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Chapter Twenty-Five: Cornered Hare


As two of the three men held a desperate Madhumati back, the biggest of the men had Khushi chucked over his shoulder with a tight grip round her thighs. 
Madhu begged: "Please let her go!!! KHUSHI!!! I beg of you! Let my Khushi go!!"
Raja was trying his best by savaging the bottom of his trousers and barking round his ankles, as Khushi punched her fists into the man's back with tears streaming down her cheeks. The huge man walked slightly faster, trying to lose Raja.
Man: "Get this fucking dog off me! "
Khushi reached out desperately to her Buaji with her hands out wide, but in vain. She had no idea who these men were and felt terrified thinking what they wanted from her. As they ushered down the Raizada corridor, Raja's barks echoed through the whole mansion. Chinky and Aman rushed out the kitchen shocked to find this was happening and tried to help Khushi, but were only to be shoved back like Madhu. 
Chinky: "Where are they taking Khushi!?!?"
Aman bewildered: "I don't know...KHUSHI!! *angrily* OI!! GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!"
As their arrived in the hall, Kushal and Devayani had just arrived, taken aback at what they were seeing. Kushal seeing Khushi's tears rushed into action by standing between the man and the door.
Kushal shouted making everyone halt in their position: "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!"
As Raja continued to bark furiously, Madhu rushed up to Devayani holding her hands. 
Madhu cried: "Maaji!! Maaji stop them please! My Khushi!"
Devayani was furious already, seeing Khushi being handled like this. She patted Madhu's hand and rushed up in front of the man holding Khushi and stared at him.
Devayani: "Who are you!?! And what is the meaning of this?!?! You will let Khushi go right now! Right this instance!! "
The man, however, simply looked back at his other two companions and smirked at this demand. One of them rudely replied: "We're just doing what we are paid to do madam. Boss says-"
Kushal stood in front of his wife and glared this man into his soul: "Didn't you hear what my Wife has just said?. ...*man intimidated slightly stepped back a bit* ....PUT HER DOWN NOW!!!"

Arnav rushed down stairs at that moment, fresh in cream casuals and blue jumper, and watched as a huge man dropped Khushi onto her feet. Khushi terrified out of her wits rushed to her Buaji to hug her tightly. Raja barked once more at the man before joining Khushi's side. Arnav frowned seeing Khushi in this state and looked across at the three men standing boldly. He walked up to them, standing beside Kushal.
Kushal sternly: "What is your business here? WHO do you work for? What is it you want from this girl?"
Arnav darkly: "More to the point! How dare you come upon our property with out our permission? How DARE you even TOUCH Khushi!!?"
Indu laughed: "I should be asking that to you all! How dare you have my property on your property!? "

Everyone looked towards the door to see a tall strong man with rough hair walk in the mansion, with 5 other men following behind him. Khushi frowned not finding this man familiar, while Madhu's heart stopped recognizing this grown up man. He had a smirk on his lips, a wild look in his eyes and expression that Arnav didn't like one single bit. Arnav swiftly turned and rushed up to him with fire in his eyes.
Arnav sternly: "And who are you supposed to be? "
The man chuckled and looked towards Madhu and Khushi with a smirk: "My name is Indu Thakur.....*laughs* And here I thought the buda bua would have told you about me already."
Arnav stepped forwards taking a breath: "Don't you dare say a word against Buaji..."
Indu casually relaxed and held his hands up: "Chill chill...Listen I have no problem with you alright...I'm just here to take back what's mine-"
Kushal stepped forward: "Which is?"
Indu pulled up his sleeved snarlingly and then confidently pointed directly at Khushi: "Her."
Arnav leaped at him, gripping his collar tightly making all of Indu's men stand forth with attention. Indu, however, brought his hand up to stop them as he was fuming. 
Indu calmly took Arnav's hand off: "You better watch it Raizada...Your messing with a Thakur here... *smirking*.I'm here to claim back Khushi, who was promised to me by the Gupta family. *Madhu shook her head in disbelief* Shashi promised my father that when his daughter turned 18, she would be given to me. *sighed* My father died last year he told me of this which was when we found out that out the girl's parents had such a tragic death all those years ago...My men and I have been searching for her and now we have found her. *smirked* I'm two years late I know but-
Indu shook his head with a dramatic sigh and turned to Kushal, putting a hand on his shoulder. Kushal casually took his hand off him, not convinced of this man at all.
Indu continued: "This lady has lost her memory. If I was lying why would my men be strolling through with Khushi? Why would I be even standing here? I could of easily kidnapped her don't you think? *smiles*"
As Kushal's jaw tightened at Indu's comment, Chinky supported Khushi's side while Madhu rushed to Devayani holding her hand.
Madhu: "Maaji! You remember don't you! I told you what happened and how those Thakur's responded...Didn't I?"
Devayani with tears nodded reassuringly at Madhu, knowing full well that she was telling the truth. 
Arnav looked at Devayani eagerly: "What happened Dadi?"
Madhu angrily upset: "I'll tell you. I'll tell you babwa of this boy and his father's ways."

