Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Introduction: Vines With Thorns

Vines with Thorns
The more you loosen, the tighter it grips...but the tighter you grip, the more it hurts.

This story is about a man who sets perfection like generations before him, and a woman, whose life tainted, is forced to hide in the shadows of her own sanctuary. 

Hey guys. It's -Zara- (or Hazara). I'm opening this blog for this Fiction so I can be rest assured that there will be a penalty for any risk of plagiarism  (plus it looks cool ;D ). I hope you enjoy reading here and on the IF and do comment after you read either here or on the IF. Please do comment with your name so I know it's you! ;)

Remember to look at the Vines with Thorns pictures on the right hand side, before you start reading the FF. It helps with imagery :)

All the images I use and gifs I use are NOT owned OR created by me! I am just using them for the purpose of sharing Arhi, structuring my story and creating a better image for the scenes. The gifs I share are all from Tumblr so credit to them. :D
Disclaimer: I own the story and plot of Vine With Thorns as I am the sole writer, however I do not own the names, Arnav Singh Raizada, Khushi Kumari Gupta or Devayani Singh Raizada etc as they are initially from the Star Plus Show: 'Iss Pyaar Ko Ka Naam Doon'. 

Thank you note: Thank You Shreya for letting me use the Copyright Statement. Really big help. Muah!

Characters (main and most questioned about)

Arnav Singh Raizada/ ASR : Son of deceased Muskaan and Abhimanyu Singh Raizada. (age 27)

Kushal Singh Raizada: Father of Abhimanyu, Husband of Devayani, Grandfather of Arnav

Devayani Singh Raizada: Wife of Kushal, Grandmother of Arnav, Mother of Abhimanyu

Lavanya Kashyap: Known so far as ASR's Girlfriend. (age 22)

Khushi Kumari Gupta: Daughter of deceased Garima and Shashi Kumari Gupta, Niece of Madhumati/Madhu. (age 20)

Raja: Khushi's dog and Best friend.

Madhumati/Madhu Kumari Gupta: Buaji of Khushi, older sister of deceased Shashi.

Other Characters
Aman: Raizada's Chef, friend of Khushi (age 25)

Chinky: Khushi's friend (Age 20)

Anjili Singh Raizada: Arnav's older sister, Daughter of deceased Muskaan and Abhi

Sajjan Kuraana: The Gupta's past Neighbor

Indu Thakur: Gang leader (Only son of deceased Kartik Thakur) age 27



  1. For some reason these are the people I imagined.
    Lovely characterisation

  2. awee... amitabh bachhan as the 'strict' dada.... lol.. i like the characters. they fit the personality! :)

  3. Hey, loved the character sketch... Most of the characters were as I imagined... except of course the great Mr. Bachchan... But yet, it'll be much easier now... Thanx for the effort...:-)

  4. Thank u for the character sketch.

  5. interesting images related to the characters... didn't imagine amitabh bachhan, mukesh khanna and anas rashid in those particulat roles, though!

  6. Awesome sketch, wasn't expecting Amitah Bachan as Kushal, lol!

    From: -Hope- (India Forums)

  7. love the character sketch.
    Wasn't expecting big B as the dada but so fits! And Aman! LOL u made him a chef.

    Pinkpearlz (IF)

  8. NaaniJi got BigB as her hubby - thats really cute and Anas as Aman the chef :)))
    Cuteness overflowing - awww Shashi & Garima are deceased :(

    -preetihere from IF

  9. You have got to be kidding me! Nani and Big B?!!!
    Aman (Suraj) as chef is Awesome.

    Thank you for the character sketch.


  10. So Viren aka Karan Thakkar is your new Aman lol man:)

  11. Hey dear!!! i started reading this fic yesterday!!! io have not completed it .. But, m in the 2nd thread.. I was up late at night reading it!!! As it was really interesting reading ur work.. U r an awsome writter!!! And talking about the character sketch i loved it too.. Each character is been selected very perfectly!!! I loved it.. Chlo m going wanna read further can't waste time , this is really awsome!!! :)

  12. I just stayed up all night long to read your previous fan fiction- Price of Freedom. Can I just say it was beautifully written and made me laugh out loud so unexpectedly, loved the characterisations, with a special place for angry bird ASR and Casanova, especially as they forced the funniest reactions from Arnav. Can't wait to read Vines with Thorns now. You've really set the bar high!

  13. Just found this story. Good start. Creative presentation of characters

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