Friday, 19 October 2012

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Shade of the Small Leaf

~Maha Update~


Arnav with sharp eyes and tight jaw stormed downstairs. He headed straight for the doors where the night was just being born. His determined thought to make sure this was the last time Indu Thakur, was interrupted by a confused voice.
Chinky hesitantly from afar: "Arnav Bhaiya?"
Arnav, however, continued his heavy speedy steps, ignoring Chinky. He wanted to get this done without anyone interfering.

She had come from the kitchen to start calling everyone to the dinner table to eat, but seeing Arnav dash down the stairs with urgency, had made her curious. Chinky watched with a frown as Arnav left the house as she saw the deadly look in his eyes and anger coursing through his body with each step he took. She didn't know why, but she felt a storm brewing above. Aman...


Devayani was still sat in the position she was when Madhu had told her about her decision. However, her thoughts at the moment was very much attracted to her other half. Ideally sitting, with her eyes lost in a daze. He could of easily said that he didn't want Khushi betiya in this house if he cared so much about our safety. She frowned. Come to think of it...He has never once said for her to leave the residence of the Raizada's. Yes, he has told Madhu betiya for Khushi to keep away from the house, but never leave the cottage... He shows so much anger for her, yet it always seems he's so concerned. Khushi betiya is so gentle, kind and like a summers day, yet Kushal avoids her like... a bad storm.

Devayani sighed shaking her head before closing her eyes. She remembered back to those days when a secret smirk was always playing on his lips. She remembered when Kushal was rational, reasonable...and open. She wanted to cry seeing how Kushal had changed so much since that day when Muskaan died...

Just then Devayani snapped her eyes open dreading the possibility. No...Kushal wouldn't...he couldn't be still- Aman burst in the open door to her room with a worried look on his face. 
Aman: "Dadiji!!"
Devayani stood up immediately seeing the urgency in Aman's body language. Unable to think, her eyes searching his face questioningly. 
Devayani: "Aman beta?! What's wrong?!"

Kushal angrily: "WHERE COULD HE HAVE GONE!?!?!?"
As a furious Kushal paced the living room, Devayani was becoming worried sick. Khushi, hearing the news from Chinky, was terrified hearing that Arnav had gone out in such anger. Aman put a hand on Khushi's shoulder as he could see her fidgeting her hands. Khushi sighed nodding at Aman thankful for his support. With Madhu trying to calm Devayani's numerous of questions, everyone was tensing up.
Devayani: "Where could Chote have gone? Without his phone too!? *sobs*"
Kushal angrily turned to Chinky standing by Aman and Khushi: "WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM!?!?!"
Chinky with tears stuttered: "I ...I ...He looked so angry and...I did call out to him sir, but...he didn't listen...I-"
Kushal growled turning away: "FORGET IT! It's been hours now and no sign of him! What was so important of a job to do right now!?!?"
As tears started to fall from Chinky's eyes she felt a tissue held to her face by Aman. Aman shook his head at her indicating that Kushal was normally like this. Chinky took the tissue and smiled before Devayani started to think why would Arnav leave in such anger. Going through the day in her mind only one thing flagged up. He heard...He heard Madhu betiya saying she was leaving with Khushi... and maybe to stop her he's... he's gone to face...
Thinking the worst Devayani's face paled: "CHOTE!!!"


Out of the his black SUV, Arnav stepped on to the rough gravel before slamming the door behind him. The dark sky's wind blowing strong rippled through his shirt as he stepped forward towards the empty train grounds, which had been unused for years. Looking up to see the stars were hidden behind thick clouds, the only light source was from his car's headlights. Suddenly Arnav squinted slightly to see two more cars coming up round the corner ahead. His body immediately tensed watching the cars screech to a stop a few feet in front of him. Indu stepped out the vehicle with 5 more of his men. Arnav sharped his eyes on each of them, as they stood in a group behind Indu. 
Arnav: "I said alone." 
Indu chuckled while walking up to him: "You should consider yourself lucky Raizada. Even after you and your butler beat up my men and got three of them arrested, I have still come over to see what you wanted. *stopping*. So? What's the deal?"
Arnav sternly: "How much?"
Indu shrugged his shoulders innocently: "What?"
Arnav growled: "How much do you want to leave her alone ...forever!?"
Indu crossed his arms with a playing grin on his face: "My my my...arern't we here to play? ey? * clearing his throat* You see Raizada..On a normal day I would take money for anything..Right guys? * the men jeered behind him mockingly* but this is different. I'm just claiming what's mine. "
Arnav's body shook with anger: "She was never bloody yours to claim. He father never agreed-"
Indu interrupted snapping back: "Who fucking cares!?! He was an idiot! My father gave him the opportunity of a life time, to be under the wings of a Thakur!! And. He. Refused."
Arnav roared back: "Only an insane parent would give their daughter to a sick minded man, let ALONE a Thakur.  "