Shashi stood up appalled about what this man in front of him was saying.
Shashi: "Never. "
Govind smirked brushing his mustache: "Your making a big mistake Shashi. Anyways what is wrong with my eighteen year old son? He has the potential to become a strong leader after I am gone. Your little girl has reached the age of 11 recently hasn't she? So it should be settled. After 7 more years, you will give away your daughter to my son. "
Shashi turned to his furious: "I will do no such thing. I may be an ordinary laborer with little wage and influence, but it doesn't mean I will bow down to your dema-"
Govind laughed out loud: "That is what I'm trying to say to you! I am strong and influential-"
Shashi spat bravely: "How!? By scaring people? Threatening them with your mobs and deals!?" 
There was silence in the room as Govind's men stood by beside him. Govind smiled. 
Govind: "That's exactly what I mean...Do you know your daughter is very brave and spirited just like you Shashi. When I bumped into her, she didn't care who I was and gave me...ME...a good yelling. *Govind's men chuckled* Such bravery would be perfect as a wife for Indu when he's older. "
Shashi calmly: "I have said my decision and it will not change. "
Govind smile slowly flattened and he stood up with his hands behind his back: "You know you will face the consequences for denying me. Our gangs have looked after you and this neighborhood-"
Shashi gritted: "You mean kept this neighborhood under your fearful control Govindji. "
Govind tightened his fist behind his back: "This is your final decision?"
Shashi with determined eyes, curtly nodded. After a moment, Govind Thakur and his gang left the Gupta house quietly. 

Shashi sighed after shutting the door tightly and turned to see Garima and Madhu staring at him fearfully knowing all. 
Madhu: "I knew the Thakurs will come to ask. Everyone had been talking about it. *sobbed* And now-"
Garima fearfully: "What will we do now?"
Shashi held Garima's hand tightly with a smile: "Let them do what they want...but I will never give our child away to hoodlums like them. I have seen Indu around the markets before. Like father like son. *sigh*  Jiji? Where's Khushi?"
Madhu: "She must be still playing in the woods."
Shashi nodded: "Good she isn't here to hear all of this.  And don't worry, Garima, everything will be alright."
As Shashi hugged Garima close, Madhu looked out of the small window wondering what the future would bring...

Madhu whispered painfully: "Then one day when I was coming back from the market and...and saw it..."

Madhu cried: "SHASHI!!!!!!"
The blaze spread like wildfire making the screams pitch higher.
Garima shrieked : "JIJI!!!!!!"

Even a lone tear fell as Khushi remembered that moment before the fire...

Garima screamed: "RUN KHUSHI! DON'T LOOK BACK! RUN!!"

Madhu controlled herself, letting anger take over. He pointed at Indu and his shameful men.
Madhu: "ALL OF YOU TOOK MY BROTHER AND SISTER-IN-LAW's LIVES!! YOUR DEVIL FATHER'S MOB WAS SENT TO LIGHT THAT FIRE SO KHUSHI WOULD BE LEFT ORPHANED FOR THE PICKING!!! * smiled at Indu* But you failed becuase as long as I'm here..You won't be able to lay a finger on my Khushi."
Everyone of the Raizada's stared at Indu with a disgusted expression, while he stared at Madhu relaxed. He glanced at Khushi, eyeing her body, before looking at Madhu again. Arnav clenched his fists not missing this.
Indu smirked: "Then to get to my Khushi we'll have to get rid of you then too won't we?"
Arnav growled: "You BLOODY-"
Arnav pounced on Indu taking his collar, simulating everyone of Indu's gang to pull their boss away, while Kushal and Aman held Arnav back.
Kushal glared at Indu: "You..ALL will leave my house this instance before I call the police-"
Indu grinned: "For what? My father burning the Gupta house down and lighting a cigar with it? *laughs before going serious* Where's your proof? And who are you going to charge? My dead father? *smirked*"
Kushal gravely: "Young man. I can't do nothing about that, however I can certainly do something about you and your friends if you don't get off my property right now."

Indu tisked with his tongue and took a deep breath, before sighing out annoyed. He backed away, followed by his men and had one last look at a distraught Khushi. Indu Thakur smirked at the game ahead.  

