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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Puddle drops

First of all....Eid Mubarak to all my brothers and sisters of the world. I hope you have had or are having a fabulous Eid and hope Allah blesses you all and your families.

Dedication of this update to my sis coronapsyche 


It was 4am when Arnav frowned in his sleep. He could feel against his body a shaking motion, making him come to wake. He tiredly opened his eyes, his sight laid upon the top of Khushi's messy hair. Pushing back slightly, Arnav focused on what was going on and started to remember the events earlier that night. He let out a breath of fuzzy air with a smile.

He sighed contently remember how Khushi cared for him, sobbed for him, then gave herself for him. He remembered the one syllable she utter for him making his heart glow. How precious that one little sound meant to him. He would remember it for the rest of his life but also hoped Khushi never strained herself like that ever again.

The sweet, passionate love they made with only the amber heat of the fire against them as they let loose their desires. It felt surreal thinking back to it for Arnav and so endearing, that he wanted that forever. Her by his side.

He was snapped out of these thoughts again by the shiver of Khushi's body as she snuggled deeper into Arnav's side. He sat up on his elbows to see the fire had gone out, with only the crispy remains of glowing ash. He also noticed that the blanket on Khushi had rolled down to her hips. As his eyes's traveled along her curves from her hip to her elegant face, his throat groaned wanting to take Khushi to moon all over again. But thinking about Khushi's current discomfort, he pulled up the blanket to cover her body to her shoulders.

Khushi shivered again and shuffled closer to Arnav's body, rubbing her nose against his upper chest. Arnav sighed with pleasure as Khushi unconsciously moved her hands to run along his abs and ribs to finally whimper not satisfied with her position. Arnav smirked at the cute pout on her lips as she whimpered lightly, before sliding an arm round her waist and lifting her up the bed, so her head fit snugly in the crook of his neck. Arnav chuckled deeply feeling her adjust to the move. He felt himself harden as Khushi lifted her leg to entwine with his legs, accidently brushing his member along the way. He controlled his breathing hoping she'd stop moving, knowing if she didn't, he would have to give her a very early wake up call. Feeling Khushi stop moving with her breath steady, she plant a gentle kiss against his neck making Arnav sigh relaxed.

He pulled up the blanket again to cover them once more, before laying a hand at the top of the back of Khushi's thigh and the other firmly across her back. He grinned breathing her in, smelling a mixture of himself and her in an indulging musk.
Arnav whispered: " I love you Khushi"
Feeling her smile against him, he closed his eyes again for the morning to come.


The next time Arnav opened his eyes and blinked at the fresh sun rays peeping through the curtains. Knowing it was just past sunrise, he sighed and turned on his front before suddenly realizing Khushi wasn't in his arms.

He sat up abruptly making the blanket pool round his waist, hands and eyes searching for Khushi. His eyes scanned round the room to find it empty, but also clean. His clothes was dried, pressed and folded on the chair too.
Arnav annoyed: "Khushi?! Khu-"

He stopped as he watched her come out her bathroom bright and fresh, in an creamy anarkili with orange borders. She paused drying her hair and smiled at Arnav softly before moving to sit in front of her dressing table, starting to wear her bangles. She felt her cheeks warm up feeling Arnav's intense gaze on her. She made to only glance up into the mirror only to be left staring, as Arnav's gorgeous eyes captured her with his head tilted playfully. He leaned back with a smile winking at her. Khushi looked straight down again biting her lips. Finishing with her bangles she stood up to get her brush on the bedside table and turned to see Arnav, in his trousers, right up close to her nose to nose with the most handsome of expressions.

Before her breath could even hitch at the sudden movement, Arnav lifted her in his arms heading back to the bed. Khushi's eye's widened knowing his intentions and started to shake her head at Arnav, trying to get down from his arms. But his grip was tight. As he chucked her on the bed making her bounce slightly, she started to get up to protest. Arnav however had other ideas.

