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Chapter Six: Surfacing Roots

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It was the next day where Arnav spent the day drowning his anger and frustration in his work load for AR. He found it the perfect way to get away...or try to get away from the stress and restlessness building in him. After finalizing the previous deals with clients on his laptop, he slammed it shut before rubbing his face with his hands and leaned back in the cream cushion chair with wooden arms. He sighed. He remembered Khushi's abrupt escape when he tried to confront her yesterday. Clenching his jaw, he quickly sat forward leaning his elbows against his knees and squeezed his hands together. Why didn't she just listen? I didn't shout at her that much did I?! Arnav huffed giving up on the topic and stood up to leave.

Walking towards the garden he noticed Khushi and Raja playing on the lavish grass area beside the pool. Seeing the opportunity Arnav's pace walked a bit faster. Coming out the conservatory doors, he opened his mouth to talk when-
Devayani called: "Chote?"
Arnav paused briefly and turning to look to his side. Devayani and Madhumati were sat on the perpendicular to each other, on two long brown benches. Madhu gave Arnav a welcoming grin, while Devayani smiled comfortingly and patted the space beside her.
Devayani: "Come Chote. Have tea with us." 
Arnav glanced side-wards to Khushi, before nodding and walking casually towards the two ladies. He sat down beside Devayani and relaxed in the chair.
Madhumati: "We were just talking about you babwa. *handing his a cup of tea*"
Arnav took it thankfully and looked at his Dadi confused, making her laugh.
Devayani:" Don't worry. It's nothing about your embarrassing childhood naughtiness. *Madhu smiles* Urm but I would like to say though...Madhu Betiya? Chote told me about the other night. He didn't know about Khushi's condition and-"
Madhu looked down: "Please don't embarress me more. It's fine. Accidents happen. "
Arnav genuinely: "But I am sorry Buaji."
Madhu smiled: "Its absolutly fine. It's Khushi's fault anyways. She's always being a Sanka Devi running left and right. I told her she's crash into someone one day. *laughs* "
Arnav still curious: "Has...if you don't mind me asking Buaji...Has Khushi been unable to talk all her life?"
Madhu uneasily looked at Devayani. Devayani, however, smiled comfortingly and nodded implying Arnav was trustworthy enough to know the truth. 
Madhumati sighed looking at her cup of tea: "No babwa. She's been like this for nine years now. She used to *laugh sadly* she used to be such a chatter box before, all changed. "
Arnav softly: "What happened?"
Madhu looked at Khushi who was now sitting cross-legged on the grass stroking Raja's fur through her fingers. 
Madhumati lost: "  I remember it like it happened yesterday. "

Madhu cried: "SHASHI!!!!!!"
The blaze spread like wildfire making the screams pitch higher.
Garima shrieked : "JIJI!!!!!!"
Madhumati held back by their neighbor watched as the house burned an endless flame until it was engulfed. The fire spat and splintered it's rage as it demolished everything in the house. She screamed. Howled as Shashi and Garima voices ended to a stop. She tried to push Sajjan Kuraana off her, but he knew it was too late. In his past years he had seen fires like this and knew when the end was the end. People had gathered too see a distraught women held in the arms of an unknown man. Madhu looked though her tears to see few men who had caused the fire grow bigger in number as a few more returned from the forest dejected.
Madhumati gasped: "Khushi? Where's Khushi!?!?! Sajjanji?!!?"
As she scrambled to her feet followed by Sajjan who helped her stand.
Sajjan seriously: "When they had started the fire, Khushi had just arrived coming from the forest, she witnessed it all... but-"
Madhu grabbed his shirt hysterically: "BUT?!!?!"
Sajjan sadly: "there was too many people rushing so I didn't see where she went. "
Madhumati broke into defeated tears with the thought of Khushi had rushed into the fire too. 
Sajjan shook her reassuringly: "Have faith Madhumatiji. She might have got scared and ran back into the forest. Come I'll help you look for her. "
Madhu with her tear stricken face looked back at the house where family once was. Now she could only hope that her only family was still alive.  

Sajjan and Madhu stood under the umbrella calling out for Khushi continuously as they tread through the forest. With the rain getting heavier and the skies getting darker, Madhumati felt like dying a thousand deaths. Sajjan had thankfully brought his torch scanning the area they tread. Just then Sajjan's eye caught on Khushi's red coat.  He smiled before telling Madhu. Madhumati, thanking the heavens, instinctively rush forward, only to to be taken aback by the fearful sight. Khushi was asleep, sat in the trunk of a hollow tree, but what shocked her terribly was the small growling puppy in Khushi's lap. Madhu put her hands together frightfully while tears gushed down her face. Sajjan rushed to Madhu, handing her the umbrella to hold.
Madhu whispered desperately: "I think it's wild Sajjanji. What are we going to do? It might have hurt Khushi!!"
Sajjan shined his torch closer and squinted to have a better look at the situation.
Sajjan calmly: "Madhumatiji...I don't think he means to harm Khushi. She doesn't seem hurt and she's still breathing, don't worry. "
Madhumati: "How can I not worry!!! She's sat there with a wild dog in her lap!! "
Madhumati's crying made the dog quiet and whimper before he, himself stepped out of Khushi's lap and the trunk into the rain. The two adults watched the small animal's actions carefully as he sat calmly afar watching them. Sajjan with steady steps, walked to the tree, carefully picking up Khushi in his strong arms. Madhu went up to them with the umbrella and stroked Khushi's dry tears.
Sajjan : "She's got a temperature and is unconscious. Come. "
Sajjan walked with strides back to his house, with Madhu beside him and the little dog following behind. 

