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Chapter Twenty-Four: Cactus Flower

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The weather was perfect as the sun shone down into the Secret Garden, making the leaves play shadows and the petals of each different flower shimmer with radiance. The grass glowed it's color to it's brightest, making it a desirable place to lay back and bask. The wind waves played tag, weaving between the blades of grass, reaching the bare toes of Khushi Kumari Gupta.

She grinned, sitting down with her back against the base of a huge tree, wearing a long churidar petaled with colors of gold and green. She chucked the tennis balls as far as she could again for her Raja, who happily barked and chased after it. Feeling the tiny vibrations of the birds singing above, Khushi leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Her hand lifted to softly massage and play with the head of hair, resting firmly in her lap. Arnav leaned into Khushi's touch with a low moan of satisfaction, as he continued to flick through his files, held up by his hands. He was laid on his back in a light blue shirt with black trousers. Snuggling the back of his head against Khushi's thighs, he savored this sweet moment, like a cat in the sun. The branches above were long and strong, creating a circle of shade for the two, who were simply relaxing in each other's presence.

As Arnav flicked the next page of his file, he sighed before looking up at Khushi with her hair brought to one side, revealing her long creamy neck. He smiled before staring into Khushi's eyes which were already smiling at him with a tender fondness. He couldn't explain how possessive he was of those eyes and lips which he wanted to reserve only for himself. He smirked as Khushi gave his forehead a soft kiss, which calmed his senses for his work at hand. Raja came again with the ball in his mouth desperate for Khushi to throw once again. She grinned at her best friend and threw the ball again.
Arnav softly: "Khushi...Can't we stay like this forever? In this position. Right here right now..."
Khushi tilted her head at Arnav as if he was silly and shook her head, kissing the tip of his nose lovingly.
Arnav's lips turned into a fine line. He shut his file and laid it on his chest: "Why?"
Khushi frowned at Arnav's question and stroked his thick hair once more, before pointing upwards into the trees. Arnav traveled his eyesight up to look at the leaves above, colored in different shades of red and orange. He then looked at Khushi again who smiled at him and pointed at her wrist, like a watch.
Arnav sighed understanding: "Time....Time changes everything..."
Khushi nodded stroking his light stubbly jaw. She pepper kissed his forehead again and leaning her head back against the tree, watching Raja from afar rush back to them with the ball. Arnav's eyes traveled down slightly to see each breath taken by her making her chest rise up and down. Desire filled his eyes and heart wanting to put it into action. However just then Raja came to sit by Khushi's side. She rubbed the back of his ear making him bark enjoying the loving attention. She then kissed his nose before rubbing her nose with his.

Suddenly Arnav sat up and turned to take the ball from Khushi to chuck it away further than before. Khushi couldn't believe Arnav chucked it that far and doubted Raja could even find it. Raja, however, loved a challenge and shot straight off to attain to the ball. Khushi shocked stood up on her knees and watched as Raja ran, but soon felt Arnav tug her body to the ground so she was flat on her back.
Arnav smirked: "That will keep him a bit busy."
Khushi shook her head appalled of Arnav and whacked his arm. He chuckled in response before lying on his side beside Khushi. He stroked the side of her face brushing strands of hair away.
Arnav whispered: "It's so it gives me enough time to enjoy this."
He laid his lips against Khushi's stimulating a passionate kiss. She closed her eyes in pleasure and lifted her hands to grip his head close rubbing his hair, while the other slithered to hold his back. Arnav teased her lips open for him to have full access to her taste buds.

However, just before things could get interesting there was a soldiering bark from the side making Arnav immediately look up.
Arnav: "What the-"
Raja was sat watching them with a stern stare and the ball a few centimeters behind him, totally forgotten. His dark eyes were concerned seeing Khushi on the ground. Khushi held back a giggle. Arnav couldn't tell if the time passed quickly while kissing, or if Raja was just very fast at getting the ball this time round. Either way he sighed and backed off to lean against the tree, watching Raja come up to Khushi. Raja sniffed her neck and cheek affirming she was alight, before nuzzling her jaw. Khushi grinned and hugged Raja tightly understanding his adorable care. She sat up with Raja in her lap and flickered her round eyes to Arnav trying to act firm by going through his file again. She knew, however, he was having a little sulk, making her heart glow in response. She then quietly crawled on her knees to Arnav's side and planted a feather kiss against his cheek, before sitting back again with Raja in her lap. Arnav smirked behind his file.


