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Chapter Twelve: Spots Of A Ladybird

Eid Mubarak to all Brothers and Sisters out there for Sunday on Indian Forums And on My Blog!
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Arnav and Kushal had just returned from playing morning golf, in the neighborhood courts, with bright smiles on their face. They were both wearing thin jumpers with white casual trousers. Arnav wore a dark green jumper, while Kushal had a grey jumper. He patted Arnav's back proudly.
Kushal laughed out loud: "I never knew you were that good Chote. Beating me in a couple of matches, *dramatic sigh* you showed me your pro. *chuckles while pulling Arnav close*"
Arnav smirked: "But you got me in the last one Dadaji."
Kushal hmm-ed before raising an eyebrow at him: "I'm still wondering whether I thrashed you or you let me win *chuckles*"
Arnav shook his head with a soft smile before looking at his watch: "Dadaji...I need to-"
Kushal nodded understanding: "Yes Chote. I know you have a lot of work to do at the office. You go ahead. Make sure your back for lunch though *grins* or else your Dadiji will have your ears."
Arnav nodded shooting upstairs for a shower, a change of clothes into his suit before rushing off to AR.


Khushi, in a cream and pink churidar, rushed out of the door of the cottage and waited for Raja. Madhu walked to stand by the door, wrapped in a shawl. As she was handing the money over to Khushi, the signs of worry didn't leave her face. Khushi noticing this shook her head, rolling her eyes with a smile. Madhu twitched her lips seeing Khushi's usual reaction.
Madhu: "Yes yes I know not to worry. But Listen ok. Only go to the market place for the pumpkin seeds and -"
Raja rushed past Madhu's legs to join Khushi. They both started to leave with Madhu still calling out from behind. 
Madhu annoyed: "LISTEN! Uff! Remember to go to the shop you usually go to, with the vitamins prescription!!"
Khushi turned back nodding before going off with Raja to the markets of Chandigarh. 


Arriving at the markets Khushi smiled at the crowded atmosphere, where vegetables were being picked and bought, prices were being haggled and kids were running carefree. Raja stuck close to Khushi all the way as they swiveled between people to reach the man they wanted.

Mukesh was packing some vegetables for a customer when he saw her glowing smile come close. He cracked a fresh smile.
Mukesh in a elderly cheer: "Khushi betiya!!! What a pleasant surprise!! Come close, come!"
Khushi squeezed through the people, to stand right opposite him across the line of vegetable and brightly smiled greeting him.
Mukesh cheerily: "How is you Buaji these days? Isn't it her that comes usually? ey? But glad your here betiya! I haven't seen you in weeks!! Chinky has been asking about you. Just started her job at the Rathi household. Hope for the best for your friend Khushi. hmm? *Khushi nodded happily*"
Just the he noticed Raja prop his front paws onto the counter, with his head poking up with a greeting nose.
Mukesh grandly: "And of course. How can there be Khushi betiya without Raja?!?! ey!?"
Raja barked making Mukesh and Khushi smile.
Mukesh: " AHAA! You have come for those pumpkin seeds haven't you? Madhu mentioned it last week."
Khushi nodded handing over the money. Mukesh took it, slipping it into his shirt pocket and handed her the bag of pumpkin seeds. Khushi grinned and put her hands together to thank him, before going on her way with Raja.
Mukesh waved: "Visit again soon betiya!"

As they arrived to the small mall, where the pharmacy was, khushi unfolded her Buaji's prescription to have one last check. With a smile Khushi was about to enter, when suddenly she stopped in her tracks. She remembered no dogs were allowed in the mall. With a disappointed face, she crouch down beside her best friend. She showed sorry eyes, while stroked his lush fur before indicating for him to sit and stay by the side of the entrance doors. She explained why by pointing at the building, before pointing at Raja and shaking her head sadly. Raja whimpered watching Khushi stand and walk inside the glass doors.

A few minutes after Khushi went in, 8 young children arrived wearing ragged clothes with two of the boys laying their bicycles at the side of the mall. In ages between 5 to 10, they walked up to the entrance of the mall with a basket. They come here every other day to beg for money, but usually get kicked out by shop keepers. At first they were all drawn to Raja, who had his tongue out happily. They started to pet him and shake his hand with a friendly expression, and Raja let them. The ten year old boy, however, pulled two of the young ones inside with a serious face. Anyone would of thought he was a grown man by his attitude.
Bilal: "Come on we're wasting time. Money can get food on the table, not petting a dog."
All in all 5 went inside, whereas the other 3 didn't want to listen and stayed out with Raja.

Khushi walk down the hallway scanning at the different types of shops, which had their counters side by side to each other.It was busy here too, but not as much as the market. Her eyes brightened lightly locating the pharmacy, beside the Meetai store. As there were many already waiting for orders Khushi went to the side to hand it to the elderly lady that Madhu described to her. Khushi smiled at the lady, who recognized her immediately from her smile and body language.
Savita took her note and money with weak frail hands: "You must be Khushi betiya. hmm? Madhumati told me about you. *smiles sweetly*"
Khushi felt her smile widen and nodded.
Savita nodded: "I get your Buaji's medicine. Do bear with me betiya as I need to serve the other customers first."
Khushi nodded understanding totally.

2-3 minutes passed as Khushi still waited, before her eyes came across 5 children just opposite the corridor. They were sat down against the wall begging for money to passer-bys. Khushi felt her heart woe, knowing that she didn't have any more money. She looked back at them seeing that it looked like they hadn't eaten properly in days. She, however, also noticed most of the children were lost in gaze at the Meetai sweets beside her. She smiled with an idea and took 5 small baskets of sweets from the counter and walked over to the children handing it to them. The children seemed shock at first, but thankfully took it.
Bilal: "Thank you Didi."
Just then she felt her arm get grabbed and pulled to face a furious overweight man: "THIEF!! Who the hell are you to take food from MY store and hand it to these brats!!"
Brats?!?! For once Khushi wanted desperately to speak to stand up to this man, not for herself, but for these children.

