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Chapter Two: Returning Seasons

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The aroma of sweet tea and crisp toast filled the kitchen, air as Madhumati hmm-ed away making breakfast for three. Mentally she was listing down what work she and Khushi had to do in the garden today. Work seems to never end at the Raizada Garden, which was a good reason why Madhumati and Khushi lived at the cottage in the garden. Madhumati was grateful really, that Devayani let them stay indirectly with the Raizada's despite her husband's dislike towards Khushi and herself. She sighed. Nine years of living at the cottage in the Raizada Gardens. How these nine years had passed them without her younger brother or sister-in-law in their lives.

Madhu cried: "SHASHI!!!!!!"
The blaze spread like wildfire making the screams pitch higher.
Garima shrieked : "JIJI!!!!!!"

Madhu snapped her eyes shut to block out her frantic heart bursting with the same fear again. Taking a deep breath she looked up to the ceiling. She would pray every night that which ever star they were, watching over them, they would keep twinkling for their Khushi to see through these difficult days. As Khushi's Buaji, Madhu felt like she needed to show God and Khushi's parents that she could get this titaliya settled down to a family that love all of her and not just her beauty. She shook her head and swung her long plait round her neck. Kinjal Rathi's visit the other night made Madhu more alert now to make sure no one sees Khushi around the house.

Just finishing the rest of the toast Madhu turned towards the small dining table, only open her eyes and mouth wide with shock. Khushi in a dark blue hand-made salwar had already stuffed her mouth with toast while Raja ate in his bowl.
Madhu flared her nose: "KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA!!!!"
Khushi stood up quickly knowing she was caught and picked up her pieces before running out the door with her mouth still full. Raja followed suit just as Buaji rushed up to the table.
Madhu put a hand to her head: "Haire Nandkisore!!!!! UFF!!! What am I going to do with this Sankadevi?!?!"
Khushi just then ran back and kissed her cheek before smiling and running straight back out the cottage.
Madhu couldn't help herself and smiled at Khushi's antics, but frowned and called out to her.
Madhu: "Arrreeeee, Titaliya!!! Remember to pick the ripe vegetables and give it to Aman bitwa!!"
Khushi waved from a afar in response. Madhu could only shake her head and pull her brown pallu over her head.


As Raja and Khushi made their way to the green house they couldn't help but play about too with the 8 am sun glowing in the horizon. Khushi's clipped-back hair was combed by the wind, as she ran round Raja teasing him playfully before running again. Khushi started to ran backwards, to watch Raja happily run towards her, only to open her eyes wide as she fell back flat. Raja barked and ran faster being at her side in an instant. Looking over her Raja whimpered questioningly. Khushi looked at Raja with a sweet smile and rubbed Raja behind his ear. Raja licked Khushi's cheek lightly to receive her bright smile. Khushi then rolled onto her front and looked Raja in the eye indicating a race to the green house. Raja was smarter and started running already for a head start. Khushi widened her mouth into an 'O' in flabbergast at his cheekiness. Determined she stood up and ran after him with happiness radiating from her face. As she left, another figure also left with a sigh, stiffening the heart back in its place.


It was turning 9 am when Devayani and Kushal sat down in the grand dining room. Kushal sat at the head of the white marble table in his maroon Kurta with a cream scarf over his shoulder, while Devayani sat by his side in a traditional designed peach sari. 
Devayani calmly: "How was your walk?"
Kushal grumbled as a response, taking out his reading glasses and putting them on. He frowned before looking around the dining hall.
Kushal grouchily: ""Why hasn't Aman brought the food yet!?
Aman rushed in with his arms full: "I'm here Dadaji! I'm here." *nervously smiling*
Kushal hmm-ed and opened his newspaper as breakfast was being served. Aman sighed quietly with relief and glanced at Devayani who smiled and nodded at him comfortingly. Aman finished bringing the plates and swiftly left to go back to the kitchen.
Devayani cutting the fruit: "Anjili betiya called this morning."
Kushal smiled fondly while reading: "She did? How is she and the damand? Will they be coming here to Chandigarh soon?"
Devayani smiled teasingly: "They're all fine and no ... she and him are going to Greece soon for work. But she called especially today about something... or someone..."
Kushal sighed while turning the page: "Devayani, I know your beating round the bush purposely. Now what is it?"
Devayani sipping her tea: "Oh nothing important....just that Chote is coming back here to stay permanently. Today!"
Kushal's eyes widened and dropped his paper down on the table uninterested in it.
Kushal taking off his dark rimmed thick glasses, frowned with shock: "Arnav?...back...here? At this short notice!? Is he sure to-"
Devayani laughed and held Kushal's hand on the table:" Kushal... He's ready to come back home. If he feels it, then we should open our arms with joy. "
Kushal leaned back in his chair chuffed that his grandson was returning from abroad. Permanently. He was so proud of his grandson growing up to an age of 27 to be the sharpest tycoon in the world of business. How proud Kushal always is seeing Arnav on the wide screen each time of his new successes. And now he was returning home.
Devayani with tears in her eyes: "The last time Chote left this house was with so ...so much pain Kushal... I can't express how glad I am he's finally decided it time to come home."
Kushal breathed in controlling his emotions and put his frail hand over hers firmly and nodded.


