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Chapter Twenty-Two: Bird's Nest

Hey Squirrels! ( I have decided to get my fab VWT readers a name,lol) 
Now here is a note about Buaji's position now finding out that Khushi and Arnav are having a secret relationship. 

I understand that at the end of 'A Blue Rose'  many got very confused on whether Buaji is hiding another secret ( apart from the secrets already pointed out, like what really happened in the forest with khushi and Why Kushal is acting like this etc). And also everyone's worried on whether Buaji will be causing more Misunderstanding or a hurdle for Khushi/Arnav. 

Now I'll explain. Buaji's worry is nothing to do with the past, more of the present.  Think about what Buaji knows and sees everyday. Buaji always sees Kushal's annoyance and anger towards Khushi ( even though she doesn't know why). Buaji also knows very well that Arnav is very obedient to his grandfather and has never backed down his word. Therefore she is worried that sooner or later Kushal will make Arnav see his way about Khushi, which will leave her very heartbroken. Bottom line, Buaji doesn't have that much belief in the strength of Arnav's love towards Khushi. 

Now about Buaji being a possible barrier for the couple. Madhumati's character isn't as sneaky as Kushal to actually DO something about it, but she is very quiet and inner thinking when it comes to problems and fears, so she won't blast them both. She's keep the fear and worry to herself. However this won't stop her from warning with gentle words. So just becuase she disapproves of their relationship, she won't be a solid hurdle for Khushi and Arnav, but instead a flag of  worry for them both . 

Hope that helps. :)


As the days past Khushi's health went back to tiptop shape. With Chinky's and Aman's pillow fights, Khushi didn't have no choice but to get better in order to show them who was queen of the game. Devayani didn't mind of the laughter and joy that had returned to the house, she was overjoyed that everything was back to normal. 

It was a warm day when Chinky and Khushi were out in the Open Area under the hut, sitting on the steps. After completing their morning chores, they picked some henna leaves to grind to a smooth paste. Khushi was wearing a dark pink long salwar, while Chinky wore a paler pink short salwar. Khushi added the leaves to the plate for Chinky to grind with a flat rock. 
Chinky: "Do you remember when we met Khushi? In the forest picking leaves!? *giggles*"
Khushi smiled and nodded earnestly before spreading her arms to make a huge imaginary ball. She even held her breath to puff her cheeks for the full effect, making Chinky laugh out load. 
Chinky nodding: "Yes yes I remember! That big fat old man that shouted at us loads saying * deep voice* Children these days!?!?! Think they own the forest!! You can't pick these henna leaves from here."
Khushi lent back against the pillar of the hut grinning so much it hurt. Chinky then shook her head.
Chinky: "You know Khushi that man was just...UFFFF!"
Khushi rolled her eyes with a bright smile. Chinky, being the same age as Khushi but only a few months older, was just as bubbly as Khushi, but she says all her feelings through words. The only thing she couldn't put into words was her frustration. It only ended up in an 'Ufff'.

It was just then when Raja rushed towards then from the Raizada Mansion, with the wind brushing through his wild mane. The two girls greeted him with a pleasant smiles, while finishing the last of the henna leaves. Raja seemed to be trying to sniff Khushi's fingers making Chinky laugh.
Chinky warned: "Raja! You best not touch this. Or else you'll get color on your lovely fur. Right Khushi?"
Khushi nodded indicating Raja to sit down beside her, however Raja kept nudging her hands. She frowned and squinted to realize that he had a small chit of paper in his mouth. Arnav. She glanced at Chinky, making sure she wasn't watching, before putting her hand out for Raja. He dropped it in her hand, before sitting down obediently as Khushi had told him. Khushi discretely opened the chit to read what was inside.

You should of worn red would of matched the Mendhi on your finger tips.

Khushi grinned shaking her head. She hid away the note and lifted a hand to see the red color that had appeared from the Henna leaves and paste being made. Rubbing her fingers with a soft smile, her round eyes flickered up to the balcony of the Raizada mansion to see Arnav's cheeky wink and smirk. before he swiftly walked inside. Khushi blushed at the thought of Arnav watching her for so long. Then again, he had been doing that for the last few days. While she was recovering with Aman and Chinky by her side, she could feel Arnav's gaze on her from afar, making her smile shyly trying to be seem less self-conscious. She knew that he was chuckling at her each time and would sure enough send a small note to her through Raja, which made her smile without fail. 

