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Chapter Eighteen: Picking Up Petals

NOW. I know there is confusion on Khushi's feelings for Aman and Arnav so I'll just help abit.

Insight to Khushi's POV
About Arnav: Khushi believes that Arnav has accidently misjudged his feelings for her as Love and believes he loves Lavanya which is why he is marrying her. Khushi also thinks because of her lack of speech Arnav is sorry for misleading her and is feeling guilty for her. Khushi doesn't want Arnav to feel that he HAS to love her just becuase she has strong feelings for him. She wants him to have better. This is why she is avoiding him so hopefully it will be easier for him to realize this. 

About Aman: Khushi met Aman 4 years after she arrived to the cottage of the Raizada mansion. (in other words Khushi met a 20 year old Aman when she was 15. There is a 5 years difference between them) They have both grown up in their young age together. This is why they know each other so well. Now coming to Khushi's feelings about Aman. Aman has voiced his sweet puppy love for khushi. Accidently, yes, but he has done so.  This is the first time Khushi has heard these words aimed at her. She is more flattered than anything as she always sees him as a very close friend and that's all. She feels that if Aman loves her then she should try to return the feeling or at least accept it and not reject. Her heart however is innocently still too attached to someone else. ;)
Hope that helps to understand Khushi abit more.


Khushi was just finishing fixing her hair into a plait in front of the mirror. She was dressed simply in a dark maroon churidar with silver and black designs, with silver bangles to match. Raja barked beside her, sat on a stool. Khushi smiled in the mirror gently. Just becuase no one will see me at the Engagement, doesn't mean I shouldn't dress nicely. Buaji says if you look your best, you feel your best.. Khushi sighed. ...And I really need it tonight. Even though she felt a sense of nervousness and sadness at the thought of going to Arnav and Lavanya's Engagement, but she couldn't stop herself. The dreams of Arnav have ebbed down making her feel that much better, but her unfaithful heart still jumped for joy seeing Arnav look her way time to time. Khushi walked over to Raja and crouched down looking him straight in the eye. How do I look? Raja barked with a clear response making her grin.

Just then Madhumati walked in Khushi's room smiling at her, in a yellow and orange sari.
Madhumati: "You look so pretty Titaliya! But come come now! We'll be late! The ceremony is only in 20 mins and the guests have already arrived."
As they walked down stairs Madhu gave her clear instructions to stay away from the hall and help Aman in the kitchen while she'll deal with the guests.
Madhu checking the windows and doors of the cottage:" Haire Nandkisore...We really need more helpers in the Raizada House don't we?...I'll speak to Maaji about it tomorrow-"
A knock was heard at the door stimulating Khushi to answer it. Swinging the door open, she smiled seeing Aman dressed smartly in  black shirt, jeans and a simple blue casual jacket on top. Khushi tilted her head to the side seeing Aman freeze at the sight of her. She frowned and started to tap her face. Is there something on my face? As Raja barked happy to see Aman, Madhu came to the door with a smile.
Madhu:  "Aman Babwa? You here? We would of come ourselves."
Aman still gazing at Khushi: "I...urm..Well...I..."
Raja barked to snap him out.
Aman blurted: " Khushi you look very pretty."
There was silence as everyone took this sudden exclamation in. Khushi couldn't help but smile thankfully, while Madhumati was a bit lost. Aman shook his head slightly.
Aman continued: "As...As do you Buaji!"
Khushi held back a giggle as Madhu went red with blush and flapped Aman's compliment with her hands. Everyone then left the cottage with Madhu walking slightly ahead of the other three. Khushi then took the opportunity to poke Aman in the ribs cheekily.
Aman whispering: "Oiii Khushi. Stop picking on me."
Khushi smirked wagging her eyebrows at Aman making him chuckle.
Aman: "I did mean it though....You look very pretty in that dress...."
Khushi looked down remaining silent before pouting teasingly so she seemed offended.
Aman trying to rectify: "Not that you don't look pretty in all the other dresses you wear! You look very pretty in all of them too! Not that I have been staring or noticing or anything...It's just ...I just..*scratching the back of his head flustered*"
Khushi rolled her eyes and put her palm on her forehead dramatically. Aman couldn't believe Khushi was pulling his leg and then smiled.
Aman: "Heyyy! That's no fair. *chuckles*"
Khushi used her eyes to indicate Madhu walking ahead of them, causing Aman to gasp.
Aman terrified: "You are so right Khushi, If Buaji was having this conversation with me instead...I would have been fried to ash."
Khushi grinned imagining it while Aman laughed too. The rest of the walk was through little chat, but Khushi smiled hoping. Aman...I really hope that one day my heart falls for you as much as yours have fallen for me. And...Maybe ...even as hard as I fell for Arnav. Khushi smiled . But for now I'll just make sure I'm always there for you, like you have been there for me. Always there to make me smile. 


