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Chapter Thirteen: Innocent Instincts

NOTE: If you haven't seen the pictures on my Tublr link yet, then this will be slightly hard to imagine, so I advise please do have a look at the garden and he names of the places. Thank you.


A week had past since Arnav asked the favor and since then Khushi had been a very busy-bee for tonight's special night. The Open area was decorated with delicate wild flowers freshly picked in its reds and purples, chains of white small flowers were wrapped round the pillars which held the shade up. There were bright fairy lights brightening up the grassy area beautifully as the guests started to walk in via the Raizada mansion. Everyone was dressed glamorously and held smiles as Arnav spoke up wearing a sharp smart black and silver suit.
Arnav grandly: "Thank you all for for attending us for this grand day to share our celebrations. My Grandfather. *indicating to Kushal and Devayani beside him* Kushal Singh Raizada. Turning a year older today by age but age is just a number be seeing at his looks."
Everyone laughed with light humor, while Kushal shook his head with a chuckle at his grandson, holding Devayani close.
Arnav smiled: "Happy Birthday Dadaji. * Kushal nodded thankfully* Everyone, enjoy your night."

Everyone went up to Kushal shaking his hand, congratulating him after Arnav hugged him heartily. The party was filled with light chats, banter and little canapes. Everyone especially praised Arnav's organization of the garden party which was splendidly pulled off. 
Devayani proudly: "Yes Chote. Everything is so beautiful. Thank you Chote."
Arnav, however, could only smirk and glance to the side to see Khushi, in a dark green churidar with her dupatta covering her front to a knot at her hip and hair out. She was a few meters away from them with Aman and Raja, watching them enjoy they party. Arnav remembered back to the little spat he and Khushi earlier that day had about her attending the party. 

 Arnav roughly: "But why not?!"
Khushi avoided him and rolled her eyes, while putting the food on the counter in the Raizada kitchen.
Arnav sighed with a huff trying to calm but failing miserably. He went back to her side trying to convince her again.
Arnav huskily: "Listen Khushi. I'm making this as part of the favor too. You have to come to the party you have organized for me. And that's final."
Khushi turned with her mouth wide shocked at Arnav. She angrily shook her finger at him daringly.
Arnav frowned: "So what!? I'm changing the rules now. "
Khushi crossed her arms with a pout making him tighten his lips.
Arnav: "It's ridiculous that you don't what to come in front of other people for Buaji's sake."
Aman walking in with another plate beside Khushi bumping into her playfully.
Aman interrupted: "It's not ridiculous Bhai. It's just how things work. Plus Buaji wouldn't allow it."
Arnav growled at Aman: "I get why Buaji is against it but-"
Aman unaffected replied calmly: "Bhai. You need to understand that Buaji and Khushi have gone through a lot becuase of what others have said. Not everyone in the world is like us who understand Khushi. One day maybe...but IF Khushi and Buaji don't feel ready yet, then I don't think you should force them."
Arnav mentally was taken aback from the status Aman talked to him from. It was firm yet kind. It was a friend sticking up for a friend. Arnav should of understood Khushi and Buaji's opinion and should have thought what Aman had said. Arnav watched as Khushi smiled thankfully at Aman making Arnav simply sigh with defeat and twitch with envy that Aman knew Khushi longer. Hold on...I'm not I?

Aman cheerily: "But bhaiya.."
Arnav snapping out his thoughts.
Aman: "If you still do want to make Khushi go...then God help you when you face Buaji...Hope your hair is fire resistant."
Khushi slapped Aman's arm with a smile while Arnav couldn't help but chuckle too.

Arnav watched fondly as Khushi indicated Raja to go to Kushal, as spend the evening with him. Arnav watched Raja race to Kushal obediently, with his handsome bow tie of and barked by his side making him happy to see him. Arnav smiled to see Kushal happy, but his mind drifted to questioning the reason why Kushal wasn't very fond of Khushi. Before he could think anymore into it, he heard Aman laugh out load at Khushi's silly antics making him bristle. He discretely walked over to the two, leaving the guests and smirked seeing Khushi smile brightly at him. 
Aman: "Bhaiya! How did everyone like the decorations and food?"
Khushi nodded with anticipation.
Arnav nodded chuffed: "They all loved it. Thanks Khushi... Aman."
Khushi clapped her hands happily and jumped making Aman smile and Arnav grin ear to ear. Aman's eyes then drifted to the food which some plates were finishing.
Aman: "Urm Khushi I need to fill up those plates from the kitchen so you go ahead to the fountain. Ok? Sorry Khushi!!! *rushing off*"
Khushi made a sad face watching Aman leave while Arnav looked on. He stood awkwardly beside Khushi with a frown before gently lying: "I haven't seen the fountain yet Khushi."
Arnav drank his drink casually looked back at the guests, when suddenly he felt Khushi enthusiastically tug his arm leading the way. His heart smiled at her grin.