Madhu fell to the floor with a exhausted sigh, breaking down into tears. Aman and Devayani came to her side trying to console her. Kushal looked on making sure those men had left the property, before leaving for the study, to make a phone call for more home security.
Madhu sobbed: "After all these years they hunted my Titaliya down...and our pasts had to come in front of us like this....*Sob* What will become of her now? *cries*"
Aman held Madhu's hand: "Nothing will happen to Khushi Buaji. I promise. Chinky, Bhaiya, Me, Dadiji and even Dadaji will make sure of it. "
Chinky suddenly felt Khushi rush out of her arms and down the corridors: "Khushi!!!! Khushi wait!!"
Everyone looked to see Khushi leave with Raja following closely behind, only making Madhu even more upset. Devayani shook her head at Chinky to indicate to leave Khushi be. She then put Madhu's head to her chest and patted her with kindness in her voice.
Devayani: "Everything will be fine...Aman beta is right...we are ALL here. "
Arnav, who was stood helpless, then suddenly noticed Devayani indicate with her eyes softly to go to Khushi. Arnav discretely nodded and left the hall, knowing where Khushi would certainly be.


Going to the cottage first, Khushi then sprinted to the Secret Garden and fell by the pond there with the diary held close to her heart. Raja was close behind and barked seeing her fall, before rushing to her side to see if she was alright. It was dark indeed now in the evening, but the moon's reflected light fell against the pond, granting them light to share their sorrows. Khushi, on her knees, pulled the book away from her and stared down at it on her lap. Her chest shuddering with a sob and her fingers touching the edges of the diary, she remembered. Khushi remembered each word she wrote...each sentence she wrote with shaking hands when she was 12. She remembered on her 12th birthday she had decided to bravely write down what happened that night in the forest...The darkness...The eerie silence...The terrifying twigs that broke that day when her parents died.

Today she found out who those men were. Today she found out who were the people who killed her parents...and the most important answer to Why they did it...Khushi closed her eyes and let tears flow, which fell upon her red crimson diary. Raja whimpered and sniffed at the Diary that held happiness, but also dark secrets of both his and her past. He lifted his face to nuzzle her jaw, licking the tears that fell heavily. Khushi opened her eyes and stared into her Raja's, full of concern but also deep pain. She pushed the diary out of her lap and pulled him to her. Raja let Khushi hug him with all his might. He let Khushi grip hands full of fur into her hands and pull him so he was flush against her. He let Khushi bury her face into his wild mane and let tears soak through. Raja simply laid his head against Khushi's shoulder becuase he knew...he knew. 

It's all my fault Raja!...If Babuji didn't say no...If he had agreed to those men, then they would be still alive....It's all my fault!
As Khushi's body shook, she felt a gentle hand lay upon her other shoulder. She looked up sharply to see Arnav sat down close beside her, with eyes full of so many emotions. Feeling empty yet heavy, she let her self fall against Arnav's chest with Raja and quietly cried. Arnav sighed and wrapped his arms round both of them, rubbing them both, to let them know he was there.

After a while as Khushi's cries stopped, Arnav pulled them both away and wiped Khushi's tears. Khushi, however, kept her eyes low, hating herself inside.
Arnav quietly:  "Khushi ... Khushi you need to stop....What happened in the past... it wasn't your fault. It wasn't. Ok?..."
Khushi stared at him, shocked at how he read her so well. Arnav nodded trying to convince her heart that he was right. However, she only looked away and hugged Raja closer. But, Arnav wasn't one to give up. He held her face to make her look at him and stared at her eyes with a firm gaze of seriousness, so Khushi couldn't help but accept. 
Arnav firmly: "What your father did was right. And did what they did to protect you Khushi! Your parents  love you so much... Everyone does. You don't ever deserve a life with a man like him. No one does. "
Khushi looked at him making him pull her close, so their breaths mingled. Arnav smiled softly.
Arnav: "You belong by my side remember. And I won't let him take you away from me. I promise. "
Khushi closed her eyes and Arnav kissed her lips ever so softly making her body calm down. She felt as if a fog of immense love was covering her and she just wanted to get lost in it. Arnav hugged her again, brushing circles on her arm, when suddenly him eyes fell on the red book with the moonlight brushed upon it. He frowned and pulled away from Khushi.
Arnav: "Khushi?...Is that book yours?"
Khushi turned her head to look at it. The memories of that night flooded back making her brush Raja's fur in thought...Should I?

Taking a deep breath of confidence, she moved Raja off her lap and leaned forward to pick up her book. She then looked at Raja as he moved to Arnav's side and laid his head on his knee. As if asking permission, Khushi gazed into Raja's eyes as he did to her and she received his answer. She gripped the book again and stared at Arnav waiting...and she wondered how to even begin.




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