They both waited hours into the rainy night waiting for Khushi to wake. But she didn't. Madhu sat beside Khushi, continuously changing the white cloth on her forehead to tame the building inner heat.  Sajjan on the other hand was standing beside the open doors, with his arms crossed and a thoughtful stare. His soft gaze was upon the dog that had followed them all the way home and now was sat with his head down and eyes wide in the rain. His cream and white fur was now all brown and black from the mud and rain. Sajjan looked from it's woeful eyes to Khushi. Sajjan called Madhu over to look too.
Sajjan softly: "I think he's the reason why Khushi spent so much time in the woods all these weeks"
Madhu knew what Sajjan wanted her to do but she didn't want to keep the dog. She however looked at Khushi who was still lying there still making her heart break. She sighed before softly smiling at Sajjan. Buaji took a towel and walked to the stairs making sure she didn't get wet. She then crouched down and patted her legs making the dog lift his head and ears. Madhu then smiled and nodded before opening her arms with the towel. The dog then slowly got up and walked towards Madhu letting her pick him up and take him inside.

Madhu still staring at Khushi: " Then soon after Khushi woke up but...but she didn't talk. All these years I have always tried to make her speak or just...*sigh* say something...anything! Even laugh out loud!....but nothing. "
Arnav listened patiently while Devayani held Madhu's hand for comfort. Madhu took a deep breath in and wiped her tears.
Madhumati bravely: "She was only eleven years old. And seeing her parents burn in the house she grew up in ,we thought shock was the reason why she couldn't talk...But then we realized that it's not that she couldn''s that she wouldn't. And she wouldn't for so she just can't. "
Devayani calmly: "I heard about Madhumati's situation and I just knew that Muskaan betiya would never want you to be homeless. So I took her in."

Devayani held Madhumati close as she cried gently taking a last looks at the burnt house, she once called home. The driver was packing little what they had left into the boot, while Sajjan came out his house to bid them farewell.
Madhu smiled tearfully: "Thank you so much for helping us-"
Sajjan smiled: "It's no problem really Madhumatiji. I'm glad that your friend's in-laws have a grand heart."
Devayani smiled: "You can come visit Sajjan beta-"
Sajjan shook his head: "That would be lovely, however I am leaving for abroad soon. A friend of mine has got me an internship for Architecture, which at my middle age is a golden opportunity."
Madhu smiled: "I'm very happy for you Sajjanji. "
Sajjan nodded thankful. He looked across to the Raizada car where Khushi stood quietly with little Raja in her arms. 

Raja's head was laid on Khushi's shoulder slowly falling asleep as Khushi stroked his soft back. Sajjan fondly smiled before walking over to them with a special book in his hand. Khushi looked up at him with curious eyes and stared as he crouched down in front of her. 
Sajjan grinned cheerfully: "Now...Khushi betiya. I have something special for you." 
He held out a the rouge leather book with two hands and watched as Khushi investigated it with her round brown eyes. Khushi then looked at Sajjan, before lifting her head questioningly. Sajjan grinned.
Sajjan: "This is a diary. A brand new one just for you. I know you don't want to say anything yet..."
Khushi looked to the floor sadly but Sajjan lifted her chin.
Sajjan: "But that doesn't matter. You wrote saying that your best friend here is called Raja, didn't you?...*Khushi nodded firmly*...So this book is for whenever you want to talk to can write in here. So Raja will know everything you want to say to him."
Khushi with her free hand took the diary from him with wide amazed eyes. She blinked with disbelief before looking at Sajjan in wonder. He smiled and nodded affirmatively.
Sajjan:" It's true only if you believe it is Khushi betiya."
He stroked her hair gently making Khushi smile brightly and running into his arms for a warm hug with Raja still sound asleep in her protective arms. 

Madhumati: "Your Dadaji wasn't happy about it, but then I made a deal saying I would look after the whole Raizada Gardens in return for letting me stay at the cottage and also cash payment, so he's satisfied "
Devayani sighed: " It was the only way he would have agreed."
Madhu smiled thankfully: "I don't mind at all. Muskaan loved this garden and I'm always so grateful for what you both have done for me and Khushi. "
Devayani firmly: "Don't, Muska-"
Arnav gently: "-Maa would have wanted this."
Devayani nodded in agreement while Madhu smiled appreciatively.

There was a calm silence with Khushi and Raja in the background enjoying themselves. Arnav couldn't help but smile.
Madhumati lightening the mood: "Do you know Arnav bitwa... your mother has met Khushi before."
Arnav turned to look at Madhu with an interested expression: "She has!?"
Madhumati nodded: "It was only once....Khushi was six when Muskaan came over to visit. You left for that abroad boarding school that year I believe."
Devayani nodded confirming.
Madhumati: "She loved playing with Khushi so much...*laughs* I remember Muskaan was crying that day too, because you left and she knew she'd miss you so. But then *laughs* she would laugh all of a sudden saying how proud she was of you and how you'd become just like Abhimanyu...Just like you wanted."
Devayani grinned before stroking the back of Arnav's head.
Madhu sighed before getting up: "I better get going Maaji. Khushi and I have a lot to do at home. "
Devayani nodded understanding. Madhu turned to Khushi: " Titaliya!?!?!?!"
Khushi turned flicking her hair with a smile, only to jump a bit seeing Arnav sat there too. Arnav was staring at her with a firm gaze making her feel conscious. She looked down fixing her dupatta round her neck. She then held Raja tighter wanting to hide from Arnav's eyes which naturally spoke volumes to her.

Madhumati walked up and past her which made Khushi follow with Raja behind her. Arnav tilt his head to the side and watched them leave while thinking about what he had learnt tonight. He looked to the ground deep in thought before staring back towards them immediately with determined eyes. I'm going to make her listen even if she doesn't want to. That's final.


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New words to translate

Dupatta: A long scarf (matched with the Indian dress) usually traditionally put across collar bone.


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