Chinky: "Oi Khushi!? "
Khushi startled at Chinky, who looked a bit annoyed.
Chinky: "I have been calling you for ages to say the Mendhi's done...Gone off to lala land again? *giggles* Buaji really does call you Titaliya for a reason, hmm? Now come on."
Khushi grinned and shook her silly head ad stood up with Chinky to head off to the kitchen.


Days would pass as Arnav and Khushi would meet quietly in the Secret Garden to spend time together. Other times, notes would be sent between the two fond hearts. Arnav would always insist that he should get a mobile for her, but she had no interest at all in the matter and liked her pieces of papers just fine. To always draw away the matter she would always hug Arnav tightly, making him forget sense and lose himself with her too. Her leaving the cottage more often has not gone unnoticed by Madhumati, who could tell who Khushi was going to meet by only seeing the happiness that glowed on her face.

One day Raja and Khushi were in her room, getting ready to go for a trip to the mandir near her old home. She goes every other month, with Raja, to visit her old home but also to pray at the Mandir for God, to make heaven that much comfy for her parents.
This time round she had convinced Arnav to come along too for more company's sake. Arnav was reluctant becuase he didn't believe that much in God, but he couldn't refuse Khushi plea. He had arrived to the cottage wearing a black suit with maroon shirt. Knocking on the door, he waited for Khushi to open, only to see Madhu open the door instead. Arnav's mind frowned slightly as she didn't look that pleased to see him. She looked worried.
Arnav huskily: "Buaji? Is Khushi ready? Khushi said she wanted to go to the mandir so-"
Madhu hesitated before speaking: "I know Babwa. Urm I wanted to...ask something from you."
Arnav nodded wanting to hear.
Madhu looked down before building the courage to say it: " I know that you and Khushi have been getting along well as...friends."
Arnav hmm-ed, not 100% confirming the word 'friends'.
Madhu smiled tightly: "But I would like to ask if you could...not become too close with her. "
Arnav frowned: "But Buaji-"
Madhu lifted her hand to stop him: "I know, I know, however I am Khushi's only guardian Babwa and I would like to keep Khushi's friends close, but not this close..."
Arnav stiffly stood watching Madhu gripping the door tightly, with her body tensed. She must be figuring out that Khushi and I... Arnav looked down trying to think how to respond. He knew he couldn't stay away from Khushi. He needed her like a plant needs it's sun, however he couldn't set a bad impression in front of Khushi's Buaji. Buaji wasn't just Khushi's aunt but also his mother's best friend. Madhu was the last person Arnav wants to upset. He glanced up at her, wondering what was different between him and Aman, that Buaji is acting so tensely towards him. Is it becuase I haven't spent as much time with Khushi as Aman has? What do I lack in Buaji's eyes? Is it trust? With these questions in his mind, however, he replied.
Arnav nods curtly: " I understand. "

As Buaji smiled and nodded thankfully blessing Arnav from her heart. She knew it was none of his fault as children are so innocent when it comes to the matter of love, that sometimes they forget the consequences. Just then Khushi rushed out in a red short salwar, with Raja close behind. Madhu watched as Khushi hugged her a goodbye and walked by Arnav's side out the gate towards the forest. She waved back at Madhu who sighed and shut the door, hoping Arnav meant what he said. Becuase if he didn't, she dreaded the coming storm ahead.

As soon as Madhu shut the door, Khushi immediately linked arms with Arnav, making him shake his head with her silly antics. Arnav then noticed Raja walking ahead, was heading to deeper towards the forest.
Arnav : "Khushi, We could just take the car. It would take ages for us to your old house wouldn't it?"
Khushi giggled raising an eyebrow at him. Arnav tensed his muscles.
Arnav: "What? You think I can't walk it? "
Khushi teasingly looked away rolling her eyes making Arnav glare at her.
Arnav tight-lipped: Fine. "We'll walk. "
Khushi grinned and hugged Arnav's arm, before rushing ahead to catch up to Raja. Arnav just put his hands in his pockets and smiled, enjoying the scene of the two ahead of him.


It was a good half hour since the three started to walk and the sun was at it's high, shining down through the holes of the leaves and branches above, creating a misty glow through the path of the forest. The air was warm, but not too damp as the shadows created from above provided the shade. The atmosphere felt enchanting, as if they were treading through a mystical lair of fairies and shy wildlife. 

Khushi and Raja were now way ahead of Arnav, but not that far as Khushi kept looking back now and again to make sure he was following. Turning back to look ahead, Khushi's grin turned into a smile, and then that smile turned into a line. Her footsteps upon the dry leafy ground slowed to stop beside Raja, who staring at her with a deep expression. Side by side they both stood to gaze at the tree, a few steps in front of them. It was a very tall and old tree with a mouse hole at the side, big enough for a young teenager to enter. It was the hollow tree. The same hollow tree. 