The flowers that were picked fresh and decorated, smelt like a void to his nose. The beautiful chandelier that sparkled like a million diamonds, looked like knives to his eyes. The whiff of sweet platters and savory cuisine, tasted bitter to his mouth. The chatter of joyful guests, sounded like sirens to his ears. Arnav just couldn't bear it. Standing in the dashing grey Armani suit with a black tie, with Lavanya smiling tightly on his arm in a dark grey long dress with hair in a bun, Arnav felt sick to his stomach. He knew this was a test of time, however it was proving challenging as he couldn't help but seek out his heart's desire. Khushi...

Everyone wished Devayani a fabulous birthday and clapped grandly as the cake was cut by her, with Kushal by her side. The guests smiled fondly as Devayani fed her husband and then her grandson. Arnav, however, knew what was to come.
Kushal turned to Devayani with a smile: "To my wife who never grows a day old in my gift. Our grandson's engagement."
Everyone clapped earnestly as Arnav and Lavanya took the stage hesitantly. Arnav gulped feeling pressure of his grand parents watching as did Lavanya felt, with her parents watching with a sharper beady eye. Numbly Arnav put on the ring upon Lavanya's finger, before he let her uncomfortably do the same to him. They both shared a quick smile knowing exactly what the other was feeling, but Arnav felt another anxiety shiver his body as he knew Khushi was watching from afar...somewhere in the shadows. He knew she was crying inside as was he. He close his eyes for a minute going over a sentence like a mantra. A few more days...A few more days..

This expression had not gone unnoticed by Devayani who came up to him snapping him out of his thoughts.
Devayani smiled tightly: "Haven't you brought me a gift Chote?"
Arnav frowned wondering why she was asking such a question: "Of...of course I have Dadi. It's in the Study-"
Devayani firmly: " I wish to see it. Right now."
Kushal chuckled: "Devayani you can see it later can't you-"
Devayani: "No I would like to see what my Grandson has bought me."
Kushal was taken aback slightly but hid it well, while Arnav had no choice but to lead Devayani away from the guests deeper into the Mansion.


Arriving in the Study, Arnav went behind the table to bring out a velvet decorated bag. Devayani held her hands tight watching from afar, as Arnav brought out a black jewelry box from the bag and stood in front of her with a soft smile.
Arnav: "Happy Birthday Dadi."
Arnav held out the box to Devayani, who looked sharply from the box to his eyes. Her hands remained unmoved. Arnav's smiled dimmed to a curious stop. 
Arnav: "What's wrong Dadi? "
Devanyani looked away for a minute before looking back at him: "I do not want this gift."
Arnav frowned: "But ....But I have bought this gift for you especially Dadi...I thought-"
Devayani repeated: "I said I do not want this gift Chote."
Arnav took in her words and accepting them, he put the box to one side to stand close to her.
Arnav: "What is it you wanted Dadi? What gift do you want? Tell me and I'll get it for you..."
Devayani suddenly turned to Arnav with her eyes starting to water making Arnav worry.
Devayani desperate: "I want to talk to my Grandson's heart Chote....I want to know the truth..."
Arnav froze as his Dadi put a warm hand on his cheek, holding it dearly : "Dadi? Truth?...Ab...About what?"
Devayani :" ... Khushi."

There was a moment of silence held in that Study as Devayani read Arnav's teary eyes, holding his heart open like a book. Arnav quickly turned away from Devayani not knowing how to answer her.
Arnav roughly: "Khushi? What about her-"
Devayani firmly: "Don't you dare give me that Chote. I have seen it with my own eyes what has been happening for the past couple of days. I have seen this new scar of sadness in Khushi betiya's eyes just as you have seen it too."
She walked to Arnav's side and toned her voice down gently, before rubbing his arm.
Devayani: "I have seen the sadness in your eyes too Chote..."
Arnav closed his eyes damning himself for letting emotions get the better of him.
Devayani calmly stating fact: "You love her. And She loves you. I have seen it..."
She walked infront of Arnav holding his hand in her hands once more and looking deeper into his opening eyes with a smile. She sniffed a tear away.
Devayani smiled: "It was the exact look your father had in his eyes before marrying Muskaan betiya...The cheekiness, smiles, lost thoughts....*frowning* but you have....but now....*she sobbed* what have you done Chote?"