An eerie silence shot through the air like a crackle of a lightning bolt. Even the men behind Indu were apprehensive of Indu's reaction of this grave insult. Indu was very still with his eye glaring at Arnav, while his lips were as tight as a whip. However, this whip broke into a manic smile. 
Indu firmly: "My men are going to take her. Tonight. *grins* From the comfort of her own sweet cottage. While she'll be probably snuggling in her bed, in a sexy-"
Arnav losing it rushed up to him grabbing him by his shirt with a hand: "Khushi means NOTHING to you, you Bastard!!"
Indu staring straight into his eyes: "And she does to you.?.."
Arnav breathed heavily, gritting his teeth at Indu's smug face. He looked back at his men and laughed.
Indu: "Now I get it....You and Khushi have a thing going on...such faithfulness my future wife has. Va!"
Arnav used both his hands to grip his collar this time and whispered to him gravely.
Arnav: "Don't you dare...say her name. "
Indu teasingly started to slowly say Khushi's name over and over, making Arnav's blood boil over. Not able to hold the bulls rage back, Arnav swung at his jaw. Before he could do another Indu's men dragged him back and one by one started to take him on one by one. 

Fists red and adrenaline high, Arnav dodged and punched each of them black and blue. However, one slam of a bar against his back made Arnav yell and nearly fall to him knees. However, this gave the men enough time to hold Arnav by each arm and so his chest was vulnerable for a beating. As the rain started to pour, they kick and punched Arnav's chest and stomach til Indu stopped them. With the men still holding Arnav, Indu started to laugh at him and watched Arnav glare at him disgusted. Wincing from the harsh cold rain and hail against his sore body, he smirked.
Arnav: "I never knew you were a coward Indu Thakur. *chuckled* You can't even fight your own fights. "
Indu stopped with his back towards Arnav and slowly turned to stare at him: "What did you say?"
Arnav grinned: "You heard Thakur. "
Indu turned fully towards him and stood stiff: "let him go.....LET HIM GO!"
The men let go of Arnav immediately and watched as he stood up straight. It looked as if he was building up strength from somewhere. Indu's stone face started to twitched angrily seeing Arnav's amused face. 
Indu impatiently: "Fine...Just you and me...and no one...and I mean NO ONE will interfere no matter what. got it?"
One of the men spoke up hesitantly: "But boss-"
Indu: " I SAID YOU GOT IT??!"
They all nodded taking a step back. The sky's roared with thunder and the hail was hitting harder numbing Arnav's body as Indu slowly walked round. Indu suddenly yelled angrily making Arnav also charge towards him. They both collided and went to grip each other's collars, with eyes locked as tight as their jaws and with their knuckles white as the hidden moon. 


As Raja rushed into the cottage, Khushi entered too but turned as Madhu patted her shoulder.
Madhu: "Now you two stay eat something and go to sleep. It's very late now. "
Khushi held Madhu's hand desperate to persuade, but she stayed firm to her word.
Madhu: "No Khushi..It wouldn't be right for you to stay back at the Raizada's. I need to go back Titaliya. Aman and Chinky can't stay up all night by Maaji's side. Didn't you hear what the doctor said. Some has to stay be her side til she wakes. And the two may need my help. "
Khushi looked down helplessly, but Madhu held her chin up: "I'll phone here if Maaji shows any improvement. Hmm? *sigh* All we can do is pray that she wakes soon. *angrily* Where has that foolish boy gone too. * turning concerned* Haire Nandkisore! I hope he isn't in any trouble. *shakes her head before turning to Khushi* Now shut the door now Titaliya. I'm going now ok? *smiles*"
Khushi nods and shut the doors firmly. As soon as she did, dread filled her heart. Where is Arnav?

