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Chapter Twenty-Three: Shivering Leaves

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Dear Raja, 
I know what your thinking... but no. I'm not forgiving him. How could he do that and laugh as if it were a joke. I didn't like it one bit. We were suppose to have a nice evening at the Mandir praying for my parents and he- Ok fine. I don't mind him not coming in to pray with me, because I just prayed on his behalf too, but he could of just stayed put!!! Hiding and then scaring me isn't a funny joke! I was really worried that he had gone and left...It was like...I don't have to say it do I? You know very well.

Khushi looked across to Raja, who had his head under his paws, peeking through them to look sorrily at her.  She in response hmm-phed and went back to writing.

You can't join his side, so stop feeling sorry for him. I did the right thing by ignored him all the way back home. You should have stayed by my side, instead of staying back to walk beside him. Who's best friend are you anyways!? But then I guess this is boys siding with boys right? But I'm not falling for it. 

Night night Raja.
P.s I'm sorry for being a bit moody with you. I love you really. 


             *Slap* "I told you! If boss doesn't hear from us soon, our heads will be on the chopping block. "

" I'm...I'm.. sorry sir, but we can't find her anywhere. Without a picture either...we don't know what she looks like!"

            "Listen, I don't want to hear problems. I want solutions. If Boss wants this girl, then we're going to get her. Any information would do the job to get the Thakur's off our backs."

" We questioned the houses that lived near, but they all say she's moved with that aunt of hers. but-"

            " BUT WHERE GOD DAMN IT!?!? WHERE?!? After those folks burned to a crisp, where could they have bloody gone!?"

" Sir...I was about to say...Apparently she sometimes visits the Markets to certain stalls as they know her."

           " Name."

" Mukesh, sir"


It was bright and early the next day when the Raizada's were round the table. Aman, Khushi and Chinky were also stood beside Devayani as she had called them. Kushal kept to his own business, while Arnav sneaked glances at a worried Khushi, to get her attention.
Aman concerned: "Is everything ok Dadiji? Why have you called Khushi and Chinky here?"
Devayani laughed and shook her head: "I have called you all here for a little treat.""
Chinky confused: "Treat? What treat?"
Devayani brought up the bag beside her and took out the brand new clothes for the three of them. For Aman was a designer black leather jacket, for Chinky was a lovely green churidar, while Khushi had a Sea blue one. The three were surprised by the gifts and were reluctant to take them.
Devayani shook a finger: "I don't care. If you call me Dadiji, then you have to take my gifts."
As each of them took their gift, they also took Devayani's blessings. 
Aman teasingly: "I will still ask Dadiji...Why did you call these two here for?"
Chinky and Khushi gasped at Aman and hit his arm playfully making Devayani smile. Arnav, however, was trying to get his eyes to meet Khushi, but she just wouldn't look his way. 

Just then Khushi glanced at Arnav who tried to smile at her sorrily, only to receive the cold shoulder. Khushi and Chinky left to get on with their chores arm in arm, leaving Arnav a very frustrated young man. Kushal on the other hand noticed the two's eyes to eye conversation, but only understood half. His heart sighed with relief. He was glad that Arnav wasn't advancing Khushi anymore and even more glad that Khushi was ignoring Arnav completely. With that he smirked and ate his breakfast in peace that everything was back to normal.


Chinky and Khushi were completing the work in the Green House that day. Wearing the new clothes that Devayani gave them, they worked together happily planting the new seeds to the fresh soil in the vegetable area. Khushi was more than glad for the extra help, but loved that it was a friend of hers as it made the tasks finish quicker. Finishing the job Chinky noticed two massive green bags near the doors of the green house.
Chinky frowned: "Khushi?"
Khushi patted her hands together before standing up to wash her hands, with the water pump at the side. She looked at Chinky, who had put her hands on her hips confused.
Chinky: "Didn't you say the fertilizer bags come in today?"
Khushi smiled nodding.
Chinky pointed at the bags: " Is it them?"

