that they had fallen prey to pairs of eyes which sharply watched and followed.

Some people would say it's exciting when sales are on. But you know nothing if you were standing in Khushi's shoes. While she stood there delicately picking the churidars and sari's up one by one in her hand, Chinky was zipping all over the place as if there was a egg hunt on. She was picking up the best ones from the tables and chucking them in front of Khushi as if that was meant it was reserved. Aman stood beside Khushi and stared at this crazy girl rush to and fro, before finishing by sitting on a stool.
Chinky out of breath: "Got...them...all...All"
All the while Khushi smiled softly knowing well Chinky's nature. Khushi showed Chinky the dress she liked. It was a lovely golden anarkili, simple in design but with dark chocolate borders at the bottom and ends of the long arms. Chinky sighed at her friend and shook her head.
Chinky: "This is nice, but Khushiiii! You should buy one of these. * holding a heavier designed sari* It would look sooo nice on you."
Khushi rolled her eyes and walked to the mirror near-by, to see how it looked against her. Chinky huffed.
Chinky: "Fine! But one day you'll see your future husband will dress you up sooo nicely and you'll won't be able to say no then."
Khushi flashed a smile back at her. Chinky sighed giving up and got down to her own business. She fished through the dresses, sari's, churidars, anarkili s and lengas, she collected. It took her a good few minutes before coming down to two lenga's. One was an emerald green with gold design, while the other was a dark blue with silver design. She picked them up weighing them in her hands.
Chinky spoke to herself with a cute frown: " Green...or Blue?"
Aman had been watching Chinky from beside her as he found her talks very amusing.
Chinky frustrated: "Uff! I can't choose...."
Aman chuckles lightly before leaning forward near her shoulder: "If you ask me..."
Chinky was startled slightly and her breath hitched realizing how close Aman was to her. Her eyes remained glued to the clothes.
Aman whispered: "...pick the green one."
He then walked off to see if Khushi needed any help. Chinky looked up to see him smile back at her. He helped me...pick a dress!?!?  She looked down at the green dress, now the only dress in her hands, and blushed with a secret smile.

Watching, however, from afar were 4 men thinking how to handle this situation. One of them held the phone to his ear with his voice hesitant.
" Boss, but now that servant is there from the Raizada's, so-"
Indu leaned forward away from the prostitute massaging his shoulders. He sighed angrily and rubbed his hand on his eyes in frustration. He clenched his phone a little more tighter.
Indu raising his voice: "A house butler...And a CHIT of a girl is stopping you four...FOUR!! From taking Khushi!?!?! YOU BLOODY IDIOTS! "
The man still worried held his tongue. Indu grit his teeth.
Indu: "You lot WILL bring Khushi to me...or else...."
The man flinched back as Indu cut the line before putting the phone in his pocket. His nodded at the others and they all set off to do the job.

It was when Chinky and Khushi were about to head for the checkout, when they halted in their tracks seeing the men rushing fast towards them. Eye's wide, as they had recognized them, they both stepped back, dropping the clothes in the process.
Chinky stuttered: "Khu-...Khushi?...That's...that's...What are we going to do?"
Khushi breathing paced up trying to seek help with her eyes, but everyone was too busy to even notice. The girls gripped each other's hand tightly as they neared. But suddenly Aman stood in front of the girls protectively. The men slowed their pace to a stop, sizing Aman up. Aman was fit with muscles, however one of the men's height was like a giant. He had to think fast.
Aman muttering for only the girls to hear: "Chinky....take Khushi and leg it deep into the store. Hide. Just don't let them get to Khushi."
Chinky nodded worried for Aman and gripped Khushi's hand. Khushi stepped forward to refuse concerned for Aman, but he shook his head.
Aman roughly: "just go...GO!"

As soon as Chinky and Khushi turned on their heels running, the men shot forward too. Aman stormed forward to right hook one of them in his jaw, sending him to the ground, before grabbing another by the collar. By now everyone in the women's section was gasping with shock at these men's behavior  The other two swooped past him to chase after the girls, making Aman angry and urgent to kick this guy's ass quickly.

Khushi and Chinky stopped catching their breath near a couple of rails and looked back to see two men were pushing people out the way looking for them.
Chinky frightened: "What are we going to do Khushi!?!?"
Khushi panicked and gripped Chinky's hand before dragging her into the changing rooms, without noticing a pair of eyes had just started to follow them.

