Saturday, 15 September 2012

Chapter Twenty: Late Harvest

Dedication to Shraddska for figuring out first what Lavanya's secret is. Detective brains there.


Arnav whispered against her ear: "You have always been mine Khushi. Always will be."

Khushi sat up in her bed with a startle. Her breathing was heavy with helplessness, as her body felt clammy with embarrassment. She frantically looked round to see Raja beside her sleeping peacefully making her sigh. She closed her eyes with frustration. It was the same dream she had been having since Aman had proposed to her early last night. Khushi had suppressed her dreams of Arnav down before, but this time it hit her full force. Tears ran down her face feeling ashamed of herself. Despite accepting to Aman's sweet proposal, her heart remained unfaithful for a man betrothed to someone else. To think that her engagement was tomorrow evening and she's still in this state. She wiped her tears away furiously and tried to smile. I should be glad that even Dadaji is helping by letting us get engaged in the Raizada mansion. And Aman...He's someone that any girl would be happy forever with. But I still feel so upset...I just wish Arnav...I mean...I wish...I wish things were different....


Arnav sighed when sitting down on the bed in a 5 star hotel with the signed files. After arriving yesterday in Delhi there was just rushing and rushing for both of Arnav and Lavanya meeting their facts and presentation straight for the conference that afternoon. The meeting went well, but stopped to be continued this morning for discussion for future deals and contracts. Lavanya was helpful with her quick persuasions and comparisons with other companies. Arnav smiled thinking back to old times when she and him were study buddies in Harvard. Arnav looked down remembering also when Lavanya told him a secret about herself...which was also a reason why they were in a 'relationship' now. 

Arnav rushed after a very upset Lavanya as she left the business party. Arnav did see a class mate of his Yash advance her but in a nice way, but after an uncomfortable dance Lavanya left in tears making Arnav very worried. He knew Yash was a good guy from the halls but couldn't understand why Lavanya was like this...and this wasn't the only time this has happened. It happened every time a guy asks Lavanya out or other girls ask her why she doesn't have a boyfriend. 
Arnav held her arm: "La?! Stop. ?"
Lavanya lowered her eyes and sniffed letting Arnav hold her arms trying to figure her out. 
Arnav looking round to see they're alone: " Lavanya...What's wrong this time!? Did Yash say-"
Lavanya immediately shook her head and looked away. Arnav sighed having enough and leaned down a bit to make sure Lavanya didn't avoid him.
Arnav: " Tell me what's wrong Lavanya? ...It's all the time....Do you have a boyfriend it...*sigh* ...I'm your friend remember Lavanya..You know you can tell me ...right?"
Lavanya looked at Arnav who was desperate to help her...understand her. She then gathering some courage looked around before stepping close to whisper into his ear, afraid the walls would have ears. 

Arnav's first reaction was just shock...He couldn't believe at first that a girl like her would be...different like this...But then again all the pieces fit. Avoiding the really girly girly crowd, ignoring and rejecting boys hands down. 
Lavanya looked down ashamed: "See! I'm really weird aren't I! All the guys are really nice..but I just can't...A And I think I like someone who is also like me too, but...And How will I tell Mum and Dad?!!? They'd kill me!!! And...and She's in the same situation that I am too!! We both can't tell anyone! ...*gasps*...You think I'm a freak now too don't you?!"
Arnav's face remained straight watching her start to cry again.
Arnav firmly: "No. I don't."
There was a moment of silence between them before Lavanya looked at Arnav confused. Arnav smiled lightly slowly which grew upon Lavanya's face too. Gratefully Lavanya jumped into Arnav's arms making his hug her to reassure her everything will be alright.

Arnav smiled thinking how they both were 'perfect' for each other...well in front of the media that is. He didn't want to get married and Lavanya loved someone else and couldn't love him back. Lavanya had helped him a lot through troubles like when the media was asking him in his mid 20's questions like why wasn't he returning home or why he wasn't interested in marriage. He helped her by making sure her secret remained a secret, especially from the Media in India. They decided when he was 25 that they would pretend to be in a relationship so everyone would stop asking questions. It was recently when Lavanya's real love had finally 'come out' in the UK and Lavanya was dying to join her over there without anyone noticing. Arnav sighed thinking about his own heart. He hoped he could finish this all soon so he could head back to Khushi. There was just final signings to be done tomorrow before planning to head back the next day. 