The two girls looked at the bags. Khushi grinned and started to walk towards them. She pointed at them, then to the shelves where they are kept. Chinky smiled understanding.
Chinky running forward to Khushi: "Come lets finish them off then we can- OUCH!!"
Khushi turned immediately to see Chinky sat on the floor, holding her ankle in sheer pain. Terrified, she ran to her friend and crouched down to see what was wrong.
Chinky cried: "UFFF!! That stupid bucket!! ...OWW! It really hurts Khushi!!"
Khushi carefully removed Chinky's hand from her leg, to see her ankle turning red with a bruise forming slowly. She knew Chinky wouldn't be able to move without making it worse, so she had to think fast. Khushi stood up to look for one of the clean cloths and went over to the water pump to make it soaked with cold water. She came back to Chinky, who was sniffing and wincing at the pain. She reassured her friend with a smile before laying the cloth on the bruise and took Chinky's hand to put it on top, for her to hold it there. Feeling the freeze calmed Chinky's senses, but left her bewildered as Khushi rushed out of the Green house.
Chinky confused: "OI!!! Khushi where do you think your going!?! *gasped* You better not call anyone!! I'm fine!!! I can-....Ohhhh UFFFF!"

After 3 mins Khushi had zipped back along with help. Chinky was still sat where she was, with a pout on her lips and her arms crossed.
Chinky mumbled: "I told you Khushi! Why did you call-Ouch!"
Chinky looked up to see Khushi poke the back of her head to shut her up. Aman chuckled and sat in front of Chinky to check her knee.
Aman: Khushi's right Chinky." It's only me."
Chinky grumbled:" Still! is help"
Chinky glared at Khushi, who sat beside Aman, sticking her tongue at her. Khushi then tapped Aman's shoulder to ask how Chinky was.
Aman sighed: "You need this to rest and I got a balm that you could use too. Come."
The two stood either side of Chinky to help her up, but she couldn't even put a tiny bit of weight on it without wincing.
Aman shook his head: "This won't do...But this will."

Before anyone could blink, Aman swooped down and lifted Chinky up. Chinky was beyond shocked, while Khushi just smiled knowing Aman always had a solution for everything.
Aman teased: " Khushi Shush..can you hear that?"
Khushi frowned and tilted her ear to listen. She then shook her head, not able to hear anything that wasn't normal.
Aman: "Exactly Khushi...Chinky is speechless. *chuckles*"
Khushi grinned holding back a laugh, while Chinky blushed red. Aman chuckled taking Chinky away to the Raizada's house. Khushi watched as he walked away and grinned, seeing Chinky look over his shoulder to wave a punishment hand at her with a solid glare. Khushi teased her more by waving enthusiastically at her instead. She knew the last thing Chinky wants, when she's hurt, is ask for help, but with her ankle in that mess, she couldn't just sit and do nothing. With her hands on her hips she turned to see the two bags still sitting there on the floor as if mocking her. The smile disappeared into an annoyed pout. Great!

She pulled. She pushed. Even tried to drag, but nothing was going to move it. Khushi sighed with exhaustion after trying for the nth time to pick up one of the fertilizer bags, but it wasn't shoving one bit. Usually she would have some help doing this, but on her was quite difficult. With her dupatta tied round her waist, Khushi tried pulling the flimsy handle of the bags once more. She gripped it tighter, squeezed her eyes together and her lips, as if would convince the bags to move. Suddenly, Khushi heard a cough making her nearly squeak out of shock. She immediately let go of the handle and whipped her head back to see Arnav leaning against the door of the green house, with his arms folded. He was wearing dark brown trousers with sneakers, and a dashing white shirt with sleeves rolled up. Her cheeks crimsoned wondering how long he had been watching her squirm and work hard in moving a bag. Her fingers consciously played with her dupatta before looking down and remembering she was supposed to be angry with him.

