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Chapter Nineteen: Changes in the Wind


Khushi and Madhumati were in the kitchen wiping and putting away the silver platters. The young girl was in a trance with the engagement, which happened earlier that night, playing over and over in her mind. A lone tear had fallen then, but now her heart felt slightly numb. She looked down at her reflection in on the silver and deeply stared into her own eyes asking herself. Everything that happened between Arnav and me...is the past now...so why does it still feel horrid seeing another woman placing a ring on him?

Sniffing snapped Khushi out of her thoughts and making her turn to her side, to see her Buaji have watery eyes. Khushi put her cloth down and put a hand on Madhu's arm with questioning eyes. Madhu seeing her concerned shook her head with a smile, trying to reassure her Sanka Devi that she was fine. Khushi determined, however, didn't move. Madhu sighed with a smile.
Madhu: "Arreee Pagli! It's nothing...I was just thinking...Today was our Arnav babwa's Engagement...and I was thinking that one day...You'll have your engagement too somewhere, looking as pretty as a Pari... Garima and I will be so happy when we find you the right boy that keeps you happy and most importantly *stroking Khushi's cheek fondly* understands and loves you for you. Then * pouting* then I'd have to send you off too won't I?!"
Khushi got teary too and hugged Madhu tight from the side. Madhu could feel her shake her head against her  telling her she never wants to leaves her. Madhu smiled pulling her away.
Madhu: "Now...I'll tidy these away...You  *sniff* you go help Aman bitwa in the hall. Raja won't be that much help, will he !?*laughs*."
Khushi grinned and kissed her Buaji's cheek before shooting away. Madhu shook her head hoping for brighter days for her Titaliya.


Khushi rushed into the hall to help Aman with clearing the table sheets and tables. Aman smiled appreciatively at her presence and looked at Raja in the corner pouncing on stray balloons on the floor, with his paws and teeth to pop them. Khushi grinned too.Aman stacking the last few of the tables clearing the hall. The only thing left was the white balloons skiing on the tiled floor.
Aman: "Thanks Khushi. You and Raja helping me out was really great. I needed it."
Just them he felt a balloon being whacked against his shoulder blade. In shock, he looked to see Khushi angrily beating him with a cute pout on her lips.
Aman backed away from Khushi putting his hands up defensively: " Ok ok! I know you just wanted to help. I know and I don't need to say thanks right!?"
Khushi stopped and crossed her arms, turning away from Aman. Aman shook his head with a grin and noticed the CD player in the corner in of the room. It was hardly ever used as Kushal always preferred Live music, however Devayani loved her classic tapes and CDs time to time. She even let Aman store his favorite music there too.

Khushi's ears pricked up hearing a quiet, but upbeat song that really made her instinctively tap her feet. She wasn't familiar with the song, however it did bring a bright smile to her face listening to the fast paced English lyrics.
Devayani continued her studies through home schooling after arriving at the cottage when she was nine. She taught her with Madhu's help. It tweaked a memory of when Devayani and Madhu would play English taps so she'd pick up the language without needing to speak. They taught her a lot, however, she found them ever so boring after a while. She grinned recalling when she was 16, Aman sneaked into the cottage and played a song called 'We Love To Boogie' on full volume. It brightened up her day for sure and she could still remember her Buaji asking angrily " Titaliya!!!! What is this 'Boogie'?" leaving Aman and her in a fit of giggles. This song was quiet different indeed.

Aman rushed up to her side with a grin: "You like it? Remember when-"
Khushi nodded at him earnestly with a smile but it suddenly turned into fear. She pointed her finger up and tapped her ears, before zooming round Aman to the CD player. Aman, however, chuckled and held her wrist back pulling her into his arms in an automatic dancing position. Saying Khushi was shocked was an understatement. With his a hand on her waist and the other holding her hand up, Khushi felt her heart pounding again as her body was so close to Aman, making her blush all over. She stiffened hoping Aman wouldn't see it.
Aman winked: "Relaaaax Khushi. The music isn't that loud and everyone is asleep by now. No one will wake. Look even Raja's dancing."
Khushi looked to see Raja enjoying the music too and stepped side to side with it. She smiled fondly.
Aman: "Plus we got round about 3 Minutes before Buaji comes here from the kitchen. Soooooo...."
Khushi let Aman twist and dance with her, but she still remained a bit concerned. Aman then raised an eyebrow  challenging her.
Aman: "Are you really going to let this jazzy beat go to waste Khushi Kumari Gupta?"
He twirled her quick to the rhythm making Khushi's dress sway and lips grin. Back in his arms Khushi shook her head thinking no...I will dance so I give each note it's justice... making Aman grin and dance wildly away in the semi-dark hall. All awhile Kushal was watching from the floor above with a gleam in his eyes, a fond smile on his lips and his foot tapping to the beat.


