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Chapter Fourteen: Secret Carvings


A day passed with Khushi successfully avoiding the Raizada House completely, before arriving normally for work the next day. Aman, Raja and Devayani noticed that Khushi was in a state which they couldn't put their finger on. Khushi's smile seemed held back slightly making them having to look twice at Khushi to see if she was alright. She merely replied by shaking her head reassuringly.

Khushi's encounters with Arnav, however, were more awkward than ever. Even though she felt her heart pound knowing his gaze on her she had tried her motto from the other night. Try to forget it ever happened. But her heart kept having other ideas. She kept on thinking about him. About the things he had done for the children that day and ...for her. The time he helped her in the garden. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks when she shyly remembered how handsome he looked in his white shirt. His muscles tones...His hair tousled. She closed her eyes abruptly to keep away from those thoughts, but her unfaithful heart was already lost.

Arnav had noticed her drift around the house and noticed her try to act normal with smiles, but it only made him feel more frustrated becuase he knew everything wasn't fine between them. The day before, where Khushi hadn't come at all, made him feel awful even nearly deciding to go to the cottage at one point. But with work at AR busying him all day made him let that day pass. He could only think about her and how she had silently made everything seem upside down, yet perfect. Though he could do what Khushi was doing today. Acting as if nothing happened that night, but he didn't know why he couldn't let it go. Maybe he didn't want to.

With these thoughts he came into the living room to see guests sat with Devayani, enlightened by his entrance. Devayani stood introducing him to the shy girl and the parents. Arnav's jaw clenched realizing what was going on. He went along watching the other wealthy families beady eye on him. Arnav, stood in a dark grey shirt and waist coat and black trousers, watched Devayani tried her hardest to get him to co-operate, but ended up with a blunt and straight reply.
Arnav: "You know Dadi, I don't want to get married at all. So why have you brought them here?"
The family stood up appalled by this revelation. Devayani was red with angry embarrassment.
Devayani: "Chote!"
Arnav: "I don't want to get married and that's final! Now tell these people to leave."
Devayani was stunned to shock and watched helpless as the family left with disgust at Arnav's rudeness . 
She turned to Arnav furious: "Chote! I was trying to get a suitable rishta for you and you-...In front of THEM! Couldn't you stayed silent till they left!? What would Muskaan betiya think watching us!?"
Arnav darkly: "Dadi! Leave it. *walking away*"
Devayani yelling his name but in vain. 


Arnav stormed angrily to the place where all his mother's hidden memories were. It wasn't anything special, but it was quiet just how Arnav liked it. The store room was roomy with ivory sheets, boxes, sculptures and paintings. It was dark room by nature with only the huge french window as the light source of the room. Arnav walked opposite the door to the boxes which held pictures of Muskaan with Anjili and himself. Silently he picked up a couple of photos and looked at the captures of moments in their lives, which made him feel close to her. He wished he could talk to her once... about the things going on in his mind...anything. Muskaan always used to find something to talk cheer him up.

As Devayani rubbed coconut oil into Muskaan's hair, there was light chatter between them, while Kushal was sat beside his wife reading the paper and enjoying their silly bantering. With Anjili sleeping over at her friends house, Arnav sat in cross legged, opposite Muskaan, with a book in his lap.
Muskaan: "If there was a competition of who could stay the quietest for a long time, it would be my Chote. "
Kushal chuckled while Devayani shook her head.
Devayani: "No no Betiya. Arnav's Dadaji would defiantly win."
Kushal taken back with a smile: "Now just wait right there..."
Muskaan broke into a fit of giggles while Arnav let out a quiet laugh too.
Muskaan gasped: "Did you hear that Amma?! Chote broke his silence by laughing. He's not the best anymore. "
Arnav insisted: "No I didn't!! I'm always the best!"
Muskaan Eskimo kissed Arnav's nose by leaning forward a bit turning his frown upside down.
Muskaan grinned: "Ohhhh Chote! In my book? Always.  "

Arnav closed his eyes letting a tear fall and shoulders shake. The picture tightened in his fist crinkling it slightly. However, hearing a presence behind him made his eyes widen and body turn immediately to the intruder. It was Khushi.

She was stood there, what looked like for a while, with an empty flour dam in her arms. She was in a pure white salwar suit with pink borders, with her hair brought over her shoulder making her look eternal. Her eyes were wide with sadness deep within, understanding that he was here to visit memories. Arnav angrily turned away from Khushi back to the box, not wanting to deal with her at the moment. Khushi put down the dam in its place and fiddled with her fingers unsure of whether to approach him in this vulnerable state. However, curiosity and hearts strings got the better of her leading her to slowly walk to Arnav's side and carefully take the photo from his stiff fist. Arnav clenched his jaw, still not looking at her but could feel her looking at the photo. With a sigh, his eyes looked at what she was doing and watched as Khushi was holding the photo firmly in her hands and softly pressing out the wrinkles. Her eyes were soft gazing upon the photo, but then looked away questioningly. Should I show him the carving?...But the secret garden...I couldn't possibly let him in could I?..