Madhumati was helping Chinky finish off ironing the rest of the clothes. 
Chinky: "Sorry Buaji. I'll get faster-"
Madhu smiled: "Think nothing of it. It happens sometimes. But now it's done. See. No worries. "
Chinky started to fold the clothes, while Madhu put away the iron. Devayani just then came into the room and smiled to see the two ladies. 
Devayani: "Chinky betiya.."
Chinky chirped: "Yes Dadi?"
Devayani: " I just saw the new order on vegetable come in for Aman. Could you go and give him a hand?..."
Chinky's smile glowed that much brighter, but held it steady: "urm...Buaji? Is that ok-"
Madhu nodded: "It's fine. I can do this. Go. Go help Aman babwa." 
Chinky smiled brightly and rushed off leaving Madhu sitting on the bed folding the rest of the saris. Devayani composed herself before sitting down beside Madhu. Madhu watched the thoughtful expression on Devayani's face. 
Madhu: "Maaji?.. Is something on your mind? "
Devayani sighed building the inner courage: "I wanted to talk to you about a rishta for Khushi." 
Madhu paused: "Khushi? ...*curious* ...who?"
Devayani turned to Madhu with a gleam in her eyes and a soft smile. She held her hand.
Devayani: "He's a strapping young man and...and he'll love Khushi so very much Betiya and...d-"
Madhu delighted, asked again: "Who Maaji?!"
Devayani remained gazing at Madhu desperately, heart worried of her reaction.
Devayani softly: " Chote."

Madhu's smile slipped away slowly, while her eyes turned hard and full of pain. She lowered her gaze and started to fold the rest of the clothes quickly. Devayani apprehensively watched.
Madhu stood up: "No Maaji. Not Arnav babwa. I'm..sorry."
She walked up the wardrobe hastily making Devayani flustered and rush to her side.
Devayani enquiringly : "but...but why Betiya?..Cho..Chote understands, cares and loves Khushi very much-..."
Madhu wasn't listening, so Devayani desperately held her hand still.
Devayani: "What does my grandson lack betiya that you-"
Madhu faced Devayani with tears in her eyes quietly: "It's not what your grandson's what my niece lacks. "
Devayani was taken aback appalled that she would say such a comment: "What are you saying betiya..."
Madhu turned to face her with firmness in her voice: "How long Maaji? How long will Arnav 'understand', 'care' and 'love' my Titaliya, when he faces situations like the media's comments, guests comments and most importantly his own Dadaji's comments? Will he stick by her?...Support her?...Will he not ever think he's made a mistake?-"
Devayani shook her head: "no...No!! Of course not betiya!...I have seen with my own eyes Chote's love for Khushi-"
Madhu turned away with a sigh: "Maaji...forgive me...however you know as much as I do...Seen as much as I have, of the comments Khushi gets already from people of higher class and even Arnav's dadaji who despised her so! I don't want to send my innocent titaliya into a future that will only make her cry and hate herself ...a future facing Sir's taunts...a future that will make her think she isn't worth Arnav babwa. It is an inevitable situation and I...I don't want it for her. I'm sorry Maaji."

Devayani stood paralyzed, unable to respond to her plea for a happy future for her niece. She didn't know how to convince her that...that Arnav would never regret Khushi. He would never allow a single thorn of society reach her. She was and is his world.
Madhu wiped her tears and closed the wardrobe finished.
She then continued with a certain voice: "And...I have spoken to Arnav babwa anyway about this matter and he has agreed to keep his distance from Khushi....So I would hope we would never have this conversation again Maaji. "

With that she left the room, leaving Devayani to her lost thoughts. A lone tear ran down her cheek which was wiped quickly. Devayani controlled herself and was determined to piece together the reason for her husband's reluctance towards Khushi.


It was the next day when the sun was burning heatedly for the whole day. Arnav, making the last phone call at the office, sighed as his work was done for the day. In a dark purple shirt and black trousers and waist coat, he jogged down stairs to see whether Khushi was in the Raizada house. Meekly looking around, he had no luck. He looked at his watch to see it was just about to strike 4 in the afternoon. Arnav smirked knowing exactly were she was. 

