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Chapter Five: Repellent Effect


Arnav tossed and turned under the silk duvet unable to think straight to calm his sense. With his bare back and grey jogging bottom legs against the bed, he laid an arm under his head looking up at the honeycomb colored ceiling. Arnav felt his firm muscles tense remembering the terrified look on that girl's....Khushi's face. He sighed harshly at himself for not controlling his anger at that moment in time. Each time he closed his eyes to sleep made her round window eyes appear making his body restless. Mentally boxing his brain, he jumped out of bed pacing calmly for a bit before deciding to go out on the balcony.

On opening the vintage doors to the balcony, he took in the refreshing light breeze. It was a dark night tonight, with the moon hidden sleepily behind the misty dark clouds. Arnav naturally walked forward to the banister before leaning forward, spreading his hands widely on the pale clay. His eyes traveled from left to right, taking in the darkness with small lit up paths in certain places, like the open area, green house and the fountain. What caught his eyes was the distant lighting that came from what looked like an open small balcony. Arnav leaned his head to the side and frowned as the in the far distance the whole house wasn't revealed. He squinted to barely make out that he was actually looking through the high trees which had a perfect view to the balcony he was seeing. It must be the cottage, so it's Buaji's room or...or.... Arnav looked away slightly embarrassed realizing this. Sneakily Arnav's eyes flickered back to the small balcony, with the light orange glow from behind the long transparent net curtains. Arnav felt a sense of warmth slightly easing the niggle in his mind. He sighed and scratched the back of his head before turning in for bed.


The next morning, after having breakfast, Arnav and Kushal were in the study room, discussing the plans for the big deal that was visiting AR for the presentation. Kushal was wearing a black casual designer suit, while Arnav was wearing a white shirt with black waistcoat and trousers. Throughout Kushal's explanations and clips through the sketch Arnav's eyes and ears were focused, holding on to his Dada's every word, but his mind was dividing its attention time to time making his frustrated at him self. I'll just go to the cottage myself and ... say...well urm...I'll say-
Kushal pat Arnav's back snapping him out: "I know its frustrating with their demands but us Raizada's will have the last form on the table. Trust me. *chuckles* "
Arnav nodded half understanding. Kushal smirked before speaking.
Kushal huskily: "Your father would have been very proud of you Chote. To see you follow in his footsteps... What else would he and I want."
Arnav smiled at Kushal sincerely and hugged him tight: "That's what I always wanted Dada. "
Kushal pulled away: "Now I have to meet an old friend of mine. See you later today Chote."
Arnav nodded watching him smile and leave the Study. 

Arnav looked down at the papers catching up on what Dada said in the conversation, before putting them in the file securely. Thinking about his father he smiled to himself. Lifting his head, he looked to the aquarium wall with the fishes, looking like their were swimming in the corridor, and looked across to the old painting of his father and mother on the wooden chiseled wall. Arnav's eyes smiled at their portrait. Muskaan was sat down with a dark green and gold sari draped with her hair to the side. Abhimanyu was standing beside her  in his strapping dark suit and bow tie. What made Arnav adore this photo was their secret young smiles that told so much about their love for each other and her gentle hand that laid on his, on top of Muskaan's shoulder.

Arnav laughing: "Do you think I can be as good as Papa when I'm older?!"
Muskaan was kissing Arnav's and Anjili's cheeks furiously overwhelmed with pride while Devayani and Kushal grinned at them beside her. Other kids were running to their parents too with their reports.
Muskaan gasped: " Think!?!? I Know!!! My Chote will be the best business man in all India just like his Papa was. You will always do him proud Chote. *grins while Anjili nods happily*" 
Arnav: "And you?"
Muskaan hugged Arnav and Anjili close: "Always."

Devayani softly: "Chote?"
Arnav turned his head to see her beside him and tightly smiled. He started to pack the files away to one of the cabinets. Devayani understood his body language and stroked his shoulder. Arnav slowly relaxed and asked quietly. They held a couple of seconds silence absorbing the calmness before Arnav spoke a deep confession.
Arnav: "Dadi...Is it ok... to admit I love Maa more ...than Papa."
Devayani felt tears form in her eyes of happiness but held it together before nodding.
Devayani: "Chote, It's natural to love your Maa more than your Papa...especially when..."
Arnav knew why she stopped and turned to her: "I never got the chance to meet him?"
Devayani hmm-ed in agreement: "You know Chote. Abhi would be smiling right now knowing you love your Maa more."
Arnav curious: "Why?"
Devayani laughed lightly before looking at the huge portrait: "Abhi always joked before you were born, that you would love Muskaan more than him, because you'd be just like him. *Arnav smirked softly* Your Papa loved your Ma very ...very much Chote. It's in your blood to do so too.*smiles* "
Arnav let her kiss his forehead before leaving him to his thoughts. 

Muskaan crouched down beside Arnav holding her ears.
Muskaan softly: "I'm sorry Chote for not telling you about your Papa."
Arnav turned shocked and pulled Muskaan's hands down with his smaller hands.
Arnav: "Dada said that only younger people say sorry to older people."
Muskaan smiled and sat beside Arnav: "Your Dadaji is right...but doesn't matter if your older, a sorry is a sorry. *whispers* Even we adults make mistakes."
Arnav stared: " You do?!"
Muskaan nodded before kissing his forehead:" what matters most is that when you make a mistake you say-"
Arnav smiled: "-Sorry."