It took a couple of minutes before they reached the concrete archway, with gold tassels adorn on it, which led to the fountain. Arnav and Khushi were now walking side by side taking in the beautiful line of cherry blossom trees, lit by the moon's reflected rays, as it softly swayed in the wind. The sound of gushing water soon reached their ears making them feel a wave of peace overcome them. Khushi broke into a sprint to get to the fountain, leaving Arnav to walk slower admiringly shaking his head. He soon reached the fountain and looked over to Khushi who was sat sweetly on a high plank bench, under a wooden archway covered in green bushy branches. She was swinging her legs under her and patted the space beside her for Arnav to come. As Arnav did he felt more and more lost in her natural beauty, which wasn't just her physical beauty but also the beauty of her heart and her love for nature and people. He just couldn't shake the feeling off.

Seeing him sat turned towards her slightly, Khushi started to explain to Arnav about her and Raja coming here at least 2 times a week and about the flowers, which she hand planted herself. Arnav gazed at her actions watching her point at the flowers gleefully and then get lost in her own world, surprised at how big the plants have grown. Arnav's smile kept growing as Khushi's focus and eyes were now just straight ahead of her as if talking to herself about the flowers. He could swear that Khushi had forgotten that he was there beside her. A patient Arnav watched her mentally talking to herself. It was as if time slowed for Arnav as he enchantingly admired her beautiful appearance. Green really suits her...but maybe a red would too... His molten eyes looked over her petite hands, which did so much for good be it hard work for her family or for other people. He gently looked back at her face to glide his eyes down her long, straight hair that came down elegantly to her hips. How his anger built at the fact people couldn't see that her inner beauty was just as, or even more beautiful than her outer. He sighed watching the adorable features flit across her face still in her own thoughts. Her round bright eyes and her pulp glossed lips. He gulped with his inner desire wondering what it would be like to kiss them. Khushi pouted before smiling while looking at the fountain. I'll ask Buaji tomorrow if those flowers would be right for this season. Finishing with her thoughts, she swiftly turned her head towards Arnav only to find that he had come so close to her cheek, that she accidently brush her lips against his. 

As if she was electrified by a warm unknown buzz, Khushi involuntarily gasped pulling back from Arnav and stood. She immediately held her hands to her lips, short of breath from the unexpected action. Her eyes were glued to Arnav's as it begging to ask what happened. Arnav, however, was just as shocked at Khushi. He hadn't noticed that his body instinctively crept closer to her to watch her more closely. He hadn't intended to kis-...but...but when....
Arnav's body tensed when he felt the brush of her lips, but couldn't help but close his eyes for that small second of sweet bliss. But when Khushi gasped and stood, Arnav was shell shocked. What had I done?

A different type of silence settled upon the serene calm gushing of water from the fountain. Eyes locked. Heartbeats ran wild.

Arnav stood quickly, watching Khushi with glazed eyes backing away... step step. Arnav didn't know what to say to her, when he didn't know what to say to himself. He didn't know what to explain to her, when he couldn't even explain to himself. What Had Happened?!. All he knew was that the way Khushi had a numb look on her face and questioning lost eyes ... he didn't like it at all.
Arnav hoarsely stuttered: " Khushi...I...I didn't...I don't know...what came over me...I didn't..I.... "
Khushi shook her head in denial of what just happened. Of what she just had experienced. Of what she just felt. All she knew was to run.

Arnav watched in dismay as a lone tear fell from Khushi's eye and her legs run away from him leaving the quieting sound of her payals. Arnav looked down collecting what had happened and anger built slowly within himself. Nose flared and fist clenched as he felt more frustrated. He turned rigidly breathing heavy. What the hell is wrong with me!?! How could have I just nearly...What must she be thinking of me now...
Arnav punched the bench hard: "DAMN IT!"


Khushi ran. From what? Arnav? or something else? She couldn't think. She couldn't see properly, blinking the tears down her face from the corners of her eyes. She sprinted past the cottage, deeper into the garden. Dashing round quiet paths, she rushed up the shallow old concrete steps and entered a place which only she and Raja knew of. Slamming the gate she tread further across the lush grass before falling beside a huge moon lit pond, breathing heavily. He...I...Arnav...He...We both almost...How can this be...Why do I feel so strange a dam about to tears of my heart about to....Why?... Khushi touched her lips with shaking hands and brushed the place softly where his lips touched. It was only for a second...not even that...but why did it As her innocent heart jumped with excitement Khushi gasped with her eyes wide. Is this...Is this...No...Buaji said that Love only happens to a couple who are married...But I'm not married...then why...Khushi closed her eyes feeling tears escape from her heart and soul.




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