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Chapter Three: Clash of Kinds

To clear some things if some readers didn't understand. Khushi is Garima and Shashi's daughter. Madhu and Madhumati are the same person.


With bright lights on the platform in the dim hall, the rays were caught in the glass held proudly by Kushal as he clicked against it with a small spoon making it echo round.
Kushal standing in his dashing blue suit: "May I have your attention please."
The sophisticated guests quietened their muttering and chats to listen to what the famous Kushal Singh Raizada had to say. Arnav stood strongly by his side with his eye on his Dadi, as she stood modestly among her group of friends. Arnav glanced back to his Dada and smiled tightly. He could just feel time slow down with the echo's of happiness and sorrows of the past reach his ears. His body stiffened in his dark Gucci suit as he felt his mind slowly drift back into the darkness that he fell into at the age of fifteen. Just then Arnav felt a warm hand on his shoulder. Arnav jumped out of his thoughts and looked to see Devayani was giving him an understand quiet smile making him feel at better ease.

Kushal with his thick grey hair swept to the side handsomely gave his killer smirk before speaking grandly.
Kushal: "Today we have been gathered today, on very short notice may I add *everyone smiled and agreed*, to celebrate the return of my...*putting an arm round Arnav's shoulder* grandson, Arnav Singh Raizada, who has built himself his own name *chuckles* being the best and the greatest in his generation. And I couldn't be any prouder of him..."
Arnav looked at his Dada before nodding grateful: "Thanks Dada." 
Kushal patted his shoulder before lifting his glass: "To ASR!"
The guests lifted their glasses too with smiles: "ASR!"
Kushal nodded to everyone: "Please enjoy your night. "
With that everyone went back to chatting in their groups. Kushal patted Arnav's back before grinning at him and leading him towards his friends and associates that he would like him to meet. 

The night was still young as Arnav traveled from person to person in Kushal's social group, hearing praise as they found it great privileged to shake the warm strong hand of ASR. Just then Arnav felt a nudge at the back of his knee making him frown and turn. He looked down to see a well groomed collie staring straight up at him with curious eyes. Arnav looked sternly at the dog before looking sharply up and around to identify it's owner. Kushal laughed at his associate's comment before looking at Arnav. He noticed his attention was elsewhere and followed his gaze to see what he was looking at. He laughed out loud before patting Arnav's back. 
Kushal: "So I see you have met with Raja here." 
Arnav looked at him confused: "Raja? "
Kushal crouched down and scratched the back of Raja's ear fondly making him tilt his head back. Kushal smiled.
Kushal: "yes Chote. Raja has been a part of our family for a long time now. Handsome isn't he."
Arnav raised his eyebrows at Kushal taking in this new change and looked back at Raja simply looking back up at him. Arnav smirked.
Arnav sipping his drink: "Raja's.. your dog Dada?"
Kushal smile turned tight before standing up before saying low: "He should be shouldn't he..."
Arnav frowned not understanding. Just then Devayani graced over to them and stroked Arnav's arm. He turned to her expectantly.
Arnav: "Dadi?"
Devayani calmly: "If you and your Grandfather are done may I take you to see some 'real' important people."
Kushal and Arnav shared a teasing smile before Kushal nodded with approval. Devayani smiled and also called Raja to come along too. Arnav noticed, while walking through the hall following Devayani, she wasn't going towards her circle of friends, but away from them and the rest of the guests, deeper into the house.

Arnav alone with Dadi and Raja turned curious: "Dadi? Where are we going?"
Devayani had a soft smile on her lips and nodded watching Raja pick up pace and run into the kitchen, where loud commotion was radiating from. As Arnav walked behind Devayani a gentle tinkling sound ran across the corridor making Arnav stop and look down there curiously with a sharp eye. He frowned seeing nothing, but a dimly lit corridor with dark shadows of walls across the floor. The white pillars lined down the corridor had bare stands against them too.
Devayani calling from ahead: "Chote? Do keep up."
Arnav looked at her straight ahead saying he's coming. He had a glance back at the corridor before catching up with Devayani. Finally by her side he had just realized that those pillar stands, he had glanced back at, weren't bare anymore, but were adorn with flowers. The work for the last few year must be really getting to me, he thought as he walked with Devayani into the kitchen to smell spices and sweet fragrances fill the air. What he saw made him beyond confused about what's going on.