It was nearly time for lunch when Devayani had called over Madhumati and Aman, for the party preparations that Kushal wants to throw for Arnav's arrival. The guest list was arranged for very close friends and associates. As Devayani explained what to cook for the night, Madhumati was lost in thought with a fond smile on her face and water in her eyes.
Aman grinned with bright eyes: "Don't worry Dadiji. I will make sure Chote sir's favorite desserts are there  too."
Devayani put a hand on his shoulder: "You are like my son too Aman beta. And you are only a year younger than him if i recall *laughs* so call him bhaiya, not sir beta...alright?"
Aman nodded thankfully. There was a knock from the kitchen door, that led to the garden, making Aman grin knowing it was Khushi with those vegetables. He rushed to answer it, while Madhumati snapped from her thoughts and turned to Devayani trying to contain her joy sensibly.
Madhu: "Maaji?... Arnav babwa...he's really-"
Devayani nodded: "Yes Betiya...He's really coming back properly."
Devayani watched fondly as emotions swept over Madhumati's face with joy that a part of Muskaan was returning to the Raizada House. Putting a hand on Madhu's shoulder, Devayani understood her's happiness as she has missed the bubbly presence of her best friend, as she missed the warm presence of her daughter-in-law. Devayani sniffed wiping a tear from the corner of her eyes before smiling brightly.

Devayani: "So is it fine that for flowers to be decorated round the-"
Madhu astounded held Devayani's hand tightly: "of course! *sniff and smile* I will make sure the decoration inside the house is perfect. *turning nervous* but does sir-"
Devayani brushed it off: "Don't worry about Kushal. I'll handle him. And...*looking down embarrassed* I know what happened with Khushi the last time we had an event must have...*sigh*...forgive me-"
Madhu shook her head: "It's fine Maaji. It happens."
Devayani serious: " but I don't want Khushi Betiya to go through it again, ever. ....I felt so helpless...*frustrated with herself* I should have said something when Kinjal said those things about Khushi-"
Madhu held her hand to make her stop:" Please don't. You know our situation. Let bygones be bygones. Khushi will be extra careful from now on. I will make sure of it."
Devayani smiled painfully as the fact hurt her heart more than it showed. It was like caging a bird and hiding it from freedom, just because it lacked in something from all the others flying in the sky.


It was early afternoon as the bright blistering sun started to dip from it's peak when a jet black BMW strolled in through he gates of the Raizada Mansion and slowed to a stop on the mixed cream and grey gravel, in front of the mansion. The driver popped out the driving seat in his white attire and attended hastily to the passenger door. He opened the door wide with his white gloves gripped fearfully and patiently waited for Mr Arnav Singh Raizada to exit.

Arnav, wearing light brown shades, swiftly stepped out the car with his Armani dark suit on with a royal blue tie on white shirt. His firm and muscular physique stood up straight, with his gorgeous hair slicked tastefully, as he shifted his face upwards looking at the house he called home. He removed his shades as his dark molten brown eyes focused deeply at the familiar front of the Raizada house.

Arnav running with a grin: "Maa!! Look! Look at these leaves!"
Muskaan on the floor near the cut shrubs turned to him with a soft smile. She watched as he held a muddy hand towards her with the dark orange leaves held tightly in his fist. She gently took the leaves from him as he panted waiting for her verdict.
Arnav: "Maa? Will these go nice in my collage?"
Muskaan tilted her head in awe and shook her head at her son: " Of course they'll be perfect."
Arnav grinned seeing his Maa smile and laughed as Muskaan pulled him in to her chest for a warm hug to her heart.
Muskaan softly: "Everything you choose is perfect Chote, because your heart is."

