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Chapter One: Hidden Seeds

Please look at the photos on the Tublr link on the right hand side of this page so the imagery makes sense in these scenes. 
(Note: a handful of Indian words are used through out this story. Translations will be at the bottom of each update."



Muskaan's melodic laughter echoed up into the deep branches of the familiar forest as her legs ran speedily. She gripped her dirtied blue churidar tighter in her delicate fists while skipping over the broken twigs and logs. With a smile still adorn on her face, she whipped her head back in the direction she came from making her dark loose soft hair feather round her face.

Muskaan crying out: "Come on you!! We're nearly there!!"
She laughed seeing her best friend not far behind her with an tense look on her face as she gripped truck to truck, not trusting her own feet to carry her over the uneven ground.
Madhumati shakily loud: "MUSKAAN! STOP! You're running too far ahead of me!!! Ufff, MUSKAAN!! I'm older than you so you should listen!!! We should get back!!"
Madhumati looked at the floor making sure she didn't slip up in the green churidar she was wearing. she slowly picked up pace worried she'd loose Muskaan's trail.
Madhumati muttering to herself: "Nandkisore, please put sense into that pagal Musk-"
Muskaan jumped out at Madhumati from behind a tree:" MADHU! *grinning*"
Madhumati screamed: "-AAN!"
Muskaan giggled at her friend's shocked face and playfully tugged on Madhu's plaited hair.
She smiled: "You know Madhu, you don't need to scream my name to get god to hear it."
Madhumati started to slap her arm: "!"
Muskaan grinned and hugged Madhu: "I'm only playing. Now come!"

The girls held each other's hand as they reached the patch of grass that faced the garden on a huge house. Muskaan triumphantly put her hands on her hips and sat down on the grass leaning back on her hands before closing her eyes blissfully.
Madhumati sat down beside her exhausted: "You brought me here for this?! It's just another view to that Raizada house you know."
Muskaan frowned: "So!? It's a nice view of the flowers there."
Madhumati looked at the blooming flowers the enormous garden had, but also noticed something else too making her smirk.
Madhumati teased: "Are you sure it's only the flowers you wanted a better look at...or Abhimanyu?"
Muskaan snapped open her eyes and looked to see he was there. He was sat on a bench in the garden in a dark grey suit and bow tie. Muskaan smiled remembering when she told him he looked funny in a bow tie. She stood up confidently and shouted down.
Muskaan smiled: "RAIZADA!!!!"
Abhi shot his head up at her voice and couldn't help but see Muskaan waving at him from afar. Abhi looked down at his suit to make sure it was alright before grinning and waving frantically back. Madhu then pulled Muskaan down next to her with a smile.
Madhu: " two are getting pretty close huh?"
Muskaan looked at her friend like she had grown two heads: "I knew there was a reason why 'Mad' is present in your name. *Madhu offended crossed her arms making Muskaan giggle* I'm joking!"
Madhu: "but I'm not. If you and Abhi do like each other then he should talk to his parents for you and-"
Muskaan shook her head: "Listen. You and Shashi are my family and Abhi...he's only a friend."
Madhu: "Does he think the same about you?"
Muskaan hesitated slightly before nodding. Madhu looked down at the garden to see him still looking at Muskaan with a goofy grin. She couldn't help but smile. She was usually totally against boys and girls meeting before marriage as she had taught her younger brother, but Muskaan was always an exception. Muskaan not having any family but hers, she couldn't help feel happy that Abhi could be the man for her. She had to look out for Muskaan, even if they aren't related by blood.