From outside Raja's ear pricked up seeing a crowd start to form inside the mall. The remaining kids also noticed and started to worry if their brothers and sisters were in trouble again. Just then the 5 children came rushing out scared.
Bilal authoritatively : "Get the dog inside. Maybe he can ...I don't know ...bite that buda's leg while Didi can make a run for it. *the other kids looked at him worried* COME ON! Who cares whose dog this is! He can help."
But Raja refused to take a step in the mall. Khushi had told him to stay outside. Restlessness filled his being making him pace as the children begged him to go in. Just then Raja saw someone that could help.

Khushi was crying silently, unable to reply as the man threw insults upon insults on her and the escaped children. Savita went up to them and tore his vice grip off Khushi and put her frail arm round her protectively.
Savita : "Leave her alone. She was only helping a bunch of starving childr-"
The man shouted making the crowd jump out their skin: "MY STORE! MY SWEETS! How dare she?!!? And why are you standing up for her?!?! Her lawyer are you!?!? She'll need one when I'm done with her."
Sativa angrily: "The poor child can't speak for God sake. Have some humani-"
The man laughed: "OHHO! She can't speak huh?!!? Is she part of those children trying to get some sympathy too!?"
Arnav darkly: "If anyone is going to get sympathy, It's you."

The crowd move aside to reveal Arnav, in his black suit with shirt and tie, with 3 of his assistant workers behind him. With clenched fists and tense body he strode forward towards the man, leaving everyone muttering "ASR" in a hushed voice. Even the furious man lost the color in his face knowing who this man was. Stopping in front of him, Arnav eyed this man, knowing exactly just how to deal with him.
The man's voice trembled: "S..Sir... I was just...This girl-"
Arnav roughly: "I know what happened. They told me everything."
The man's eye twitched seeing the 5 children stood beside the assistants. He gulped seeing the vein's pump on Arnav's neck. Arnav glanced at Khushi who was tearful, but also astounded by his presence. He looked sharply at the man, in his eye.
Arnav sternly: " I could close you up and shut you down and it won't even take a minute...*the man put his hands together fearful*...but You seem like a man who has a family. And it's not their fault they have a selfish dog as a provider-"
The man overjoyed: "Thank you sir...thank you-"
Arnav seriously: "But if I hear that you have been flapping your trap again or dragging children out as if you bloody own the place...then I won't give a second thought. Got it?"
The man nodded shameful and was about to scurry off when Arnav suddenly dragged him by the collar roughly towards Khushi and Savita.
Arnav deathly beside him: "Apologize."
Khushi looked at Arnav shocked and watched the man being humiliated.
Khushi shook her head immediately at Arnav, but he didn't heed. The trembling man was so much older than her and for him to apologize to her, made her feel awful. However, the man said sorry to her desperately before Arnav let him scurry off. Arnav glared at the crowd making them too scamper off to 'mind' their own business.
Arnav roughly: "Khushi go out and get in the car. I'll give you and Raja a lift home."
Khushi wiped her tears wanting to protest but Arnav looked directly into her soft eyes, daring her to refuse. Defeated, Khushi implied her good bye from Savita, taking the vitamins tablets before walking, with her eyes low, out the mall with the children talking to her. Arnav watched her leave and turned to see Savita gazing at him fondly, with an experienced eye and a knowing smirk. Arnav frowned. She then simply patted his shoulder and walked back to her store.

Khushi and Raja were sat in the back seats of Arnav's dark grey BMW. She was sat near the window with her head against the glass, while Raja's head was laid in her lap drifting asleep as she stroked his fur. Khushi thoughts were lost in a daze of nothingness as she couldn't explain what just happened. Arnav had stood up for the children and her in front of everyone and even made the man apologize to her. It was so rude the way Arnav did it...but he did the right thing... I guess. It is justice. ....Her mind and heart were so confused. But she made up her mind to be grateful for Arnav for handling the situation. With eye's still gazing out the window, she noticed Arnav come out and crouch down to the bunch of kids, talking to them. Khushi tilted her head, not being able to hear what they were saying, but witnessed as Arnav took a two bundles of cash from the briefcase, one of his assistants were holding, and handled it to the oldest of the boys. The children were more than baffled at the man's kindness and waved enthusiastically as they walked towards the car. Khushi smiled softly and heart warmed at Arnav's generous deed. She watched as Arnav talked to the assistants for a while before leaving them and getting in the car, so he was sat on the other side of Raja.
Arnav casually: "Lets go."
The driver drove off heading for home.

Arnav was flicking through the file focused, but couldn't help glancing at Khushi who seemed quiet and thoughtful in all senses. Arnav looked back to the file.
Arnav firmly: "It was lucky that Raja found me. I was only collecting money from a client, when Raja came up  and dragged me to the mall....*looking at her again and toned his voice down slightly*..Are you ok?"
Khushi with her eyes down at Raja's head nodded gently. Arnav knew what Khushi was pondering and so thought to settle it out.
Arnav smirked before looking at his file: "I want to ask you a favor...if you don't mind..."
Khushi's eyes widened at the prospect of helping him like he helped her. She turned to him with an excited grin and nodded. Anything. Arnav smirked as knowing her mood was lifted...and he didn't even have to glance at her to know that...




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