Arnav watched a frown ponder upon her face as if she was trying to make up her mind. Khushi then glanced back at the photo determined and placed it back into the box securely. She bit her lip, thinking again, before nodding confirming with herself. Swiftly Khushi held Arnav's hand and started to lead him out of the room to the place where only she and Raja knew about...Arnav would now know too.


Khushi kept dragging him despite his often questioning. They came to the concrete old steps making Arnav halt and Khushi walk up two steps. She turned back to look at his lost but firm expression.
Arnav roughly: "Where the hell are we Khushi? I have never seen this place before in all my life. Where do these stairs lead to?"
Khushi could only give him a soft reassuring smile and gently held out her hand for him to take. Arnav was conflicted about this unknown place, but it didn't mean he took a minute to take her hand. It only took a second.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Arnav was faced with a black gate railed with swirls and curls of metal. Arnav frowned unable to speak and watched as Khushi casually pushed it open and led him inside.
Arnav in amazement looked at this new sight to his eyes. It was absolutely beautiful. The darkness of the shade by the trees were perfectly balanced by the light shone in to lighten the pond and grass area beside it. 
Arnav lost of words: "Khushi...This place...It's *smiles awkwardly*..It's..."
Khushi smiled brightly and nodded understanding making Arnav laugh lightly. It didn't matter how many times she would come here, it would always astonish her each time. She, however, didn't bring him here to show him that. She led him to one of the trees which was covered by a veil of tasseled leaves.
Arnav frowned: "What is it?"
Khushi hesitantly walked up to the veil and moved it carefully to reveal the trunk of the dark tree. What Arnav saw made his heart stop. It was a messily carved heart with writings of two names inside.

Abhi & Muskaan

Arnav staggered forward and held the leaves making Khushi quietly move back, to let him have his space. He couldn't believe his eyes and touched the carvings of his parents young love.
Arnav: "This...This...It's...Papa's and...and Maa's?"
He could sense her nod gently behind him. Khushi watched with her heart warm as Arnav wiped his tears away. She smiled glad that she could make him happy. She looked down at the grass remembering when she had first found the carvings, about a year ago while she and Raja were playing around. She remembered how excited she was with the new discovery and figured that this was their secret garden too, all those years ago. 

Arnav's voice snapped her out of her thoughts: "Khushi?"
Khushi looked up at him, who was facing her now. It was then she had realized how much distance there was between them both physically.
Arnav huskily: "I wanted to say....Thank you...Thank you for showing me this Khushi."
Khushi smiled timidly and nodded glad. There was a moment of silence held between them before he spoke again.
Arnav gulped: "I'm sorry for the other night Khushi..."
Khushi looked down, knowing she should feel happy he apologized but then again...she wasn't. Arnav looked at her angelic face with glazed eyes, and felt something left from his shoulders when he continued.
Arnav huskily: "But I'm not sorry for this..."

Khushi frowned before lifting her head to meet his, only to realized the next second he had rushed up to her and swooped down for a desperate kiss. Khushi gasped and closed her eyes, not knowing how to respond, letting him take over with his arm's wrapping her body close to his, his lips yearning connection with hers and his tongue leading the way. Khushi only knew that this embrace felt perfect. The warmth radiating from his body to hers made her heart jump maniacally. A discovery of something that felt so inviting.
Khushi's hesitantly lifted her hand up his hard biceps to the back of his hair massaging it slowly as Arnav took her to the seventh sky. Arnav smirked feeling her innocently respond to his tongue. He broke the kiss leaving the both breathless, but still held her face in his hands, staring into those eyes that spoke to his heart ever so softly. Arnav pulled her for a desperate hug as if he had found what he had been looking for. Khushi...Happiness. He didn't know what to name this feeling but he knew this was perfect. She was perfect.

Khushi smiled shyly against Arnav's shoulder with her mind lost in the sweetest of substances. Maybe Buaji was wrong...maybe because I'm different from others, that's why this feeling is different for me too. A lone tear fell from Khushi's eye as her heart embraced the moment knowing this was right....She knew this was love.


Devayani: "I will not stand it. All those guests... I understand now that his choice is Lavanya and will stay that way, However sharing with them that he won't get married at all. EVER?!?! Unacceptable. I will not allow this. "
Kushal walked up to Devayani with a smirk on his face and laid his hands gently on her shoulder to calm her. 
Kushal: "You think too much. "
Devayani turned to face him and spoke strictly: "I am not. I am trying to fulfill what Muskaan betiya would have wanted. To get Arnav married at the right age. And this is the right age!"
Kushal: "Fine fine. I'll talk to him."
Kushal started to get ready for bed. Devayani watched him curiously.
Devayani: "You will?"
Kushal silently nodded looking out of their bedroom window into the starry night sky.
Kushal firmly: "I will."



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