Madhumati: "HARE NANDKISORE! Didn't I say put a tiny bit more salt into those! Look even Raja isn't impressed."
Raja barked from the corner with a grin. Aman smiled while cooking making Madhu playfully hit his arm.
Madhumati making Jalebi's: "Yes yes smile all you like. But if Arnav bitwa even slightly complains I'll-"
Aman innocently grinned: "come and burn my hair Buaji?"
Madhumati couldn't help but smile: "You know me too well babwa." *laughs*
Arnav turned his wide worried eyes from Madhumati's back to Devayani. She lifted her hand with a smile and nodded.
Devayani: "Madhu Betiya?"
Madhumati was taken aback and turned to see Devayani with Arnav beside her. 
Madhu: "Hare Nandkisore! Maaji?! * smiles* you scared me there. *frowns* Are you not supposed to be in the hall? *gasps* Is everything ok!? *looking at Arnav curiously* "
Devayani smiled: "No no. Nothings wrong betiya. I wanted you to finally meet -"
Madhumati astonished : "Arnav babwa!?"

Arnav, not knowing what to do, basically smiled and nodded formally. What he didn't expect was for this lady to hold his face tenderly and suddenly hug him tightly with tears running down her face. Arnav instinctively hugged beck lightly and looked at his Dadi confused, who also had an adorn a glow on her face.
Madhumati pulled away and took a breath: "You have grown so tall *squeezing his biceps* and so strong *laughs lightly*. Muskaan would have been so proud of you babwa. So so proud. " *tears forming*
Arnav eyes shot to Madhu's face in curious daze.
Arnav stuttered: "Maa?...You knew Maa?"
Devayani softly: "You might not remember her Chote, but she was your mother's best friend. "

Arnav instantly desired to talk to this woman more, know her more, have light chats about her mother more. He then bent down to take Madhu's blessings and stood up to stare at her pleased reaction.
Arnav: "I'm sorry Auntyji-"
Madhu shook her head and stroked his face: "No Nandkisore. Don't be sorry. You have only seen me once or twice when you were ten *laughs* How would you have remembered me!? Hmmm? Call me Buaji. Aman bitwa and my Sanka Devi does.*gasp* Nandkisore!!! Where has that Sanka Devi gone too!?!?"
Just then Raja rushed past them back to the party which made Madhu realize that Khushi was still decorating. She shook her head and prayed that no one would see her this time.
Aman muttered to her: "Everything will be fine Buaji. "
Madhu nodded turning her attention to Devayani and Arnav and smiled. She stroked Arnav's hair.
Madhu fondly: "Babwa, you go and enjoy your party. Hmm? Go. "
Arnav nodded and walked off leaving Devayani, Madhumati and Aman in the kitchen.

Arnav came to join Kushal who was looking seriously at one of his friend.
Kushal: "Those thieves are pure cockroaches. Thanks for telling me Indar... Ah! Chote your back?! How was your meeting with those ladies with designer bags. *muttered* They didn't squeeze your cheeks too hard did they?*chuckles*"
Arnav stroked his cheek lost in thought: "No...of course not, Dada...."
Just then Arnav's head spun to the other darker corridors, where he had just heard those jiggling bunch of bells again. His eyes darted from pillar to pillar trying to see what or who was making that noise.
Kushal a bit louder: "Chote?"
Arnav firmly back: "Yes Dada?"
Kushal intently: "I asked you a question... How is your relationship with the Kashyap Family?"
Arnav shook his head slightly lost: "Sorry Dada...what?"
Kushal chuckled: "Your ... Girlfriend, they say these days, is Miss Lavanya Kashyap, unless I'm reading and hearing wrong from Anjili.*grins*"
Arnav raised his eyebrows: " Oh Lavanya. Yes. We are in a ... relationship. Yes, you have heard right Dada."  
Kushal smiled: " good good. The Kashyap family is a highly talked about in our circles....*casually* are you with them? Do you... talk to her father often?"
Arnav seriously: "um...Not as such Dada. Lavanya and I understand each other well and have talked out what we want from this relationship. So we never thought about bringing in our elders into this."
Kushal simply hmm-ed as a response. Arnav wanting to not talk more about it excused himself.