It was early next morning when Kushal called over Arnav and Lavanya to the Study. Arnav was wearing his casual blue jumper with cream trousers while Lavanya wore a casual cotton pencil dress with green, white and black stripes. Worried why Kushal; had summoned them so early in the morning they hasted towards the Study together. Swiftly rushing through the door they both stopped to see Kushal flicking through files and finish talking on his mobile. Kushal nodded at hem taking in their presence.
Arnav concerned: "Dada? You called us. Is something wrong?"
Kushal picked up two red files and walked up to them handing both a file. He then turned away with his hands behind his back and calmly walked to the window, looking out into the garden. Arnav and Lavanya instinctively opened their files to read what was inside.

Arnav frowned: "Dada...this is the Mr. Nayyar's file. Why-"
Kushal: "The files are to refresh your memory when you made the deal with him abroad. Nayyar's company has recently taken over a small retail business. He plans to move abroad but he also wishes to take his company abroad too, which means-"
Arnav sighed: "We'll be losing a very good client."
Kushal: "There is a 3 night conference being held later today for him to reconciliation his dealings and future dealings with us. It's in New Delhi and I want you and Lavanya to prepare and attend it to make sure his links remains loyal to us."
Alarm bells rung in Arnav's head as he wanted to spend the day finding and explaining the truth to Khushi. He opened his mouth to ask his Dadaji, but he interrupted.
Kushal: "I would of gone myself, but he finalized his deal with you in the past and would by good for him to meet a familiar face."
Arnav looked back at Lavanya confused about why she was needed.
Arnav: " but Dada why does Lavanya have to come with me."
Kushal turned towards them with a solemn smile: "2 reasons. First importantly, You will need an assistant to help you for this short notice meeting and Lavanya has helped you with this kind of work in the past, am I right?"
Lavanya hesitantly nodded as a reply.
Kushal continued: "and secondly...*chuckles*...It would be a good opportunity for you two to spend a bit more time together. hmm?"
Arnav and Lavanya looked at each other worried but smiled at Kushal to satisfy him.
Kushal: "Good. I have arranged a car to arrive in 15 mins so you both better hurry and pack to go or else you'll be late. I have told Aman to pack you both breakfast for the journey so don't worry about that. ok?"
Arnav and Lavanya nodded before heading out the study with a gloomy expression, both with totally different things on their mind.

As Kushal bid the car off Devayani walked up to him, confused on what was going on.
Devayani: "Aman just told me that Chote and Lavanya are going somewhere. This early in the morning?"
Kushal just smiled and turned to walk inside: "Don't worry Devayani...Nothing to worry about. A 3 day conference is being held in Delhi and it's very important those two get there."
Kushal left Devayani dwelling in her thoughts. That means Arnav hasn't told Khushi yet. Kushal on the other hand had another person to meet that morning.


There was a hesitant knock on the Study door making Kushal's ears prick up. Aman walked in slightly nervous as Kushal never called him in this manner.
Aman: "Sir...You called."
Kushal casually: "Yes I did. Come in Aman and close the door behind you if you would. "
As Aman did so cautiously, Kushal motioned his fingers indicating the young man  to sit on the sofa. Aman was shocked at first, but when Kushal took a step forward towards him, Aman sat down swiftly. Kushal watched him sit down and remained stood himself taking in Aman's appearance. Aman was wearing a white shirt with black jeans, with his hair slightly gelled to stand on end. Kushal ticked off the list in his head for body work and appearance before confirmed with himself that his decision was correct before speaking again.
Kushal clearing his throat: "I have been meaning to talk to you a while Aman. "
Aman stared at him confused: "You have sir?"
Kushal paused as if going over a thought in his head again before nodding firmly. He looked down and walked closer to the window calmly.
Kushal: "I wanted to ask you a few questions...Nothing serious don't worry, but just general...like your family... and your views on certain things...."
Aman racked his brains a bit before leaning forward with a serious tone: " May I know what this is all about...sir?"
Kushal sighed as if letting something go, even if it was for a little while. He then looked up at Aman with an expression which took Aman aback. Shit...Is he really-...at me?! Now Aman was curious more than ever.
Kushal had smiled at Aman warmly: "It's about Khushi betiya."

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