Madhu calmly: "Don't you ever think about your future Muskaan?"
Muskaan rolled her eyes: "Not this again. Listen I'm 18, your 20, still young, so why think!?!"
Madhu frowned: "Because all women should think about their future."
Muskaan solemnly: "When I was young I thought my future would hold my parents watching me get married. *Madhu looked at her sadly*"
Muskaan grinned trying to make Madhu feel better:" But I know one thing for certain! I want to have a huge enormous garden to myself. Like a secret. *giggles*"
Madhu sighed giving up:" I don't get why you love garden's so much...It's just more work."
Muskaan hugged Madhu tightly:" Because Life is the essence of a garden. You see it grow and die, but we ourselves can nurture it better. The beauty is that you don't need to say how beautiful a garden just is. And those who don't see beauty with a pure eye doesn't deserve the time. right?"
Madhu smiled at Muskaan: "right."


The Raizada House had been dressed up elegantly for the night's occasion of the expansion of the AR industries.With high class guests enjoying their small talks among each other, Kushal Raizada and Devayani Raizada were both hosting the night grandly. Kushal had shook the hand of Dhruv Joshi making everyone clap to their current success. Kushal turned his experienced eyes to his wife with a stern smile. Devayani smiled tightly understanding his message and looked over at Madhumati pacing frantically by the french windows to the back garden.
Madhumati muttering to her self angrily: "Haire Nandkisore! Where is that girl? All she had to do is pick up those flowers and come straight here. Uffff, She'll be the death of me..."

The ivory half moon shone brightly enough to light the garden in a shimmering glace. There was peace and serenity as the neatly cut grass moved at the light winds command. This soundness was however disturbed by the rushing of two beings sprinting as fast as they could, cutting through the colorful meadow with urgency.

Devayani walked up to Madhumati and placed a hand on her shoulder making her jump a bit coming out of her thoughts. She gave Devayani an apologetic look. She, however, smiled comfortingly.
Devayani: "She'll get here."
Madhumati: "I'm so sorry for her lack of care towards time."
Devayani shook her head: "It has been so many years and I still need to tell you that you're titaliya is my titaliya too *laughs*"
Madhumati shook her head looking out the window:" but still Maaji.... Haire Nandkisore!! where is that girl?"

Still running with her her young legs strong, payals chirped it's sweet metallic sound as she rushed across the field panting with her green sari blowing in the wind. She looked down by her side seeing her friend enjoying every second. She smiled and held the bouquet tighter and picked up her pace. Nearly there.

Just then Kushal stormed up to the two by the open french window.
Kushal angrily: "Why is it taking so long? The guests are asking questions."
Devayani: "She's coming with it. Have patience."
Kushal sternly:" I have waited enough. You had to insist that she had to get the flowers and-"
Madhumati:" I'm sor-"
Kushal glared: "Sorry? Our Raizada family are to our word and people will mock us just because we couldn't get some stupid flowers to our client on time. Your niece had to given this simple job and she couldn't even do that right. What do we pay you for? Anyways you wouldn't understand the reputation we Raizada's hold."
Madhumati kept quiet helplessly: "Sorry sir."
Devayani outraged: "That's enough Kushal. Your over reacting. She's probably-"
Just then a loud bark came from past the pool making everyone look. Madhumati sighed with relief seeing Raja with his tongue out stand strong and her Sankadevi coming up the garden stairs to join him. She panted heavily, making Devayani giggle, and grinned seeing the three waiting for her.
Devayani grinned: "Look there's Khushi betiya!"
She picked up the bouquet and triumphantly shook it in one hand. Madhumati placed a hand on her shaking her head and sighed. Kushal seeing the young woman angrily walks off towards the guests.

Among the guests were two women, who had also heard the bark and nosily, watched as Khushi and Raja walk up to the two ladies.
Samrita:" Oh Kinny look! Do you remember we asked Devayani about if she knew any brides for your son and she said no...well looky here.*twitching her nose*"
Kinjal nodded observing with beady eyes the young girl that just arrived. Her fair beautiful skin and bright eyes made anyone turn there heads to have a 2nd look. Khushi's dark hair was clipped to one side and her smile was absolutely gorgeous. She watched as Khushi gave the flowers to Devayani before taking her blessings.
Kinjal smiled in a posh fashion: "She's perfect. but she's the maid's niece isn't she?"
Samrita:" No that lady is their house gardener. But Devayani treats that lady like her own daughter apparently. So...want to ask?"
Kinjal just smiled.

