Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chapter Nine: Unraveling Vines


There was the sound of shuffling sheets as Khushi kept rolling in her bed. Raja was on the bed, beside Khushi, with his head down and ears twitching as he watched her movements. Khushi giving up on trying to sleep, sat up with a huff, blowing her feathered hair out of her face. Raja lifted his head too, making her look at him. Her sudden pout lead to him whimpering and coming closer into her arms. Stroking his gorgeous soft fur she sighed. Maybe some fresh air? Khushi smiled hopping out of bed and walked over on the wooden floorboard, to the white french balcony doors, with Raja following close.

On opening the doors, the wind blew the transparent drapes in against Khushi. The stars were out tonight making her heart warm and muscles relax. Pushing the thin white drapes to the side, she stepped out to casually lean against the black rails. Hello Amma! Hello Babuji! How's is it up there? Khushi's giggled silently while Raja barked, before grinning as bright as the stars above. She closed her eyes and breathed in the refreshing air tasting the chill at the back of her throat. Khushi loved seeing the stars as it made her feel Amma and Babuji were talking fondly about her from afar, which made her feel at peace and not worry that their alone in the sky.

Breathing in the calming winds, Khushi thought back to today's events. She was so glad that Arnav and her were now on good terms as it meant another new friend for her. She tilted her head thinking about it. She only had a few close friends...Aman, Arnav, Dadiji, Chinky and Payal...Khushi frowned. Where is Payal these days...It's been ages. Khushi looked across to Raja who had his front paws on the rail like her, staring at her with his tongue out happily. Khushi grinned at him before crouching to hug him close. And you? Your my Best friend of course but...You know Raja, If you were a human...I would marry you. Khushi cuddled into Raja's fur and looked up to the sky with a cheeky smile. The stars twinkled making her smile fall slightly. I also wish...I wish I didn't listen to you when you told me to run Amma...I wish I was brave and stayed back to stop them... With a heavy heart, a lone tear fell from her eye and seeped into Raja's mane. Raja turned to see her face and whimpered. Khushi cried lightly hugging Raja tight as this was the only way her pain subsided and for a smile to rise for a new day.


With his Bluetooth in his ear, Arnav strode down the stairs in a blue shirt and cream trousers with trainers. Kushal and Devayani were just sitting down for breakfast and smiled at Arnav joining them, even though he was still in the middle of a conversation.
Arnav reassuringly: "Yeah.... Don't worry Lavanya. I'll handle it."
Devayani glanced at Arnav curious of this "Lavanya", while Kushal smirked and ruffled open his morning newspaper.
Arnav smirked: "Yeah sure.... Thanks.... Talk to you later. Yeah...Bye..."
As Arnav ended his call and went straight to greeting his Dada and Dadi with a soft smile.
Devayani lightly: "Chote...Who's Lavanya?"
Before Arnav replied, Kushal spoke up: "You know Devayani. The Kashyap's family daughter. The one Arnav is seeing."
Devayani didn't want to believe it was true when Kushal had told her, but seeing Arnav's nod made her expression stern. The Kashyap family were well known for their rude attitudes towards others. Devayani had met the mother of the family on a couple of chat parties and their respect for elders were at the lowest. Lavanya being the daughter, Devayani assumed there would be no exception. Devayani however wanted to allow the benefit of the doubt.
Devayani with a tight smile: "So...Chote..How long have you known Lavanya?"
Arnav busily eating answered quickly: "Since Harvard."
Devayani nodded: "I see...Have you met her family?"
Arnav firmly: "Her dad... occasionally at business parties."
Devayani pushing further: "How does she dress?"
Arnav looking up at her: "Does it matter?"
Devayani shook her head: "No..but I would like to know what our future Bahu is like."
Arnav sternly: "If this is about marriage Dadi, forget it."
Devayani just as forcefully: "Chote...You do have to get married one day and If this Lavanya is your so called Choice then we should look into this. "
Arnav: "No you don't need to Dadi. Lavanya and I like how things are in our relationship and don't want to take it to the next level. We're both not interested. *getting up* now if anyone needs me, I'll be in the Study."
Arnav was about to walk away from the table but Devayani raised her voice slightly.
Devayani: "Muskaan Betiya wouldn't of wanted this. "
Arnav halted to a dangerous pause and clenched his fist as his heart was pricked by the truth.
Devayani firmly: "And you know this well. "
Arnav breathed heavily for a minute before taking control and striding out.

