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Chapter Four : Awakened by Bluebells

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Khushi wiped her tears sadly before flipping open her rouge leather diary.

Dear Raja,
Today's day had to be ruined by that stupid man. Remember he nearly caught you and me at the party. But how was I supposed to know that that same man would be in the garden. Shouting at me AND calling me a thief. I was only getting some herbs! Good thing you and Buaji came to rescue me. I thought he was going to eat kill me at one point too. Buaji told me that he's the person the party was for. Arnav Singh Raizada. But Raja I'm so confused... Buaji always said Muskaanji was a smiley and a happy person. So how can HE be her son!? He's horrible...Strange world. I just hope that I don't ever bump into him ever again.
Night Raja.

Khushi yawned before tucking her diary under her pillow and stroked Raja beside her before nodding off on her pillow.


It was the next morning where Arnav woke up early from an uneasy sleep. Ready for the day in a turquoise blue shirt, black waist coat and trousers with matching shoes, he told Aman that he'd eat in his room as he had a some work to fax off. Aman nodded and left Arnav's bedroom nearly bumping into Devayani when coming down the stairs.
Aman: "WOAH! Sorry Dadi. "
Devayani smiled: "don't worry beta. I'm fine. Did you call your Bhaiya down for breakfast?"
Aman:" I did! but ... he said he wanted me to send his breakfast in his room because of work."
Devayani couldn't help but feel disheartened but nodded. She knew she was hoping Arnav to spend more time with them but then again maybe he needs a little push.
Devayani smiled:" I'll come with you. "
Aman frowned but didn't stop her. 

Arnav was sat on his bed typing away on his laptop speedily deep in concentration. He had his Bluetooth in too talking to a supplier. 
Arnav harshly: "Make sure those fabrics are delivered to the office ASAP. I don't want any delay. Got it?"
Hearing a knock at the door, he shot up and strode over to the door still talking. On opening the door his speech stopped and eyes widened.
Arnav calmly: " *switching the device off* Dadi!? What are you doing!!? Here give that to me."
Devayani was stood there with a tray of breakfast. Arnav immediately took it away from her and set it on the  small table and ushered her to sit on the bed.
Arnav firmly: "Dadi, you didn't have to bring it up. Aman...or even I could have-"
Devayani paused him by lifting her hand:" its quite alright Chote. *patting the space beside her* "

Arnav went round the small wooden table which he put the tray on and sat beside Devayani.
Arnav concerned: "Is everything ok Dadi?"
Devayani smiled: "everything is fine Chote. I came to ask ... are you ok?"
Arnav frowned:" me? why would I..."
Devayani patting his shoulder: "I'm your Dadi. I have a sixth sense about these things Chote."
Arnav realized what she meant. He looked away into the distance to see the wide open balcony ahead of him giving him the view of the furthest peaks of the garden. Right back to the forests that is claimed as Raizada's. He closed his eyes and smiled lightly feeling a hand stroke the back of his head.
Arnav: "I...I will be fine Dadi."
Dadi: "Pakka?"
Arnav nodded before looking at her reassuringly.


Much later that day Arnav was lightly strolling on his balcony flicking through files needed to be signed and sent by him. His focus wasn't on the words in the file, but it was on the words he said last night to that girl he bumped into. Her angelic face flashed before his eyes and a part of him kept niggling saying he shouldn't have shouted at her. The dominate thoughts bowled it over determining that he was in the right and it was her fault for not explaining her self fast enough. Just then he accidently bumped into a plant pot, making him drop the black file down below in order to steady himself. 
Arnav cursed: "Dammit."
He put him hands on the ivory clay balcony and leaned over to see his black file on the floor just at the edge of falling into the garden pool. He shook his head at his clumsiness and was about to turn to go down to retrieve it, when he saw Raja bark and rush up to the file picking it up in his mouth. Arnav called out to him making Raja look up. Arnav smirked thankful that Raja got hold of it and pointed at himself to indicate that the file was his. However, Raja growled lowly before slinging it in the pool making Arnav's jaw drop. Arnav banged a fist on the banister giving the dog his killer stare. Arnav remembered back to the previous night and sighed angrily realizing Raja's action. 
Arnav: "You bloody-"
All of a sudden a sharp wolf whistle shot through the air from slightly further up the garden making them both look. It was Khushi in a yellow simple anarkili, with her hair pinned back, waving at Raja. She was standing beside Devayani holding a basket of bluebells in her hand. Raja barked happily before rushing towards her. Arnav stepped forward furious that the dog was getting away with the act.
Arnav: "OI!"
Khushi's eyes raised to blink back in scare seeing Arnav again. Their eyes locked briefly making Khushi fearfully look away to Devayani with a smile. Arnav looked away too and breathed heavily trying to control his anger.
Arnav muttered: "everywhere I go is that stupid girl..."
Arnav discretely flicked his eyes back to where Khushi was to see her hand his Dadi a handful of bluebells before hugging her tightly and running away from the house, with Raja, in haste leaving a jiggling sound in each her steps. Arnav's eyes widened realizing that she was that person who was in the corridors last night. She was the one who ran from him. He watched her retreating form with a curious sharp glare and his jaw set.