Madhumati: "Now you and Raja go from here Sankadevi before someone sees you. I'll be there in a minute."
Khushi smile fell slightly while her Collie put his head to the ground disappointed.
Devayani stopped her:" But betiya I can't just let Khushi leave like-"
Madhumati sighed: "Maaji you know why Khushi can't stay here long. People will start asking questions."
Devayani helpless turned to Khushi and stroked her cheek before letting her and Raja leave rushing back into the dark. Madhumati turned to Devayani.
Madhumati: "Maaji...i know that Sir..."
Devayani shook her head annoyed: "don't call him that. You and khushi are our family. Muskaan betiya would never of wanted her sasurals to treat you like this."
Madhumati: "I am only a gardener of this house Maaji-"
Devayani strictly: "Don't. I know Kushal has said things, but please don't say that. Yes you do look after what Muskaan cherished most of this home, but please you are much more than that. "
Madhumati simply nodded but hardly convinced: "I shall take your leave."
Devayani sighed and hugged her close, before letting her walk past the pool and down the stairs into the garden.

Later on that night Madhumati and Khushi heard a knock at their cottage door. They frowned at each other. Madhumati creaked up off her seat and opened the door curiously to see Devayani and two women muttering to each other. Madhu felt a ball at her throat, but forced a smile hoping it wasn't what she was thinking.
Madhumati: "M..Maaji? At this time of night? Is something wrong?"
Devayani helplessly look at her:" No... Kinjal Rathi wanted to come to talk about marriage..."
Madhu felt her heart speed up with fear as her body stiffened.
Devayani hesitantly: "Can...can we come in betiya?"
Madhumati reluctantly: "Of course. *moving aside* Please."
The two ladies walked in with their keen eyes on detail making Madhumati very nervous. Devayani stopped before entering and held Madhu's hand.
Devayani whispering: "I had no choice. They asked about Khushi and I-"
Madhumati sadly: "I know you would have done everything to stop them. But....Haire Nandkisore! I'm just worried about what they'll say or do when they find out. Khushi-"
Devayani: "We'll try to face this together betiya."
The worried ladies agreed, before shutting the door of the creaky cottage.
 "Those who don't see beauty with a pure eye doesn't deserve the time. right?"
The door opened with the two ladies coming out with their faces in disgust.
Samrita: "I'm so sorry Kinny! I didn't know that the girl-"
Kinjal appealed: "Be quiet you!! I can't believe I came here to ask for THAT girl's hand in marriage for my perfect son. Chee!"
Devayani walked out sadly knowing this inevitable would happen. Her heart cried for the young girl who was now crying upstairs in her bedroom as history repeated itself.


Dear Raja,

Don't look at me like that with your head next to mine. I want to be left alone but you won't leave. Why do people say I'm a deception in disguise. Buaji is angry at those people for coming here but I know she's upset like me too inside. This always happens so I have decided. I don't want to get married Raja. If it makes Buaji cry inside all the time, then whats the point of marriage. Anyways...there's no one else that can replace you Raja. So what if you are my dog?! Your my best friend, my protector, my partner in crime and that's all I need. No one understands me more than you and until someone does(which will never ever ever happen) even then I'd probably say no. So there!

With that Khushi slammed her diary shut and turned towards Raja hugging him close as he licked her tears away while she cuddled into his fur.

Those who want to know what Raja looks like...
More pictures through the link on the right hand side.

Churidar: An type of Indian dress.
Haire Nandkisore/ Nandkisore: Oh God/ God
Pagal: Crazy
Titaliya: Butterfly
Maaji: Maa means Mother, but the 'ji' is attached as a sign of respect, meaning not literally their blood mother.
Payal: Anklet
Sankadevi: Crazy woman/girl
Betiya: dear/daughter
Buaji: Aunty
Chee: Indian expression of disgust.



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