Leaning his whole body against her, Khushi's head fell back against the bed breathing heavily as Arnav brushed his nose against hers.
Arnav huskily against her lips in a serious tone: "That was rude you know....Leaving me in bed."
Khushi closed her eyes blissfully feeling the tip of his nose run down her cheek, so he could plant a kiss against her jaw.
Arnav chuckled lowly: "Are you feeling shy now Khushi?...even after last night?"
Khushi bit her lip blushing as her mind spiraled back to her memories. She secretly smile. Arnav noticing also grinned before nuzzling his face against her neck. He could feel her throat vibrate as a quiet giggle was on her lips. She pushed him back slightly so they were eye to eye.
Arnav whispered: "So? Are you shy?"
Khushi looked down to his chest and nodded bashfully making Arnav smirk in response.
Arnav: " Good. I want to ravish you more then"

Diving into her neck again, Khushi nearly squealed with a bright grin and pushed Arnav hard so they rolled over on the bed. She saddled him so he couldn't move and then put her hands on her hips triumphantly. Arnav however was enjoying the view of her on top. He raised an eyebrow high, realizing from Khushi's bright grin, that she didn't even have a clue of the heated thoughts in his mind. He lifted a hand to rest against her cheek. Khushi happily leaned into it making Arnav sigh at how innocent Khushi was. How she really was his angel.

Her smile fell though as she traced the bruises still on his chest, but she had to admit they looked a bit more better then yesterday. She looked up to feel him pulling her head gently lower to his face for a kiss making her smile and oblige. As their lips met passionately, there was a loud barking noise erupting from down stairs making Khushi shoot up. She turned her head towards the door hearing Raja rush up the stairs barking and stop behind her door. The barking was furious and Khushi could recognize the worry in his voice. She jumped off Arnav and fixed her hair back, before unlocking and opening the door.

As soon as she did, Raja rushed into the room barking at Arnav who was just putting on his black night shirt. Furious he growled at barked at him. Arnav chuckled at his immediate reaction to him and crouched down to his level so he had a better look at him.
Arnav reassuringly: "Hey...hey it's me..."
Raja's barks quietened, recognizing it was Arnav and rushed up to him with his tail wagging. Arnav grinned and rubbed Raja's head and fur fondly.
Arnav: " Good boy"
Raja barked and bumped his head against his hand, greeting him. Khushi sighed with relief that Raja had calmed down and smiled at the two. She then walked up to them and crouched to stroke Raja's mane. He barked happily at her making her nod in response.

Arnav then noticed Khushi's face turn worried.
Arnav: " Khushi? What's wrong?"
Khushi looked at Arnav concerned and gestured with her hands about Devayani. Arnav's eyes grew wide remembering.


Kushal furious: " WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!??! What was so important for you to go out for the WHOLE night!!? And your phone unreachable?!?! Do you know how worried everyone had been for you and your Dadi!?!? Your Dadi had worried herself SICK becuase of you!! "
Arnav was stood at the entrance of the Raizada Mansion in the clothes he wore yesterday when he went out. He stood quietly taking in his grandfather's shouts knowing that he was completely right...but he also knew he himself wasn't wrong either.

He then noticed Madhumati come from upstairs, as Chinky and Aman come into from down the corridors too. They all looked at him shocked and glad about his return.
Chinky happily: "Arnav Bhaiya?! Your bac-"
Aman held her back from greeting Arnav as he knew Kushal would rip her to shreds. Everyone in the Raizada House knew that if Kushal was in the middle of something, you don't ever interfere. Chinky looked at Aman confused, only to receive the gesture of keeping quiet.

Madhumati however was more concerned about something else.
Madhu angrily: "YOU!!! "
Arnav gulped watching march up to him with eye's furious.
Madhu stopping: "You come with me right now!!! Maaji needs to know you're back safe or else her health's just going to get much worse!!! Come! "
Arnav let Madhu drag him away from Kushal's sharp gaze and noticed Khushi come in from behind Aman and Chinky worried for him. He nodded discretely at her to let her know everything was fine before following Madhu with great urgency.