After giving Raja a shower and taking one herself, Khushi wore her white night salwar and went downstairs to make them both some food. Seeing the rain that started outside she sighed with tears in her eyes as her thoughts were rushing with questions of Arnav's safety and whereabouts. Taking her food to the table, she sat before putting the other plate in her hand on the floor for Raja who was sitting down obediently. Eating, with her eyes on the telephone, she couldn't stopped unable to finish. How can I eat when... She sighed looking up and quickly wiped away the tears that started to fall. However, just then she felt Raja's paw on her thigh making her look down at him. He had his adorable brown eyes staring up at her and whimpering lightly. She knew he could feel the tension in the air too. Nodding, she picked up her plate and his, before taking it to wash and dry. Her heart strained thinking whether he had eaten yet or not.

Not being able to sleep, Khushi decided to stay downstairs with Raja on the sofa, with a blanket. Letting Raja rest his head on her thigh, she slowly stroked the top of his head down into his mane. She looked up to see through the window the hail was hitting harder and harder too, making her body tense up again. Holding her hand to her lips to stop another sob from emerging, she looking down she saw Raja slowly close his eyes. He hadn't been sleeping properly for the last few days so it she was glad he had fallen asleep. Knowing they should be heading upstairs soon, Khushi slowly removed herself from the sofa and placed a pillow under Raja's chin so he didn't notice. She was about to head upstairs to start the light the fireplace in her room so it started warming up, only to stop and look back at the telephone. She stared at it for a while hoping her Buaji or even Arnav to call and say everything is fine. She sighed sadly leaving it and went the wooden steps.

Arriving in her dark room, she could immediately feel the chill that had gathered waiting for someone to come and involuntarily embrace them. Rubbing her bare arms lightly she walked over to the fireplace, crouching down to it to lit the fire. As each log of wood shared the flame to one another, Khushi put her hand up to it before rubbing them together. I hope Arnav isn't in this weather... Feeling the heat of the flames gently dry her slightly wet hair over her shoulder, Khushi looked down closing her eyes, praying for her Arnav to be alright. Praying to give her strength to not break to pieces as she was standing right on the edge of cliff above a dark pit, where hope was totally lost. Praying for him to return soon safely.

Opening her eyes she stood up from the orange glow and was about to walk over to the light switch, to put it on. However, just then she heard a loud thud far behind her making her quickly turn with alertness in her eyes. Hearing the noise from the balcony, the skin crawled heard footsteps coming towards the room itself. Eyes on the balcony doors she could only see the slightly transparent white drapes that flapped slowly. Khushi gasped realizing the doors to the balcony were open. Stepping back slowly, she cursed herself for not shutting the doors earlier. Even though the sound of rain and hail were splashing on the concrete of the balcony floor, she could still hear those footsteps come closer. She waved a hand behind her to grab the candle holder on the small table. Gripping it tight she held it in front of her bravely, hoping that she could fight off whoever the intruder was. The faint silhouette from behind the drapes pushed through to enter into the room. Khushi let out the breath she was holding in shock, while at the same time dropping the candle holder, which clanged on the floor and rolled slightly away from her bare feet.

Soaking wet and dripping was stood Arnav firmly with her eyes hard and breath steady. Khushi took in his state as his clothes were stuck against his body, while his skin looked so pale and eye's slightly red. She felt the feeling of relief from her body seep away into a ball of fury. Arnav watched as she rushed up to him and grabbed him by the open flaps of his shirt. As she angrily shook him, he could see the tears rush down her face and she shook furious. He stayed still, however, taking it in as he would much rather have her grabbing his collar than anyone else. Khushi felt like strangling him, shouting at him for disappearing for so long. She hated that he just stood there with his stern face, but eyes so full of care as they looked into hers.

Khushi's anger died down into sobs as she leaned against him, not caring that she was getting wet. Arnav feeling Khushi's warmth against his body instinctively made him lift his hands to embrace her.
Arnav huskily: "Khushi I-"
Abruptly Khushi pushed him away with her anger spiking again. She pointed at him and then patted her wrist, demanding an explanation. Before Arnav could say anything, she continued by pointing out the balcony  indicating the Raizada house, listing off people on her fingers and then pointed at herself, before pressing her hands on her heart. Arnav looked down knowing that everyone was worried for him, but everything was fine now. The most important thing was Khushi was safe.
Arnav roughly but slowly: "I had to make sure Indu doesn't come after you anymore....You're safe now..."
Khushi stared at him with wide eyes shocked with what he was saying. Her heart beat fast thinking over those words...