Walking towards his room with a creased forehead and striding steps, he thought about Kushal's questions and the more detailed questions that would follow. His steps stopped and ears pricked up as he heard them again. It was the same tinkle he heard earlier, but with also something lightly pitter-pattering also along with it. His jaw set with frustration and with a solid look in his eye, he strode towards the sound only to hear it stop. He paused and looked around him. In this situation he wished their house weren't so big.
Arnav sternly loud: "Who's there?!"

There was silence in the passageways, which made him feel like the air was only replying to his question. His ears peaked hearing the sound behind him, rushing away. Arnav narrowed his eyes and sneered before dashing quickly to head for it. He had just then realized the french window slide door open making him curse under his breath as he slammed against it out of breath, eyes scampering to see anyone... But he saw nothing but the empty back pool with the noise fading away into the distance. Just then a hand laid on his shoulder making him jump.
Arnav: "Shit!..Oh! *chuckles nervously* Sorry Dada."
Kushal looked at his state and then looked out into the garden: " Um...Are you ok Chote? What's wrong?"
Arnav smiled to reassure Kushal and shook his head: "Nothing Dada."
Arnav stared back out through the windows watching the tips of the trees sway slowly in the wind, whispering the secret that they knew.
Arnav sighed: "It's nothing."


It was later that night after the guests had left and everyone had gone to bed, when Arnav was having trouble with sleeping. He was tossing and turning in the royal blue sheets of his bed, shirtless with black jogging bottoms on. To be back after all these years and be in his childhood home had a unusual feeling in his body. It was as if the jigsaw piece wasn't fitting in the right place, like it had done before. Having enough he swung his legs over the bed and rubbed his hands on his face deciding that a walk would tire his out enough to sleep peacefully. He slipped on a black low neck jumper before walking down and out, beside the poolside. He breathed in a lungful of fresh air before starting to jog past the pool and down the steps into the endless garden. 

It felt like he had been jogging for ages with his mind zoning out to a peaceful place. Noting the way he traveled from he sped past the colorful meadow only to accidently bump into someone, who had rushed from just round the corner. Just before she tripped over his leg, Arnav pulled her close to his chest to steady her. Arnav instantly was shocked to meet someone at this time of night, but also highly annoyed with the unexpected bump.
Arnav angrily: "WHAT THE-!?!?! WHO the hell-"
Arnav's words faded into nothing, as his eyes took in the beautiful girl in a simple white salwar with eyes so round. Her glowing skin against the moon with her long loose hair that danced in the wind mesmerized his speech, but also his eyes. Her lips seemed so soft as it shimmered. She just looked... He, however, snapped out of his thoughts realizing that she was squirming as his hands instinctively gripped her forearms tighter. Arnav's anger returned to the max making his lip twitch.
Arnav gravely: "WHO...THE.HELL....ARE.YOU?! And what the hell are you doing pondering Raizada property?? AND at this time of night??! WHO ARE YOU?!"

Khushi lip trembled and eyes shone with fear of this unknown man holding her. Arnav remembering back to his Dada's conversation with his friend.
Arnav muttering curtly: "What have you come here to steal then? HUH?"
Khushi felt hot tears roll down her cheeks scared as she was too shocked to respond.
Arnav frustrated roared at his highest: "ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!"
Suddenly loud barking erupted from the distance making Arnav's head shoot up to see Raja and Madhumati in her brown night sari run up to them. Raja continuously barked making Arnav frown, because he wasn't barking at the girl, but at him.

Madhu curtly: "Raja shush now! *turning to Arnav apologetically* Arnav babwa let her go please. This is my niece, Khushi. She was getting some herbs for me for a cough syrup I was making. I'm sorry on my Sankadevi's behalf. She didn't mean to do harm really."
Arnav calmed slightly and looked at a terrified Khushi before letting her go. Madhu put an arm round Khushi leading her back to the cottage with Raja following them protectively. Khushi gave a teary glance back at Arnav's powerful form before leaning her head against Madhu's shoulder. Arnav stared at them...her... leave with a fierce expression and his fists clenched tightly.


New words to translate

Babwa: Means the same as Bitwa and Beta (Son)



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