Arnav strolled calmly to the deep place where he had bumped into Khushi and looked around with seeking eyes to find the cottage. He realized that with the trees and bushes the cottage was partly covered, so he sharply looked. He noticed the smoke coming from a small distance letting his assume that it was from a chimney. With confidence in his guess, he strode forward in through the path that led behind the bushes, with his eyes still on the smoke. It didn't take long til Arnav finally reached the cottage. He stood staring at a white cottage, that wasn't small at all in size, but simple in design. He noticed the small balcony on the upstairs floor, which he saw last night. What he didn't notice was that he had already walked towards the cottage and knocked on the door. Shit. Arnav flustered slightly. He didn't even know how to even start. He looked around with panicing eyes and wondered if he could leg it and come back later. It was too late as the door started to open making his close his eyes and tighten his jaw. Ok just say sorry and leave. That's all-
Madhu: "Arnav Babwa?"

Arnav's eyes snapped open to see Buaji stare at him curiously with a soft smile: "Buaji?..."
Madhumati: "You here? Come in! come in! *gasped* Is anything wr-"
Arnav jumped up: "No!...No, it's fine...nothings wrong. Urm...I just was wondering whether...urm..."
Madhu squinted at him not understanding making Arnav frustrated at himself inside.
Arnav quickly: " Is Khushi in?"
Madhu frowned: "Sanka Devi? No she isn't in. She's out...*muttering to herself* hopefully doing what I told her to do...*laughs making Arnav look at her weirdly* Urm..Why?"
Arnav brain twitching: "Urm...Dadi wanted to... urm...say thank you for the flowers Khushi gave her yesterday. *smiles nervously*"
Madhu confused looks down:" oh!...but Khushi always gives her flowers...*smiles* anyways... thank you babwa. I'll tell her."
Arnav nodded quickly before leaving quickly. That girl! I'm here to say sorry and she's....She's bloody not in. Arnav stomped quicker going back the way he came.

Just when Arnav was nearing home he heard some shuffling round the corner of some trees. Curiously he walked closer and slowly peered from behind the tree. There she was, in a light blue salwar, sat beside one of many flowerbeds planting new little shrubs. Arnav watched as she concentrating with a frown at her work, patted her muddy hands together when the work was done. He looked to see she had tools out too to help her with an empty bag. Khushi's hair was in a messy bun with a bit of dirt on her creamy cheek. Looking happy in her own world Arnav looked away thinking how to say he was sorry about the other night. Arnav sighed cursing him self for making this harder than it seemed. Body strong he walked forward slowly up to Khushi.

Khushi's eyes widened and eyes perked hearing another presence behind her. She shot up with wide eyes to see the intruder. Oh no not him again. What have I done this time!? Her breathing labored and she took a step back close to her tools. Khushi took in his serious face that had a slightly nervous look in his eye. But she shook it off.
Arnav business-like: " Urm Listen....Khushi... I wanted to-"
Arnav frowned. Khushi wasn't listening to a word he was saying, but instead hastily packing up her tools glancing back at him fearfully, as if making sure he wasn't coming nearer.
Arnav hurt by her reaction: "No!....wait!... I just wanted to..."
He stepped forward wanting to explain, but she had already legged it like a rabbit, looking over her shoulder once to see he wasn't following. Arnav grit his teeth angry that she had left him without listening.
Arnav muttering: "Dammit!..She didn't even give me a chance... She bloody..."
Arnav angrily watched Khushi still running in the far distance were her blue attire was still seen.


Dear Raja
HE'S STALKING ME!!!! I was just planting as Buaji told me to when that man popped up again! That Arnav Singh Raizada wants to kill me!!! I knew his temper was bad from the other night but this is really odd! Here I am trying to stay away from him and there he is wanting to shout at me more! Doesn't he know it's bad to follow girls around!?
Another thing... please don't be angry at Buaji for this morning Raja. You have to understand she wants the best for me. I cried again and left for our garden only becuase I was angry at myself, not her. Ok? You know she always asks me...But I'm just...can't. You only know why becuase you were there remember. So don't blame her. She doesn't know. Now stop putting your head in my lap and go eat the food Buaji has made for you. You can't keep going on strike each time Buaji asks me to talk. Now go!

P.S Love you Raja. 

With that she patted Raja's head and pointed angrily to his bowl. Raja obeyed and jumped off the bed to eat quietly, while Khushi crossing her arms with satisfaction. 


Ok this needs to be said as I need to get this off my chest. Its not to anyone in particular, but it's just a stand I wanted to portray through this fiction, which I hope you all support. In this story Khushi doesn't speak becuase of her condition (which will be explained more next update). However just because a person can't talk doesn't mean they can't live a normal life and need to get better. The world has different people with different conditions and I always say feeling sorry for them isn't the way forward, becuase it makes them feel bad about themselves and it doesn't help at all. Loads of people suffer from this, sometimes they get better, sometimes they don't, but the main thing is they embrace themselves and live their world to the fullest and fight against the obstacle. I hope this story explores a way that you can see that you don't need to be able to talk in a relationship for it to work. Understanding is what counts. 

Thank you.

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Papa/ Babuji: Father



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