Just then Lavanya burst into Arnav's room with a bright grin on her face. 
Lavanya: "It's done!!!"
Arnav stood up alarmed: "What's done?"
Lavanya walked up to Arnav and jumped up and down: "The papers for the Visa to go to UK!!! It's all accepted and ready for me to pick up and go!!!"
Arnav couldn't help but smile brightly for her friend as she hugged him tightly. She then whipped back determined.
Lavanya whispered: "I'm leaving tonight. Now."
Arnav's eyes boggled: "What!? Now!? You've-"
Lavnay laughed: "Yep! Got the tickets the passport, the clothes, the visa!! I'm off! I'm not waiting any longer ASR. * calming down abit* But I need to ask a big big favor!!!"
Arnav shook his head: "Anything."
Lavanya grinned: " Could you do all the paper work for my transfer to UK work-wise?"
Arnav smirked and nodded: "It'll be done by morning. "
Lavanya squealed with excitement and hugged Arnav again. They stayed in that hug for a while as it brought back all the memories of their struggled together against the media. It was all going to be over.
Arnav softly: " I'll miss you La."
Lavanya smiled against his shoulder: "No you won't...Especially with Khushi around."
Arnav pulled back immediatly from Lavanya to see her wag her eyebrows at him with a knowing smile. 
Arnav: "What the-...You-"
Lavanya: "Come ooooon! Even a blind person can tell your dying inside for her! JEEEZ ASR! And your motto was *in an ASR voice* There will never be a girl I like because Maa isn't here. "
Arnav looked down.
Lavanya: "But youuuu Looooovveeee herrrr! Ummmmmhmmmm! *giggles before turning serious* You know ASR...Khushi is very fit and sexy and I was thinking maybe-"
Arnav eyes widened: "No way Lavanya."
Lavanya put her hands up surrendering: "Ok need to get possessive Captain. *laughs*"
Arnav rolls his eyes and smirked : "When's your flight anyways!? "
Lavanya: "Trying to get me off subject. Fine. * heading towards the door* It's in just over an hour. Anyways have you told her about us. If not You better call her right now!!!"
Arnav looked at the clock which stuck 2am and sighed:  " Everyone in the cottage are defiantly asleep. I'll call her tomorrow. "
Lavanya before leaving: " Snooze you loose ASR! And I''ll call before I board my flight to say bye bye. Hear you then. Bye for now!"
Arnav nodded watching Lavanya leave to chase her life in the UK and couldn't feel more happy for her.


The phone kept ringing in the cottage, while Arnav held on the other line waiting for someone to pick up. He had just woken up and was desperate to talk to Khushi. He frowned as this was the third time he was ringing and no one was picking up. Maybe they're all at the house. He looked down at his blackberry and dialed for home. The phone rang twice before someone picked up. 
Devayani: "Hello?"
Arnav smiled: "Dadi, It's me."
Devayani's fake smile fell into despair, not knowing how to tell Arnav what had been going on since he had gone. It all happened so fast, she shook her head with a heavy heart thinking back to it. She found out the news from Madhumati, who was happily expressing how Aman came to the house and asked for Khushi's hand. Devayani was speechless. She had thought Khushi loved Arnav too, but realized that as Arnav hadn't told Khushi about the was Khushi's right to move on. Devayani stared numbly at Madhu's tears of happiness of finally a rishta that seemed perfect. Devayani didn't have the heart to tell her about Arnav's side of love. Arnav smile fell slightly hearing movement in the background.
Arnav curious: "Dadi?...Is something going on there? It sounds really busy. "
Devayani watching the extra workers decorate the hall with quick hands. 
Devayani sighed with sorrow: "Why...Why didn't you just tell her Chote?"
Arnav taken aback: "Huh?...Dadi? that's why I have called-"
Devayani wasn't listening anymore as she watched Khushi about to walk past her. Determined, she firmly held Khushi by her wrist and put the cordless phone in her hand. Khushi was totally bewildered with Devayani's sudden action and watched as she patted her cheek before leaving her. Confused, Khushi looked to the phone in her hand and curiously held it to her ear to listen. Her eyes widened to hear the voice on the other end.

Arnav: "Hello? Dadi? I just wanted to ask...could you quietly give Khushi the phone? Dadi!?"
Khushi gasped lightly hearing this which froze Arnav, realizing who it was.
Arnav prodding: "Khushi?...Is that you?"
He could hear her breathing quicken slightly on the other side, making him smile to know she was listening. This smile, however, turned tight as he knew it was now he needed to say everything.
Arnav seriously spoke: "I know Khushi that I have hurt you a lot with not telling you about this...engagement between Lavanya and I...I wanted to tell you...I need to tell you something about me and Lavanya..."
Khushi held the phone tight nervously hearing out what Arnav had to say. A tear ran down her cheek thinking of the time Arnav and Lavanya were spending. She closed her eyes tightly. What more is there left to say Arnav
Arnav: "Khushi, I wanted to tell you that in reality there is no relation between Lavanya and I, except...except that fact she is my best friend. Nothing else. "

Khushi's eyes flung wide open and her voice whispered a tragic gasp. Arnav and Lavanya...Are just friends? But...But...

Arnav could sense her confusion making him grip the phone, angry at himself for telling her this so late. 
Arnav: "Trust me Khushi. We are only friends. We have never loved or looked at each other in any way that ..that I have looked with you. "

Khushi staggered back against the pillar hiding from anyone's sight, gripping the clay with disbelief. But then...why did they go through the engag-
Arnav sighed trying to calm down: "We agreed to get married infront of Dada and Dadi so the truth wouldn't be revealed about Lavanya. We had to wait for her Visa to be confirmed and arrive."
She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Khushi took this all in numbly and stared at the decorations being put up by her Buaji from afar. Her heart clenched.
Arnav continued cautiously: "Lavanya is different from you and I, Khushi...She...She wanted to marry someone else which is why she has left last night to another country where....where her love is. I'm coming home tomorrow. So- "
Arnav paused hearing her hold back what sounded like a sob. Little did he know that Khushi was crying at her fate. She shook her head hopelessly and took the phone away from her ear and dragged it down to her heaving chest. It's too late Arnav...You have spoken too late...My engagement to Aman is this evening and I can't just...How would I face Buaji...or Aman at that....Why...Why?! 
Arnav frowned: "Khushi?...Khu-"
The line cut making Arnav worried and try dialing again...but it was no use. Arnav stared at his blackberry trying to make sense of what's wrong. The way Khushi was crying seemed as if something was really wrong...After a few more seconds Arnav's mind settled. He shot up to get changed and got straight to work to finish the signings right at the moment. He would leave today itself at the earliest. He'd make sure of it. 




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