Arnav suddenly felt Khushi walk up to him and lift his head gently with her soft hand. He could see the frightful questions in her eyes asking him 'what he had done'. Arnav with his face still stern lifts his hands to hold her angelic face, making her breath hitch with realization of where he had gone...who he had met. Staring into her innocent doll-like eyes, Arnav knew that he had it in him to fight a thousand men just for her. He would do anything to make sure she was safe. He felt the sensation of glowing warmth from her cheeks as she closed her eyes taking in his presence. He is here now. Tears seeped from her eyes knowing Arnav must of fought Indu in some way for her. She shuddered at the possibility of him not returning if things weren't in his favor.

Just then she snapped her eyes open and removed his hands away from her. Arnav frowned, but remained silent, watching her actions. Looking at his arms with frantic eyes, she saw the small cuts and bruises forming, but her eyes catch the dark mark peeking out from the opening of his shirt. With shame not the slightest on her thoughts, she hastily unbutton his shirt to gasp painfully. Arnav followed her eyes as they traveled from his chest down to his abs.

Among the tan colored skin was huge dark angry bruises threatening to bleed through. Khushi stepped back slightly with her hand over her mouth, heavily breathing. Arnav could see she was unable to remove her eyes from the wounds and didn't want her to worry. He slowly came forward towards her hushing her with light whispers as she shook her head in anguish. Reaching her, he cautiously made her look up at his face and away from his marks.
Arnav whispering: " Khushi...Khushi look at me. Khushi? Shhh.....Khushi it's fine...shshshshhhh...That's it.."
He slowly engulfed her into a hug, hoping her piercing tears would stop as they ran down his chest. Khushi could feel him rest his head on top of hers reassuring her that it was fine, when she knew it wasn't. He had gone through so much for me, and ...and.. She remained there with him continuously hushing her down to light hiccups.

Arnav softly: "I'm sorry by the way...for scaring you earlier...I didn't want to wake Buaji so I came through your balcony instead...*pulling away*...Where's Raja?"
Khushi was lightly touching his bruised while indicating that Raja was asleep downstairs. She then showed with her hands that Buaji was at his house.
Arnav frowned: "Why is she there?"
Khushi sadly imitated Devayani with a sari action and put a hand on her forehead before closing her eyes. Arnav cursed under his breath.
Arnav: "Shit! Dadi's ill!? "
Worried, he headed towards the balcony to go out again into the heavy weather, but Khushi stopped him. He stared at her as she angrily pointed at the rain and his injuries.
Arnav: " But Khushi-"
Khushi calmly showed that Devayani is doing fine for now and they both should go when then rain lightens up.

Shutting the balcony doors, she dragged him in front of the blazing fire and lifted a hand telling him to wait. He watched patiently as she ran to the light switches to turn them on but they weren't working. She sighed at it angrily as it must be the heavy hail earlier. Stamping her foot, she rushes to the drawers to bring out the candles.
Arnav: "Khushi-"
Khushi, however, lifted a finger in the air to make him quiet. She lit a candle and place it on the table for a tad more light, before rushing to the old storeroom in the corner of her room. Arnav curiously watched as she brought out a clean shirt and trousers of a black color and put them on the bed with a towel. She indicated for him to take off his wet clothes and wear the clothes she laid out. She then rushed into the bathroom and searched for a while before coming out with a bowl of cold water, a wet towel and a little tube of ointment. Putting it on the table she turned to see Arnav had put the black trousers on, but was about to put on the shirt. Arnav then felt Khushi tentatively stop him from wearing the shirt. He turned to see her gaze at the wounds on his back too. He then remembered the slam of the bar on his back. Taking a deep breath Khushi took his hand to back him sit on the rug in front of the fire.

Arnav looked up to see the bowl of water and the cloth: " Khushi, You don't need to. It's fine."
She didn't listen to him making him shake his head with a playing smirk as she sat behind him. Arnav winced with pain as Khushi first wiped his back gently with the cloth, before lightly massaging in the ointment of the wounds. Arnav closed his eyes absorbing the scent of Khushi's room and the feeling of warmth. He could feel her soft fingers that were so hesitant when tending his injuries, but so attentive to each mark. He ached to lean back into Khushi's body as her touch was felt like the balm.

Disappointed that she stopped, Arnav opened his eyes only to see her sit beside him to see his chest and stomach. He smiled quietly watching Khushi shyly indicate for him to turn slightly towards her abit. He did so, but also leaned back on his hands making Khushi jump slightly. He chuckled at this reaction while she angrily blushed and continued to wipe his front. He could feel his inner frustration grow as Khushi wiped innocently lower and lower to his hip line, he groaned as she stopped making her look at him concerned. Mistaking it for his pain of the wounds she brushed lighter.

