Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Chapter Thirty: Patches of Warmth


As suns rose and nights fell from that stressful day, gradual subtly in atmosphere arrived to the Raizada Mansion as everyone was going about happily in their own worlds. The slight chill of the weather crept in making everyone move round a lot more to avoid it. 

It was the day before Muskaan's Death Anniversary as Kushal was first, as always, to make sure that everyone was aware of the requirements for tomorrow. Devayani observed as her husband calmly, but firmly, appointed everyone with jobs to do for tomorrow. He always liked the matter to be just within the family and not outsiders. However, it never stopped surprising her that he'd always imply for her to invite Madhu and Khushi too, to the ritual for Muskaan as Madhu was her best friend. Devayani would grow that bright smile each year hearing his 'excuse' which was always...
" Muskaan betiya would prefer her friend be there. I want Muskaan to be happy. That's all."
Devayani would sigh, wishing Kushal would be the Kushal he was before. The Kushal he had boarded up from the world.


Chinky was preparing food for tomorrow with a lost expression on her face. In her peach lenga, she was sat on the floor with Raja beside her, in his basket relaxing. Raja with his head on the floor, watched Chinky mutter to herself quietly, pout angrily, sigh miserably and pause shaking her head. Raja grumbled at the back of his throat making it come out as a light growl to grab her attention. Chinky looked across at him confused why he was growling.
Chinky: "What are you trying to say Raja? *gasps before whispering close to him* Are you upset too? I AM! UFFF! Oh Raja! Why can't we read minds!?!? I wish I knew what Aman thinks about me. I wish I could tell him what I feel about him. UFF! It's just like there's a volcano inside me that want's to burst...but then doesn't want to burst becuase the worry fear in side of me is just eating me up!! "

She looks down at Raja to see a whimpering confused expression. 
Chinky sadly: "You know what I mean right!?"
Raja's loss of reply made Chinky annoyed and turn back to her job at hand: "What would you know Raja. You already have your Rani Khushi's heart ever since you met her. Tell me your secret! "
Raja barked happily. Chinky couldn't help but smile.

Aman walking towards them cheerily: "And what's going on here then!? "
Chinky tried to act normal again and smiled eagerly at him: "Did you find what you wanted from the market?"
Aman sat beside her to help: "Yep. Arnav bhaiya's's suits and all, but I also have found something else."
Chinky curious: "What?"
Aman brought the bag from behind him and handed it to her. Chinky hesitatingly took it with her eyes on Aman who was waggling his eyebrows. Chinky smiled and opened the bag to get the shock of her life.

Chinky: "It's it's...It s the dress!!"
Aman laughed loving her reaction as she looked at the green emerald attire, he had chosen for her when they were at the mall.
Chinky stared at Aman in awe: " did you....this..."
Aman gasped: "I made Chinky speechless!!?!? Now that is a shock! *chuckles* I found it when I was picking up Arnav bhaiya's things from the mall. I remembered that you never had time to buy it becuase of the incident so *he shrugged his shoulders*"
Chinky felt wetness in her eyes before jumping up and putting her arms round Aman's neck for a tight hug. Aman was more than surprised.
Aman laughed: "Woah there!! What's this for!?!!? I only bought you a dress."
Chinky grinned hugging tighter: "It means...It means a lot to me Aman. It really does. Thank you. "
Aman nodded and gently hugged her back having this warm feeling inside. 


Kushal was sat on the side of his bed reading and signing off the files Arnav gave to him this morning. They both wanted to complete their office work for tomorrow, so there wasn't any interruptions from work. Kushal closed the last file and felt his wife enter the room. He wore his grey suit jacket before turning to her.
Kushal: "I'm going to AR to have the final checks for tomorrow. I won't be long."
Devayani came to stand in front of him smoothing out his tie and suit. It was a normal gesture between them, which made them both feel better having a slight heart to heart. However, only Devayani knew that after Muskaan's death, Kushal spoke less.

Devayani: "I have called the Pandit to come for 9am. "
Kushal nodded curtly and stiffened as Devayani hugged him, laying her head woefully against his chest. Kushal knew this was coming as it never pained less each time this day arrives every year.
Devayani tearfully: " Do you think she is happy up there Kushal? Does she feel alone?"
Kushal held his breath feeling his wife's pain and hugged her gently back: "She's happy and content Devayani. Abhi is there for her. He would never let Muskaan cry remember. "
He pulled her away and wiped her tears before nodding reassuringly. Devayani stared into his eyes painfully.
Devayani: "Do you really think she's happy, seeing each year how her Babuji has changed so?"
Kushal felt a thorn pricked his his heart hearing that word 'Babuji' after so many years.

 Muskaan laughed waving at him happily: "Baaabujiiiiii! "

Kushal's whole body stiffened again as he stepped back from his wife. His eye's turned dark as coal glaring at her. Without a single word, he turned swiftly to exit the room. Devayani watched in despair but also felt more motivated to see if her assumptions, about his so called 'hatred' for Khushi, was true. 