Arnav looked down not able to keep it in any longer: "Just a few more days Dadi...and everything will be fine."
Devayani squinted her eyes slightly not understanding. Arnav nodded taking a deep breath.
Arnav: "Lavanya and I don't ...we're not....really.....*sigh* It's just not what it seems Dadi."
Devayani speaking up holding his arm firmly: "What do you mean Chote? Lavanya isn't....This is all an act?"
Arnav firmly: " I can't tell you why Dadi...I promised her...I promised Lavanya I wouldn't tell anyone ever...No one here would understand her...But *holding Devayani's hand tightly* trust me Dadi I-...I do have strong feelings for Khushi....And I never want to let that go..."
Devayani smiled proudly at her grandson stroking his hair.
Arnav continued: "But I just need a bit more time."
Devayani sighed going into deep concentration: "Khushi betiya...does she know?"
Arnav angry turned away: "I have tried telling her but something always keeps cropping up in between."
Devayani strictly: "This isn't right Chote. Keeping Khushi in the dark about you and Lavanya's true relationship...Khushi betiya is already had so much sadness and rejection in her life ...If you don't tell her soon you will loose her Chote. She is so innocent she'd be heartb-"
Arnav stressful: "I know Dadi...I know...But I have tried many times to tell her the truth-"
Devayani shook her head with a possessive tone to her voice: "It's not enough Chote. I have seen Khushi and know how she behaves. I have seen the rista's that have come to her for her beauty and then immediately torn becuase of her difference to others. I do not want my grandson to be one of those fools. If you are 100% sure that Khushi is the woman you love, knowing all....then I will be with you...Or else please Chote leave Khushi be. Don't play with her dear emotions."
Arnav growled: "No! How can you think that...*calmly yet stern* You think... I am using her Dadi when actually my true interests are in Lavanya.... Right?"
Devayani shook her head: "No Chote...I am just asking to making sure."
Arnav lowered his eyes: "Don't worry Dadi. I will tell Khushi tomorrow the truth about me and Lavanya. No matter what."
Devayani smiled at her blood's bravery and pride burst within her heart.


Kushal stormed into his bedroom furious about what he just had heard. Even though he stood outside the Study door for a few seconds, his mind was being turned upside down. 

Kushal walked down the corridor towards the Study to fetch his wife and Grandson, as guests were asking to see them. Seeing the light shine on the floor, coming from the crack of the slightly open door, he even turned curious with a smile. What gift had our Chote brought for Devayani? Just as he was about to enter the Study the words that reached his ears froze him on the spot.

Arnav: "...I do have strong feelings for Khushi....And I never want to let that go..."
Kushal stood a step back not believing his ears about this but couldn't help feel coldness fill his being. He shook his head in disbelief and step forward to hear more.
Devayani sighed going into deep concentration: "Khushi betiya...does she know?"
Arnav angry turned away: "I have tried telling her but something always keeps cropping up in between."
Kushal turned away angry at Arnav, but also felt his heart prick to something unknown to him. He knew he couldn't stand there any longer without bursting, but turning an ear back to the door one last time made him have enough and leave.
Arnav calmly yet sternly: "...I am using her Dadi when actually my true interests are in Lavanya."

Kushal slammed a fist on the Italian table with fury. Hadn't I taught my Grandson better? Is this the way of the new generation? He forced his mind to think upon the Raizada reputation than upon people's feelings. If this gets out, everything would be in tatters. How can Chote play with women when Life is about having one woman in your life. How could he do this to the Kashyap family? What would I say to them? Kushal looked out the window into the sparkling sky searching for the answers. Kushal thought for a long time before deciding he would put things right. One way or another.


If people still didn't get it I'll explain. Basically. Arnav has revealed his heart feelings about Khushi to Devayani but not the reason why Lavanya and Arnav are buying time. Kushal on the other hand accidently hears parts of this conversation and now assumes that even though Arnav is marrying Lavanya he doesn't want to leave having an affair with Khushi.



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