Madhu gently: "Maaji?...Maaji look...Arnav babwa has come back...Your Chote has come back. Look Maaji."
Devayani was sat up with her head against the headboard tired. Slowly Devayani opened her eyes to see Arnav holding her hand in his, with eye's worried. Her eyes instantly watered at the sight of him safe.
Arnav desperately: "Dadi?...Dadi I'm sorry...I didn't mean for you to get worried sick..I had something to do but I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone before I left...But look I'm back...I'm fine, see. Your Chote is fine. Your don't have to worry anymore. I'm sorry Dadi. Please forgive me. "
Devayani felt tears fall from her eyes and nodded at her grandson, indicating for him to come close. Arnav immediately did and felt her lean forward to hug him close. He felt her relieved tears roll down the back of his shirt and hugged her back.
Devayani happily: "Chote...My Chote...You came back...Why did you go there...why..."
Arnav pulled back and wiped her tears: "You can ask me later but first you food and medicine...Please Dadi."
Devayani nodded happily.

After she had eaten and had her medicine, she turned to Arnav wanting to ask this in front of Madhu so she'd hear.
Devayani sternly: "Why did you go to face that Indu Thakur Chote?"
Madhu with eye's wide stared at Arnav sat opposite her with his eyes turning hard.
Devayani: "And don't lie to me...I know you went to face him... I could feel the bruises on you arms. I have tended your wounds ever since you could walk Chote, so don't tell me it's not true. "
Arnav looked away from his Dadi and nodded curtly as there was no point in hiding the fact.
Arnav firmly: " I did-"
Devayani frowned at him: " And?"
Arnav looked at her straight in the eye with confidence: " We won't ever see him or his men ever again Dadi. The police will deal with them."
She sighed thanking the Gods above for protecting him and returning with good news. She nodded and stroked his cheek proudly.
Devayani sighed: " Go and freshen up Chote. You must be tired."
But just as he was about to stand Devayani held his hand: " Chote...Your Dada will ask you today where you have been and why....Don't mention anything about Indu to your Dada. He'll find out in time. For now tell him you were out the night for some AR work. Is that understood?"
Arnav frowned not completely understanding, but seeing the serious look in her eye's he nodded feeling there was a good reason behind it. As Arnav stood up and left, Devayani felt assured that Kushal wouldn't know yet what Arnav had done...and most importantly for whom. Having a strong belief of knowing why Kushal behaves the way he does towards Khushi, she didn't want to unsettle the peace at the moment of the house. She wanted to make sure she knew so certain that what she was thinking was the case, before going ahead to ask Kushal the question directly. With Muskaan's Death Anniversary coming up, she knew this was the perfect time to confirm her suspicions.

She sighed and looked up to see Madhu stared at the door at which Arnav had just left. Madhu's hands were gripping on to the water jug in her hands making Devayani smile knowing the thoughts of her mind. She started to lay down in the bed.
Devayani: "Madhu betiya...I'm going to rest for a while so you may go for now...I'll call you through Chinky if needs be. "
Madhu smiled shakily and put down the jug before walking out the room.


Madhu called out: "Arnav Babwa!"
Arnav stopped just before entering his room and turned to see Madhu walk up to him urgently. He frowned as tears formed in her eyes looking over his form. She gently put her hands on his shoulders and felt for any major injuries. Arnav watched her shake slightly.
Arnav gently: "Buaji..."
Madhu angrily: "Chup!...Why did you go babwa!? What was the need to go to him?!?! Haire Nandkisore!! He could have killed you!!! Why did you go?!! You-"
Arnav strongly: " I heard yesterday...I heard everything"
Madhu stared at Arnav's firm eyes with showed a heart of a lion and a blaze of protectiveness taking her aback. He knew they were planning to leave? So he- She looked down from his eyes thinking about what this meant. 

As Arnav watched her eyes fall away from his, he confidently bent down to touch her feet, hoping for her to give her blessings for what they both knew well. He waited...and waited...and waited...He closed his eyes feeling defeated once more and went to stand, only to feel a hesitant soft pat on the back of his head.
Madhu whispered gently: "Khush raho babwa.."
His eye's watered as he stood up feeling tall...oh so tall. His proud smile spoke of a million words as Madhu, with concerned eyes, stroked his cheek before turning and leaving him to relish the feeling of accomplishment. 

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