Monday, 27 August 2012

Chapter Fifteen: Buds And Clippings


Dear Raja 
I'M IN LOVE!!! Yesterday was the most beautiful day of my life so far! I just can't stop smiling Raja! It's so weird! I was so shy when Arnav and I left our secret garden side by side. Arnav kept looking at me making me blush too! And RAJA!! I nearly forget to tell you!!! Did you know we can see Arnav's balcony from our balcony?! I was talking to Amma and Babuji when I saw a light flickering from far away. I looked and Guess what!? Arnav was there smiling back at me!! I couldn't believe it!!

Khushi smiled silly and snuggled closer to Raja lying beside her half asleep.

You know Raja... This Love feeling...It feels exciting but also scary at the same time...Is that normal? I don't know...But all that matters is that I'm in love with the feeling and in love with Arnav. I can't explain. This is so new, but..then again familiar.

Khushi frowned in the middle of writing lost in thought, before mellowing down and writing again.

I love everyone though. Very very is it the same love with Arnav? But I like him a bit more? It's confusing because it's also like the feeling I get with Aman-... Raja, you remember the times when I accidently fall on Aman, or we get close somehow and there's that slightly odd moment but we laugh it off? It's like that! but with Arnav it's different somehow...but I can't think what's different. Do I love Aman too then?! Now this that is confusing...
Maybe ...maybe I just need to figure out what real 'love' is actually like? 

Khushi gasped with a new revelation and grinned.

That settles it then. I don't think I'm in love yet Raja, but I'm defiantly falling!
Night Raja.
p.s I will always love you so don't ever think I'll forget you trying to figure this 'love' out. Ok?! good!

With that Khushi shut her book satisfied and tucked it under her fluffy pillow, before putting an arm round Raja and joining him to the land of nod.


It was nearly noon when Raja helped Khushi carry her tool bag to the young rose bushes. Khushi was wearing a gorgeous dark pink salwar with a silver design, with her hair in a loose french plait over the shoulder and a sweet summer smile. Seeing the red roses ahead made Khushi blush slightly. Roses are a symbol of love aren't they. And no wonder really...They are so perfectly beautiful... Arriving at the bushes Khushi stroked Raja for carrying her bag and took out the tools to snip the ends of the branches, so it'd grow more rose buds to bloom for the coming season. Raja sat peacefully in the shade of a tree watching Khushi work contently. She progressed from bush to bush, going round them slowly making sure the cuts were done right. Arriving to the last bush she realized that there wasn't any roses to cut off. That's strange... Khushi leaned in to look closer to notice tiny bugs were infesting in small patches making her gasp. I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier! Good thing I got a repellent spray on me. Khushi looked to the ground and spun looking for her tool bag and noticed Raja was snoozing near the trees. But where's my bag?

Arnav huskily: "Looking for this?"
Khushi felt a stillness overcome her body and her shy smile creep upwards in her heart. She turned to see Arnav, stood wearing a maroon shirt with black waist coat and trousers, holding up her bag to her with one hand. Khushi smiled seeing her bag and nodded shyly, taking the bag from him. She started to rummage through it looking for the small spray bottle, but frowned unable to find it. Feeling Arnav's gaze on her made her feel more conscious. She then heard Arnav chuckle making her look up at him.
Arnav smiled teasingly and held the bottle up to her: " Here."
Khushi smiled thankfully and leaned her hand forward to take it. While taking the bottle from him, their fingers brushed making Khushi quickly take the bottle, before trying to focus back on the task at hand. Arnav smirked watching her reaction and crossed his arms while tilting his head. Turning towards the bush, she located the small areas invaded by bugs and started to spray lightly on them. After a minute, however, Khushi breathing turned shallow feeling Arnav's body heat radiate onto her back. She could feel him coming closer making her instinctively draw her arms and hands closer to her body, as if she was trying to stop her heart pounding out of her chest. Khushi lowered her eyes and head bashfully not knowing how to respond. Arnav laid his hands upon her waist and smirked cheekily. He lowered his head and placing it against the side of hers. Khushi's eyes grew wide with this intimate hold by Arnav.
Arnav whispered: " Is something wrong Khushi? "
She replied by shaking her head side to side. Arnav gently tightened his hold and smiled warmly against her cheek. Khushi felt she was unable to breath and crimsoned hearing Raja bark. It made her jump out of her skin. Arnav grinned at this and took the opportunity to steal a kiss on her cheek, before swiftly turning to leave for the house. Khushi shot round to watch his retreat and softly touched her cheek in a sweet daze.

Climbing up the stairs to poolside he looked back at Raja excitingly jumping and barking round Khushi,  making her grin and hug him close. Arnav fondly shook his head smiling before entering the Raizada mansion.


Later on in the day, Kushal, wearing a cream designer kurta, asked Arnav if he would come for a walk with him. Arnav was confused on why he'd ask this so randomly, however agreed and went with his grandfather out into the front garden. Arnav walked with Kushal for quite sometime along the sharp grass and low trees, before speaking up questioningly.
Arnav curiously: "Dada...Did you want to ask me something or talk about something important?"
Kushal stopped ahead of Arnav and slowly turned to him with a smile and nod.
Kushal thoughtfully: "I was thinking that it has been many years since... since our Muskaan betiya has left us for the heavens and over that time you have changed so very much. *smiled* You have grown into a very strong and independent man that any grandfather would wish for in a grandson."
Arnav stood closer to Kushal not understanding where this was going. Kushal continued.
Kushal firmly: "I understand that times have changed and in your young age, love and relationships are formed differently...however I know you would not let down traditions of your family. This is why I'm going to help you so it fulfills your desires and also ours as your elders."
Arnav frowned: " Dada?"
Kushal: "Miss Kashyap is your..girlfriend' you have said."
Arnav firmly: "Lavanya? Yes she is-"
Kushal: "And you refuse to even think about the rishthas your Dadi puts out for you."
Arnav sighed: "Yes b-"
Kushal calmly: "Arnav you must understand that you have made a splendid choice of choosing the Lavanya and I am very proud of your choice."
Arnav stared lost into his dear Dada's face: "You..You are?"
Kushal: "I would be the happiest man alive to see my Arnav settle down with a girl like her. Her family are just perfect to match ours so there would be no problem...*mellowing a bit* I know Arnav that you are against marriage but think of your family. I know you will make the right choice."
Arnav looked at his Dada, brimming with hope and pride in his eyes and so lightly nodded. Arnav could never refuse his Dada.
Kushal laughed and patted Arnav's shoulder cheerily: "Then it is settled. The engagement will happen a week from now. I have already spoken to Mr and Mrs Kashyap about the arrangement and they were over the moon."
Arnav stood in shock realizing what he had just done. What have I just agreed to?! And there Arnav stood, with his heart and mind conflicted, smiling numbly at his Dada. Sadness spread into his heart taking over the warmth that was freshly there from yesterday. Khushi...


New words to translate

Rishtha: Proposal/relationship (depending on context)



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