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Chapter Eight: Nature's Embrace



Dear Raja
Thanks for saving me tonight...again. Before you arrived I thought...The way he pulled me...I felt so frightened. It was like that time. You remember that day don't you...

Khushi paused writing before turning to Raja sleeping on the rugged mat in front of the lit fireplace. The light crackling and crisp sound whispered in the room, with it's glow sleeping on Khushi and Raja's form. She was in her pink salwar, lying on her front beside him, with her face held up by her hands and her elbows against the floor. Khushi watched as Raja twitched his ears in his sleep as she maneuvered a hand to scratch the top of his head. She smiled softly and turned back to her diary.

Anyways! I don't think you should have shouted at him that bad Raja. He...He seemed like he wanted to say something. You know...he didn't look angry at all for a moment. Like he was...sorry? I don't know. First he shouts at me, then he wipes my tears. It made me feel weird inside. It's funny because it was like I wanted to say thank you to him. But then when you came he turned grumpy again. Very confusing. Do you remember what Buaji said the other day we went to the market? She said, "Keep away from people that makes you feel odd". Arnav Singh Raizada makes me feel odd...I that's the solution. Keeping away.

Love you Raja.

Khushi with a satisfying smile shut her diary and got up to leave it on the bed side drawer. However, as soon as she put down the book the weird feeling came back. She could still remember the look in his eyes and that...soft touch against her cheeks. Khushi sighed defeated and went back to Raja to cover him in a thin blanket. She then slipped into her own sheets with patterned leaves on it, staring up at the white bed canopy that was half out above her head, til the sweet sand dust caught her eye.


Aman whispered in a worried voice: "Khushi!!! Khushi please I beg of you! Get down! If Buaji sees you... my hair will be lit on fire for sure!!! And you know she's be tugging you ear too!"
Aman was standing under an apple tree, in dark blue jeans and a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up. There was a basket beside him, half full of ripe green apples. Anyone looking at him from afar would think he was going mad, talking up to the apples by himself. Aman leaning a hand against the tree trunk, looked around just in case anyone came by.
Aman looked up annoyed:" Khushi! That's it...I'm calling Raja."

The branch was moved aside to show Khushi with an arm full of apples. She was gripped onto branches like an acrobatic monkey, in her light green and yellow salwar. With her hair in a french plait to the side, over her shoulder, she stared at Aman with a dramatic shocked expression.
Aman held back a laugh and shook his finger at Khushi with a serous tone: "You know I'll do it Khushi."
Khushi pouted and started to chuck apples into the basket that she had collected. Khushi noticed Aman still looking around worried and bit her lip cheekily, before chucking the last apple lightly near him.
Aman jumped up: "Oi! Easy Khushi! You made me your friend to do this!?"
Aman watched as Khushi threw her head back grinning happily.
Aman: "Yeah yeah. Laugh all you want but when Buaji find out your climbing up trees again, she'll-"
Suddenly Aman heard the branches start to crack making him alert and turn immediately. It was just in the nick of time that he caught Khushi in his strong arms. With a twig in Khushi's hair and her eyes closed prepared for the impact, Aman angrily shook his head at her.
Aman gripped tighter: "This is why I said didn't I! Lets use a ladder Khushi, but noooo Khushi wants to climb!"

Khushi opened her eyes and looked at Aman apologetically. Aman sighed and let her down to her feet. He then in a huff picked up the basket and started to walk to the kitchen door. Khushi ran slightly in front holding her ears in her hands showing him she was sorry. Aman entered the kitchen and put the basket on the kitchen worktop, trying to ignore Khushi. Khushi casually sat cross legged beside the basket, with her hands still holding her ears. She had to nudge Aman's shoulder with her elbow a couple of times before he looked at her. Aman watched as Khushi flashed those gorgeous round eyes at him and pouted her lips, making it so hard for his heart not to melt.
Aman sighed with a smile: "Fine fine. Your forgiven."
Khushi grinned and jumped off the counter dancing about making Aman laugh. He held her shoulder pulling her close and handed her an apple. Khushi eyes smiled at his thanking him. He tapped her nose.
Aman cheerily: "But if you don't be careful next time you'll be sorry. Now shoo, you."
Khushi stuck her tongue out at him cheekily making him chase her round the island worktop. He blocked the kitchen door to the garden so she rushed out into the Raizada house instead. Aman shook his head at Khushi, but also his silly jumping heart.

Khushi, half skipping and walking down the corridor, looked back to see if Aman was chasing her or not. She smiled glad to have such a good friend like Aman. Passing the aquarium wall, she was about to sink her teeth into the green juicy apple, when suddenly she bumped into someone making her fall back on her onto her bum. Khushi mentally ufff-ed and rubbed her backside, before looking up to see who she had bumped into.

Kushal, in a dark brown designer kurta, stared down with stern silent eyes at Khushi. He had just come out of the Study reading his paper when he was taken aback with an unexpected collision. Khushi, noticing Kushal's paper on the floor, picked it up quickly and stood up embarrassed. Tidying the papers in her hand, Khushi could feel his eyes still on her. Kushal stood stiff patiently watching Khushi innocent attempt to get the papers into order. She glanced up once or twice to see if he was getting angrier or not. But his expression stayed the same all the way through.