Looking upon Arnav's bare skin, which glowed with the fire lightening it, was making Khushi's heart race wildly, but she was sure not to give it away and focus on applying the ointment. As she rubbed in circles, Arnav leaned his head back slightly, tilting it in indescribable pleasure. He hmm-ed as a cat purred, making Khushi smile lightly thinking it was giving him relief from the pain, when actually it was developing a different type of pain much lower. He then gazed at her at work, taking in her beautiful soft smile and thinking how her hair looked so beautiful when down as the feathers at the front emphasized her cheek bones. In admiring her love and care with dark eyes, he lifted a hand to stroke her cheek with the back of his knuckles.

Khushi turned her face away from his touch, still upset that he had gone through so much for her. So much so that he was in this state. She glanced back at him to see that he had that fond look in his eyes. She didn't want to give in and so stood up to bring the towel from the bed. Bringing a stool behind Arnav, Khushi sat on it and started to dry his hair. She smiled secretly as she could feel him lean back so his shoulder blades were against her knees. But hearing him chuckle at her as if knowing she was smiling, made Khushi pout again and start to dry his hair roughly. Arnav smirked and quickly put back a hand to stop her wrist. Pausing she watched him bring her hand forward and kissed it softly making her heart flutter and swoon. However, with her mind getting the better of her, she snatched her hand back and stood up to chuck the black shirt at him. Arnav sighed shaking his head but frowned seeing Khushi leave.
Arnav: "Khushi?"
She turned and motioned a eating gesture before turning back to head out. He looked down at the shirt before putting it on. It was a bit tight so he decided to leave the buttons undone. Facing the fireplace cross legged, Arnav tilted his head back to look round Khushi's room. With the Fireplace and a candle as his only source of light he couldn't see that much detail, but the amber glow created it's shadows making it seem as if he wasn't the only one in the room. He looked up to see the silver chimes beside the window in the corner and smiled seeing fresh flowers in the jar on the window sill. He chuckled remembering that Khushi always gets flowers from the Secret garden and gives them to Devayani. Everyone is always wondering why they have never seen such flowers in the Raizada garden, but Arnav smiled softly knowingly now. He wondered if his mother got those wild flowers from the Secret garden too when she was alive. If was the same case as he remembered Kushal always asking her where she got the flowers from. He frowned knowing that he wanted to ask Madhu's permission for Khushi's hand in marriage soon. He wanted her to be a part of his life officially. He knew that his mother would have searched the world for a wife for him and so would have eventually found Khushi for him. He was just glad he had found her luckily too.

He stared back at the fire as his mind drifted back to Indu's quick escape. He was glad that his plan worked as the police arrived to capture all the men except Indu and two others, using their vehicle to escape. He knew that Indu's ego was too big so he'd bring each one of his men to see him defeat him. Arnav could feel the sting on the outline of his drying eyes as he continued to stare at the harsh fire. He felt his muscles tighten as he remembered the words as he escaped.

Just then he felt Khushi's hand on his shoulder shaking him. He closed his stinging eyes and rubbed them with a hand. Blinking slowly, he looked up to see Khushi sitting on her legs beside him with concern in her eyes. Arnav shook his head quickly at her, to tell her he was fine, but he knew Khushi knew him too well. Turning to sit facing Khushi, with his side towards the source of heat, he noticed the small tray in her lap. He smiled seeing that she had a glass of water, a steaming bowl of soup, a medium size bowl of sabzi and 2 pieces of parata beside it all. Arnav flicked his eyes up to see her focusing on the food and watched as she torn a piece of parata.
Leaning forward to take the food from her: "Khushi, I can eat mys- *slap*"
He removed his hand that Khushi has just slapped away. She glared with a quick finger on her lips telling him to sit quietly.

Arnav obediently sat, and lingered his eyes on Khushi as she fed him by hand. Feeding him the soup first made Arnav smile but also wonder as she was about to feed him the roti with sabzi.
Arnav deeply: "Have you eaten Khushi?"
Khushi nodded and edged the roti piece closer to his face, but he continued: "Properly?"
She sighed and nodded again making him frown: "You're lying."
Khushi opened her mouth in shock giving him the opportunity to swiftly snatch the piece in her hand and pop it in her mouth. Gasping, she pulled back and munched annoyed at Arnav's actions. She then continued to feed him until the last morsel of food was bitten away from her fingers. Khushi nearly squealed feeling Arnav's lips and tongue suck on her fingers and pouted as he smirked at her satisfied. Khushi couldn't help but break a smile back and playfully push Arnav's shoulder. He winced a bit making Khushi remember his wounds and lean forward to check. Arnav caught her hand and softly smiled at her, nodded that he was fine. However, this didn't rid of the sadness locked now in her eyes.