Aman pushed the man onto a table of open saris. He covered him in a sari before punching him over and over in the sides. However, to stop Aman a few elder ladies came over.
Ladies: "What are you doing beta!?!? Why are you beating him up!? Leave him now!"
Aman turned to see the crowd of women staring at him angrily. An idea popped into his head.
Aman innocently: "This man first tried to peek in the dressing room to look at women changing. I tried to stop him calmly saying *putting on a humble tone* 'Sir, What you are doing isn't right. Those women are another men's future wives. Please come away.' * normal again* But then he starts to touch me up instead!!"
The ladies gasped appalled by this man's actions, while the man under the sari was shaking his head and hands frantically. One of the ladies then pushed Aman away to start hitting the man with her bag, making the other join in too with floppy shoes and sandals.
Ladies: "Haramzadi!!! Picking on women in the store then this young man!! Chee!!! Shame on you!!"
The man yelled and hollered under the sari trying to escape, but the ladies only battered harder. Aman smirking slowly walked away into a sprint to locate the other two men.

The two girls sat huddled behind a curtain, started to hear someone step closer and closer to their changing room. Chinky gripped Khushi's shaking hand and whispered firmly.
Chinky: "Don't worry...I'll go for the eyes ok..."
He stepped closer to stop outside the thin velvety curtain. The girls could see the faint silhouette of the tall man. Just as the curtain was dragged open with a hand, Chinky charged forward only to stop.
Chinky shocked: "ARGHHH-..uh... Arnav Bhaiya?"
Arnav stared at the two concerned, making Chinky embarrassed of her outburst. He stood in his sharp suit staring at them bewildered.
Arnav confused: "What are you two doing? Buaji said you two'd be at this mall so I came here to check if you two are alright, but seeing you both run in this changing room, with no clothes in your hands. What the-"
Khushi unable to wait, rushed forward into his arms hugging him tightly. Arnav loosely hugged her back, now worried about what had gone on. With his jaw set on having an idea, he sternly looks at a very shocked Chinky.
Arnav roughly: "What happened?"
After Chinky explained about the men after them, Arnav gripped Khushi's wrist tightly.
Arnav muttered: "We need to leave."
Khushi pulled back, however, making Arnav look at her confused. She started to point back into the crowds desperately.
Arnav: "Who are we forgetting?"
Chinky rushed out the changing room: "Aman!!"

It wasn't that hard to find Aman as he had decided to hold the biggest man from his back, so it looked like a piggy-back ride. He even looked like he was enjoying it. Khushi and Chinky stared at the scene oddly amused as everyone else was.
Arnav: "What the?!"
Seeing another man with a stool in his hands, coming towards Aman from behind, made Arnav rush into action to stop him and pummel him to the ground. The guy that had received the right hook from Aman earlier, had woken up to reach them. However, seeing the situation his mates were in, decided to leg it, but dropping his phone as he ran out. Aman was still attached to the man, who was running around to rid of him. He slammed his back against the wall, letting Aman receive get the impact. A pole that was stuck out the wall was also jabbing into Aman's arm, causing him to wince in pain. Chinky rushed up to the man and began to slap his face and kick his shins. Khushi was too shocked to move seeing this wild Chinky before her.
The man groaned before falling to his knees in pain. Aman now on his feet, punched the side of the guys head on last time to knock him out. Aman gasping for breath looked up from the unconscious man to Chinky checking if the man is really out for the count. He chuckled at Chinky's state before coming forward to hold her hands. Chinky shook startled by his gesture. Aman looked at her hands to see they were a bit red from slapping.
Aman grinned: "Who knew you could be a crazy spitfire, ey?! *turning a bit serious* are you alright?"
Chinky nodded her head furiously as she didn't have words to come out her. Her cheeks tinted slightly red slightly as Khushi ran up to them and held Chinky and Aman, checking their wounds. Aman saw her getting worried about the blood that was now tricking down his arm. The blood seeped through the brown shirt showing up as a dark color. She put her hand to her mouth worried for him.
Aman smiled: "I'm fine Khushi."
Chinky angrily: "Your not fine. Here."
She ripped the side of her dupatta and wrapped it tightly round Aman's arm for the blood to stop wasting.
Aman gave Khushi a sighing look: "Ok fine. I don't want to be on the receiving end of Chinky's slaps. *chuckles until Chinky glares at him*..okok. Sorry."
Khushi smiled at the two before hugging them both. She was just so glad nothing terrible happened to them.

Arnav, on the other hand, picked up the phone that was left behind by one of the men. He stared at it thoughtfully, before feeling a hand rest on his shoulders. He put the phone in his pocket and turned to see Aman.
Aman: "Thanks Bhaiya."
Arnav smiled and nodded. But he noticing Aman's wound and the worried girls staring at it, he knew it needed to get treated.
Arnav: "Come, lets go home. The police will deal with these lot."