Climbing up the steps to the Secret garden, Arnav could hear a faint noise in the distance which sounded like splashing. Frowning, he quickened his steps to quietly open and shut the gate. Curious of what Khushi was doing, he walked slowly into the garden to look towards the large round pond in the middle. With the light shining down on the silky waves, Arnav leaned against a tree watching Khushi happily swimming right in the center. With her dupatta and shoes dry by the side of the water, Arnav smirked at Khushi's nymph-like behavior only making him desire her more and more.  She seemed lost in her own world with a soft smile and her eyes closed. She was wearing what seemed like a dark blue salwar, with the dori and sleeves having small bells on them. With her hair soaked and slicked back, she looked heavenly in Arnav's eyes. As he watched her spin with the water up to her collar bone, Arnav couldn't believe that the pond was that deep. This garden really is full of surprises

Just then Khushi's back was facing Arnav, he watched her pause before her dive down into the water, totally disappearing from sight. As time ticked by, Arnav's smile deceased. What was mere seconds, felt like minutes to him. But still no Khushi.
Arnav frowned: "Khushi?"
He ran worried to the edge of the pond, crouching down to on to his fours. His eyes scanned agitated trying to see anything, but the sun's reflection was making it difficult. His heart plummeted fearing the worst.
Arnav terrified: "shit....KHUSHI!!!"
Taking off his shoes, he immediately jumped into the water hands and eyes desperate to seek Khushi. Feeling her arm, Arnav gripped it tight and pulled Khushi up to the surface. Gasping for air they both splashed through with Arnav angrily holding Khushi close in his arms. Khushi was totally shocked seeing his presence and clenched her hands against his hard chest.
Khushi's round bewildered eyes locked to his, stared at the darkness of his eyes which burned. She shook her head furiously, lifting a hand to hold the side of his face gently. She then showed him what was in her other hand. She held it up between them for him to see. Her ring.
Arnav still breathless: "Your ring fell?"
Khushi nodded with a embarrassed smile, making him close his eyes and lean his forehead against hers with a relived sigh. Khushi continued to stare at his face, totally dumbstruck by Arnav's concern. Her heart beat that much faster.
Arnav whispered: " Don't do that ever again...Ok? You don't know what I was going through..."
Khushi stroked his cheek making him open his eyes and look into her apologetic ones. He hugged her tightly never wanting to let go.

There a while of silence between them as they parted, yet still holding each other close, nose to nose. They stared into each other's eyes, listening only hear to the chirp of birds in the distance, the waves of the water around their shoulders and their shallow breathes mingling with each other. Tightening one hand round her waist, Arnav slowly lifted a hand to tuck Khushi's hair behind her ear and watched as the water droplets trickled down her creamy face with awed eyes. Closer to Arnav, Khushi lowered her gaze away from his staring at the purple shirt, now stuck to Arnav's broad chest and shoulders like a second skin. Her breath hitched seeing the two buttons open at the top of his shirt and closed her eyes feeling a blush overcome her. Arnav smirked at her reaction and lifted the hand on her waist higher to the bare skin under her dori to pull her even more closer. Khushi felt his lips graze against hers teasingly, before lowering down her jaw and neck to nibble on her shoulder.
Arnav huskily: "Khushi..."
Khushi bit her lip feeling her legs shamelessly wrap round Arnav, to feel even closer to him. She felt her hands instinctively slide under his arms to grip his shoulders, unable to bear this sensual assault. With her breasts rubbing against his chest, with only clothing between them, Arnav groaned before heading back to her plump lips for a deep kiss. Gradually Arnav felt Khushi's lips turn into a smile against his lips, making him grin too as they gasped for breath.

All of a sudden Khushi pushed him away from her and started to splash him.
Arnav shocked: "Khus-...Khushi!...Khushi Stop!-"
But Khushi grinned and continued to splash. However, as Khushi stopped she realized Arnav wasn't there at all. She frowned, looking down to the water. Where's Arnav? Khushi then nearly squealed, feeling Arnav grab her behind her thighs and lift her as he came out the water. Khushi leaned forward to hold him by the shoulders for balance, making his chuckle against her stomach. Arnav wagged his eyebrows at her and spun her round letting her slide down into his arms and wrap hers round his neck happily.


As the sun was setting, later that day, Khushi in fresh clothes and Raja left the cottage to get Madhu's herbs from the Green House. With a jump in their step, they quickly got the herbs and headed back racing back to the Cottage. Madhu watched them standing by the door and shook her head at the two. Raja was beating Khushi with an advantage, as she had to carry the basket. Reaching Madhu first Raja jumped and wagged his tail happily. Madhu looked down at Raja and stroked is fur laughing, but when she looked back up her smile shattered. 

Khushi was running towards them from the distance with a smile shining but behind her rushing up quickly,  were three rugged tall men who were fingers away from grabbing her. 

Raja barked and sprinted forward while Madhu stood static. Her darkest nightmares became reality... "KHUSHI!!!"

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