Arnav clenched his jaw controlling his emotions before looking down to take a deep breath and close his eyes. I wish you could say that to me today Maa...when I need it the most. Arnav coming out of his thoughts, opened his eyes and looked straight ahead to see Kushal and Devayani standing side by side. Devayani couldn't believe that her long awaited grandson was standing there tall. She shook her head softly with amazement with tears threatening to fall, while Kushal's eyes were filled with pride. Arnav smirked matching Kushal's as he walked powerfully towards him. Arnav stopped in front of them and bent down to take their blessings before immediately standing straight to hug Kushal.
Kushal smiled: "Arnav...Welcome home beta."
Arnav sighed with a smile: "Dada."
They pulled apart with Kushal having a firm grip on Arnav's shoulder.
Kushal laughed: "You have certainly grown. As tall as me I think *chuckles*"
Arnav looked at his Dada in awe before replying sincerely: "Never as tall as you Dada."
Kushal smiled proudly before pulling his perfect grandson for another manly hug.
Arnav let go to turn to Devayani who was sniffing and crying making Arnav smirk and shake his head before pulling her into a warm hug.
Arnav softly: "Dadi... please stop it. I'm here now."
Devayani nodded stroking his hair before letting him go:" It's just been so long Chote. *holding his face in her hands* Our Chote. *sniff* "
Kushal smiled seeing their reunion and after noticing Arnav's bags had been taken in, he coughed roughly making Arnav and Devayani look at him.
Kushal huskily: "Well let the boy in and relax or are you planning to cry all day while the guests pass you by tonight."
Kushal walked inside with a smirk while Arnav held Devayani's side and led her in with a smile at her comical daggers at Kushal's back.

Devayani muttering: "He always does that...always! I've got my Chote back after all these years and he-"
Arnav casually: "Dadi, you know Dada always pulls your leg."
Kushal sat down in the living room: "AND I don't pull it enough." *teasingly*
Devayani twitched her nose and sat down opposite her husband, while Arnav sat beside him. Aman came in with the tea and smiled at Arnav who lightly returned it. 
Aman cheerfully: "Welcome Bhaiya! * placing the tray on the table* You don't know how much Dadiji talks about you. "
Devayani softly smiled nodding making Arnav copy too.
Kushal curtly: " Aman, Like me Arnav is a sir of yours. Do not call him bhaiy-"
Devayani firmly: "I told Aman that he could call Chote Bhaiya. "
Arnav awkwardly watched silently, while Aman felt a fool for saying anything in the first place, especially in front of Kushal himself.
Aman smiled nervous: " Um..It's fine Dadiji...I'll just-"
Devayani strictly: "No. It's fine Aman."
Arnav wanting to break this up before Kushal blew a fuse: "Um Aman...it's fine. *lightly smiles* ...call me Bhaiya."
Kushal stayed silent while Aman nodded and scurried out before anything else was said. Kushal glared at his wife who was arrogantly making tea for three. Arnav made quick work.
Arnav: "Um..Dada?"
Kushal stern: "Yes Chote?"
Arnav: "What were you taking about guests earlier?"
Kushal blinked: "Oh that! I have arranged a small welcome party here at the Mansion for you."
Arnav: "Dada there is really no need to-"
Kushal gallantly: "Of course there's a need! My Grandson has finally come back to stay permanently and such the success he is...what's the nickname?...ASR! *Laughs out loud in great pride* Such brilliance Chote!!"
Arnav simply smiled as he couldn't refuse his Grandfather as he was always his idol for greatness.


New words to translate

Jiji: Sister
Bitwa/ Beta: Son ( can be said in endearment, or literal meaning)
Pallu: Draped sari end over head
Sari: A type of Indian attire
Dadiji: Dadi mean Grandmother, but the 'ji' is attached as a sign of respect, meaning not literally their blood grandmother.
Dadaji: Dada means Grandfather, but the 'ji' is attached as a sign of respect, meaning not literally their blood grandfather.
Damand: Son-in-law (of the household)
Chote: Little one (Arnav's pet name)
Bhaiya: Brother (can be used literally or for endearment)



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