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Chapter Eleven: Sweet Rain

NOTE: Someone had asked me this before so I'll say it here for everyone to be aware. Arnav is not diabetic in my fiction :)


Aman struggling: "Khushi...I'm seriously asking you now...what are in these boxes!??!"
Khushi simply grinned and mimicked zipping her lips.

30 mins ago...
It was a cool morning when Khushi, in a floral mellow orange light churidar, came to Aman in the Raizada kitchen. Aman was quite surprised when she dragged him all the way to her cottage, without indicating what's going on.
Aman concerned: "Is everything ok Khushi? Is Buaji alright?"
Khushi smiled and brought Aman into the kitchen, where Raja was waiting. She let go of his hand and put both her hands on her hips. Aman looked at the table with a odd look.
Aman calmly: "It's... a box."
Khushi nodded with a wide smile and pointed at him, then the box and then showed a lifted action with her hands.
Aman taking it in and walked towards the box: "You want me to carry the box. *Khushi nodded* the Raizada House."
Khushi grinned confirming, but also brushed her shoulder down as if wearing a sari.
Aman nodding: " to Dadi then."
Khushi gave him the thumbs up and when round to pick up her heavy box, which was a bit smaller than the box she told Aman to lift. Aman went to her side immediately.
Aman: "Khushi, I'll carry that box for you too."
Khushi shook her head refusing and pointed at the big box indicating for him to take it. Aman sighed and went to pick up the box, only to be taken aback when lifting it.
Aman exclaimed:" MY GOD! KHUSHI! What's in this!?!?! An elephant!?"
Khushi grinned and walked ahead with her box, Raja took a tiffin held in his teeth, leaving Aman flabbergasted.

Arnav, Kushal and Devayani were out near the pool, just finishing their breakfast. Arnav had talked to Lavanya earlier on the phone, much to Devayani's detest making her remain quiet in an off-mood. Arnav and Kushal were now read their newspapers in peace. Just then Devayani noticed Khushi, Raja and Aman coming up the stairs towards them. She reflected Khushi's grin, but then frowned seeing them carry boxes.
Devayani: "Khushi betiya?"
Arnav's eyes flickered up, lowering his paper slightly before smirking at Khushi greeting her. She softly smiled back. Kushal on the other hand didn't even acknowledge her presence, but glanced at her once. And only once. Khushi put hers on the table and hugged Devayani greeting her, while Aman dropped the box on the table with a thump and slumped in a chair exhausted.
Devayani pleasantly surprised: "Khushi betiya? Aman? What's all this?"
Aman teasing : "Yes Khushi ....what have I been carrying all the way here?"
Arnav eyed the box too, curious. Khushi flapped her arms for everyone to calm down and wiggled her eyebrows cheekily before opening the huge box. Devayani put her hands on her cheeks amazed while Aman couldn't help but smile.

The box was full of packets of different Meetai!! There was Rashmalai, Bal meetai, Gulab jamun, Sohan Halwa and many more! And heaps of it! Devayani could smell the mixture of fragrances from each sweet, making it a delicious piece of Heaven in a box.
Devayani: "All this!?!?! Did you make all these Khushi betiya!?"
Arnav lifted his head a bit to peek and was impressed by her amazing efforts. Khushi grinned nodding and immediately turned to open the box she was holding. Khushi got out a box of Laddu's for Dada and Dadi and Gajar Halwa For Aman.
Aman smiled: "Ahhh! My favorite as you know Khushi. *wink*"
Khushi smiled as Dadi stroked her hair thanking her: " Khushi Betiya why all this? And whats the occasion?"
Khushi simple shrugged her shoulders making Devayani shake her head in awe: "Thank you betiya."
Arnav's smile tightened having a weird feeling seeing Aman wink at Khushi, which for some reason made him frown. Why didn't Khushi make me any? Just then he felt a nudge beside his leg. He looked down to see Raja quietly putting down the tiffin from his mouth and push it towards him with his nose. Arnav then watched as Raja rushed off beside Khushi, as she was just leaving down the stairs into the garden.
Devayani fondly murmured: "She's just like Muskaan betiya. Giving joy without reason. *wiping a happy tear*"
Arnav felt a light glow in his heart at the comment and looked down at the tiffin kept close beside his leg. Kushal, however, stood up stiffly and icily walked out the room, with his hands clasped behind his back.


It was late afternoon when Madhumati opened the door to find Arnav standing at the door, with a Tiffin in his hand. 
Madhu smiled: "Areeee Babwa! You here!? Come in!"
Arnav smiled and entered the house already feeling a warm vibe of home away from home. He walked to the living room and watched Madhu puffing around tending to hospitality. Arnav smiled and refused kindly when Madhu offered tea or coffee. His eyes then paused on Khushi, who was just coming down the stairs with her payals chiming as usual. He couldn't help, but feel his eyes always drawn her her and watched her surprised look with amusement. Arnav smirked. 
Arnav: "Urm Buaji...I actually wouldn't mind a cup of coffee made by you. "
Madhu elated rushed into the kitchen, leaving Khushi and Arnav alone. Arnav eyed Khushi's messy hair and slightly loose dupatta round her neck, and realized that she was busy upstairs with something. Khushi consciously fixed her dupatta shying her eyes away for a few seconds. She then looked up hearing Arnav step close and show her the tiffin in his hand. 
Arnav huskily: "You didn't need to thank me you know. I told you before... didn't I."
Khushi looked down fiddling with dupatta and shrugged her shoulders. Arnav chuckled making Khushi feel the atmosphere become less awkward. Her smile drooped a bit seeing Arnav leave the tiffin on the table and start to leave. Khushi stood in his way not wanting him to leave as Madhu was just getting him coffee.
Arnav casually : "I only came to give that back. That's all. Plus I have work to do."
Khushi slumped her shoulders allowing Arnav to walk round her and out of the house. Disheartened, Khushi walked towards the table and picked up the tiffin which she had put jalebis in for him. However, just then she frowned feeling the weight of it. She curiously opened the tiffin making her grin to see what was inside.... Nothing. There was nothing inside. 

She hastily ran up the stairs and into her room to jump out to the balcony, to see Arnav a few meters away from the house, crouched down patting Raja. Arnav looked up with a knowing smirk to meet Khushi's bright eyes. Khushi waved energetically, glad that a she gave something back to Arnav for helping her with the gardening. Arnav nodded curtly before turning to leave. As Khushi watched him leave and Raja run towards the cottage, a small frown surfaced on her forehead as she couldn't explain why her heart was grinning brighter than the smile on her face.

I know its a bit short, but some chapters are more meaningful when short. 

New word to translate

Meetai: Indian Sweet (list given in chapter. Look up for more detail ;) )



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