Khushi, in a teal green churidar and her hair open but held back, was helping out Chinky with the laundry. She was carrying some of the neatly folded clothes up the stairs with her. Through out helping her, Khushi noticed Chinky's bright radiant smile didn't budge for even a second making her very curious indeed. At the top to the stairs Khushi paused causing Chinky stop too beside her.
Chinky: "What's wrong?"
Khushi tilted her head and raised an eyebrow at her making Chinky smile nervously: "What is it?!"
Khushi lifted a hand and put it to Chinky's face indicating the smile and rolled her eyes.
Chinky turned away shyly: "It's nothing!! Can't I be happy? What kind of friend are you Khushi!?"
Khushi grinned following her. 

Chinky: "Oh! The clothes you're holding are Arnav bhaiya's, so can you put those away while I put these in Dadiji's room?"
Khushi looked down at the clothes and smiled softly realizing they were Arnav's. Feeling her heart beat race again, she nodded and left Chinky to slowly walk down the corridor to stand outside his bedroom. She had never entered his bedroom after he had arrived to the house, making her feel jittery inside. She bit her lip remembering back to the night when she gave herself to him, making her blush terribly as the butterflies were let loose. To stop herself from indulging any further, she immediately knocked on the bedroom door with her eyes tightly closed.

She waited for about 2 minutes with no reply or sound coming from the other side, before gently opening the door and entering the room cautiously. Helloooo? As entering the room her breath hitched as the aromas of his perfumes and aftershaves was in the air making her smile gently. Her eye's scanned the room for him, taking cute note of how clean his room was and smart in appearance with the royal blues and greys. She then quickly strode to his wardrobe to neatly put in his clothes before turning to leave. Her tracks stopped however, taking in the photo's laid on the bed.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she walked closer to the side of the bed and picked a couple of photo's up to have a closer look. She then smiled recognizing Arnav instantly as a young boy, remembering the photo in the store room. This photo however, was set somewhere else other than home. They're fishing...but we don't have a fishing area in the garden. And the secret garden only have tiny fish. And these are HUGE! She fondly watched the captured moments of happiness, which was shared between Arnav's mother and her children. Khushi tilted her head. That must be...what's her name...Oh yeah! Anjiliji! Buaji mentioned her...Arnavji's Di

She then picked up another photo that held Muskaan, Kushal and Devayani. Their smiles were lovely and oh so happy. But then Khushi frowned thinking how Kushal never smiled like this. Ever. In the photo his smile was lit like a warm rough fire, while Muskaan was leaning against happily. Kushal's eyes were on Muskaan making Khushi smile brighter loving this side of Kushal. But then again she didn't mind the current side of Kushal either. Yes he was always angry, but never lacking in care.

Suddenly, she felt arms wrap round her stomach confidently. She nearly jumped out her skin, but the delicate lips against her cheek made her relax instantly. Arnav.
Arnav deeply chuckled swaying her side to side: "Looking at my photos are you?"
Khushi crimsoned for intruding making Arnav kiss her cheek again: "Stop worrying. I don't mind. "
Khushi sighed letting Arnav hold her from behind dropping nibbles and pecks from her jaw, down her neck. His eyes then fell upon the picture of Muskaan in her hands. Arnav noticed Khushi fondly looking at it, while touching her own hair unconsciously. It made him glow inside.
Arnav quietly: "Maa's beautiful isn't she..."
Khushi glanced at him before nodding enthusiastically: Very.
She envied how beautiful she was. Her hair so rich and long, her body so perfect in the camera, but her bright and wide. They were just breathtaking.

It was just them Khushi remembered something. She put down the photos before turning in Arnav's arms and starting to unbutton his blue shirt. She did it quickly making Arnav amused at her actions with a sly smile.
Arnav sexily: "I didn't know you were that eager Khushi..."
Khushi paused turning beetroot and looking up at his. She lowered her eyes shyly and shook her head as that wasn't the reason why she was taking off his shirt. Arnav however knew too well. He obliged and let Khushi check at his bruises for her satisfaction. She smiled seeing that there were all now really faint as she touched them.

Arnav cheekily pulled her close so her chest was against his. Arnav breathed on her lips heatedly, before speaking making Khushi's body shudder.
Arnav: "I love it when you check on me Khushi...but you should know by now that my wounds of course heal by your touch. ..."
Khushi gripped his arms breathing heavily as Arnav's intense eyes locked with hers.
Arnav whispered: "Besides...there are defiantly other places I would sooo rather have you touch..."
Khushi bit her lip before hiding her face in the crook of his neck, unable to handle such seducing words. Arnav deeply chuckled before hugging her close breathing her flowery fragrance in. He opened his eyes to lay them upon the photo's on the bed holding pleasant moments of the past and sighed thinking how he held in his arms the most precious person of his present and future. I love you Maa.

Hope you Squirrels liked it. 
Next time dundundahhh the real Kushal. *gasp* lol


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    Wonderin whats gonna happen next!
    cheers for the pm :)

  2. Aww... That was so sweet. From Aman and Chinky to Kushal and Devayani and finally Kushi and Arnav. Every moment was brilliantly narrated. Loved it.

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