After arriving home, they were first met by Raja pacing at the door restlessly. Khushi ran forward and let him jump up on his back legs to hug her. He barked over and over and seeing Aman's wound he continued til Madhu and Devayani came rushing.
 Devayani and Madhumati was horrendously shocked by the events Chinky had explained to them. Madhu stroked Aman's cheek, thanking him for protecting the girls. Aman shook his head modestly. She continued to stare at Aman's blooded wound and was worried what if it were 10 times worse. As Devayani hugged Khushi reassuringly, Chinky dragged Aman away to his room to get his arm properly bandaged. Madhu then rushed to Arnav holding his face to check for wounds. Arnav smiled softly.
Arnav: "I'm fine Buaji, it was mostly Aman who took a beating."
Devayani: "Those men really are very dangerous. Thank god they didn't succeed in their plan to take Khushi betiya. "
Madhu then went to Khushi to hug her tightly as Devayani patted Arnav's shoulder proudly. Kushal moved away from the pillar on the first floor and headed towards their room which didn't go unnoticed by his other half. 

Kushal sternly down the phone: "I want them to be punished severely Chief inspector....yes....Be sure to get every ounce of information about this Indu Thakur out of those men. They must know were he stays or where his operations are planned, SOMETHING!...I want him behind bars away from Kh-, each person in my family....Yes...thank you inspector. "
As he cut the phone he sighed as the dwelling pain still lingered in his hearts. He hated gripping on to something that only hurt him ten times more. With his hands clasped behind his back, he looked up at the sun starting to dip down from it's eagle height. He closed his eyes thinking of when-
Devayani confused: "You called the inspector...again? Why?"
Kushal opened his eyes and tightened his jaw: "After today's events I think more protection is needed and investigation to capture this Thakur. "
Devayani narrowed her eyes: "Protection for who exactly Kushal? "
Walking up to him slowly and putting a hand on his shoulder before continuing: "For Khus-"
Kushal turned away angrily: "Because of Khushi my grandson...Arnav was in danger. If Arnav was also hurt today-.....All I know it's because of that girl, so don't ever say I'm protecting her Devayani!"
He storms to the door, but as he swings it open he sees Madhu standing there guiltily. He twitched his lips tightly, before swiftly moving past her. Devayani was also shocked by Madhu's appearance and forced a smile.
Devayani flustered: "Betiya? Come in. * going up to her and leading her to sit on the bed* Did you want anything or-"
Madhu, however, remained silent staring at the floor. Devayani concerned called out her name again softly.
Madhu: "They're not going to stop Maaji...."
Devayani paused and shook her head at her negativity: "Don't say that betiya. You'll see. Everything will back to normal again. "
Madhu continued: "Aman Bitwa has come in this state...What if it were worse Maaji? What if Arnav babwa had been hurt too!?... I would...I would never forgive myself if he got hurt Maaji. What would I say to Muskaan? She would hate me. Sir is right..."
Devayani shook her head desperately trying to make her understand: "We are ALL family here Madhu Betiya. Muskaan would have never-"
Madhu shakes her head: "Right now I can only think about Khushi's safety Maaji. I was thinking...That we should leave...the cottage, this house. "
Devayani felt her heart despair and gripped her hands tightly: "No Betiya you both can't-"
Madhu firmly with tears in her eyes: "We have to. That Thakur and his gang knows we are here which is why they know our every move. They won't stop until they get what they want. We can't stay here any longer. I'm sorry Maaji. "

Outside the door however was Arnav gripping the door handle tightly, unable to imagine Khushi gone. As soon as he heard Madhu say 'we should leave', he felt his heart plummet to the ground. He couldn't let his happen. Eyes watering as Madhu sounded strong on her word, his nose flared in anger. Wanting to smash something or rip something apart, h moved away from the door and strode down the corridor. With his fists tight, he burst into is room, slamming it hard behind him. He breathed heavily going over his thoughts. Khushi...Khushi can't leave. I won't let her. But he knew he couldn't forcibly do so, as Madhu would never accept him then. But he had to do something. He then remembered the phone he picked up from the store. Fishing in his pocket he brought out the old phone which still had a bit of charge left in it. Taking off his jacket and waist coat furiously, revealing his navy shirt, he loosed his tie slightly while scrolling down the list on the phone. Knowing what he had to do, pushed the buttons and held the mobile to his ear, taking matters into his own hands.

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