After a couple of seconds Khushi noticed Kushal's hand out in front of her. Stilling, she stared at it before looking up at his face. The strict expression remaining on his face, Kushal curtly nodded with a light grunt making Khushi hesitantly give the papers to him with two hands. Kushal took them, opened it to the page he was on and simply walked round and past Khushi. As she turned to watch him walk away, Khushi frowned not figuring out Kushal's thoughts. She sighed. Come on Khushi. It's not like Dadaji doesn't act like this with you normally. Khushi shook her head laughing thinking of the numerous of times where her Buaji would tell her not to come in front of Kushal becuase he would yell at her. Khushi rolled her eyes with a smile. Silly Buaji. Dadaji hasn't ever shouted at me.

Khushi bent down to pick up the dropped apple and stood up like a spring. She looked at the apple curiously and sighed knowing it would have to be washed again before being eaten now. Looking past the apple, she stepped forward to the swimming fishes in the wall  that shimmered as a living kaleidoscope. Khushi with wide eyes watched as the fishes moved in their own direction. Her eyes however paused on eyes. His eyes.

Khushi moved back startled, realizing Arnav was staring at her through the aquarium with a thoughtful gaze. Avoid remember Khushi...Avoid. Khushi slowly started to walk down the corridor to get away, only to notice he was following her in a parallel motion. Khushi stopped making him stop. She gulped knowing Arnav was watching her like a predator. She looked ahead noting that where the aquarium stopped was the open door of the study. She looked on the other side of the aquarium to see the same. That means it doesn't matter which way I go he'll still....Khushi closed her eyes...not if I'm faster. Khushi then broke into a sprint down the corridor hoping to pass the aquarium before Arnav got out the Study. But unfortunately for her-

Arnav slammed her against the corridor wall breathing heavily. Khushi closed her eyes knowing she's caught and sighed before opening her eyes to look just below his chin. Arnav was in a dark blue shirt with black trousers and shoes. His head was tilted low a bit to level with her eyes.
Arnav huskily: "I know your thinking why the hell I'm on your back. Trust me... I ask the same question to myself, but THIS...This needs to be said."
Khushi sucked a breath in, holding it firmly, still looking away from his eyes.
Arnav roughly: "I'm...I'm sorry."
Khushi blinked a couple of times before staring up to his face. He looked like he had just ran a marathon with his eyes sharp and nose flaring. Khushi blankly shook her head a bit.
Arnav sighed: "I'm sorry for the other night where I shouted at you.... I'm sorry for not giving you a chance.... I didn't mean it to look the way it did."
Arnav watched as Khushi's eyes flicked side to side as if lost about what's happening. Arnav looked down breathing out calmly.
Arnav deeply: "I know...I know what it's like losing both your parents too."
Khushi eyes shot up at him listening patiently. Arnav's jaw tightened.

Arnav painfully: "My father died in a car accident the night I was born... He wanted to get to the hospital as fast as he could, to get to my mother giving birth to me.... And my mother... I lost my mother when I was fifteen. I was rushed home from boarding school when I was told. She ... She tripped down the staircase and...and she had internal bleeding of the"
Khushi could feel a lone tear fall from her eye for the tragic loss of this man, who seemed so powerful on the outside. Arnav sniffed back the warm tears brewing inside and looked up to see Khushi's angelic face staring at his with so much sadness. Her eyes were red and breath jagged. Arnav looked away slightly overwhelmed that he had told such a girl his loss, but also hoped that she now understood...that he understood. Arnav moved back from Khushi not meeting her eye before walking off down the corridor, leaving a her in her own thoughts.


Arnav was in his room getting ready for bed with his thoughts lost in the day's events. He had just come out the shower when he heard a bark at the door. 
Arnav frowned: "What the-"
He strode up to the door swinging it wide to see Raja stood staring at him with dark eyes, with a piece of paper at his feet.
Arnav grumbled: "What is it?"
Raja picked up the piece of paper in his teeth and walked into the room. Arnav watched as he casually sat beside his arm chair and small table turned his head towards him...waiting. Arnav awkwardly shut the door and went up to Raja, curious about the piece of paper. Arnav, still stood, put his hand out take the paper from Raja. He, however, growled slightly and tilt his head towards the chair. Arnav baffled silently did what Raja indicated and sat on his arm chair leaning against his elbows.
Arnav sighed: "Now?"
Raja satisfied put the folded paper on the table and rushed to lay on Arnav's bed. Arnav couldn't help, but chuckle.
Arnav muttered: "As if he owns the place."
He then got down to business and opened the chit to see what was written inside.

I'm sorry too...for misjudging you.
Hope you forgive me, like I have forgiven you. Start anew?
I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta. But you can call me Khushi. 

Arnav smirked and looked slyly at Raja watching him from the bed. He raised an eyebrow at the dog, before ripping a new piece of paper from his pad and scribbling on it. He then got up and walked over to sit beside Raja. Scratching Raja's head thankfully, Arnav smiled at Raja's response of wagging his tail. He held the paper to him making Raja take it in his mouth and shooting off. Arnav leaned back on his bed, feeling the lightest he had felt in days. 

Khushi on her bed opened the chit of paper carefully, slightly worried about what he had written. She hoped that he had forgiven her too. As she read, a smile grew of her face before she hugged Raja close, feeling the lightest she had felt in days.

I'm Arnav Singh Raizada. But you can call me Arnav.




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