Arnav came down to the living room to find Kushal reading his newspaper quietly in one of the armchairs. He looked up from from his paper with his reading glasses on and nodded greeting Arnav. Arnav joined him by picking up a paper from the table and joining him in the armchair beside him. 
Kushal strongly: "Chote beta? How was breakfast?"
Arnav opened the paper getting comfortable and glanced at Kushal with a smile.
Arnav sighed: "It was fine Dada. I have sent off the fax to the Mr Yash. "
Kushal smiled still looking at his paper: "good. I was meaning to talk to you about AR Industries...A very special client are taking an interest and being a huge deal for us, I was thinking you should take this on."
Arnav stopped reading for a bit and turned to him: "Dada no one knows better than you for this decision."
Kushal laughed before leaning an arm to his side to pat his grandson's shoulder.
Kushal: "You give yourself little credit Chote. Plus we have a lot to talk about "
Arnav smiled softly before sitting back to read. He just noticed Devayani come in from outside with those bluebells in her hand. He couldn't help but notice the fresh look of them and it was at its most richest in colour. As she started to put them in an empty vase in the middle of the living room, Kushal without looking up cleared his throat.
Kushal: "Those are lovely flowers you have brought in today Devayani. "
Devayani smiled: "yes. Khushi betiya gave them to me from our garden. Most beautiful. "
Kushal lowered his newspaper and sternly looked at her: "You shouldn't spend a lot of time with those workers you know."
Devayani had enough and seriously toned: "Why is it always her you have a problem with? Just becuase she-"
Kushal voiced curtly: "Becuase I do. I don't need to have a reason. And that's final."
Arnav couldn't help be more and more curious of their conversation. What does Dada have against that girl?
Devayani sighed looking at the flowers before calmly talking: "If a person can't even help another person's struggles with at least a comforting smile, then the former person is actually the one with struggles."
Arnav looked up at her remembering those words used by Ma when he was younger. Kushal didn't miss a beat either and clenched his fists tight nearly ripping the newspaper he was holding. With a set jaw he stood up, laid the folded paper down on the table and with his hands held behind his back silently walked away.


Arnav sat down opposite Devayani at the dining table as Aman set out the food for them with a gracious smile. Kushal came last sitting at his place at the head. Arnav's mood was still off from the incident earlier which Devayani didn't miss. Just then Aman stood back from the table nodding his head at Devayani indicating the serving was done.
Devayani pleased: "Thank you Aman beta."
Kushal sneered: "You don't have to thank the chef you know. It's his job."
Devayani shook her head at his attitude and indicated to Aman quietly to leave which he did awkwardly. She  ignored Kushal and tore a piece of roti to eat, but eyed Arnav who was grumpily eating.
Devayani:" It's not good to take anger out on food Chote."
Arnav looked up as Kushal drew his attention to him too.
Kushal firmly: "What is it Chote? problem?"
Arnav: "No Dada...*spitefully* but that dog...Raja dumped my file in the pool."
Kushal brushed it off: "You can print it again can't you?"
Arnav glaring at his food: "Yes...I guess...but that girl-"
Kushal curtly: "What girl?"
Devayani listened intently, but Arnav sighed and shook his head.
Arnav: "Nothing...Buaji's niece-"
Devayani: "Khushi?"
Arnav pausing:" Ah...yeah. I bumped into her last night."
Kushal angrily: "You're not hurt are you Chote?! I told Madhumati to keep the girl away from the house-"
Arnav sat up shaking his head gently: "No Dada. I'm fine. It was an accident. *sighed and looked at his food annoyed* I didn't know who she was at first so I shouted at her a bit but then Buaji came ...and...yeah."
Devayani concerned: "Poor girl. She must of been terrified. Especially with your temper."
Arnav frustrated: "It wasn't my fault dammit! She didn't even come forward when I called out in the corridor.She could of bloody answered me and said who she was, then I wouldn't have shouted at her!!"

There was silence at the table. Kushal ignoring the issue went back to eating ignoring the conversation. Arnav noticed this and frowned. He looked at Devayani who was saddened and looked down at her food quietly.
Arnav annoyed: "What did I say?"
Devayani looked at Arnav debating before looking out the window into the garden.
Devayani sighed softly: "She didn't answer you Chote becuase.... she simply couldn't."
Arnav frustrated: "What do you mean Dadi, she couldn't dammit?! She.."
Just then like a door opening in Arnav's eyes like a new light on things. Realization seeped in as to what Devayani meant. Arnav frowned feeling something heavy sit on his shoulders and chest at that moment. An invisible force that made him feel like Ma wasn't proud of him at all in that moment. And neither was he.


Translating another word

Pakka? : You sure?



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