Khushi picking up the young puppy in her arms: "Look!! That's were you can live!! Well for the time being! "
The young girl stepped forward to the hollow tree and carefully put the puppy inside. She grinned, seeing the space inside the tree had loads of room for the puppy. The little puppy barked and wagged his tail happily making Khushi smile. But her smile didn't last long as she noticed the little pieces of wood sticking up from the ground inside. 
Khushi: "This would hurt you accidently! And we don't want you to get hurt now, do we?"
Khushi stood back and put a hand on her chin to think hard. It didn't take long before she snapped her fingers with an idea.
Khushi rushed forwards leaning inside the hole: "You stay right here. Ok?! I'll be right back. "
With that Khushi ran quickly back home, leaving the fluffy dog poke his head out to watch and wait. 

After a couple of minutes the puppy lifted his ears hearing rushing footsteps approached again. It was Khushi with a small bag clutched in her fist. She had a bright smile full of excitement. Arrived to the hole, she lent against the tree first catching her breath before plopping the bag on the floor. Getting to work, Khushi lifted the dog again, taking him out of the hole and on the floor. She then took, what looked like a huge old brown salwar, and laid it inside the hole.
Khushi lifting the puppy and putting him inside: "Now, You won't get hurt! It's like carpet for you! *giggles* "
The puppy curiously rubbed is feet on the cotton fabric before sniffing at it. Khushi smiled.
Khushi: " Don't worry it's clean! It's Buaji's old salwar. I took one as she never wears then anymore. I know she won't realize, so she won't mind you borrowing it. *remembering* and Oh!! Nearly forgot."
Taking out the rest of whats in the bag, which was half a water melon, a small bowl and a bottle of water. She set everything out for Raja. Raja dived right in with the melon making Khushi laugh.
Khushi: "I didn't know what dogs eat other than biscuits and we haven't got any left, so I brought this instead. I'm glad your enjoying it. *giggles*"
The little pup barked in response. 

With that everyday Khushi would visit with food for Raja and play with him all day. She'd rush home after school have her food quickly before heading out to the forest again. Sunny days would be spent playing hide and seek or jumping leaves, and rainy days would be spent with Khushi sitting in the hollow tree, cross-legged, with Raja on her lap, so he wouldn't feel lonely. 

After 2 weeks, Khushi told Payal, her best friend at school, about Raja. The three of them would play and support each other when the parents try to question them about playing in the forest. However, few more weeks passed revealing the news that Payal was moving away to a whole new city...

Khushi walked closer to the tree, lowering to her knees to brush her fingertips along the rough rim of the hollow tree entrance. Her eyes were soft with remembrance as she felt Raja's feathery tail brush her leg for comfort. And then after Payal left...then...then it all shattered, didn't it Raja... Everything...turned to nothing. Her eyes diluted, breath gasped and fingers gripped the broken wood, remembering back to the day where she kept running...and running...and-
Arnav concerned: "Khushi?"
Khushi blinked startled and looked to the side to see Arnav crouched down beside her, with a hand on her shoulder and another on her hand which was gripping the wood tightly. Khushi's eyes widened and lifted her hand off the tree to look at it. She say the sharp dents in it, realizing if she gripped any harder she would of bled. She watched as Arnav held that hand against and rubbed the dents gently, to get the flow of the blood back.
Arnav roughly: "Are you ok?!"
Khushi nodded timidly before smiling gently at Arnav's stern yet warm concern. She then looked down to see Raja's head was resting woefully on her lap. His eyes were on her making her shake her head reassuringly and stroked the top of his head and behind his ears. Arnav's voice spoke again, but softer.
Arnav: "Are you ok?"
Khushi looked into his molten eyes realizing what he meant. Arnav didn't know why Khushi was so emotional over this tree, but reading her eyes he could tell it meant a lot to her. She simply smiled and let him lift her to stand up. Stepping back, Khushi looked up high the the branches of the leaves and sighed quietly. As it's leaves change every season naturally, life changes too naturally.

With Arnav holding her hand and Raja rubbing the side of his face against Khushi's thigh, her eyes smiled, mentally hugging those happy playful memories spent here. She has come so far from that 11 year old girl that maybe with Arnav's hand in hers and Raja by her side as always, she can dare to take that further height to forget that frightful day.

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