Kushal turning the page of the newspaper calmly making Devayani even more frustrated.
Devayani: "Why didn't you say anything? You know what I am saying is right..and you still..."
Kushal huskily: "Devayani...Calm yourself. I know my grandson... Let a couple of days pass. "
Devayani angrily:" I wanted a Bahu. A woman that I can be proud to call my Daughter-in-law and Chote...Chote had to pick a Kashyap....Doesn't he know how they all are and the rude ways they behave. "
Kushal ignoring the comment: "If you don't like Lavanya...Pick a girl for our Chote."
Devayani looked at Kushal thoughtfully. Kushal closed his paper and glasses before standing up. Kushal walked to his wife's side and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly.
Kushal: "You have many friends...I'm sure you'll find a good few girls suitable for Chote...hmm?"
Devayani gave a smile and watched as Kushal left. As she pondered over the idea, she also couldn't help but wonder whether Kushal had truly supported her or just threw an idea just to keep her happy, while his intentions were elsewhere.


Anjili grinned loving the pattern adorn on her hands.
Anjili: "I love it Ma. It's so beautiful as usual *giggles*"
Muskaan wiping the tip of the Mendhi Tube with a tissue: "You should of seen my Mendhi when I was marrying your Papa. I was alllll the way up my arms like a long glove!"
Anjili: "when I get married can I get mine done like yours?"
Muskaan kissed her cheek: "of course! "
Muskaan watched Arnav from the corner of her eye, who was reading a book on the sofa beside them, but she could tell he was listening in to their conversation.
Muskaan smiled and spoken slightly louder: "My Chote's Wife will also get her Mendhi done juuust like mine too. "
Arnav frowned and mumbled: "I don't want to get married."
Muskaan teasingly: "What was that Chote? "*Anjili giggled*
Arnav shut his book and came close to Muskaan:" I don't want get a wife. I just want you."
Muskaan rolled her eyes and pulled Arnav to her lap:" Ok ok...If I pick the right wife out for you, will you marry her then? "
Arnav quietened deep in thought making Anjili and Muskaan smile at his sweet innocence.
Muskaan pushed a little harder: "Then you can have a wife and me!"
Arnav then turned to his Ma and nodded:" Deal."
Anjili and Muskaan cheered making Arnav grin. 

Arnav opened his red eyes sharply carefully folding the memory back into it's chest. Blinking the stress away, Arnav sat up from the leather brown sofa near the book cabinet and moved the laptop from his lap to beside him. He sighed rubbing his face knowing that the 'marriage' conversation would crop up soon. He was thankful that Kushal hadn't said anything or else...
Lavanya meant a lot to Arnav, but then Arnav would chuckle thinking about how to explain to the world that their relationship was literally as everyone saw it, but not what they thought. 
Aman: "WOAH!! Careful!! *chuckles*"
Arnav looked up to the sound to see where the voice echoed from and clocked through the Aquarium wall to see Aman just stop Khushi from falling with a basket in her hands. Aman was wearing a grey 'V' neck with black jeans, which complemented his fit figure, while Khushi wore a deep rose pink Salwar with her hair clipped back. Arnav smiled lightly seeing Khushi again.

Aman raised an eyebrow at Khushi: "Where's your mind drifted off to this time? Hmm?"
Khushi grins lightly shaking her head making Aman roll his eyes: "You and your fluttering mind. "
Aman walked past Khushi, giving her a light tickle in the ribs making Khushi jump up. Aman laughed out loud as Khushi started to slap his arm and he started to run.
Madhumati from down the opposite end of the corridor: "Titaliya!!! What's taking you so long?! Come on!"
Khushi indicated to Aman with a slicing hand that she will get her own back. Aman just wagged his eye brows and left. Khushi shook her head fondly and while bringing the basket tighter against her hip, her eyes fell upon Arnav's, who was thoughtfully looking back into hers. 

Remembering this was a new start for them, Khushi smiled softly with a shy look in her eye and lifted a hand slowly to wave. Arnav smirked back and nodded gently to say a 'Hi' back. 
Madhu : "SANKADEVI! "
Khushi nearly jumped out of her skin hearing her Buaji from down the corridor. Arnav held back a chuckle at this girl and watched as she innocently stared back at him. Arnav tilted his head to the direction of Madhu's voice. Go then. Khushi nodded determined and zoomed off leaving Arnav shaking his head with a lighter heart.


Words to translate

Bahu: Daughter-in law



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    1. Aman is younger than Arnav ( mentioned by Dadi in 2nd chapter) but yes he is older than Khushi.

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