Arnav smiled: "Hey..."
Khushi turned away and went back to work, not caring that he was watching anymore. Arnav raised an eyebrow watching Khushi trying to move the bags by herself hopelessly. It was amusing to watch, but he didn't want her to hurt herself in the process either. He slowly walked up to Khushi and held her hands to stop her erratic movements. Khushi sighed with a defeated huff and looked up at Arnav's calm eyes. He smiled softly as she let go of the bag and dropped her hands to her side.

Khushi then watched as Arnav crouched down low, to grip the bag from the base. Eyes wide, she shook her hands furiously worried that he would break his back doing this approach. Arnav chuckled seeing Khushi's concerned features and winked at her before lifting the bag effortlessly. She, however, was left with her mouth open wide. Like a robot, she watched him put the first bag way on the concrete shelf and then stand in front of her to close her mouth.
Arnav charmingly: "We don't want flies to pop in to that pretty mouth now do we Khushi?"
Khushi shook herself awake and looked away, making Arnav smile tilting his head. He eyed the other bag.
Arnav teasing: "Do you want me to do the other bag too?"
Khushi looked down and nodded innocently. Arnav grinned and went off to pick up the last bag. As he was doing so, Khushi couldn't help but glance at Arnav in action. She watched as his muscles contracted while picking the bag up. She noticed the shirt tighten round his biceps and how his broad shoulders straightened strong, making her secretly smile with a shy fondness in her eyes. As Arnav put the bag away, he chuckled clapping his hand to brush away the dust.
Arnav: "See something you like Khushi?"
Khushi blushed hard and turned away with round eyes. She shook her head vigorously denying,which only made Arnav's heart glow fiercely within. He casually stood in front of Khushi fiddling with her dupatta embarrassed. Looking at the floor, her heart pounded a bit faster seeing him step closer, only making her step back. This casual advance continued until the back of Khushi's legs bumped into one of the small fountains. Arnav lowering his lips to brush against her cheek. It was soft and gentle.
Arnav whispered: "I'm sorry about yesterday..."

Khushi turned her head slightly to look into his honest eyes. They locked in understanding as Arnav realized what he made Khushi recall, hiding from her. He should of thought before, but now with Khushi smiling softly at him, Arnav that much better. Khushi just then, out of nowhere, planted a sweet kiss on the corner of his lips, making Arnav Singh Raizada look down for once with a gleam in his eyes. If this is what I get for apologizing, then I'd apologize every second for no reason at all.
Arnav huskily: " ..I better go. Got work to do...Ok?"
Khushi shyly nodded with a faint smile and watched Arnav leave.

Heading towards the Raizada house, Arnav saw Raja rushing past him to go to Khushi. A few seconds later he heard Khushi wolf whistle making him not smile, but grin devilishly. Because he knew this time, that whistle wasn't for Raja at all. Khushi shyly hid in Raja's fur with sparkling smile knowing that Arnav knew.


"Boss we have got found the location of the girl you wanted"

He hmm-ed with satisfaction at last and brushed away the stripper in his lap : "Where?"

" She lives with the Aunt in a cottage at the Raizada Residence."

He lifted an eyebrow with a challenging smile: "Interesting... Well...How is she? Healthy?"

"Well...actually...the boys say she is quite some catch sir...Skin so fair..eyes ...beautiful sir...but-"

His lips turned tight with a snarl: "But what?! ... ... SPIT IT OUT THEN!!"

"She can't... speak Boss"

The rugged man leaned back in his chair and snatched the drink brought by his men. Swallowing it in one sweep he sighed." Picture"

The frightened right-hand man handed him a photo. Slithering his eyes down the photo, Indu Thakur grinned widely.

Indu: "Doesn't matter"


Indu shrugged his shoulders: "Her looks make up for the lack of speech, but you never know..When I have my way with her... I could make her scream my name out loud...then she'd be speaking ey?"

The men laughed at their boss's dark humor, while Indu licked his lips and stroked the photo with rough fingers.

Indu: "Khushi...Kumari...Gupta...We'll be together again *sigh* as we should be. Hmmm? *chuckles*"


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