Arnav frowned as she got up putting the tray on the table, before walking over to the bed side table to get something. Having enough he stood up and walked to stop her beside her bed.
Arnav firmly: "Khushi...stop. Come sit. "
Using his arms to turn her to face him, he made her sit on the bed and crouched down in front of her. Her eyes were on her lap making him sigh defeated.
Arnav: "Khushi look at me. "
As she slowly did he saw those beautiful eyes water, like they were made of glass. Not being able to look away, Khushi trailed her sight down to the marks on his chest, shown through the wide opening of his shirt. Her body shaking wanting to burst, she pointed at his marks and then at herself before bursting into silent tears. Swallowing, Arnav lifted a hand to wipe her tears away and cupped her cheek. With a strong face and tone he told her straight.
Arnav: "Khushi...I know your upset with me but never...Never think that all this is your fault. "
Khushi closed her eyes letting her tears slip down and run along Arnav's hand.
Arnav determinedly came forward: "I make sure your safe... And that your mine Khushi....I...  love you too much to let someone else even think to taking you away from me. Your mine. "
Khushi's eyes had snapped open with lost wonder when he uttered those three words. She felt them linger in the air making her breathing quicken as if to suck them in til they reached her heart and mind. He had never said those words before to her making her love for him impossibly triple. Yet she frowned as she felt something was incomplete in that air. And she needed to fill it.

Arnav watched carefully as Khushi pulled his hands away and hold them in hers tightly. She licked her lips before looking down at them thinking in deep concentration, her breathing heavy. Arnav suddenly felt slightly uncomfortable as Khushi seemed to be struggling with something...a thought?...a feeling?...what is it? He was about to open his mouth to ask, but she held her fingers to his lips. He remained quiet and could feel her gripping his hand tighter and tighter. Arnav's face turned stern not liking this one bit whatever it was. He released a hand from her grip and held her face as she shook slightly. But then he watched her look at him straight in the eye with teary eyes and open her sweet lips shakily.
Khushi: "...I..."

Arnav didn't let her say anymore. Not a single syllable more. Becuase he knew what she wanted to say...he never needed the words when the fact was always there. She loved him. A lone tear fell from the corner of her closed eyes as Arnav pushed her back on the bed lips still passionately merged with hers. Balancing himself desperately above her he kissed every single emotion that he was feeling right that moment. With his tongue laced tangled with hers, he grunted closer as he felt Khushi's hands run over his shirted back. Pulling back, with their chests heaving for air, he stared down into Khushi's sorry eyes. He held her close and stroked her tear away, while shaking his head furiously.
Arnav angry, but amazed at this woman beneath him: "I never needed you to say anything Khushi. You tell me all the time...with every single thing you do. Be it even a single bright smile. I never want you to force yourself to talk for me Khushi...please.....Your mind will do that when your your own time...I don't care if it takes my whole life to hear your voice. Or even if I never hear your voice while I live...I won't be able to stop loving you, because your eyes speak loader than anything in this universe...Only I know that. And that's all that matters. Nothing else. Ok?"
Khushi continued to stare up at him in awe, but Arnav shook her slightly wanting to hear an answer.
Arnav: "Ok?!"
Khushi nodded happily and let Arnav lift her up to lay her on the bed properly to sleep. He slipped in the covers holding her close wishing nothing more to protect her from everything that could possibly hurt her.
Khushi stared up at him wondering if he feel more comfortable sleeping alone for the bruises. Arnav glanced at her then before kissing Khushi's forehead. Khushi felt him wrap his arms round her tighter making her sweetly smile up at him. Arnav brushed a piece of hair behind her ear before asking in a deep tone.

Arnav: "I'll be fine Khushi...Trust me.. "
Khushi leaned up to kiss his lips gently before nodding. He then sat up to bring up the thin blanket over them before holding her close again.
Arnav: "You sleep ...I'm here."
Feeling the circles being drawn on her back, Khushi's eyes slowly fell away into a deep sleep. Arnav stared up into the half open canopy of the bed and admired the white drapes of it. He sighed smiling thinking how pure his Khushi was and how he would do anything to protect her. Gazing at the flames in front of him, he slowly seeped into a sleep himself, breathing in the scent of Khushi...his Khushi.




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